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Chicken pakora

Chicken pakora

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An aromatic and slightly spicy Indian appetizer :)

  • 100 gr flour
  • 1 boneless chicken breast
  • the water
  • salt pepper
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder
  • 2 teaspoons chilli powder
  • 1 teaspoon ginger powder

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


The chicken breast is washed and boiled. After it boils, cut it into suitable strips. In a bowl we put enough flour, spices and water to form a kind of pancake dough. The chicken pieces are passed through the dough and then fried in hot oil. Serve hot with vegetables, tomato sauce, etc.

Good appetite!

15 yummy chicken recipes by Sanjeev Kapoor

As kids, I'm sure most of us watched celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor cook delicious recipes on TV while our moms and aunts carefully jotted down the recipes in a "recipe diary." In fact, the main attraction of the show was that he made complex restaurant dishes and authentic regional recipes accessible to all cooking enthusiasts across India. Maybe that's why his show was the most popular gastronomy show in India. You do not agree?

I remember that my mother once cooked Kolhapuri chicken Sanjeev Kapoor, which became an instant favorite of the family. We have continued to make this dish and enjoy it for years. Fortunately, another day, I came across the same recipe on the internet, and happy memories began to flood in. Excited, I flipped through a few more Sanjeev Kapoor chicken recipes and tried them over the weekend. And, after a few hits and attempts, I have mastered some recipes, which I am happy to share with you today.

Here are 15 chicken recipes with Sanjeev Kapoor that can make anyone salivate. Chicken lovers and Sanjeev Kapoor fans, let's cook!

8 Indian dishes that you have to try, which are not curry

If you are tired of curry dishes, as I would hear, try these delicious Indian non curry dishes and thank me later.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Indian food anywhere? Let's be honest here. It will be any curry or spicy food.

Am I right or am I right? Now, being Indian can be offensive for two reasons here:

1. Curry does not always mean food that contains sauce and gravy. If you want, you can prepare it dry.

#SpoonTip: Curry is basically a powder formed by mixing different spices.

And FYI, we use a lot of curry powder.

2. Not all of our food has curry or curry powder in the name of God. We have a variety of foods. Literally so many that not even I have tried them all yet (intentionally, don't worry).

So I, having the responsibility to remove the doubts, I will present you 8 delicious dishes that do not have curry in them.

1. Pakora

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They are molded snacks in the form of small round balls or rather any shape you want. You can fill them with spinach, potatoes, onions or any vegetable of your choice. They are delicious, appetizing and perfect for beginners, with a drink on the side. They are wonderful munchies for a little discussion or a card game with your friends. You won't even notice when the plate is empty, which makes you want more.

2. Samosa

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They are small pockets fried or in a similar sense, similarempanadas, filled with your favorite preferences, whether it is meat or any vegetable. Have it occasionally or daily. It's a snack that fills you like no other.

3. Pui Tandoori

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In this delicious dish, chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices, traditionally cooked in a tandoor (a clay oven), hence the name. They are everything you need in a delicious meal and probably my favorite. Also, given that they are quite large pieces of chicken, they are amazingly stuffed.

4. Papri Chaat

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They fall into the category of snacks, but are salty and delicious. Have you heard of any famous Indian street food? This is practically one of the best. They are filled with papdis (flour crackers), yogurt, potatoes and chickpeas with various sauces. Sounds weird, but so good. Try them and thank me later.

5. Sin

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This dish from southern India is crispy and thin, similar to crepes, but made from rice dough. They are best eaten with coconut chutney and sambhar. This is the king of the wonderful South Indian cuisine, very famous, very tasty and very filling. There was a time when I celebrated with them every day. Yes. True story.

6. Biryani

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This is basically rice and spices mixed with chicken, meat or vegetables. Biryani is delicious, rich and for everything you need in the main way. I can go on, but the picture can speak. And one more thing, they are so full that you won't be able to move. or don't stop eating.

7. Aloo Paratha

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This is a type of bread filled with potatoes (Aloo), cooked with desi ghee (clarified oil) on a plate. It can be thin, thick, circle, square. any size you want. It is best eaten with pickles, curd or any chutney - they are a staple food for most of us North Indians.

8. Saag Paneer

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Cubes of soft cow cheese (Paneer) mixed in a creamy spinach mixture. Paneer is a very common form of cheese in India and you may be surprised at the amount of dishes made from it. It is healthy, delicious and can be eaten with rice or parantha.

There are so many delicious foods that do not contain curry. And in terms of the fact that Indian food is spicy, too greasy or unhealthy. it all depends on you, because most of our dishes are prepared from scratch and can be changed accordingly.

So the next time someone says India is about curry, YOU can prove them wrong.

1. Peel and slice the potatoes for frying, slice and fry the grilled chicken breast and chop the vegetables.

2. In a bowl, take each slice of chicken breast and chop it with your hands in long strips (you have more strength than with a knife), breaking the pieces on the fiber.

3. In another bowl, grind the garlic in the cream and mix, then add salt and pepper to taste.

4. Finely chop the cabbage, onion and cucumber.

5. After you have fried the potatoes, it's time to assemble the shaorma: heat the glue a little on the stove, over a low heat, grease the glue with garlic sauce, then put a quarter of the ingredients in the following order: meat, potatoes, ketchup, followed by cabbage, onions and pickles.

6. Do not fill the glue too hard, so that you can lift its bottom edge over the ingredients, and you can roll it easily. After you have tightened it well (be careful not to break the glue!), Cover your hand with a food bag and wrap the bottom of the shaorma, then lift the bag so that you wrap it tightly around the glue, so that it does not come off. while you enjoy it.

6. Do the same with the remaining 3 sticks and so you get 4 servings of homemade chicken shaorma.