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Pork meatballs - Cooling

Pork meatballs - Cooling

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We talk on the flame from the stove the legs and the pig's head, then we shave them with the knife blade, we rub them well with corn and we wash them.

Pork broth and well cleaned ears are put in a large bowl with water and salt to boil. After removing the foam several times, add the vegetables and continue cooking over low heat until the meat comes off the bones.

We deboned the meat, portioned it and made various decorations from the egg white and the boiled carrot. We put them in the bowls.

Strain the soup, put the crushed garlic and check if it coagulates by putting a tablespoon of juice in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. If it is not coagulated enough, add 2 more sheets of gelatin (boil them separately and then mix them with our juice). We fill the bowls with juice and put them in the fridge. Serve only the next day.

Good appetite!

Recipes from readers: Pork chilling - Daniela Andrei

Wash the meat well (anyway, it leaves a lot of fat), put it in the bowl and add water. Bring to a boil over medium heat until the water is reduced by half. Salt to taste and add the rest of the spices, clean, wash the carrots and bring to a boil with the meat. When well penetrated, remove and store in a covered bowl. Meanwhile, peel the garlic and grind well. When the meat comes off the bone, take a few tablespoons of juice out of a bowl and keep it cold for 10-15 minutes. If the juice is gelatinized, it means that it has boiled enough. Remove the meat and allow it to cool slightly, so that it can come off the bone and remove what is not useful or any leftovers.

Add the finely chopped garlic over the obtained juice (it must be warm, cold, not hot), mix lightly and if necessary add a little more salt. It is kept for 20-30 minutes, in order to taste and homogenize the flavors. Then comes the most important part: Straining. Personally, I use gauze. In a large sieve / strainer, I put the gauze in as thick layers as possible, and then I pour the obtained juice. If necessary, repeat the operation.

In deep bowls (plates / bowls / trays) place the meat and carrots, and then add strained juice. Keep cold until the next day. Good appetite!

Not missing from the holidays - Pork meatballs - Pork chill

Pork Meatballs-Pork Cooling, great controversy… Meatballs, Cooling, Aitura.

What is the correct name? I honestly don't know either! In my area, more precisely in Bihor, some call it cold, others, cochineal from the Hungarian word borrowed from our neighbors, kocsonya… Regardless of the name, the most important thing is that we like it. Once a year or twice we allow ourselves to cook it even if the cholesterol rises to the maximum… We cook Piftia pork-cooling, either New Year's Eve or Epiphany. We recommend you to browse the recipes Pork meatballs with liver and vegetables, Coconut meatballs, Chicken meatballs with vegetables, Goose meatballs…

Pork Piftie Ingredient-Pork Scraping:

4 pig legs
1 pork head
3 tablespoons peppercorns
7-8 heads of garlic

Preparation of Pork Stuffing-Pork Cooling:

The cleaned and washed pork legs together with the cleaned pork head are boiled over low heat with enough water to cover the meat with one palm and add 1 tablespoon of salt. Boil over low heat. It foams from time to time. Add 3 tablespoons of peppercorns and 7-8 cloves of garlic from which we remove only the first layer of foil. Add more salt to taste.

Let it boil until the liquid is reduced by half and the meat comes off the bone after which we put a little liquid in a saucer and take it out to cool to see if it thickens. If the sample closes, take the pot aside, strain the resulting juice, remove the meat separately and remove the larger bones.

Remove the pot from the cold and let it set. A layer of fat will be gathered on top, which we will easily remove with a spoon. After removing the fat, heat it slightly until it becomes liquid again. Place the meat in deep plates and pour over the meatball juice.

Put the plates in the cold and leave them to thicken. When we serve the meatball, we can sprinkle with a little lemon and sprinkle the meatball with the sweet paprika. Next to it you can serve a polenta or it is served with bread, but there are some areas where the meatball is served with sarmale and I think it is very good according to the stories of my neighbor who is from Targu Jiu.
Good appetite .

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How to make the best pork meatballs, after a 100-year-old recipe

It is one of the oldest recipes, which can still be found on the holiday table today. We recommend that you prepare it according to a recipe published in & # 39 & # 39Cooker & mdash 1501 dishes & # 39 & # 39 from 1935.


  • 4-6 pig legs
  • 2 pork ears
  • 2 pork tails
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 onion
  • peppercorns

Method of preparation:
Wash and clean them well. Then boil them in a large pot. When they boil, throw away the water and wash them with cold water.

Then boil them again, this time with a clove of garlic, an onion and a few peppercorns.
At 3 kg feet put 6 liters of water.

Let them boil very slowly, until the meat begins to come off the bones. Then remove the pot from the heat, let it cool a bit.

Take the garlic, grind it, then strain the juice and put the garlic in it. Strain through a thick strainer again to make it clear.

Arrange the meat on plates, then pour the juice on top and let cool. Do not cover the plates until the meat has set.


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Moldovan colds are delicious. To prepare this recipe, wash your legs, stump, pork ears well and put them whole in a large pot (preferably a tall pot). Vegetables, potatoes, garlic, onions are cleaned and boiled together with the pork products. Then add salt, pepper and delicately. Put enough water to cover them very well, about 7-8 cm above them. Put a lid pulled a little aside from the pot, and put everything on low heat, as low as possible. Let it cook for 5-6 hours, until all the meat comes off the bones. Do not stir in the pot or over high heat. Otherwise the juice will be cloudy and the colds will no longer be clear.

When the meat has almost come off the bones, check the juice to see if it sticks or not, ie if it gels. Take a little with the spoon on top, from the pot, and put it on a plate, which is cooled and then checking its condition. If you think it does not gel enough, it can quickly dissolve in a little juice, a sachet of gelatin. Then pour the dissolved gelatin over the entire amount and leave it on the fire for another 2 minutes.

