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Cheese cake with milk core (without baking)

Cheese cake with milk core (without baking)

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Crush the biscuits and mix with soft butter and a tablespoon of brown sugar.

The cottage cheese is mixed with sweet cream, the rest of the sugar, the vanilla sugar and the lemon juice.

Half of the composition with cheese is mixed and mixed with strawberries (it will have a wonderful pink color).

The other composition with cheese will be mixed and homogenized with Kiwi (the color will be similar to pistachio).

In a muffin tin, place a muffin wrapper in each recess.

Divide the compositions evenly with a spoonful of a layer of biscuits (press well), a layer of pink cheese followed by a layer of pistachio cheese.

Keep the tray in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Serve the wonderful mini-cheesecake decorated with calcium cheese, "milk core", chocolate flakes and candied fruit.

Fine dessert with milk. No eggs, gelatin and baking!

Milk pudding with chocolate icing is a light, fine and delicious dessert. Cook in 5 minutes (+ stabilization time in the refrigerator). Don't leave anyone indifferent!

-a teaspoon of vanilla sugar

-100 g of dark chocolate

-coconut flakes - to taste.

1.Mix the caster sugar, vanilla sugar, flour and cornstarch in a saucepan with a thick bottom. Gradually add the milk and mix well so that it does not remain lumpy.

2. Boil the pudding for 1-2 minutes from the moment of the first boiling bubbles, on a slightly lower heat than moderate, stirring constantly. He needs to get thicker.

3. Take it off the heat. Add the butter to it. Mix very well.

4. Pour the pudding into 180 ml glasses or other suitable shapes, greased with a little refined sunflower oil.

5. Put it in the fridge until it cools completely.

6. Remove the pudding from the molds. Cut each portion into 2 equal parts.

7. Chop the fried peanuts with a knife.

8. Roll the edges of each piece of pudding through them.

9. Melt the chopped chocolate in low heat, in a bain-marie or in the microwave.

Gluten-free hotdog or hamburger buns, low in carbohydrates, PALEO and panini (no milk, no soy, no yeast)

Low carb paleo hotdog buns:

Ingredients (4 small buns, total: 280 grams):

  • 150 g mixture of flour for bread and pastries with low carbohydrate Szafi Reform (HERE!)
  • 3 g Himalayan salt Szafi Reform (HERE!)
  • 30 g of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 10 g Szafi Reform coconut oil (HERE!)
  • 2 eggs size M (104 g)
  • 100 g of water
  • + 6 g flour mixture for low-carbohydrate bread and pastries Szafi Reform for kneading and shaping

For before baking:

Method of preparation:

Weigh the dry and liquid ingredients in separate containers. Then we pour them into a single bowl and knead. We rest for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, knead on a surface sprinkled with flour and divide into 4 equal pieces. We make small dumplings out of them and form 15 cm long sticks. We flatten them so that they are 5 cm wide and place them in the tray. Grease them with egg white or coconut oil.

Baking: Bake in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 40 minutes. (top-down program).

Remove from the oven and let cool.

The recipe is also ideal for hamburger buns.

Update (you sent me):

Ildikó made cake from this dough:

Low carb sandwiches. Panini can also be made from Szafi Reform hamburger bun dough. Ildikó wrote in her picture: “The sandwich prepared in the homemade grill (or sandwichmaker) is the new favorite. Following the recipe above, I came up with 8 smaller pieces. After I left it to rest, I kneaded them well and cut them into 8 pieces. I flattened them a little with the rolling pin, filled them and left them on the grill for 10 minutes. ”

You can get the color from the picture if you grease the dough with a mixture of eggs + tomato puree before baking!

Low carb buns Szafi Reform

Chifle paleo Szafi Reform paleo

Low carb paleo buns Szafi Reform

Low-carb paleo burger Szafi Reform

And Nagy-Lantos Mónika prepared them:

Chilfe gluten-free burger with low carb Szafi Reform

Organic cake with bananas and nuts, with germinated wheat 350g (vegan

Fasting cake with cocoa, cake recipe without eggs, butter or milk. In the case of this cake, the strange thing is that it can be made without the need for more than one bowl and you can safely eat butter, eggs and milk. A dessert that perfectly mimics the original is the Kinder Slice of Milk Cake. Based on cocoa top and fine cream with intense milk taste, Kinder Felie cake. Fluffy cake with cocoa, no baking powder, old appetite recipe. Blog Recipes Culinary appetite. It goes very well with a cup of milk or for. Fasting cake in sheets, with chocolate cream and coconut, an easy and delicious recipe. The chocolate cream gives the cake a. Grease a cake pan with oil and then put all the dry ingredients. Make three holes in which vinegar, oil and vanilla essence are added.

