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Sendvis Delaco winner, '' EL and EA ''

Sendvis Delaco winner, '' EL and EA ''

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I would have a lot to say and I get up in the morning, I just say that, out of a crazy game, that I like to play, I performed the winning sandwich. In this way I thank the jury, which brought me a beautiful prize, an unexpected one, but which made me happy as a child.

  • Quantities are variable
  • Delaco Sofia Cheese
  • Delaco smoked cheese
  • Fluffy cheese with greens, Delaco
  • Fluffy salmon cheese, Delaco
  • My fault, I forgot what those little cheeses with all kinds of spices are called, all Delaco of course
  • Ham
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • bread toast
  • and if I forgot something it's because of age ....

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

Recipe PREPARATION How to send Delaco winner, '' HE and HER '':

With so many goodies from Delaco, it was impossible not to have good-looking and tasty sandwiches, only that mine was more trendy-flendy and came out the winner.

Everything is so simple when you have quality products at hand.

Now it's really simple, bread, Delaco products and a little imagination, you can see the rest in the pictures ready for the sandwich.

Operational objectives:

Caprese Salad Ingredient:

  • 225 grams of natural milk kernel or fresh mozzarella (3 servings of milk kernel of 75 grams each)
  • 2-3 large tomatoes, well ripened but firm
  • 2-3 basil branches
  • 1 small clove of garlic
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • very little salt
  • freshly ground pepper to taste

Preparing Caprese Salad:

As I already said, the preparation takes 5 minutes, from the fridge to the plate, so I have time before we get to work to get acquainted with the cheese, which is found in several varieties: salty, natural and with 0% fat. The fat-free one is not exactly to my taste, but, without a doubt, there are people who follow very strict diets and who will enjoy this completely skim assortment.

The assortments of Milk Core with salt and nature are really very good. They are packaged in a kind of baskets that have a small lid at the bottom that breaks, allowing the pieces of cheese to come out of the package easily and keep their beautiful shape.

Well, for the preparation of our salad, the cheese is cut into round slices, as equal as possible, the tomatoes are washed and sliced ​​into round slices, equal in thickness to the cheese. That's it, it's over, place on a plate alternating slices of tomatoes and cheese, sprinkle with salt and basil leaves and sprinkle with olive oil and salad can be served.

I wanted a little more flavor, so I put in the mortar a small clove of garlic, 10 basil leaves and coarse sea salt, as I caught between the shelves and the pointer.

I crushed all the garlic and basil well and little by little I added the extra virgin olive oil. With this sauce I sprinkled slices of cheese and tomatoes, then I added fresh basil. Served with slices of fried baguette rubbed with garlic. Delicious!

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Hot pan sandwiches

Throw in the pan and fry hot sandwiches. Its smell and consistency will give you a feeling of fullness and will satisfy your hunger and appetite until noon. Contains Hot baked sandwiches. by Amalia on November 12, 2019 November 28, 2019 in Other recipes, (later cut them in half so there will be 18 sandwiches): 18 slices of bread (preferably bagel but you can also use the baguette then double the number of slices) Pork muscle at pan with rice garnish September 9, 2020 The meat is cut into thin strands, put in the pan, seasoned and simmered with 2-3 tablespoons of oil, chewing constantly, until soft. In maximum 15 minutes it is ready, it is done very quickly. Leave to cool and use for sandwiches, shaorma or serve with rice, vegetable puree, etc. Good appetite They are perfect hot, with ketchup and fresh vegetables, but they are perfect and cold, for packages. Even if there is some work to be done on them, they are well worth the effort and I really recommend you to try them! The recipe for leavened sandwich sandwiches can be prepared, especially when we want to clean the refrigerators

Hot baked sandwiches - Let's cook with Amalia

  • Hot sandwiches with baked cheese - the recipe for crostini ai quattro formaggi. Hot sandwich au gratin with lots of cheese, with or without tomato sauce. Baked sandwiches with 4 kinds of cheese. Recipes with dry or old bread. Vegetarian recipe
  • Hot baked sandwiches are quick and easy to prepare. We orient ourselves according to what we have in the fridge and we find 1-2-3 suitable combinations. And as a child I was used to these hot sandwiches (with mushrooms, cheese, ham, tomatoes, etc.) that my mother made - not very often, unfortunately.
  • Generally for sandwiches it is preferable to use a quality bread with crispy crust such as ciabatta, but you can also use bagehta or any other type of crispy bread. I make sandwiches quite often and I can say that since I tried the sticky version, I have remained faithful to it
  • Hot sandwiches with mushrooms and mozzarella. Hot sandwiches can successfully replace a meal, and if one of the ingredients is mozzarella, as in the case of these delicious sandwiches, your taste buds will be delighted. Ingredients: 2 cups fresh mushrooms ½ onion 1 clove garlic 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 5 hot sandwich recipes. Published on: 09/10/2018, 07:43. Author: Beko What do you cook fast and super delicious? If you don't have a sandwich maker, you can prepare it on the stove in a non-stick pan, taking care to lightly press the sandwich with the help of a kitchen palate and of course turn it over.
  • bake on each side, over medium heat, until the cheese melts and the bread becomes golden and crispy. 4. Sandwich with cheese and caramelized apple. An original and delicious recipe for those who love the combination of sweet and salty. As ingredients you need a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of brown sugar, a pinch of.

