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March 8 special cake

March 8 special cake

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prepare the first countertop.Beat the egg whites well with a pinch of salt, then add the sugar and mix them until they harden (4 egg whites from the cream and I had 3 in the freezer)

Add boiling water and lemon juice and beat the egg whites again.

Incorporate flour, coconut and vanilla essence. Mix with a spatula, lightly from bottom to top and be careful not to break the egg whites.

We put the composition of the worktop in a silicone form and if it takes place in the oven together with the second worktop, we bake them both at once, as I did.

This top is ready in about 20 minutes in the oven heated to 180 degrees C.

After baking, let the countertop cool in the form.

We prepare al second countertop , after separating the egg whites from the yolks.

Mix the egg whites well with a pinch of salt until they foam.

Mix the yolks with the sugar until they turn white, then add the ground walnuts, the flour mixed with the baking powder and then the coconut.

Then add the egg whites.

Grease a detachable cake tin with butter and cover it with flour, pour the composition and bake it in the oven at 180 degrees C for 20-30 minutes.

After baking, let the countertop cool in the form.

prepare cream : put on low heat all the coconut milk mixed with the sugar and starch, mix and let it boil.

Remove from the heat and add the yolks, mix and put the cream on the fire again and leave it to boil again. Stir continuously in it with a spatula.

Then let the cream cool completely.

After the second countertop has cooled, cut it in half horizontally and put half of the cooled cream. Cover with the second sheet from the countertop, put the remaining cream and place the first countertop, the guguluf-shaped one, on top of it.

Let the cake cool to harden the cream, about 30-60 minutes, depending on how cold it is in the fridge.

When the cream has hardened, prepare it in a saucepan glaze: we put the sugar, diced margarine and cocoa on low heat, we always turn everything to melt and to homogenize. When all are melted, the icing is ready and we let it cool a little and harden.

When it is almost cold, we pour it over the cake, little by little until we cover the whole cake.

Let it cool for an hour until the icing hardens and then decorate it with strawberries as desired.

It was great good .....

Great appetite !

The significance of March 8

Whether you choose to stay home with friends, celebrate through work or enjoy the gifts from your partner, on March 8 you must celebrate. The history of Women's Day must be written continuously and you must be part of history.

How International Women's Day was born

International Women's Day was born out of a protest by working-class women. They demanded a reduction in the number of working days. It all happened on March 8, 1857. The UN always draws attention to the fact that March 8 must mean more. It's not just about celebrating the women around us. It must remain the idea that women around the world go through all sorts of difficulties every day to cope with hard life, writes

March 8 is celebrated in many countries around the world. Women are celebrated for the achievements they have and on this day differences of ethnicity, language, color or social class are left aside.

The first Women's Day took place in the United States on February 28, 1909. The Socialist Party chose February 28 to commemorate a strike in 1908, in which women protested against the quality of work.

In 1019, in Copenhagen, in a meeting of the Socialist International, it was decided to establish a day dedicated to women. No date was chosen then. The date of March 8 was established only in 1913, writes

In 1975, in the International Year of Women, the UN celebrated for the first time the International Women's Day on March 8.

In Romania, only on March 3, 2016, Klaus Iohannis signed the decree for the promulgation of the Law. March 8 declared Women's Day, and November 19 declared Men's Day, according to the source quoted above.

Countries where Women's Day is celebrated

Here are the countries where Women's Day is celebrated: Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Eritrea, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Guinea-Bissau, Iceland, India, Italy, Israel, Laos, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal, Palestine , Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zambia.

WISHES FOR MARCH 8, 2019. Happy March 8 - Women's Day! Wishes of March 8:

MARCH 8 Congratulations. "Happy birthday to a woman of grade 10! Never change! ”

"To be healthy and a permanent lust for a revival to life, an eternal renewal of strength and the joy of living. So be it, I wish you dearly…!

WISHES FOR MARCH 8, 2019. Happy March 8 - Women's Day! "Since March 8, we wish you a beautiful spring, with sun, happiness and all our love caught in a beautiful bouquet of snowdrops announcing the coming of a new spring!"

