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Bubby’s Restaurant to Host Pay-What-You-Want Thanksgiving

Bubby’s Restaurant to Host Pay-What-You-Want Thanksgiving

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Both locations of Bubby’s in New York City will host all-day, pay-what-you-want Thanksgiving feasts

Bubby’s restaurant in New York City (“Defending the American table — also, we steal recipes from grandmas”) will host a buffet-style/family-style, classic American Thanksgiving dinner at both New York locations (Tribeca and the High Line) from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., for which guests can pay what they like (the suggested donation is $75).

A portion of proceeds will benefit The New York City Rescue Mission.

The menu will include deviled farm-raised eggs, Snow Dance Farm free-roaming turkey and giblet gravy, glazed Duroc Ham and spiced apricot sauce, cornbread sage stuffing, cranberry sauce, buttermilk mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes with homemade marshmallows, green bean mushroom casserole, and roasted Brussels sprouts, to name a few.

For dessert, Bubby’s will also have homemade pies in pumpkin with pecan pralines, organic pecan maple, Macoun apple, and pear-cranberry.

All of Bubby’s Thanksgiving pies will be available for purchase now through November 21, and Bubby’s is also offering a Thanksgiving-based catering menu.

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