Breast, chicken legs (turkey) in the pan for shaorma

  • Heat a large-diameter pan with a lid (28 cm in my case), grease it with a little oil and bake, in turn, the two sandwiches, turning them from one side to the other. I baked a sandwich on the grill, for a pleasant appearance from its stripes. They are good both hot and cold, packaged the next day
  • You can fill the sticks with everything you like, from different varieties of cheese or cheese, to meat dishes, sausages or pieces of boiled meat, prepared on the grill or in the oven. Then you can use both a sandwich maker and a grill pan to enjoy a warm and delicious sandwich.
  • and ciabatta with olives (or 2 large slices of bread
  • bake at 180 degrees, or until the sandwiches are au gratin nicely. These appetizer sandwiches, prepared in the oven, cut into small cubes and served as appetizers, even at a holiday table, or cut into triangles and taken as a package, are very effective.
  • Serve hot with tomatoes or a cup of yogurt. I also use the omelet to fill these sandwiches sometimes. If you liked our recipe Frying sandwiches with meat dishes do not forget to review it
  • ut. Turn the stick and place slices of Brie cheese on top. Place the slices of prosciutto or salami over the cheese. Then come the lettuce leaves
  • of nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, pretzels, sandwiches and muffins are excellent choices is ideal, as are peanut butter sandwiches - the extremely small one needs a warm and cooked food. Don't forget about such a feast. Cut the sandwiches into the most interesting shapes, it is mandatory to prepare sandwiches for the package - the cheese sticks.

Fish sandwiches inspired by those at the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. 5 14. November 30, 2016. Tigelle Categories: Dough recipes, Italian recipes, Sandwich recipes. Italian breads baked in a pan, ideal for mini sandwiches. 5 3. September 14, 2016. Toast sandwich with eggplant and goat cheese Hot sandwiches with Brie cheese. -If you have a wok pan, use it with confidence, it's very good. -Everything is cooked over high heat, with the fire at maximum, so stay close to the pan, don't leave at all. , or bird fat. The taste will be even better.-If you make polenta or pasta, put them to boil with the livers. of meat. They are good hot, served with ketchup, but they are soft and cold, packaged

Video: Baked dough pan sandwiches - Fel de Fe recipes

Frying pans, without yeast, made of fast-burning dough, a quick recipe that helps you make soft and moist glues, not dry ones! Step-by-step sticky recipe, with detailed ingredients and preparation method. Honestly, I'm not happy about this kind of pan-fried bread 2. Hot meat sandwiches are prepared like this: Grease the slices of bread with mustard and ketchup, then place the slices of ham, salami or whatever you want. place a slice of tomato, a slice of cucumber and a slice of bell pepper. Place in the pan and place on the grill or oven until au gratin. Cover and leave for two minutes. to high heat, cook the egg. Remove the slice with a spatula pan. Toast a little and the second slice of bread. Grease the slice with a little butter, put the ham, cheese, sprinkle with thyme and put the salad leaves. Place the slice of bread with egg on top to middle. Sprinkle with pepper and coarse salt and enjoy. I had to do a little cleaning in the fridge to get rid of everything I haven't eaten these days, so I planted some pies or sandwiches, I don't even realize what they really are. to appear the special devices for sandwiches, sandwich-makers, my mother made us hot sandwiches in the oven. Cut a baguette in half, grease it with butter, put a healthy slice of cheese, then slices of sausage and put everything in the oven

Hot sandwiches with baked cheese - croutons recipe

2. Sandwich-Maker Philips Daily Collection HD2392 / 90. The high temperature is fried evenly, to obtain tasty and crunchy sandwiches. The plates for cutting and joining ensure the inclusion of the ingredients and the cheese inside the sandwiches. Easy push lock system. The special non-stick coating makes cleaning easier. The handle stays cool for use in. it looks like that. then put it in the pan on the right heat and leave it for about 2 minutes, turn it on the other side to brown, then take it out of the pan so it doesn't burn, let it cool a little, but not too much, it's more hot tastes. Simple to make and very good, a quick dinner with a glass of milk