"May all the beautiful accomplishments, health and spirit of this day accompany you everywhere… and may the spring of love flood your soul with joy and the fragrance of all its flowers. I wish you a beautiful March 8 "

WISHES FOR MARCH 8, 2019. Happy March 8 - Women's Day! "Let this day be an occasion for joy for all of us, to feel less the pressure of worries and to fill our thoughts and souls with the warmth of spring. Happy birthday to all the women!"

"If you see the sun laughing through your hair, if you smell snowdrops, if you hear the chirping of birds, then it means that you are living a new spring… May spring bring you joy in your soul, happiness and peace. I wish you good health and peace and I hope that one day you will join the mothers' club because it is an unimaginable experience! ”

"I bow down the glass for us Women! for the men who have us, for the wretches who have had us, and for those who will have the good fortune to know us! For all the beautiful women I want to see happy! "

March 8 - Women's Day & # 33

Every year, on March 8, Women's Day and Mother's Day are celebrated. This day is awaited by all women, of all ages and ends the cycle for "grandmothers" and therefore the end of the martisor.

Dear men and dear children, it is time to act to make your wives / girlfriends or mothers happy.

Don't forget to buy flowers. On this day, all categories of flowers are allowed, whether they are garden flowers, apartment flowers, pots or flower arrangements, from daffodils, orchids, irises, freesias, to gerberas, roses, lilies, tulips.

Pamper women on March 8, with symbolic gifts: trinkets, vases, scarves, or with more expensive gifts: jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, creams, or even stainless steel dishes for household use.

You can offer them a sweet moment: order a special cake for this day, with the message "Happy Birthday March 8", fruit cakes, tasty chocolates or irresistible truffles.

In addition to the flowers and gifts offered, a message must follow. And the message from us is Happy March 8, to all women and mothers in Romania and a beautiful spring!

Mar 08, 2010 # 2 2010-03-08T08: 41

May all the beautiful efforts, health and spirit of this day accompany you everywhere. May the spring of love flood your soul with joy and the fragrance of all its flowers. I wish you a beautiful March 8!

March 8 messages for wife and girlfriend

For my wonderful wife, who knows how to love with the passion of a virgin and the tenderness of a mother. This gift expresses only a tiny part of the immense love that boils in my heart for you.

Messages March 8. Some women want furs and jewelry, you just ask me for love and sweet words. You are a special woman and I want you with me forever. I hope this news makes you happy and this gift delights your heart - it's a wonderful gift because it's about you.

For my wonderful wife, who knows how to love with the passion of a virgin and the tenderness of a mother. This gift expresses only a tiny part of the immense love that boils in my heart for you. The rest remains to receive it in other forms.

Messages March 8. A dream gift for a dream wife. If I had known how beautiful life would be with you, I would have asked you for my wife the moment I met you. Good thing you're mine! Your grateful husband.

Some women want furs and jewelry, you just ask me for love and sweet words. You are a special woman and I want you with me forever. I hope this news makes you happy and this gift delights your heart - it's a wonderful gift because it's about you.

You have powers above the angels and my life is heavenly with you. Mistress of my heart, today I offer you its fruits, which are due to you: all my love belongs to you. My dear darling, I adore you!

Mix the ground biscuits with butter, sugar, cinnamon powder and 7 tablespoons of compote syrup.

Grease a pan with a little oil and pour the mixture, leveling it with the back of a spoon. Mix the sour cream, yogurt and sugar and soak the gelatin in a little milk and add it to the cream, along with the whipped cream.

Add the peaches and even out the top. Place other slices of peach on top of this composition. Mix a little dissolved gelatin and two tablespoons of compote syrup and drip several drops over the peaches. Leave it in the fridge for four hours.

