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Summer lunch

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Put the meat in a Teflon pan with the onion rings until browned on both sides, then salt and pepper.

Remove the meat and onion in a saucepan with a lid, over which we add pieces of chopped garlic and leave covered until ready to serve. Do not rush to wash the pan as the good part now comes :) ,, from the pan and half a glass of hot water (and if you don't have children at the table you can add some chilli) and mix with a wooden spoon, pour the obtained sauce in the casserole over the meat and onion, cover again. In a bowl mix the boiled corn, drained and cooled boiled wheat, chopped lettuce leaves, broken as you like, a little red onion marinated in vinegar, onion in the casserole with meat (not all) mix lightly, salt, pepper and when serving add the sauce from the casserole with meat and lemon juice. It will give it a fantastic taste. It is served with tender and aromatic grilled meat.

Enjoy your meal!!!

Light, summer lunch

Today's post could be the answer (one of them) to the question: what could I eat at noon, fast, tasty and easy to make? That's what I ate yesterday, longing for the Mediterranean, longing for simplicity. There it is:

I walked through the market yesterday. I took some tomatoes and a bunch of green onions.

I also took a goat's telemea block, very tasty.

I cut the cheese into larger pieces.

I put them all in a plate and poured two teaspoons of balsamic vinegar over them.

I also poured two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.

I mixed, then ate. You can add them to the salad and a slice of well-toast will soften its acidity.

For dessert I had strawberries.


delicious! and summer food seems to me all the better as it was very cold in Austria until last Friday :)). now we enjoy this sun as if more than in other summers :)

[& # 8230] This post was mentioned on Twitter by sandu ionut, Adrian Hadean. Adrian Hadean said: good morning. Here's an idea for lunch: [& # 8230]

Excellent idea! Thank you! And I can tell you about the Mediterranean that the water is colder than the one in my fridge, but it is beautiful!

Zazuza, Cluj is a kind of Austria, meteorologically speaking :-)
Rodica, up to San Juan (I don't know which shore of the Mediterranean you live on) is quite cold :-)

Thanks for the inspiration Adi! I think I'm going to eat light tonight!

:) today I brought about the same thing to work only I use some tuna in olive oil instead of cheese and I also have a little cucumber: D I can't wait to take the leek: D

you feel like eating the pictures!

For me, this Mediterranean salad comes in the version with mozzarella (or sweet curd), usually without onions, but sprinkled with herbs & # 8211 basil, oregano, mint.

Mihai, with pleasure
Alex, his tone is good, but on the verge of extinction.-)
Simona :-) and me, and me :-))
Lucia, she usually has what you say to me. Now I wanted to simplify to the extreme, to show our Romanian that a salad like in the Mediterranean is not necessarily exotic :-)

after I went to a feast that caused the slaughter of an entire farm of pigs, chickens and ducks, only this light salad I will put in the next two weeks.
just hold my fists to fake the meatballs my mother has been browning for about two days in great joy.

fatduck, I gave up bread and potatoes for a while) :-))

I also cooked something similar for my lunch yesterday, taken at dinner time. I just put the salad, and instead of the goat's milk I had the cow. And I also cut about 3 grilled chicken breast grills left over from Sunday. Instead of strawberries I went for cherries (my favorites). But I agree: delicious and very filling.

Delicious! And if we can't find sheep or goat's milk, we put mozzarella and some olives :) And a little cucumber, because my husband doesn't like it, so I have more salad left)

Simple, fast and tasty! You don't like goat (mother-mother, what a delight), you put another cheese and you're done. Too much onion, less chicken. You don't have balsamic vinegar (my friend is desperate for sour things, we run out of vinegar in two steps and three movements), don't worry: I still have some jars with assorted pickles, the little juice from them gives a wonderful taste summer salads. :)

Offtopic: do you have any idea how long dried vegetables stay in the house? Last year we made a kind of vegetable from the remnants of roots, tomatoes, peppers, greens (what we have left from sauces and vegetables for soups), given by machine, mixed with salt, coriander and ground pepper, dried in the oven and kept in jars & # 8211 so far are ok, have no mold. I was thinking of making tomatoes, peppers and dried roots, but I don't know if it lasts in the pantry from the block from autumn to spring.