When everything is ready, remove the meat, being careful not to disturb the juice. Remove from the bones and put in bowls, plates or in which dishes you want to use. Strain the juice with the polish over them very slowly. Let everything cool until the next day.

Ingredients for the recipe for pork meatballs or pork chills

  • -1 foot-adidas-pig's hoof
  • -1 kg pork tenderloin
  • -1 small onion
  • -1 small carrot
  • -1 ear
  • -1 piece of hot pepper
  • -1 tablespoon of salt
  • -1 head of garlic
  • -1 knife tip freshly ground pepper

If more meatballs are needed, put the head with ears, plus other lean pork. The legs or other pieces of meat with mice talk a little on the flame, then wash with a stream of water, without keeping it in cold water at all.

Boil the meat with cold water and add the pepper, salt and whole onion. In order not to be disturbed, the meatball is boiled from the beginning on low heat without boiling, with the lid pulled a little aside.

The cooking time should be 4-5 hours, so that the meat detaches well from the bones and the liquid decreases to the level of the meat. The meat is cooked faster in the pressure cooker, with water only enough to cover all the material well, together with the pepper, onion and salt, over low heat, approx. 2 hours, calculating the cooking time from the moment when the first vapors started to come out through the valve from that moment, the fire is reduced to a minimum, thus keeping it until the end.

The pressure cooker is left, closed with the lid, to be twisted until the next day. The fat on top is collected all this way, you will notice the degree of coagulation of the soup. If it has gelatinized too much, the soup is diluted with boiling water, beforehand, and then poured over the meatballs. The dish is put on low heat, in order to liquefy all the soup, only this way the meat can be removed, which will then come off the bones and be arranged in bowls or stainless steel forms, alternating with the mouse. Add the finely chopped garlic and salt to the soup to taste and, if desired, add a little lemon salt. Do not mix too much with the ligure, so as not to disturb. Strain and pour over the meat. The soup can also be left undrained if the garlic is to remain in it. After it has cooled, put the forms in the refrigerator, where they are left for 3-4 hours. It gets out of shape. It is served sliced ​​as a first course.

What are colds, colds?

Also from Dex we find the different regional names under which these colds are known:

PIFTÍE s. răcituri (pl.), (reg.) aituri (pl.), cotoroage (pl.), gheleţatura, piciorong, pistoseli (pl.), răsol, reci (pl.), stragheață, (Mold.) plachie, (Olt. And Ban.) Trembling (pl.). (

In addition, I know that they are also called cocions (from Hungarian lb.) or catch cold. Because they're cold, aren't they? They can be made from pork, beef or poultry. In some areas, fish is also made from fish. gelatin extracted from bones, cartilage and skin is what closes them.

If this is not enough (especially in the case of bird colds) it can be supplemented with gelatin granules or sheets. Commercial gelatin is natural and is also prepared from bones and cartilage.

Or the Hungarian recipe for smoked meatballs (with cumin, cumin, garlic and paprika) & # 8211 recipe here.

Traditional pork chill

  • half a pig's head
  • 2 "sneakers" of pork
  • a few pieces of mice
  • 2 carrots (optional, for a slightly sweet taste)
  • celery root
  • 1 teaspoon peppercorns
  • salt
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic

Pork heads are cut into suitable pieces, and in a large pot are boiled ears, duck, pieces of meat and mice, brisket bones, pork sneakers, but also whole carrots and pieces of celery, a little salt and berries. of pepper.

Boil everything over medium heat until the meat starts to come off the bones. Remember to remove grease and foam that accumulates on the surface during cooking.

After the meat has boiled, remove everything from the water on the plates, including the vegetables, and separate the meat from the bone. Crush the garlic and rub it with salt, remove from the heat the pot of juice in which the meat was boiled and put the garlic in it, then mix everything well.

Let the composition rest for 10 minutes. The result should have a slightly sticky consistency.

To check if the meatballs will set, you can put some juice on a saucer and put it in the fridge for a while.

If it coagulates, then you can see to it.

The meat is divided into smaller dishes, bowls, yena dishes or plates, and you can place the sliced ​​boiled carrot at the base, if you want to form a more cheerful design after you turn the meatball over.

Pour juice over the pieces of meat until covered, but use a strainer to make the meatball clear.

How is it prepared

1. Boil the pork together with the pepper and the chosen vegetables. Mix this special soup with the crushed garlic. Pour the garlic slowly over the pieces of boned meat.

2. Then put the soup in the fridge and leave it until it becomes gelatinous.

Tips: In order to thicken on its own (ie without using commercial gelatin) it is good to put as many pork bones as possible.

It is good to add a little more lean meat, so that the meatball has a pork flavor, according to

Also, during the boiling that will become cold, it is good to remove the foam that forms on top. You can throw away the water after it starts to boil and replace it with another one, until it has a dense, consistent content.

It is good to throw the first water in which the meat boils because in it the blood comes out of the meat. After removing the foam, it is good to gradually add the vegetables to the pot, along with a few peppercorns. The cold will taste better if you put the whole pepper, not ground. The cooking time differs from recipe to recipe. In this case, expect to keep the meat on the fire for about two hours or even three.

It is advisable to detach the meat from the bones when it is boiling. You also have to put the vegetables on the bottom of the pot, chopped according to your preferences.

Another verified tip is not to put the minced garlic in the mousse when the cold boils. It is good to add it at the end, when the soup has cooled a bit.

The meatball recipe can also be made with pork ears (they have a sensational taste).