TOP gift ideas for girlfriend March 8

  1. Cosmetic bag
  2. Illuminated mirror (table)
  3. Small terms
  4. Original jewelry, in the style of your girlfriend (natural stone, gold, silver) - can be a bracelet, ring, earrings, pendant or set
  5. Fitness bracelet
  6. Phone accessories (case, protective glass)
  7. Headphones - plain or with fur
  8. Manicure or pedicure set
  9. Digital photo frame
  10. Heart-shaped pendant, inside is your common picture
  11. Hair straightener
  12. Electric comb
  13. Thermal curlers
  14. Powerful hair dryer, the latest model
  15. Table lamp with built-in humidification option
  16. Satin pajamas
  17. Fitball
  18. Coffee
  19. Electronic book
  20. The zodiac sign made of Swarovski crystals
  21. Custom tea cup
  22. Book about love
  23. Forms for muffins and ice cream
  24. Fondue set
  25. Leather gloves
  26. Juicer
  27. Fluffy slippers
  28. Set of jams with unusual flavors (cinnamon, dates, mint, mulled wine, etc.)
  29. Original cookbook with printed pages
  30. Set of essential oils for the bathroom
  31. Pandora bracelet
  32. Photoepilator
  33. Coffee collection
  34. Soft and comfortable robe with your girlfriend's name on it. It is very pleasant to wrap yourself in such a bathrobe after the bath and to feel special
  35. Decorative smartphone holder
  36. Apparatus for Belgian waffles
  37. Herbs and essences for the manufacture of cosmetics at home
  38. Table lamp
  39. Same set of covers for gadgets
  40. Leather wallet with an old banknote
  41. Robot vacuum cleaner
  42. Portable sewing machine
  43. Decorative candlestick
  44. Wax heater
  45. Original heart or flower pocket mirror
  46. Smoothie shaker
  47. Sleeve blanket
  48. Set for making soap at home
  49. Toaster
  50. Orchid
  51. Stylish glasses and a cover for them
  52. Coffee and coconut body scrub
  53. Elegant strap
  54. Freezer
  55. Wall clock with your picture printed
  56. Diffuser for essential oils and incense sticks
  57. Watch
  58. Wall organizer
  59. Elegant umbrella
  60. Travel organizer for small items
  61. Picnic set
  62. Set of chocolate figurines
  63. Spacious suitcase on wheels
  64. Sports suit for morning jogging
  65. Set of natural cosmetics, such as Korean ones
  66. Soft scarf in her favorite color
  67. Original lunch box
  68. Smart watch
  69. Handmade jewelry box
  70. Sandwich maker
  71. Set of painted gingerbread
  72. Elegant set of colorful eco-bags for different outfits
  73. Salt lamp
  74. Smartphone projector
  75. Your common photo, printed on canvas
  76. Photo album with your pictures.

Other March 8 gift ideas for girlfriend

If you haven't found the perfect March 8 gift for your girlfriend above, we will present you some more options worthy of your attention.

An original March 8 gift for your loved one can be:

  1. Set of natural dyes and flavors. It is an ideal set for a professional pastry chef and a lover of baking goodies at home. With such a gift, the process of preparing cakes and pastries will turn into an interesting business, with a delicious and fragrant result.
  2. Festive set of colorful lanterns. It is the best way to make the March 8 celebration bright and memorable.
  3. Sweatshirts for couples. If your relationship lasts long enough (6 months +), do not hesitate to give your girlfriend a set of two identical sweaters / sweatshirts. Paired clothes are a trend in vogue, and girls like to follow fashion trends.
  4. Handmade jewelry. Such handmade jewelry has become very popular. Natural materials (flowers, leaves, pebbles, etc.) are often used to make them, so the finished products have an unusual and unique look.
  5. Turkish copper kettle to make coffee. It is difficult to find a girl who can refuse a cup of black or delicate flavored coffee with milk. Give a kettle especially if each new day of your girlfriend starts with a sip of espresso or latte.
  6. Elegant leather backpack. It is an ideal gift for a girl who leads an active lifestyle in a noisy urban environment. From the abundance of styles, sizes and shades, you will surely find the most suitable one for the lady of your heart.
  7. Kigurumi soft. Warm pajamas will warm her perfectly in the autumn-spring cold.
  8. Florarium with succulents. The micro-decorative garden is a unique addition to any interior. In addition, the succulents grow on their own and do not require any special care. This means that they will not cause problems for the owner.
  9. Pendant flash drive - fill it with a record number of romantic songs or compositions of his favorite band.
  10. Voucher at a beauty salon & # 8211 for changing the image and good mood.
  11. T-shirt with your picture or just a great inscription.

Classic gifts for your girlfriend on March 8

Lovers of surprises and experiments will always be happy to receive unusual and extraordinary congratulations.