Alina, if you manage to dehydrate tomatoes (or other vegetables) with a car (they are found in supermarkets, it costs between 200 and 400 lei), you can get a healthy mixture that lasts even a year, if you keep it in the shade / dry place .

Liane :-) the olives go very well too.

Smurf, excellent combination. (today I also picked cherries)

what was I doing at zero last night? we eat tomatoes with cheese, just like in your pictures. only with these do I feed during the summer. I can't wait for the ones in the garden to ripen & # 8211 I don't put these in the market anymore! :)

delicious, and I say at lunch and in the evening :) I ate but with a lot of pepper like me so I like it & # 8230. thanks for the ideas

I'm fascinated by the quality of the images, bravo

The final product would be good, but I don't know if I should dare such a complicated preparation & # 8230 :))

finally a food without the tag: barbecue & # 8230. God help and good luck. now I drink the tokaj I received as a gift from you. see & # 8230am inspiration.

Not that it was good, it was excellent. When I came home from work, I did it yesterday. Great! Instead of bread I put a bowl of rice next to it. Mmmmmmmmmm!

I arrived again on your blog, excellent and grade 10, you are to my taste so to speak :)

An aberration! Any child from the age of five can do such a thing, including so-called close-ups. )

Vave, quite correctly, in the sense that I try to post recipes that any child from five, come, seven years and up. Those who have just reached puberty show problems understanding, but the good part is that I am always willing to give additional explanations :-).

Then I have a question. Onions and tomatoes when you wash them before, after or while cutting them? : -?

Of course before, but I start from the presumption of common sense. That is, I believe that people, in general, have the ability to discern and know that it is not good to eat the dirt without having to pay attention to it. Of course, there are exceptions, because common sense is not something you are born with, it is acquired through education and we are not all lucky to benefit from education.

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Summer Lunch - Recipes

Healthy recipes for special diets. Learn to eat taking into account the nutritional values ​​of food so that you can keep your body as healthy as possible.

We have created a series of diets and personalized exercise programs that can help you. Enter the store and order the diet or program that suits you!

The recipes are easy to follow, contain healthy ingredients, useful for effective weight loss regimes.

What tricks save you from eating healthy when you don't have time?

Most of my clients don't have time. Either because of the work schedule, or because of a very demanding family life, or because of both, the subject of lack of time constantly appears in our discussions about healthy cooking.

The truth is that I understand them, because I go through similar situations most of the time - I live near one of the big markets in Bucharest and still I have months in which I can't manage to buy food from the market.

Light recipes with mackerel from RIO Mare

Romanians are on the last places in Europe in terms of fish consumption and thus lose many of the health benefits brought by regular fish consumption. Mackerel is an ocean fish rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, is a source of good quality protein and also provides us with a healthy intake of vitamin D and selenium. Here are two simple recipes with mackerel, very easy to prepare at home!

Tasty and dietary green bean recipe

The green bean recipe is indispensable in any diet, diet or balanced diet, but it is quite difficult to make green bean food tasty if you do not want to use fried and rancid. I had consoled myself with the idea that I would eat sautee green beans that have no taste, until my mother made me this recipe and since then I only prepare it that way. Here's how to make a quick and easy green bean recipe that tastes good and tastes good.

Dietary broccoli diet recipe, fasting

The broccoli food recipe is indicated both in fasting and for those who want to follow a healthy diet. It is a recipe that can be used in the weight loss diet because it has few calories and a lot of fiber and is also very tasty, but it can be a part of a fasting dish that does not endanger our health.

Here's how easy it is to prepare a fasting broccoli food web:

Recipes for the Heinner electric grill

Recipes that I cook just for me are relatively simple, because I do not have to cover several types of food preferences. But even so, my challenge comes from reducing boredom and eliminating the eating routine, which can decrease my motivation to eat healthy simply because it becomes monotonous and boring. At the same time, it is quite complicated to cook daily, although I am among the the lucky ones who have help with household chores. I don't want to think about how hard it is to cook every day when you have housework on your mind. The solution in this case is to cook intelligently, using the same base for different dishes. Here are some easy-to-implement recipe ideas for weight loss.