Hot sandwich with mushrooms and cheese in the Savori Urban oven

  • Such sandwiches can be prepared either in the oven, in the pan or in the sandwich maker as in this case and have a great effect on those who consume them. They can be served hot, with ketchup like pizza, or can be taken at package, as good as they are cold
  • stratified by Digital Antena Group. All rights reserved
  • ute. Finally, place the boiled egg on top in the pan. Croque Monsieur. For the version dedicated to your boyfriend, I added another slice of ham and excluded the egg (but if he wants, of course you will prepare it with all my heart !. Ingredients: 2 slices of bread.
  • e, Ilinca only ate the cheese, but hey, a mom has to try :))). Ingredients (2 servings)
  • Maybe I don't drain the chickpeas well enough and there is about a tablespoon of liquid left on the bottom. You didn't do anything wrong, it's okay that you thought of putting water from the chickpeas. Did you make them in the oven? When they are baked, they are more crumbly than when they are fried in a pan
  • The sandwiches and Tortilla have the best quality / price ratio in Romania! We are the only company in Romania that supplies itself daily with fresh sandwiches! The packaging is made in full hygiene and food safety. All products have visibly marked the shelf life. We always make sure that there are only fresh products in your vending machines

Fry two slices of wholemeal bread in the oven or in a non-stick pan (without adding oil). Prepare a little mayonnaise from natural ingredients such as: olive oil, mustard and 2 egg yolks. Add a little garlic to this mixture and cover the bread with mayonnaise. In a bowl, beat the egg well with salt and pepper (I also put a teaspoon of milk). Heat the sandwich machine, then pass the sandwiches through the egg, on both sides, put in the machine and bake until golden brown. They are served with tomatoes, red pepper, olives, etc. At the pastry shop across the road the products are ok (they have good croissants, croissants, pizza, sandwiches). I sometimes take them when we go home because they smell very nice when you pass by. But I can't buy from street vendors. Yes, Aunt got her approval to sell there Sunday, March 13, 2016. Sandwiches with hot stuffing of mushrooms, tomatoes and puff pastry

Hot sandwiches - Let's cook with Amalia

Hot sandwiches, a great snack for the whole family. Baked cakes in a pan with a lid, healthy and delicious The perfect dinner for the whole family - Duration: 4:27. Cook with. I have had it for over 3 years and I always use it, I make pancakes for children, hot sandwiches, pepper cakes and I make skewers. It is very hardworking and helpful in the kitchen. I take him on short vacations, I prepare breakfast with him. Big like from my side Pour oil into a pan until it reaches a depth of 1 cm and heat it well. Fry the slices, first with the seeds down, for 2-3 minutes on each side, until golden and crispy. Take them out of the pan and leave them on a paper towel. Serve hot with cell sauce. Sandwiches with shrimp, ginger and. The hot sandwich is a particularly delicious and flavorful snack, which is enjoying enormous popularity today. We present below the top 5 best recipes, with the help of which you will get the most delicious Italian-style sandwiches. Choose your favorite recipe and enjoy a snack. Experiment with the ingredients and spices you get from. Some recipes for hot sandwiches that will stimulate your mood. Reduce the temperature to 120 ° C. Spread the tomato salad on toast with a teaspoon, cover each sandwich with thin slices of mozzarella, heat in the oven until the cheese melts (it will take about 3 minutes.

Chop the onion, carrot and a pinch of salt in a pan until it starts to soften. Add bell peppers, peas and meat, mix and season with salt and pepper to taste. Allow to simmer a little, taking care that the vegetables remain crispy. Put the peeled potatoes to boil, and let them boil until you can grind the hot sandwiches in a pan are an excellent option for a quick and hearty breakfast. It takes a few minutes to cook them, and some are very simple Hot sandwiches with chicken and Caesar sauce with Parmesan, Caesar sauce, chicken soup, lemon juice, butter, garlic, pepper, salt, chicken breast, lettuce . When you think of sandwiches, you think of something quick and easy that a child can prepare. But the sandwiches we are talking about today are a little more elaborate and you can prepare them for any occasion

Hot sandwiches Put butter on each slice, then make the combination of sausage and cheese, make sandwiches and put in a sandwich maker. Leave until browned. They are served hot, with ketchup and grated cheese or cheese on top. You may also be interested in: fasting sandwiches, cold sandwiches, festive table sandwiches, hot sandwiches, pate sandwiches, baked sandwiches, salami sandwiches, mini sandwiches with cream cheese with garlic, cold sausage sandwiches, sandwiches with cheese devaci and burn Sandwiches Milk core by Delaco with blueberry jam, pancetta and pine buds I like Milk core from Delaco not only for its taste but also for its shape its, which gives you some freedom when it comes to making some snacks with a beautiful design, sandwiches are a quick and tasty option to satisfy your hunger but can also be healthy and create a state of well-being and mood to continue your work

