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Guide to Stockholm's Best Restaurants

Guide to Stockholm's Best Restaurants

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JustLuxe recommends these top tables in Stockholm

Stockholm is a lively city full of wonderful people and ways to spend your vacation. Likewise, being the largest Scandinavian city has its benefits as well, one of which is superb cuisine. The following restaurants in Stockholm provide great meals, service, and are some of the best in the country.

Sturehof — One of the top restaurants in Stockhom, Sturehof has an amazingly vibrant atmosphere full of the good-looking locals that the city is known for. It's a great place to go to eat or drink, and the food here is exquisite and the atmosphere lively.

Restaurang Kryp In — With spectacular Swedish cuisine, Restaurang Kryp In offers guests delicious fish, reindeer, and appetizers. With friendly service and some to-die-for veal meatballs, this Stockholm restaurant is one of the best to visit.

Mathias Dahlgren — Matsalen and Matbaren — actually two restaurants, Matsalen is a three-star Michelin restaurant while Matbaren is a one star. While both still offer great cuisine, Matsalen is the star of the show and provides some killer creativity in their dishes.

Fem Sma Hus — Utilizing the best in Swedish game like elk and reindeer, Fem Sma Hus likewise has fantastic service and a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. With many candles and lit fireplaces and vaulted brick ceilings, this restaurant is a superb dining experience in Sweden’s capital city.

Restaurang Esperanza — Though Stockholm is not revered for its Italian food, Restaurang Esperanza might just be the restaurant that could change that perception. Perfectly prepared Tuscan meals served by a gracious staff and a cozy atmosphere make this a must-visit location for those visiting Stockholm.

— Michael Pearse, JustLuxe

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