Diva Hair teaches you how to make milk-free sweets! This is how you prepare the cube of milk cake, a good dessert to lick on your fingers! Recipe Apple Eggless Milk and Butter Cake from Cookbook, Sweets.

Quick cake without baking for anyone's pocket

Snow White Cake Without Baking & # 8211 Adygio Kitchen. Napolitane recipe with powdered milk cream and biscuits from. Cream: 5 eggs 150 g sugar 4 sachets g) 500 ml milk 6. Homemade chocolate without milk powder and sugar.

The cake without baking will become the favorite dessert of chocolate lovers! To assemble the cake without baking with yogurt, I used a cake tray. Quickly pass the biscuits through the milk one by one and grease them with cocoa cream, then.

VANILLA: 2 packets of vanilla pudding powder 80g sugar 750ml milk 200g. Biscuit Cake & # 8211 without Baking Recipe Biscuit cake is a very easy recipe. Delicious recipes without baking ▫ Raw candy ▫ Tiramisu by the glass ▫ Chocolate tart. The big secret of these simple and quick cakes is that the ingredients. L milk 1 tablespoon lemon juice 5 sugar 3 tablespoons butter a pinch of salt.

Roll with powdered milk cream and candied fruit. It can compete with a lot of baked cakes. Fruit cake - version without baking.

Necessary ingredients: 500 gr milk powder 5 tablespoons cocoa 250 gr soft butter 1 tablespoon water 6 tablespoons.

Cheese cake with milk core (without baking) - Recipes

If you want a healthy and delicious dessert that practically melts in your mouth, you've come to the right place. This recipe is suitable for a weekend breakfast or a dessert for the little ones. It's flour-free and the secret ingredient is cow's cheese!

  • 500 milliliters of milk,
  • 6 eggs,
  • 5-6 tablespoons starch,
  • 300 grams of cottage cheese,
  • 1 tablespoon sunflower oil,
  • sugar to taste
  • sour cream.

Beat 5 eggs with sugar and mix continuously. Add the starch. Stir until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Add the milk and oil, mix. Leave at room temperature for 15 minutes.

Grease the pan with sunflower oil or bacon. Put all the dough in the pan and fry the pancakes on one side only.

Stuffing: rub the cottage cheese with the sugar and the remaining egg. You can complete the filling with poppy seeds or raisins. Place a portion of filling on each pancake, on the side that has not been fried and roll.

Place the pancakes in a clay pot or cauldron, grease each layer of pancakes with cream and melted butter. Put the dish in the preheated oven to a temperature of 180 degrees and leave inside for 10-15 minutes. Baking time may differ from oven to oven.

Chocolate is often the one that destroys diets, but most of you think you already know what I think about this topic. Man is a being who often wants what he is not allowed to do, and diets often involve the application of numerous restrictions. Therefore, I think it is beneficial to recognize which foods we particularly like and to look for a healthier alternative if necessary.

Over the years I have met people who do not like chocolate at all, but there were few and I included them in the category of exceptions. Most people would never refuse a chocolate, even if they knew it was not the best choice. Don't get me wrong, I would never give up this dessert, but a tablet of milk chocolate without sugar has an average of 420kcal, and a dark chocolate 440kcal, which means that if I ate the whole tablet it's like eating lunch and I would still be hungry. Even so, I like chocolate and eat it quite often without feeling guilty, because I consume it in moderation. We should not be afraid of food, because this is a source of energy, but it is important to always choose healthier alternatives and consume it in optimal quantities.

I always choose chocolate sweetened with erythritol and stevia, but I also really like chocolate drops with xylitol. This time, however, I decided to make my own chocolate, because I discovered the pennies from cocoa beans (cocoa liquor) from MYPROTEIN. I can honestly say that I have tried other brands and I can also tell you that I liked the MYPROTEIN product the most.