Quick recipes for tasty sandwiches - Creativity in

Here is a recipe for a hot summer day sandwich, which can be appreciated by mushroom lovers, vegetarians or those who would like something lightly grilled. The mushrooms, onion rings and peppers, grilled, together with the egg yolk and the cheese that melts between them, give a combination of a. Contents1 Hot sandwiches - general principles of cooking2 Hot sandwiches - food preparation and preparations3 Recipe 1: sandwiches hot in the oven4 Recipe 2: sandwiches hot with cheese5 Recipe 3: hot sandwiches in the microwave6 Recipe 4: sandwiches hot with sausages7 Recipe 5: hot sandwiches in a pan8 Recipe 6. Using a kitchen brush, grease the sandwich on the outside and place it on the sandwich maker or on the grill, taking care to press it very well. Tuna and cheese sandwich Ingredients: 200 g canned tuna, 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 pickled cucumber, 4 slices of cheese (cheese. Recipes - sandwiches - Edith's Kitchen Hot spreads, as opposed to ordinary sandwiches, which are larger, consist of two slices of toast, between which the staple food is placed.Both sandwiches and hot sandwiches, bread slices can be replaced with halves of buns, sticks or baguettes

5 recipes for hot Bek sandwiches

  1. cook on each side until golden brown. For the next two, add more butter and do the same. To keep them warm until serving, you can keep them in the preheated oven at 125 degrees Celsius.
  2. It is the benchmark brand among the largest chefs in the world, including Paul Bocuse (the most famous French chef). They use Staub products, not only in the kitchen, but also for dining, which shows the first-class quality of these products. Due to the perfection of production, which combines technology, tradition and modernity, Staub is a real landmark.
  3. Hot sandwich - the quick and easy version of the famous French sandwich Croque Monsieur. With a few cheeses, eggs and ham we get a tasty sandwich, on ..

Top 10 incredible sandwich recipes - Kudik

Order online with one click sandwich machines from world-renowned producers, at the best prices in Moldova, only in the Enter online store, and you have delivery in Chisinau and all of Moldova, financing in installments Turkey and Red Panini Panini - 1 Combine mayonnaise, yogurt, parmesan, basil, lemon juice and pepper in a small bowl. Spread about 2 teaspoons of the mixture on each slice of bread. Divide the turkey pastrami and the tomato slices between 4 slices of bread and cover with the remaining bread. 2. Heat 1 teaspoon of oil in a large skillet over medium heat Sandwich fest a campaign with delicious sandwiches. written by Laura Sava 17 baked, in vinegar, slices of boiled egg and grated cheese for pizza Delicii Calde from Hochland. The sandwiches are kept in the oven for approx. 5-7 minutes, until the cheese melts. cut long, in half, and a grill pan, greased with a little butter, which we will. No hot sandwich recipe is easier than this! Heat the olive oil in a pan and melt the butter in it. Fry the Capresse sandwiches on both sides until golden brown and the cheese melts. Tomatoes stuffed with rice, leeks and cheese. Easy. see recipe. Easter recipe for Easter, made by car. Charge yourself with energy at breakfast, choosing one of these healthy, nutritionally balanced, easy and quick to prepare sandwiches. If you only have a few minutes before going out the door, try these five food combinations that surprise your taste buds. taste through the explosion of tastes and provides you with the necessary macronutrients for an energy boost and a state.

Recipe Pan sandwiches with leavened dough and various

Ingredients: 4 hamburger buns, cut in half thin slices of baked pork steak thin slices of ham thin slices of cheese slices of pickled cucumber yellow mustard mayonnaise, butter or melted margarine Preparation: For maximum results, it is best to use roast pork in the oven left over from the high table Stuffed focaccia - Focaccia in the pan. Even before the appearance of special sandwich machines, sandwich makers, my mother made us hot sandwiches in the oven. Cut a wand in half, grease it with [] Continue Reading. 3 Sandwich Recipes - Sandvis Fest I am convinced that you also have tasty sandwich recipes. I look forward to seeing you in a comment on this post. And because we are still talking about sandwiches, Hochland has launched a beautiful Sandvis Fest campaign that will take place from October 1 to November 30, 2017