Tomato juice with tomatoes from the mother's garden

All summer my mother brought me tomatoes from her garden. Imperfect, grown naturally, smelling hot, dusty and dry summer. The tomatoes that I know from the country from Plenita, when the wicks were hunched over under their weight and the smell could be felt beyond the fence that surrounded the rows of poles that supported the tomatoes. Only those who grew up in the country know what a joy it was to take tomatoes in the evening, to wash them with dust, to add onions, vinegar and a mash of bread and cheese. It was the perfect summer food, in the evenings of my childhood in Plenita, between dustbins left by some Dacia that passed on the village alley and the smell of basil that rose when the watering of the gardens began.

Pie diet recipe

The diet pie recipe saves you whenever you feel like eating something good and tasty, but low in calories and high in protein. I chose spinach pie for this dietary recipe because spring is in season, it is fresh in the market and has a high content of folate and fiber, also having very few calories. It is very suitable in diets because it keeps you hungry and can be used in many diet recipes.

For the dietary recipe for spinach pie you need fresh spinach, onion, eggs, telemea or feta and dakos, a Greek buckwheat bread, baked twice. It can be found in more eastern supermarkets, but if you can't find this product, it's no problem, you can replace the amount of dakos with buckwheat flakes. It won't have the same consistency, but it works very well.

How to make a healthy sandwich

How do you make a healthy sandwich? Because it's comfortable, it's tasty, it's tasty. But with the start of the weight loss season, the issue of healthy, light and low-calorie food options is growing more and more often. My clients who have a busy schedule in the morning & # 8211 prepared school children, long drive to the office, prepared various arrears for college or job & # 8211 often prefer to skip breakfast or choose to eat a packet of cookies, pretzel or pastry for lack of time. That's why I prepared this text, about how to make a healthy sandwich that doesn't blow up your calories, especially when you want to lose weight.

Curry with vegetables, millet and quinoa

Curry with vegetables, millet and quinoa is my latest fasting discovery. If there are any of my readers with experience in the kitchen, I beg them not to throw stones, because this recipe appeared on a Sunday night when I had nothing else to eat around the house, but somehow it came out tasty. In addition, this curry recipe is prepared very quickly and does not require scholarly cooking knowledge.

Summer Lunch - Recipes

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Advantages and benefits of lymphatic drainage

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Chicory - Summer Flower or Grandma's Coffee: benefits and recommendations

Leurda - Queen of Health! From nutrient richness to its healthy benefits

Lessons learned from grandma: the health benefits of nettles

5 Natural solutions to get rid of BLACK DOTS

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Gastronomic journey: 12 divine Christmas desserts, which are served in various countries of the world

Burnt sugar cream - the recipe with raw sugar

Salads: varied, colorful and healthy meals

What Romanians forget in Uber - Encyclopedia of things forgotten and found in Uber, 2021 edition

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Survey: More than half of people with diabetes say it's hard or very hard to talk to loved ones about hypoglycemia

Reading night: 11 wonderful Romanian poems, to read at the full moon

"When our souls are darkened, we must light a light for them." The most beautiful and chosen quotes by Ileana Vulpescu, the lady of Romanian literature

General culture test: What area of ​​the country do these regionalisms come from?

The bat - the muse of poetry. The most beautiful images and lyrics with the scent of lilac flowers

How can Neuro-Linguistic Programming help us in our careers and at work?

Sandwiches with prosciutto, peaches and avocado

Nothing is easier than moving break from office dec & acirct a sandwich. But, instead of opting for the classic "recipe" of ham and cheese, why not try something more special to brighten up your day. We offer a very easy to make sandwich.


  • half a well-baked avocado
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2 slices of wholemeal flour
  • 4 slices of ham
  • 1 sliced ​​peach & icircn thin slices

In an bowl, put half an avocado with lime juice, salt and pepper and mix with a fork until you get a paste. Assemble the sandwich with slices of wholemeal flour, lightly fried, which you grease with avocado paste, add slices of prosciutto and half slices of peaches. The rest of the peach can be used as a dessert.