But if your choice is conservative, choose a March 8 gift for your more classic girlfriend. E.g:

  1. Floral arrangement in box + cosmetic set. An ideal gift for a 16-year-old girl.
  2. Box with chocolate figurines + quality perfume. The best gift for a conservative young lady of 20-30 years.
  3. Delicious cake + soft robe with embroidered inscription. It is one of the most excellent March 8 gifts for your girlfriend of over 30 years.
  4. They are always relevant. At any time, for any age and for any reason. There is no more universal and, at the same time, individual gift. And the recipient will definitely be touched by the feelings with which you chose the bouquet for her. After all, out of all the variety of colors you found the best ones just for her! You can also opt for a box with red roses. With their help, you can confess your love.

March 8 handmade gifts for girlfriend

To give a gift to your girlfriend on March 8, it is not necessary to cross the thresholds of all stores on the eve of the holiday.

You can make a unique gift with your own hands. Even without having a special talent, you can easily create one of the examples suggested below.

Box & # 8222100 of reasons why I love you & # 8221

Wash and peel off the label from a small clear jar. Decorate the container with ribbons, beads and lace, stick the label with the name.

For example: "Your best features", "All the delights of your nature", "Reasons why I will adore you all my life". Put the maximum number of small sheets with compliments inside. On each occasion, your girlfriend will be able to take out and read these sheets to remember why you love her.

Bouquet of sweets

To make a cool handmade gift, buy the goodies that your girlfriend prefers (marshmallows, chocolate, waffles, dried fruit, etc.).

Carefully place everything on wooden chopsticks and assemble them into a colorful bouquet. If the sweets are packed in separate packages, stick them on the stick with a gun or double tape.

Complete the finished composition with ribbons, beads, any stones or rhinestones and an elegant gift wrapping film. Alternatively, you can pack the resulting product in a decorative cardboard box.

"Edible" text on small sheets

If you are mega creative, compose a small text about your girlfriend, but replace the individual words in it with the appropriate sweets. Write everything on the sheets, fix them in the right places. Don't forget the colorful title.

For example: "March 8 sweethearts", "You are my miracle!", "March 8 congratulations, dear!". The sweet texts will be a pleasant surprise for the heroine of the occasion.

Video card

You need a few short declarations of love with the actual greeting cards, filmed in different places.

Kinder surprise

Buy a Kinder surprise, unwrap it very carefully, divide it in half and put a small gift there, then join it as it was. The girl will be very surprised when she opens such a gift.

Make a wooden photo frame you can even make a collage that can contain many different images. You can use different decorative ornaments to create a unique pattern.

If you like to cook, you can bake a cake or muffins the girl will definitely be delighted, the main thing is to do everything according to the recipe.

Confetti balloons

Inflate many confetti balloons inside and let some of them come as little surprises for your girlfriend. In addition, you can make notes with the actions you are ready to take for it.

Romantic evening at home

If you don't know how to cook, then you can order food in a restaurant, such as sushi or pizza. Arrange a warm bath and decorate it with rose petals and candles to create a relaxing environment.

Expensive gifts for your girlfriend on March 8

Wealthy men can afford to offer their girlfriend more expensive things, such as:

  • Fur
  • Car
  • Travel to an island
  • Branded clothes and accessories
  • State-of-the-art smartphones
  • Laptop.

Cheap gifts for your girlfriend on March 8

We also present a list of cheap gifts for your girlfriend, suitable for March 8:

  1. Starry sky projector
  2. Custom keychain
  3. Magnetic board for writing with chalk
  4. Voluminous and elegant elastic bands for hair
  5. Mini pocket umbrella in a bright spring color
  6. Scented candle
  7. Refrigerator magnets
  8. Mini table fan
  9. “Miss Universe” humorous style kitchen apron
  10. Basket of sweets.

Emotion gifts for your March 8 girlfriend

Every girl expects special attention on a day as beautiful as March 8, and the absence of a gift can become not only a reason for a bad mood, but also the beginning of a rift in your relationship.

Therefore, do your best to spend at least this bright day together.