3) hot sandwiches with eggs and ham. How Many Calories in a Hot Sandwich: A hot calorie cheese sandwich is 320-350 kcal per 100 grams. Protein content: 13gr Fat: 16.5 g Carbohydrates: 30g Good stuffed with meat and cheese in the oven. how to make a hot sandwich, how many calories are in one. The best sandwich maker - Our recommendations for 2020. If you want to enjoy a delicious and hot snack every time you are on the run, you need to know what to consider when you want to buy a sandwich maker, and to inform yourself properly you must have the necessary time Hot sandwiches with cheese and grilled mushrooms Good morning! Today I propose for you some sandwiches, absolutely delicious, grilled. We greased the slices of bread with a little butter, we put mozzarella 3. We spread the prepared bread in a pan, in which, before frying the ham, we put in each egg one egg at a time. 4. Grind eggs and pepper to taste, fry on one side for 2 minutes, then turn. 5. Spread on the fried side on a circle of tomatoes and ham. 6. We bring it in preparation for. Because it goes well with tomatoes and parsley, the most suitable bread is the one with garlic: it contributes to the perfection of the taste. Roll the slices of muscle, cheese and a slice of tomato (as in the photo) and place them on a slice of bread. Secure them with a toothpick, and the appetizer is ready! Serve hot sandwiches. Good appetite

The same method can be applied to pieces and strips of meat or fish cooked quickly on the grill or in a pan, which you can then use in tacos, burittos, tostadas, hot sandwiches or salads. Cook the meat and marinate it with a mixture of lime juice, lemon, spices, hot peppers and salt. Service sandwiches Log in here to add new comments and discussions on the forum! 7 years ago. Ursu_Elena Link Comment. Member. First visit: April 19, 2012: Comments: 57: Discussions: 58: I am a fan of sandwiches and I make them quite often because this is the food package that GOURMET AND QUESADILLA SANDWICHES have at their service. Quesadilla with home made pork ham, three-colored vegetables, pan-fried mushrooms and cheese, served with lettuce and espagnole sauce - 370g Served with hot canapés with gorgonzola cheese - 300g 20.00

Sandwiches Accompanying salads Garnishes Liver to the pan. 200g 15.90 RON Add. Half a chicken in a cauldron with polenta and garlic. 600g 21.90 RON Hot snacks. Simple omelet. Hot snacks. Fried cheese. 8.00 RON Add. Baked mushrooms. 7.50 RON Sandwiches. Spicy pork pan in focaccia pan with peppers and onions and french fries, all wrapped in hot focaccia. 15.50 RON Add. Spicy chicken pan in focaccia. Chicken meat (thighs and breast) in a pan with peppers and onions and french fries. At the picnic! THE GRILL. It is not good for the spring sun for the Romanian to cough, on the green grass, to have a happy picnic, with the whole family. ← Pan-fried sea bream with potatoes and green salsa with olives Hot sandwiches with sweet cheese and jam.

Summer mornings will be more beautiful if you have some tasty sandwiches on hand, which can be prepared as soon as possible. From the article below you will find 9 recipes also sandwiches, hot or cold, meant to accompany you for the best start in a new day We serve them hot or cold, with a seasonal salad or, in our case, with pumpkin pan-fried with garlic, mint and plenty of pepper. If we want, we can bake these rice meatballs in the oven. After rolling them in breadcrumbs, we place them in the oven tray, lined with baking paper, and sprinkle them with a little olive oil. We are big fans of hot sandwiches, especially when I don't have time / fun / ideas. Read more Keto cakes with branza la tigaie / Keto skillet savory cakes. Whether you enjoy them for breakfast, brunch, snack, dinner and so on, these keto cakes Read more. Cut the vegetables and put them in the pan, about 1 minute after you put the beaten eggs. It is ideal to use olive oil when preparing the omelet. Serve hot with toast. A glass of fresh fruit juice, prepared in a blender, is also ideal, especially since fans love juice. 2. Fruit Oatmeal Yogurt 376 Sandwich Recipes: Humus Recipe, Kebab, Special Hamburger Burger, Spicy Quesadilla with Chicken and Ham, Beef Cheese Pasta with Onion

Retete de salate si garnituri, retete culinare cu specific romanesc: retete culinare rapide si usor de preparat. - site de gastronomie, sit Page 1 of 16 - Sugestii pentru pachetele de servici sau scoala - postat în Reteta ta preferata: Cum petrecem majoritatea timpului zilei fie la servici, fie la scoala (depinde de varsta si de preocupari :0) gasesc ca e un subiect interesant. Normal, nu ma refer la clasicele sandwich-uri cu branza si jambon, ci la ceva care poate fi luat in cutii de plastic, pungulite Ziploc, etc. Pentru mine. Poti sa il inlocuiesti cu putina imaginatie, dar este cea mai simpla metoda de a face sandvisuri calde, presate, subtiri, din care nu cad ingredientele Prajitorul de paine - nu cred ca mai necesita nicio introducere, fiind unul dintre primele electrocasnice pentru bucatarie aparute la noi dupa Revolutie

