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91 Disney Food Moments

91 Disney Food Moments

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Take a walk down memory lane with The Daily Meal as we revisit some of our favorite Disney food moments

The brooding Evil Queen and her poisonous apple are just one of Disney's classic food moments.

When you think about your childhood, Disney — in some shape or form — is probably scattered throughout the years. Maybe you were a fan of the princesses and paraded around your house in a yellow ball gown like Belle or while wearing "glass" slippers like Cinderella. For the fellas, if you put on your cowboy hat and your rodeo pajamas, like Toy Story’s Woody, we think that’s adorable, too. Or maybe you vacationed at Disneyworld and Disneyland to meet your heroes in person, take a ride on Dumbo’s back, and take a chance at pulling the sword from that tricky stone.

While many Disney classics currently live in the beloved vault where they’re preserved, their memories live on in homes across the world. From the famed kiss between Aurora and the Prince that woke her from her slumber in Sleeping Beauty to the magic of dancing buckets and mops in Fantasia and the phenomenon that was Zac Efron’s Troy Bolton in the High School Musical trilogy, there are thousands of memorable moments that bring us back to being a wide-eyed child staring at the screen.

But between princesses, grand castles, and evil villains, you’ll never guess a staple amongst these treasured films — food. Do the math: the poisoned apple, the mad tea party, two pups falling in love over spaghetti, a mouse with culinary brilliance — the food scenes are endless.

No worries, there's no need to rack your brain for your favorites (the layered cake in Sleeping Beauty, "Be our Guest," a spoonful of sugar), we’ve got the list, so just relax and take a walk with The Daily Meal into some great Disney food moments.

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