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Starbucks Urged to Stop Using Milk from GMO-Fed Cows

Starbucks Urged to Stop Using Milk from GMO-Fed Cows

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More than 150,000 Starbucks consumers are urging CEO Howard Schultz to make the switch to organic milk. (Photo: flickr/PG.NETO)

More than 150,000 consumers have already signed a petition urging coffee giant Starbucks to stop sourcing its milk from GMO-fed cows, and switch to organic milk, announced a press release from GMO Inside.

“Starbucks made the right move in removing growth hormones from its milk,” said Green America president and co-chair of GMO Inside Alisa Gravitz.

“However, Starbucks has sent confusing messages to its customers by stopping short of addressing long-term environmental as well as human and animal health concerns.

In contrast, Pret A Manger, a growing and thriving quick service chain, already serves only organic dairy and soy at comparable prices.”

Starbucks is urged to begin selling organic milk exclusively, in order to prevent the sourcing of milk from cows that have been fed GMOs.

On October 5, GMO Inside and its partners have planned a day of social media activism, urging supporters of the switch to organic-only milk to voice their concerns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #OrganicMilkNext.

“When 150,000 Starbucks consumers send a message to the CEO¹s office, you would expect a company of Starbucks’ caliber and reputation to sit up and pay attention,” said Green America’s GMO Inside campaign director.

“We are hoping that the combination of the overwhelming message from our petition and upcoming social media day will get Starbucks off the dime in dumping milk from cows fed GMOs.”

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