Apoi, trece pieptul de pui feliat prin aceasta si pune-l la prajit in ulei incins. Dupa ce ai intors snitelele pe ambele parti in tigaie, le poti scoate si savura, nu inainte de a le lasa pe un servetel pentru a absorbi excesul de ulei. Mananca-le reci sau calde pentru ca gustul lor este foarte bun indiferent de cum alegi sa le servesti. Cordon. Pagina 1 din 2 - Meniu sanatos (saptamanal) - postat in La bucatarie: buna fetelor, sufar de un mare vid la nivel superior si in afara de ciorbita de pui nu-mi mai vine absolut nimic altceva in minte - e clar ca nu putem manca doar asa ceva. Poate aveti mai multa inspiratie si puteti sa-mi dati niste idei de meniuri zilnice care pot fi aplicate si copilului (are 2 anisori tate=jumate) Se incalzeste o tigaie, se adauga o lingurita de ulei si se pune cu lingura din aluat. Se coace pe ambele parti pana se rumeneste frumos.Se procedeaza la fel pana se termina toate compozitia. Se servesc calde, garnisite cu smantanasi patrunjel verde. Pregatire :40 minute Prajire:30minut Sandvisuri calde cu branza) Ingrediente (pentru 4 persoane): 16 felii de bagheta (paine alba), 150 g cascaval, 150 ml lapte, 80 g unt moale, sare, piper. Mod de preparare: • Incingeti cuptorul la 180 si ungeti o tava mai mare cu unt. • Radeti cascavalul, puneti-l intr-un bol, adaugati laptele, putina sare si piper macinat si amestecati-le bine

Cureţi legumele şi le speli bine, după care le tai cubuleţe mici. Încingi o tigaie, adaugi untul şi rumeneşti pieptul de pui tăiat fâşii cu latura de circa 2 cm. Scoţi carnea şi în grăsimea rămasă sotezi legumele tăiate şi mazărea decongelată, la foc mic, 5 minute sandvisuri delicioase Dragilor, suntem foarte aproape de finalul campaniei Sandvis- pentru pizza Delicii Calde de la Hochland. Sandvisurile se tin la cuptor cca. 5-7 minute, pana cand se topeste cascavalul. taiata pe lung, pe jumatate, si de o tigaie grill, unsa cu putin unt, pe care vom praji feliile de bagheta (doar partea cu. Pentru ca suntem iubitori de sandvisuri, m-am gandit sa reinterpretez clasicul mentionat mai sus si sa ii adaug in plus putina culoare, automat si gust. Am pornit de la baza clasica dar am folosit paine cu maia felii de branza topita cu Cedar si in interior si pentru sos ardei capia copti si spanac proaspat Amestecam cele 3 oua cu laptele, zaharul si iaurtul, apoi adaugam un praf de sare si coaja rasa de la o lamaie. Faina o amestecam cu praful de copt si o adaugam in ploaie peste compozitie. Aluatul trebuie sa aiba o comozitie lichida (ca smantana). Incingem mai mult ulei intr-o tigaie, luam putin aluat cu o lingura si il punem in ulei

Sandvisuri cu vinete/ Eggplant sandwiches Sandvisurile calde, alaturi de o supa calda sunt pranzul perfect pentru americani. Eu nu fac sandvisuri foarte des, dar acestea au fost asa de bune, incat merita incercate Uleiul se incinge intr-o tigaie de teflon si se pun chiftelutele, care se prajesc uniform, 8-10 minute, la foc mediu. 5. Chiftelutele prajite se scot pe hartie absorbanta, pentru a elimina excesul de grasime. 6. Aceste chiftelute se pot servi atat calde, cat si reci, aranjate pe platouri, impreuna cu masline negre si verzi, ridichi si rosii. Pui cele 6 sandvisuri la cuptor intr-o tava unsa cu putin unt si dai la cuptor pana se coaguleaza ouale de prepelita. Servesti sandvisurile imediat, cat sunt calde. Good appetite! Tags aperitive delicoase, ingrediente, mod preparare, retete usor de gatit, sunca si cascaval. 0 Comments Mi-a venit ideea acestor sandvişuri mai altfel după ce am găsit la Lidl niste felii de pâine cu lapte,potrivite atât pentru sandvişuri dar şi pentru un desert dacă înlocuim umplutura cu ceva dulce,cum ar fi gem sau o cremă de brânza Puneti intr-o tigaie apa cu sare si aduceti-o la fierbere. Puneti bucatile de ciuperci si fierbeti-le pana se inmoaie. Cand s-au inmuiat lasati-le la scurs intr-o strecuratoare. Puneti ciupercile pe un platou. Incingeti liquamenul, adaugati piperul si apoi turnati peste ciuperci si serviti. In Franta ca specialitati gastronomic

The sink that promises

Granite may no longer be the number one choice in kitchen design trends for kitchen countertops, but granite sinks remain the perfect option, not being an outdated choice, as it would seem at first glance. These sinks are composed of a carefully made mixture of natural stone and resin to withstand continuous use, and the result is absolutely fabulous.

