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Whopper-Burrito Hybrid Spotted in Pennsylvania Burger King

Whopper-Burrito Hybrid Spotted in Pennsylvania Burger King

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Signs for a new “Whopperrito” have appeared on the Internet

Signs adverising a new Whopper-burrito hybrid called the "Whopperrito" have been spotted in the window of a Pennsylvania Burger King.

We live in a world of Cronuts and Doritos Locos Tacos, so it should not be surprising that Burger King is trying out a new fast food fusion in the form of a “Whopperrito,” a Whopper-burrito hybrid that has been spotted in Pennsylvania.

Grub Grade spotted the first poster for the Whopperrito in the window of a Burger King in Hermitage, Penn. The poster advertises the Whopperrito a being “flame-grilled” and “made with 100-percent beef,” but aside from that concrete details are few. The picture shows what looks like all the standard fixings of a Burger King Whopper--beef, American cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, pickles, and white onions--all wrapped up, burrito-style, in a white flour tortilla.

So far the Hermitage Burger King is the only location where the Whopperrito has been spotted, but there could be more to come. Turning a Whopper into a burrito does sound like the sort of thing that would catch on as the latest novelty food, so we might be able to look forward to seeing Whopperritos sometime in the near future.

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