  1. Romantic dinner. In addition to the restaurant, there are many ideas for an interesting and unusual romantic dinner. You can arrange not a short meeting, but a longer trip together. Rent a house in the woods or a room at a recreation center for a few days.
  2. You can also take a short trip to an unknown city and walk with your girlfriend along the quiet streets, admiring the beautiful and historical places. Such moments are remembered for a lifetime, strengthen relationships and become legends of the family in the future.
  3. Photo session in a thematically arranged studio.
  4. Shared shopping. For the holidays, shopping is the most pleasant and desired gift. It is important to be patient and you will be able to please your girlfriend!
  5. Excursion to the mountains or to the sea.
  6. Master class on topics of interest to your girlfriend.
  7. Organize a shopping with a stylist.
  8. Self-realization or personal growth training courses.
  9. Tickets to cinema, theater, ballet, opera or philharmonic.
  10. Double parachute jump.
  11. Hot air balloon flight.
  12. Rafting on a mountain river in the company of an experienced instructor.
  13. Rest in a SPA lounge - for you two or just for her.

Gifts to his girlfriend on March 8, according to his interests

If you still can't find "that gift", use a long-proven method & # 8211 it's cheap and guaranteed & # 8211 to enjoy your half - give him what he spends his free time on:

  • It's sporty & the necessary equipment
  • And food photographer & # 8211 lightbox
  • He's a blogger & # 8211 the latest model of wireless headphones
  • She is an artist & # 8211 set of makeup brushes with natural hairs etc.
  • She is a driver - she will be happy to receive a fur cover for her seat.

Unusual gifts for your March 8 girlfriend

Is she cunning, sensual, a little crazy, smart and beautiful? Only you know the superpowers (and weaknesses) of your girlfriend.

And if she prefers extravagant things or surprise gifts, here are some ideas:

  1. A stack of books. It's important to be completely different, from science fiction to planting flowers. Let your girlfriend choose her own literature.
  2. Elite Chinese tea set in elegant glass pots and a colorful wooden boxfor tea. They are a premium gift for those who know how to enjoy life. Each tea has a different effect on the mind and body: one is good for meditation, the other is pre-workout.
  3. Exotic fruits in decorative box. Girls love fruit. They are also crazy about interesting gifts from loved ones! If you want to surprise her simply and tastefully, present her with a box of exotic fruits. You can also order them by courier delivery, for example, at her office. There will be no limit to the surprise!
  4. 3D lamp "Portrait”. A new fashion trend among gifts is bright photography. It's a surprise even for those who have it all! Such a beautiful piece of furniture will fill not only the room with light, but also the soul of your girlfriend. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy it!
  5. Painting on numbers. An original gift that the delicate and creative nature will gladly appreciate. Painting on numbers will allow you to fully reveal the full creative potential of your loved one. As a result, the image turns into an exclusive piece of furniture, which will always capture the admiring eyes of the guests of the house.
  6. Map of the stars. It is a gift for a romantic nature & # 8211 the star map is created according to the real position of the celestial bodies. A star map can be drawn up after the date of your first meeting or her birthday. There will also be a visible decoration in your girlfriend's house and a pleasant memory of you.
  7. Honey with gold flakes. Scientists have learned that the secret of Cleopatra's beauty and youth is in gold and honey! Both components will help the beautiful lady to put her body in order quickly and with pleasure. It is such an unexpected and rare gift that it will attract the attention of any royal person!
  8. Handmade glasses. Girls like to surround themselves with beautiful things: they help to create comfort and positive energy in the house. They can be combined into one gift, for example an engraved glass or a cute handmade porcelain cup.
  9. Set of different types of honey. The girlfriend will definitely be delighted with a gift that will help her become beautiful and healthy. This means that a set of different types of honey is an ideal gift! They will captivate you with their taste and a huge number of useful properties.
  10. Bookshelf. Wall shelves in beige or brown with simple or original design & # 8211 such a gift will be appreciated by a reading lover. We advise you to make the choice in favor of wood, not plastic.
  11. Bath salt. Bath salt is a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to normalize the functioning of their body. English salt, for example, is enriched with magnesium, which is incredibly beneficial for strengthening bones and brain function.
  12. Wooden PowerBank. A practical gift whose body is made of natural wood. The capacity of such a battery is enough for 4 full phone charges!
  13. Embroidery kits. You can opt for embroidery based on illustrations by contemporary artists.
  14. Cat-shaped pillow. Pillows symbolize wealth and prosperity in the home, and cats symbolize warmth and comfort. If you combine them, you will get such a cute pillow! Sewed from ecological materials, it will become not only an interior decoration, but also the main favorite of your choice.
  15. Printed photo pillow. The photos keep the memory of the happiest moments of our lives. And sometimes it's so nice to remember all the happy events that ever happened right before bed. You can combine this into a perfect gift. A pillow with your photos will give him a good rest and pleasant dreams.
  16. Portrait of your girlfriend painted in oil. Important to find a talented painter!
  17. Engraved paired bracelets. You can choose your unique style to suit you. The girl will be delighted to receive such a sincere and original March 8 gift from her beloved husband.
  18. 3D figurine. It can be based on his image or you can make a version associated with you two. But it is better to order them in advance, because the creation takes a while. You can order it in crystal or porcelain.
  19. Tilde doll modeled after your girlfriend.
  20. Glitter painting. Made from your shared photo. Such a surprise will suit a girl who loves manual labor.
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The closer International Women's Day is, the more you should look at the behavior of the other half.