Kitchen sinks made of granite are incredibly durable and without a doubt for many, the indispensable element in the kitchen. These sinks exist on the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and matte finishes to give personality to your dream kitchen.

Here are some considerations that might help you decide when it's time to make a change and choose a granite kitchen sink.

We must keep in mind a very important aspect when we talk about installing a granite kitchen sink. It is hard. Give him the support he needs. Granite sinks cannot be "hung" on the countertop, like a conventional stainless steel sink. It is preferable to call a specialist to help you safely install the sink.

It is unique and unmatched. A granite kitchen sink, because it is made of natural stone, has a uniqueness and individuality that cannot be replicated. First of all, not everyone has a granite sink. But more than that, no two tiles or blocks are identical. Your sink will be literally unique.

The right countertop and sink. If you also opted for granite countertops, you can install a granite kitchen sink made of the same type of granite as the countertop. The result is a perfect visual appearance throughout the kitchen. Of course, insofar as you prefer this type of unitary decor. Natural granite complements many design styles. A granite kitchen sink completes various kitchen styles. Thus, the granite sink is compatible with both casual and formal style and fits beautifully with various colors and materials of furniture.

There are many online stores that sell granite sinks. They specialize in all types of household and kitchen products, including sinks, faucets and a number of other items. Everything becomes easier the more we think about the advantages that online orders bring. First of all, you have at your disposal a wide range of products that, if you chose to see them in physical stores, would be almost impossible. Everything is under your eyes on the internet. Second, the costs could be lower, you would exclude shipping costs, because many online merchants do not charge shipping fees. You save time and money, invest in sustainable products and benefit from fast and quality services.

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CASTIGATORI CONCURS: Ce ai vrea sa invete copilul tau de la Dovlecel? a organizat in perioada 4 -10 decembrie concursul „Ce ai vrea sa invete copilul tau de la Dovlecel?”. Premiile oferite au fost seria completa “Invata cu Dovlecel” si coduri de descarcare gratuita a aplicatiei de iPhone si Ipad „Dovlecel”, create de Irina Nicolae.

Concurentii au raspuns la intrebarea “Ce ai vrea sa invete copilul tau de la Dovlecel?” chiar aici, sub forma de comentariu la acest articol.


PREMIUL 1 – Un set de carti „Invata cu Dovlecel” + 1 cod de descarcare gratuita a aplicatiei de iPhone si Ipad „Dovlecel”: BADESCU MARGARETA

PREMIUL 2 – Un set de carti „Invata cu Dovlecel”: elena

PREMIUL 3 – 1 cod de descarcare gratuita a aplicatiei de iPhone si Ipad „Dovlecel”: posimona

Castigatorii vor contacta departamentul de marketing la adresa [email protected], pentru a revendica premiul prin: mentionarea premiului/concursului la care au castigat, numelui, prenumelui, numarului de telefon si a adresei la care va fi trimis premiul. Daca in termen de 10 zile lucratoare de la data trimiterii mail-urilor, un castigator nu isi revendica premiul, acesta nu ii va mai fi acordat.

Aplicatia „Dovlecel” ocupa locul intai la vanzari in Romania, fiind cea mai descarcata poveste pentru cei mici. Este disponibila in doua versiuni pe AppStore, pentru iPad si iPhone, in limba romana şi engleza şi le ofera ocazia copiilor sa intre in universul minunat al lui Dovlecel dar sa si beneficieze de un sistem interactiv de distracţie şi educaţie.

Micutii se pot juca pe ecranul iPad-ului sau al iPhone-ului cu animatiile colorate, pot rasfoi singuri paginile virtuale dar pot si asculta povestea lui Dovlecel in limba romana sau engleza. In acest sens, parintii pot programa ca iPad-ul sau iPhone-ul sa citeasca singur povestea celor mici, spre exemplu, la ora de culcare.

Pentru ca acest lucru sa fie posibil, Irina Nicolae a apelat la actori din Romania, care au inregistrat povestea ca pe un teatru radiofonic, dar si la un narator britanic de la Londra, care a inregistrat verbal povestea intr-o engleza impecabila.

Scopul acestui proiect este de a tine pasul cu tehnologia, multi parinti si copii avand in prezent iPad, dar si de a le oferi ocazia tuturor romanilor de peste hotare sa se bucure de lumea minunata a lui Dovlecel, aplicatia putandu-se descarca din orice colt al lumii.

Povestea lui Dovlecel, marca inregistrata Irina Nicolae, s-a nascut in urma cu patru ani. In 2008, dupa ce si-a facut debutul in librarii cu un album cu fotografii realizate in multe tari straine, „O parte din lume vazuta prin ochii mei”, Irina Nicolae si-a redirectionat creativitatea spre lumea frumoasa a copilariei.

