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The Ultimate Super Bowl Snack: Hot Buffalo Wing-Flavored Peanuts

The Ultimate Super Bowl Snack: Hot Buffalo Wing-Flavored Peanuts

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Do you remember when fear and panic swept the country because chicken wing supplies were shockingly low? (If you don't remember, I'll let Stephen Colbert explain.) Turns out the scare was unfounded (phew!), but I'd like to think out of that national faux-emergency, the creators of Lord Nut Levington Peanuts found some inspiration. What if they could combine two of the world's greatest football snacks into one? (This is probably not the case at all, but let's pretend.)

That's exactly what they did, and the results are a thing of beauty. Well, to the taste buds at least.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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Lord Nut Levington's Wingman Hot Buffalo peanuts have the same tangy-spicy heat of the best buffalo wings—without all the saturated fat. One serving (1 ounce or about 1/4 cup) has 160 calories, 13g fat, 2g sat fat, and 210mg sodium. If you think you couldn't stop at 1/4 cup, you might be surprised when you taste how intense the flavor is. As with spicy buffalo wings themselves, I have to stop after a few because my mouth is en fuego and watering so intensely.

We tried the other flavors, including Rebel Mary (bloody mary), El Cheddarales (cheddar cheese and jalapeño), and Thai Dyed (Thai curry and lemongrass). Like the Hot Buffalo peanuts, all of these varieties were very intensely flavored. But seeing as the Super Bowl is this weekend, I figured you needed to know about the Hot Buffalo STAT so that you can order some for yourself and your game viewing party. One canister is $5.49, and shipping is free.

If you're looking for other Super Bowl noshes, be sure to check out our game-planning calendar.

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If the Dad in your life prefers a mini-golf bag (that doubles as a cooler) to a tin, then this is the ideal choice for him.

The 19th Hole is loaded with everything your favorite golfer needs for a day on the green, including four refreshing beers, a sleeve of golf balls, and a range of gourmet snacks like cheese and artisan crackers, hickory maple bacon popcorn, and zesty pretzel pieces. (If my kids are reading this now, this is what I want).

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This reusable stainless steel bucket is stocked with everything Dad needs to create a gourmet barbecue meal. It includes three refreshing beers (first things first, right?), along with three gourmet spice rubs, buffalo wing flavored gourmet popcorn, and more. (Another option for beer lovers is the very popular Spring Seasonal Beer Bucket).

Look no further than your own backyard to find your Dad&rsquos most cherished memories. It&rsquos where he helped perfect your pitch, showed you how to play badminton, or helped set up your first volleyball spike.

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