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect gift:

  • Usually, girls, accidentally or deliberately, tell the boys what they dream about. An indication could be the advertising brochure opened on the desired page and thrown in the most prominent place. Or a phrase said accidentally, like "My girlfriend has it, but I don't." Maybe even too much phone conversation with a friend about a certain new cosmetic product. Even the damage to the newly purchased hair dryer or the heel of the suede boots can signal that these would be the perfect gifts.
  • Nowadays, it can be difficult to pay proper attention to a loved one. Therefore, it is important to make your loved one feel that you are always with them, especially during the holidays, especially on March 8th. And keep in mind that in addition to the basic gift, an excellent solution is to present a bouquet of flowers. Your girlfriend's smile will be guaranteed!
  • One of the important points is the age of the recipient, so that, for example, choosing a gift for a teenager will differ significantly from the gift for an adult woman.
  • It is advisable to set certain limits from a financial point of view, because in the store your eyes will most likely start to wander in different directions and you can simply choose something much more expensive than you planned and run out of funds for the rest of the month. .
  • Think about how you congratulate your soul mate, because it is much more pleasant when the man comes with an interesting speech.
  • Make sure you wrap the prepared gift. You can put it in a beautiful bag or wrap it in wrapping paper. Many now prefer to use special boxes, being chosen depending on the size of the surprise, and the gap is filled with corrugated paper and thin cut or other similar filling material.

Examples of unsuccessful gifts

Not all gifts have positive feedback. Sometimes a small thing, carefully chosen and given from the heart, gives the recipient more pain instead of the long-awaited joy.

Indeed, among the thousands of ideal gifts, there are a few… unsuccessful ones. E.g:

  • Dishes and typical kitchen utensils. A woman's life is always linked to the mundane everyday. Laundry, cleaning, cooking are regularly present in the daily routine of a girl, a student and a housewife. You do not have to present household items as March 8 gifts.
  • Scales, food supplements, anti-aging creams and exercise equipment. You can't give your girlfriend things that suggest flaws in appearance: excess weight, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. The result can be a scandal or a long-term resentment.
  • Whimsical animals and plants. From such gifts, as a rule, there are more worries than joys.
  • They are not at all an expression of love, care or affection. Mai degrabă, sunt considerați un fel de răscumpărare pentru lipsa sentimentelor, petrecerea timpului împreună etc.
  • Figurine și jucării moi. Toate aceste lucruri de modă veche sunt depozitate și prăfuite ani de zile. Jucăriile moi pot fi dăruite unei fiice de 10 ani, dar nicidecum iubitei.
  • Cuțite și foarfece. Dacă credeți în superstiții, atunci știți că un cadou sub formă de armă sau unelte ascuțite implică certuri și întreruperea relațiilor.
  • Produse cosmetice. Bărbaților le este dificil să le aleagă. Dacă doriți să vă bucurați iubita cu acest cadou special, atunci cumpărați-i un certificat sau luați-o pe cea mai bună prietenă a ei, care vă poate sugera o idee utilă.
  • Vă sfătuim să selectați parfumul nu la întâmplare, deoarece fiecare fată își iubește notele sale speciale de arome care i se potrivesc cel mai bine și, atunci când cumpărați, ar trebui să fiți sigur de alegerea voastră.
  • Alte lucruri din grupul superstițios. Și anume perle, batiste și alte articole similare din vechile povești care aduc necazuri celor înzestrați. Dar pentru fetele care nu cred în astfel de povești de groază, puteți alege toate cele de mai sus.

