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The pizza

The pizza

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In a bowl, mix the egg with the sour cream and margarine.

rub the yeast with a little warm mineral water.

this is also placed in the basin.

put the flour and start to knead.

salt and add as much mineral water as you need to make a bread-like dough.

let it grow for about 20 minutes.


pastrami and ham are sliced. then cut into cubes.

remove the mushrooms from the jar, wash well, drain and then cut the right pieces.

we cut the olives into slices.

we put the cheese on the grater with large meshes.

we prepare the pizza:

take the dough and spread a thin sheet.

we place it in a round pizza tray (or a normal tray doesn't matter) greased with a little margarine.

then grease the sheet with keiceap.

we put a little grated cheese.

then we started to put the mushrooms, ham and pastrami, olives and cheese a little more.

beat the eggs well and pour them evenly on top.

put the tray in the hot oven until it is ready.

then serve it!