Nutritional information:

Photo taken from & copy All rights belong to the author (s) of the photo. | about copyright

A wonderful lunch or dinner in a frying pan made of simple ingredients!

A hot dish with meat and potatoes for the whole family! It is especially tasty served with fermented cream.


& # 8211 salt and black pepper - to taste

& # 8211 1 tablespoon tomato paste


1. Mix the flour with salt, make a hole, add egg and water, mix with a fork, then knead a soft and non-sticky dough.

2. Put the dough in a plastic bag and let it rest for 15 minutes.

3. Mix the minced meat with chopped onion, salt and black pepper to taste.

4. Divide the dough in half and round the pieces.

5. Spread a thin rectangular worktop, cut it in half, cover with minced meat and roll 2 lengthwise.

6. Glue the edges well and cut the rolls into pieces.

7. Heat the pan with oil, fry the onion cut into small pieces until it becomes translucent, then add the grated carrot, tomato paste, mix and cook the vegetables together.

8. Pour a little water, spread the potatoes cut into thick slices, then place the pieces of dough with meat.

9. Pour 500 ml of water with a little salt, cover the pan with a lid and cook for 35-40 minutes over medium heat.

If you have not yet tasted this filling and tasty dish, it is the right time to do it!

6 summer diets

Because we all want to look our best when our clothes start to cover less and less, we are tempted to put into practice the strictest diets.

Well, many of these diets can endanger our health. I turned to nutritionist Anca Tudose to evaluate six of the most popular diets.

3-day diet
The 3-day diet is based on mixing certain types of foods that should create a reaction to your metabolism.

It is assumed that some ingredients would increase metabolism and help burn fat faster than normal. The diet lasts only 3 days and should be repeated only after a break of four to five days. The quantities must be observed precisely, otherwise the results will not be as desired.

Breakfast: coffee (no sugar), half a grapefruit and a slice of toast with a little butter (possibly peanut butter).
Lunch: a can of tuna (50g), a slice of toast and a black coffee
Dinner: 100 g chicken or lean meat, 50 g green beans, 50 g carrots, an apple and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

The following days are relatively similar, except for the second day when you will eat beef instead of chicken for dinner.
Following this diet you will lose up to 4-5 kilograms, the results being visible only after the regime has ended.

Nutritionist's advice
Relatively easy, this 3-day diet is not a very wise choice for those who want to lose weight. The claims that the diet works due to the unique reactions of the metabolism, as a result of the combination of foods, are unfounded. The only reason someone would lose weight under this diet is the very small number of calories.

Due to the low intake of carbohydrates in the diet, it is very possible for the person to lose excess water, because these carbohydrates encourage the body to retain water, which is healthy and necessary.

When the subject returns to culinary habits, this excess water in the body will return.
The 3-day diet is an excellent example of what specialists call the "yo-yo diet", a diet that does not educate people on how to lose weight healthily.

7-day diet
The 7-day diet allows you to enjoy several dishes a day. The diet detoxifies the body and leads to weight loss. One day you will be able to eat fruits, while another day you will be able to eat all kinds of vegetables. Strictly following the recipe, you can lose up to 7 kilograms.

Day 1: You can eat all the fruits and vegetables you want, except bananas.
Day 2: Only vegetables, as many as you want
Day 3: Fruits and vegetables, as many as you want
Day 4: Five bananas and five glasses of milk.
Day 5: Fruits and vegetables
Day 6: Only vegetables
Day 7: Fruits and vegetables

Nutritionist's advice: & quot; As you can see, it is a very strict diet and it is not very balanced, which can lead to body weakness and physical fatigue. It will also lead to the loss of a few kilograms, and this is because you are forced to eat only fruits and vegetables, but in conclusion, the diet is not recommended. & Quot

The & quot of apple & quot
Apple cider vinegar is an acidic solution produced by fermenting apples. The combination of acid vinegar and fruit pectin is the reason behind the fat burning effect.

The recipe is simple: you need to take one, two or three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal. Although on the first day it seems impossible to swallow three teaspoons, after a few days you will get used to the taste. More than three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar taken in a short time can cause heartburn.