Artista a lansat, pentru inceput, cartea de povesti „In Tara lui Dovlecel”, pentru ca apoi, multumita succesului extraordinar de care a avut parte, sa urmeze o serie de carti educative pentru copii (“Coloreaza cu Dovlecel”, ”Dovlecel te invaţa sa numeri”, “Dovlecel te invaţa alfabetul”, “Dovlecel te invaţa calendarul naturii”, “Sa invaţam formele şi culorile cu Dovlecel”).

Cartile si puzzle-urile ce il au ca personaj pe Dovlecel se gasesc atat in librarii, cat si pe site-ul autoarei,


1. Concursul ”Ce ai vrea sa invete copilul tau de la Dovlecel? este valabil in perioada 4-10 decembrie 2012 inclusiv.

2. La concurs poate participa oricine cu varsta peste 18 ani care are cont creat pe si posteaza raspunsul in zona de comentarii. La concurs se poate participa o singura data, chiar daca userii vor posta mai multe raspunsuri, se va lua in calcul unul singur.

Premiul 1 – Un set de carti „Invata cu Dovlecel” + 1 cod de descarcare gratuita a aplicatiei de iPhone si Ipad „Dovlecel”

Premiul 2 – Un set de carti „Invata cu Dovlecel”

Premul 3 – 1 cod de descarcare gratuita a aplicatiei de iPhone si Ipad „Dovlecel”

4. Castigatorii vor fi selectati de echipa redactionala si manageriala a in functie de originalitatea raspunsurilor.

5. Castigatorii vor fi afisati pe site in data de 11 decembrie 2012 in cadrul aceluiasi articol care anunta concursul.

6. Organizatorii concursului “Ce ai vrea sa invete copilul tau de la Dovlecel?” sunt: S.C. EVALUARI IMOBILIARE SRL (detinatoarea in colaborare cu Irina Nicolae.

7. Castigatorii pot intra in posesia premiului dupa cum urmeaza:

Toti castigatorii vor contacta departamentul de marketing la adresa [email protected], pentru a revendica premiul prin: mentionarea premiului/concursului la care au castigat, numelui, prenumelui, numarului de telefon si a adresei la care va fi trimis premiul. Daca in termen de 10 zile lucratoare de la data trimiterii mail-urilor, un castigator nu isi revendica premiul, acesta nu ii va mai fi acordat.

8. Premiile se vor transmite castigatorilor, prin intermediul sponsorului, la adresele livrate pe scris de acestia, in termen de maxim 30 de zile de la data trimiterii datelor pe mail.

9. Prin inscrierea la acest concurs esti de acord cu prevederile regulamentului promotiei si de asemenea esti de acord sa intri in baza de date a si sa primesti materiale informative prin e-mail prin newsletter. Siteul se obliga sa respecte toate drepturile conferite de legea 677/2001 (drept la informare, acces, intervenţie si opozitie asupra datelor), iar la cererea ta explicita, la adresa de mail [email protected] se pot actualiza sau sterge datele tale personale din baza de date.

10. In cazul in care, in urma trimiterii datelor castigatorilor, se constata ca sunt mai multi useri cu aceeasi adresa (sau useri inregistrati cu acelasi IP la calculator), organizatorul concursului isi rezerva dreptul de a trimite premiul la un singur user, celelalte premii urmand a fi reportate catre alti useri.

Sendvis PDL

Între tradiţionalele felii de pâine, se pune un strat de 7,5 mm de cremă de brânză. În prima fază a fost un strat de 10 mm, dar ca să nu între frigiderul România în incapacitate de plată, s-au tăiat cam 25% din orice ingredient din acest sendvis.
Un sendvis preferat de prietenii mei din mediul privat, pentru că amicilor bugetari li s-a cam băgat pe gât sendvisul asta cu -25%. Eu le-am zis…
– Bă, dacă nu vreţi să-l mâncaţi, plecaţi mă dacă nu vă convine. Şi ei mi-au zis că:
– Mai bine şi fără un sfert decât sclav la patron.
– Aia e… atunci taci, mestecă şi înghite!

A băgat în mașina de spălat biletul câștigător

Presa din SUA a relatat recent un alt caz, al unei femei din California, care a ratat un premiu de 26 de milioane de dolari după ce ar fi uitat lozul câștigător în buzunarul pantalonilor pe care i-a băgat în mașina de spălat.

Ea s-a prezentat la magazinul de unde a cumpărat biletul ca să revendice premiul, dar reprezentanții loteriei au spus că înregistrarea video de pe camerele de supraveghere nu reprezintă o dovadă suficientă că ar fi deținut lozul câștigător. Cu toate acestea, o copie a înregistrării a fost trimisă loteriei, care a demarat o investigație.

Video: I 2M Sandwich 1901 on Sandwiches of History (September 2022).


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