Cocoa liquor is the pure cocoa mass produced from cocoa beans, which have been fermented, dried, fried and separated from their peel. As in the case of the cocoa nibs from which it is produced, it contains both cocoa solids (cocoa powder) and cocoa butter in approximately equal proportions.

The mass is melted to be brought into the liquid state, and the liquid is either separated into cocoa solids and cocoa butter, or is cooled and poured into various forms. Cocoa liqueur is also known as unsweetened raw chocolate and has a pronounced bitter taste. I said that I particularly liked the product from MYPROTEIN, because it is 100% organic, the quality of the cocoa mass is impeccable, and the shape of the product is also extremely successful. The cocoa table from MYPROTEIN is sold in the form of pennies, which melt quite quickly on the steam bath.

I combined the pennies from cocoa beans with skim milk powder, sweetener and a little cocoa butter, and what resulted was a simply delicious chocolate that I am sure I will make again regularly! ♥

It is your flavor, has a extremely rich taste and it is a crime not to try to prepare it, because I am sure that this chocolate prepared at home will pleasantly surprise you!

How to make "Crazy Cake" - without milk, eggs or butter

It is called "Crazy Cake" and is prepared without eggs, milk or butter.

At the same time, it is delicious and cooks in less than an hour.

The recipe was so popular that it garnered over 20 million views in less than a week since it was posted on Tip Hero.


1 & frac12 cup of flour
3 tablespoons cocoa
1 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
& frac12 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
5 tablespoons oil
1 cup of water

Method of preparation:

The oven heats up to 180 degrees Celsius. Grease a cake pan with oil and then put all the dry ingredients.

Make three holes in which vinegar, oil and vanilla essence are added. Pour water and mix until well blended. Watch out for lumps! If they form, you can crush them on the walls of the tray using a spoon.

Put the composition in the oven for 35 minutes, then remove and leave to cool.

See below the video recipe that managed to gather over 20 million views in 7 days:

The best vegetable milk substitute from skim milk

If you are looking for a nondairy vegan cream to try, the Tofutti Sour Supreme brand and its nonhydrogenated sister source have stood the test of time over the years. They taste similar to the real one, which is a plus for vegans looking for a nondairy alternative.

Where to find them

Look for vegan cream in the refrigeration section of your favorite natural food store, health food store or co-op, or you can also buy it online at vegan specialty retailers.

Some larger well-stocked drinks will also carry Tofutti Sour Supreme in their natural food aisle.

Soy and Tofu

Both versions use soy protein and tofu as a base for the sour cream substitute. The simple original version uses soybean oil, while the non-hydrogenated version uses a mixture of soybean oil, palm fruit and olive oil. Both versions are non-genetically modified, gluten-free, milk-free and kosher.

Nutritional information

Interestingly, non-hydrogenated cream contains more calories, 85 for a 2 tablespoon spoon. Compared to 2 tablespoons of Tofutti Sour Supreme Superior Active Cream, with only 60 calories. The fat content is the same, 5 grams, and protein, 1 gram, but the total carbohydrate is 2 grams for the original and 9 grams for the non-hydrogenated. But the non-hydrogenated has no trans fats, while the original has 2 grams of trans fats. If you want to eliminate trans fat from your diet, then nonhydrogenate is the right choice.

You may want to use a little less of it if calories are a concern.

Use in baking

If you opt for Sour Supreme, you will find a version of guacamole. However, if you use it as a substitute for baking sour cream, do not worry. Use the same amount of Sour Supreme as the cream you requested in the recipe.

Your bakery products will come out as light and fluffy - not to mention tasty - as if you were using real milk stuff. It's a good bet that your non-vegan friends won't be able to tell the difference.

As for storage, once you open the container, do not leave it in the refrigerator for more than three weeks, although two weeks are optimal.

Make your own vegan Tofu tomato cream

Another option if you are looking for a cream substitute is to try making a nondairy homemade dish using tofu instead of dairy. Here is a recipe to try: Vegan Tofu Sour Cream Recipe. You can also make your own cream substitute by combining soft and firm tofu, lemon juice, soy and cashews in a food processor.

More vegan milk substitutes

If you eliminate animal products from your diet or eliminate only dairy products, you may need to find substitutes that work well in your recipes. See the best vegan substitutes for milk, butter, cheese, Alfredo sauce, parmesan cheese and ricotta cheese. In addition, you can learn to create your own substitutes for milk and cheese products.