Nutritionist's advice: & quot; Like many other diets, it does not clarify the property of the main element (vinegar in this case) to lead to weight loss. The first reason you will lose weight is that you will be told to eat moderate portions, monitor your caloric content and exercise. Just doing them, without ingesting vinegar, will at least help you maintain your weight, if not lose weight. & Quot

Liquid diet
This diet supports either the partial replacement of meals or the strict consumption of fluids, which can be in the form of natural teas or juices. Most diets of this kind cannot be used for a long time and will not lead to substantial weight loss. They are recommended in pre and post operative regimens.

Soft drinks including coffee, tea, energy drinks and soup are allowed. Some natural juices are also allowed, but only after they have been strained. Before starting such a diet, you need the guidance of a nutritionist, who will tell you exactly the types of drinks allowed and the duration of the diet.

Nutritionist's advice: & quot; A diet that contains only liquids will not provide the number of nutrients needed to reach the required caloric level. Weight loss can occur, but only in the short term, and the weight lost will return as soon as we return to our regular diet. & Quot

Low calorie diet
Those interested in following such a diet (VLCD-very low calorie diet) should consult a nutritionist. This category includes those diets that provide up to 800 calories per day and can last up to 6 months, but only under the guidance of a doctor.
People who resort to this type of diet are people who suffer from obesity and who often have a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30.

Nutritionist's advice: & quot; Diets can have a number of side effects such as dizziness, weakness, diarrhea and constipation but over time they tend to go away. But there are other severe complications that can occur, such as kidney stones (if you lose a lot of weight in a short time). It is imperative to consult a doctor for this type of diet! & Quot

All these diets attract by the fact that they promise a sudden weight loss and without too much effort. But the idea is different, namely to stay healthy during these diets and not to accumulate the kilograms lost immediately after stopping the diet.

Nutritionist Anca Tudose recommends the Max Plank Diet, making the following clarifications:
& # 8211 Alcohol and sweets are forbidden!
& # 8211 Use only dietary salt and drink more than two liters of fluid daily!
& # 8211 After 2 weeks you can lose up to 9 kilograms.

Day 1
Morning: coffee (no sugar or milk) & # 8211 you can use honey or saccharin
Lunch: two hard boiled eggs, boiled spinach (with a little salt) & # 8211 as much as you want
In the evening: a large grilled beef, lettuce and celery & # 8211 as much as you want

Day 2
Morning: coffee (no sugar or milk)
Lunch: a large barbecue of beef, lettuce and fruit & # 8211 as much as you want
In the evening: Prague ham & # 8211 as much as you want

Day 3
Morning: coffee, 50 g of intermediate bread
Lunch: two hard boiled eggs, lettuce and tomatoes & # 8211 as much as you want
In the evening: Prague ham & # 8211 as much as you want

Day 4
Morning: coffee, 50 g of intermediate bread
Lunch: an egg, boiled or raw carrots, svaiter
In the evening: fruit with yogurt & # 8211 as much as you want

Day 5
Morning: coffee, raw carrots with lemon
Lunch: over boiled, tomatoes & # 8211 as much as you want
In the evening: two hard boiled eggs, carrots & # 8211 as you want

Day 6
Morning: coffee, 50g intermediate bread
Lunch: grill as much as you want
In the evening: Grilled beef, lettuce

Day 7
Morning: Tea with lemon
Lunch: Grilled beef, fruit & # 8211 as much as you want
In the evening: anything you want

Recipe lunch

The best recipes for lunch waiting to be implemented! Here you will find a large number of recipes for a quick, healthy and delicious lunch so that your meals will always be diverse and full of flavor!

Food type +

  • Aperitifs (247)
  • Drinks (60)
  • Soups (61)
  • Desserts (362)
  • Dishes (678)
  • Seals (75)
  • Masonry and bricklaying (12)
  • Salads (195)
  • Sauces (66)
  • Soups (121)
  • Bread (18)
  • Mamaliga (6)
  • Finger Food (413)

Method of preparation +

After season +

The main ingredient +

Preparation time +

By origin +

  • Romanesti (113)
  • Italian (168)
  • Greek (19)
  • American (39)
  • Bulgaria (2)
  • French (26)
  • Chinese (19)
  • Indian (22)
  • Turkish (17)
  • Mexican (12)
  • Spanish (8)
  • Hungarian (2)

After the occasion +

After lunch -

Other features +

Meatballs are one of the most versatile dishes, and can be served in many ways. Shape, taste and.