În acest articol, am adunat un număr mare de idei cu privire la ce cadouri de 8 Martie puteți să-i dăruiți iubitei voastre și la ce lucruri este cel mai bine să fiți atenți.

Sperăm că printre numeroasele opțiuni oferite, ați putut găsi acel cadou perfect pentru a doua jumătate, care de Ziua Internațională a Femeii o va face cea mai fericită.

Tortul Mimoza, special pentru ziua de 8 Martie. Rețeta originală din 1950

Asemănarea cu o floare minunață de primăvară, îl face să fie apreciat în această zi și nu numai.

Pentru crema diplomat trebuie doar să pregătiți cremă în 5 minute fără să închideți focul și să o amestecați după ce s-a răcit cu frișca! În cele din urmă, pentru sirop, puteți alege lichiorul clasic, sau apă, zahăr și vanilie pentru o soluție nealcoolică! Câteva minute pentru a asambla desertul și cel mai frumos și mai bun tort mimoză este gata.

Ingrediente și mod de pregătire

Cantitate pentru o matriță de 24 cm

1 plic de vanilie (sau extract)

Pentru crema diplomatică:

450 de grame de lapte integral proaspăt

6 gălbenușuri medii foarte proaspete

1 lingură de extract de vanilie

200 gr de smântână lichidă + 1 – 2 linguri de zahăr glazur (se adaugă la rece)

2 – 3 linguri de lichior la alegere rom, gran marnier sau vanilie nealcoolică sau coajă de 1 lămâie răzuită.

Method of preparation

Albușurile se separă de gălbenuș. Gălbenușurile se bat cu sarea și se lasă deoparte că să-și intensifice culoarea. Albușurile se bat spumă, se adaugă zahărul și se continuă baterea până când zahărul este dizolvat complet.

În gălbenuș se adaugă uleiul, amestecând că la maioneză, apoi se adaugă laptele și se amestecă. Se adaugă deasupra albușurile spumă și se amestecă ușor, de jos în sus.

Acum se adaugă și făină, cernută înainte, că să nu aibă corpuri străine și să nu facă cocoloașe, și amidonul. Se amestecă totul ușor, de jos in sus, pentru că aluatul să rămână foarte spumos. Nu se adaugă deloc praf de copt.

Se toarnă într-o tavă de 26 cm tapetata cu hârtie de copt. Se coace la 180 de grade, foc mediu. După 20 de minute se verifică și se face proba cu scobitoarea. Când este bine copt, blatul se scoate și se lasă la răcit pe un grătar.

Trebuie respectată ordinea ingredientelor

Făină, laptele, zahărul și gălbenușurile se amestecă bine, că să nu rămână cocoloașe. Se adaugă semințele de la jumătate de păstaie de vanilie și se pune totul pe foc, amestecând continuu, până se îngroașă.

Se lasă la răcit și se bate spumă frișcă naturală. Dacă nu este suficient de rece crema, se pune vasul în alt vas cu apă rece și se amestecă până când se răcește. Înveliți cratiță cu o bucată de folie de plastic și lăsați-o la frigider. Folia o protejează să nu facă deasupra crustă.

În tava în care s-a copt blatul se așează o bucată de folie de plastic, apoi se montează tortul. O treime din crema se dă deoparte pentru îmbrăcat tortul. Se pune prima foaie de blat, se stropește cu puțin sirop, se adaugă o treime din cremă, se pune a doua foaie de blat, iar se stropește cu sirop, iar crema, la final să fie blat, care se stropește cu sirop.

Nu trebuie să fie mult sirop, doar se stropește blatul. Acest blat este fin, semiumed, foarte pufos și nu are nevoie să fie foarte însiropat.

Se așează folia bine deasupra tortului și se da la rece pentru câteva ore, ideal este să fie lăsat la rece peste noapte. În timpul asta, blatul absoarbe din umezeală cremei și se întărește.

A doua zi, se scoate blatul din folie, se așează pe platou. Se îmbracă în crema rămasă, iar foaia de blat care s-a lăsat deoparte se sfărâmă, se face firmituri, care se presara deasupra și pe lateralul tortului, ceea ce îi conferă acel aspect ca de ciorchine de mimoză, potrivit stiridiaspora

Sa va spun ce ingredinte sunt necesare pentru reteta de tort Mimoza

Pentru un tort de aproximativ 1,4 kilograme.

