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Duchess potatoes

Duchess potatoes

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Cut the potatoes into large quarters, wash and put in cold salted water. Boil covered. When they are ready, they drain through a sieve. Put them in a tray and leave them near the oven to remove excess water. Peel the potatoes and crush them, then pass them through a fine sieve. Place the potatoes in the saucepan and mix the butter well, this being on the fire (low heat) and it will be mixed continuously with a wooden spatula.

When the butter is completely incorporated, add six yolks to bind the composition. Stir over high heat, add grated nutmeg and ground pepper. Prepare a tray that will be greased with very little oil, after which the hot composition will be mounted in the oven and the potatoes will be formed into different shapes. Brush the potatoes with an egg yolk and put in the oven (it must be preheated) for 8-10 minutes (high heat).

Good appetite.

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