I have a big problem. I was left with a lot of boiled Easter eggs. So, out of the desire to consume them quickly, not to spoil.

Although it is not as well known and as well prepared as other types of jam, mint is an alternative.

The celebration of St. Valentine, a tradition with ancient Roman and Christian roots, has become increasingly popular.

Baking is one of the healthiest methods of cooking, under the conditions in which the dishes will be able to.

Every year, the magic of Christmas envelops us and we are not only happy to decorate our house as beautifully as possible, but also to surprise them.

Appearing in the Ottoman Empire, sarmalele have gained a place over time on all holiday tables. Sarmales are.

Madness or not, Romanians' preferences for fast food seem to be directed more towards burger recipes, not towards.

C & acircnd you want to offer your loved ones a tasty and nutritious dish, without having to spend a lot of time & icircn.

Dozens of country-specific recipes have been derived from the simple and classic French fries recipe over time. There it is.

During hot days, on the one hand, you want to spend less time in the kitchen and, on the other hand.

Summer recipes

With these summer recipes your food for the warm season will be perfect and light. Check out Qbebe's summer recipes and cook the best dishes and desserts with seasonal fruits and vegetables!

Food type +

  • Aperitifs (247)
  • Drinks (60)
  • Soups (61)
  • Desserts (362)
  • Dishes (678)
  • Seals (75)
  • Masonry and bricklaying (12)
  • Salads (195)
  • Sauces (66)
  • Soups (121)
  • Bread (18)
  • Mamaliga (6)
  • Finger Food (413)

Method of preparation +

By season -

The main ingredient +

Preparation time +

By origin +

  • Romanesti (113)
  • Italian (168)
  • Greek (19)
  • American (39)
  • Bulgaria (2)
  • French (26)
  • Chinese (19)
  • Indian (22)
  • Turkish (17)
  • Mexican (12)
  • Spanish (8)
  • Hungarian (2)

After the occasion +

After meal time +

Other features +

Meatballs are one of the most versatile dishes, and can be served in many ways. Shape, taste and.

I have a big problem. I was left with a lot of boiled Easter eggs. So, out of the desire to consume them quickly, not to spoil.

Although it is not as well known and as well prepared as other types of jam, mint is an alternative.

Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day.

Baking is one of the healthiest methods of cooking, under the conditions in which the dishes will be able to.

C & acircnd you want to offer your loved ones a tasty and nutritious dish, without having to spend a lot of time & icircn.

Yogurt donuts are much faster to cook and with ingredients that every housewife has in the kitchen. Fluffy, tasty and.

Bubble tea is a drink that appeared in Taiwan in the 1980s, but the one who invented the drink.

During hot days, on the one hand, you want to spend less time in the kitchen and, on the other hand.

There should be no birthday without a cake, and the best one is homemade. If you want to surprise your family with.

If you are always looking for new recipes and you always want to offer the best dishes to your children, look for them.

Chicken with cheddar and bacon

It's tempting to use new flavors every time we cook chicken, but with a piece of bacon and cheddar you can't go wrong. You can serve it in combination with a portion of potatoes with garlic (recipe below) or with some boiled vegetables. A good idea for a quick, healthy and tasty lunch.

About 4 servings

Total cooking time: 35 minutes


4 halves of boned chicken breast
1/4 cup teriyaki sauce / soy sauce
1/4 cup barbeque sauce
4 slices of bacon cooked in a pan, cut in half
4 slices of cheddar cheese

Method of preparation:

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees. Prepare a tray with baking paper. Soak the chicken in the teriyaki / soy sauce and place it in the pan. Bake for 13-18 minutes or until the chicken looks ready. Put the barbecue sauce / BBQ over the chicken and cover with bacon and cheese. Put it back in the oven and bake for 4-5 minutes until the cheese is completely melted. Serve the delicious chicken with vegetables or potatoes. Enjoy!