  • -Pentru blat:
  • -5 oua mari
  • -5 linguri de ulei
  • -5 linguri de lapte
  • -5 linguri de zahar
  • -6 linguri de faina
  • -a drop of salt
  • Pentru crema pasticera:
  • -5 galbenusuri
  • -500 ml lapte gras
  • -200 g zahar
  • -1 pastaie de vanilie
  • -2 linguri cu varf de faina (60 g)
  • -300 g frisca batuta, naturala
  • Pt stropit blatul
  • -100 ml de sirop din zahar sau 50 ml lichior fin

”Torta Mimosa” – un desert clasic italian, perfect pentru sărbătoarea de 8 Martie din acest an!

Vă prezentăm rețeta unui desert, pregătit în cele mai bune tradiții a bucătăriei italiene. Numit ”Torta Mimosa”, acesta se oferă doamnelor în ziua de 8 martie, împreună cu buchețele de mimoza galbenă. Este un tort delicat, cu blat moale, pufos și cremă fiartă cu vanilie. Bucurați-i pe ce dragi cu cele mai delicioase prăjituri de casă, ce prepară uimitor de simplu.




-50 ml de lichior Cointreau (sau sirop de ananas)



1. Bateți ouăle cu zahărul, timp de 10-15 minute. Folosiți un mixer la viteza medie.

2. Adăugați gălbenușurile și amestecați încă timp de 5-6 minute.

3. Adăugați făina cernută cu amidonul. Amestecați cu ajutorul unei spatule, mișcând-o de sus în jos.

4. Turnați aluatul în 2 forme de copt, preventiv unse cu ulei și presărate cu făină (cu diametrul de 22 cm). Dați formele la cuptorul preîncălzit până la temperatura de 180-190°C pentru 30 de minute. Aranjați blaturile pe hârtie de copt și lăsați-le să se răcească.

5. Pregătiți crema fiartă: turnați laptele și frișca într-o cratiță și puneți-o pe foc. Aduceți amestecul până la fierbere și imediat luați cratița de pe foc.

6. Amestecați într-o cratiță gălbenușurile și zahărul, folosind o spatulă de lemn.

7. Adăugați în cratița cu gălbenușuri făina și vanilia. Amestecați, apoi turnați în cratiță amestecul fierbinte de lapte și frișcă. Amestecați cu un tel.

8. Puneți cratița cu cremă pe foc. Amestecând încontinuu, fierbeți crema la foc mic, până se va îngroșa. Luați cratița de pe foc și turnați crema într-un vas mai jos și lat.

9. Acoperiți crema cu folie alimentară , astfel încât aceasta să acopere nu doar vasul, ci și crema. Dați crema la frigider sau chiar la congelator.

10. Pregătiți siropul: turnați apa, lichiorul și zahărul într-o cratiță. Puneți-o pe foc mic și fierbeți siropul până zahărul se va dizolva complet (amestecați încontinuu). Lăsați siropul să se răcească.

11. Bateți frișca rece (de la frigider). Când frișca va începe să crească în volum, adăugați zahărul pudră și continuați să amestecați. Dați crema de frișcă la frigider.

12. Amestecați crema fiartă (rece) cu crema de frișcă. Păstrați 2 linguri de cremă de frișcă.

13. Cu ajutorul unui cuțit cu lama mai lată, îndepărtați de pe pandișpan stratul de deasupra (ce are o culoare mai închisă).

14. Tăiați un blat de-a lungul, în 3 părți. Tăiați al doilea blat cuburi.

15. Asamblați tortul (cel mai bine e să folosiți o formă detașabilă). Aranjați primul blat în formă. Turnați peste acesta puțin sirop și ungeți-l cu 1 lingură de cremă de frișcă.

16. Acoperiți blatul cu un strat de cremă fiartă. Aranjați al doilea blat, turnați peste acesta puțin sirop și ungeți-l cu 1 lingură de cremă de frișcă. Apoi, ungeți cu crema fiartă.

17. Aranjați al treilea blat și îndepărtați forma. Acoperiți tortul cu crema rămasă.

18. Decorați tortul cu pandișpanul tăiat cuburi. Acoperiți-l și dați-l la frigider.