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6 Autumn Soup Recipes

6 Autumn Soup Recipes

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SWAT Team warms up with soups this week

Let these soup recipes warm you up this season.

When the season starts to change and the leaves begin to show a different hue, the weather gets a bit colder. With a brisk chill in the air, many of us warm up by eating hearty soups filled with autumn vegetables. Whether they're puréed, chunky, or classic favorites like minestrone, soups are made in abundance during the colder months — and we want to make sure you've got some warm and tasty recipes planned.

One of the best thing about soups is that they taste better the next day, once all the flavors have had time to meld — making them the ideal leftover. With so many benefits of soup, we put the Culinary Content Network and our staff to the test and here are some of the highlights:

Peter Block of Feed Your Soul shared with us his recipe for a well-known favorite, minestrone soup, which is filled with fresh fall vegetables. Block is a member of the Culinary Content Network.

Anne Newsome of The Saturday Evening Pot created a spicy sausage and white bean soup with kale, which they easily prepared in a slow cooker. Newsome is a member of the Culinary Content Network.

The winner this week is Jim Love of Be Mindful Be Human and his recipe for pumpkin shrimp bisque. We love how this recipe takes advantage of fall flavors, bringing pumpkin to the forefront. Love is a member of the Culinary Content Network.

All of the recipes featured can be made at home for about $20 or less, excluding the cost of small amounts of basic ingredients such as butter, oil, flour, sugar, salt, pepper, and other dried herbs and spices.

Emily Jacobs is the Recipe editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyRecipes.

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