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Dissolve the yeast in a cup of warm water. Put flour in a bowl, make a hole in the middle, add eggs, warm milk, dissolved yeast, vanilla sugar, rum essence and salt powder. Everything is incorporated by circular movements. To make the dough more tender, add 8 tablespoons of oil or melted butter.

Spread the crust but not too thin to go out with the hole inside, and cut with a glass or simply cut with a knife what shape you want. Leave it to rise for a while, and then I'm ready to fry. Roll them in vanilla-flavored powdered sugar!


Duckadam, maddened by & # 8222Donut & # 8221

Helmuth Duckadam's third child, baby Julianne, brought a wide, permanent smile to her parents. Helmuth Duckadam, the star's former goalkeeper, finally has the opportunity to fulfill his fatherly duty and enjoy his daughter freely.

When his first children were born, & # 8222Helmi & # 8221 was still at Steaua and could only see them when he came to visit & # 8222.

He and Alexandra, his wife, reveal that they are caressing Julianne & # 8222 our donut & # 8221. In fact, there is now a single priority for & # 8222Helmi & # 8221, generically called & # 8222gogoşica & # 8221. & # 8222All other activities took second place. All that matters is her & # 8221, admits the former Champions Cup winner, who also makes the necessary purchases for a newborn. Diapers, bath tub, nail scissors & # 8230

Because in the winter they stay in the house of her parents in Semlac, they also want to get involved in the care of their niece, but they don't have much space: & # 8222 Alexandra's parents also came, so the "bells" were gathered & # 8221, jokes & # 8222Ducki & # 8221. Helmuth is the one who got & # 8222exclusivity & # 8221 in terms of bathing the little one. Although at first she was afraid to touch the tender creature with her big hands, now she can't take it off her. We are dealing with a happy parent: as he glances at his little girl, a twinkle in his eye appears. He wraps her tenderly and stalks the rare moments when Julianne opens her eyes, she will only see him and smile at him. To protect her and not risk escaping her surveillance, Helmuth plans to buy her a special & # 8222ham & # 8221. All Alexandra has to do is look at her husband's happiness with delight.

She can't wait to walk on the seafront!

Little Julianne Duckadam doesn't cause her parents much trouble. He sleeps all the time, which frustrates the new dad a little, who would like to spend more time with his much-loved daughter: & # 8222A girl I wanted, and I can't wait for spring to come, to grow up and she a little and walk on the cliff & # 8221.

English apple pie

Hello! I'm interested in making this recipe, but in a yena bowl. I have too many apples and I want to do more. My questions are: 1. What weights to use for a fairly large yena bowl compared to the shapes used in the recipe video. 2. And if I do more, is it kept ok in the fridge or should this English dessert be eaten on the same day it was prepared? Thanks a good day!

Hello, For the yena vessel we should double the quantities. What shape is the round, oval vessel? Can you measure the circumference? It should not be stored in the refrigerator as the crumbly dough will soften. Store at room temperature overnight covered with a cotton towel. It can be consumed in 2 days if it is not too hot.

How do we prepare the fluffiest donuts?

The dough from which these donuts are made is very simple, similar to bread.

Put the warm milk, sugar, yeast in a bowl and mix with a pear until they start to melt.

Over the obtained mixture we put flour mixed with salt, egg and butter.

Now that we have put all the ingredients, we start kneading and continue until we get a homogeneous dough that does not stick to our hands.

From this we form a ball and put it to rise in a covered bowl for 50 minutes in a warm place.

After the dough has risen, divide it into 12 equal parts, from which we will form 12 balls that we will put on the worktop and cover them with plastic wrap so that they do not harden while we shape the donuts.

We take a ball of dough and form a string of about 50-60 cm and we will knit the donut as follows: make an unfinished octopus at the bottom, the remaining tails will be woven on the top loop and the ends of the tails will stick together the moment I finished the braid.

After gluing the ends we turn the donut so that the seam is at the bottom. You will see in the pictures exactly how we proceeded to weave.

The shaped donuts are placed on the floured worktop, covered with plastic wrap and left to rise for another 30 minutes.

How to fry donuts?

Heat the oil in a pan or in a saucepan and when it is ready, fry the donuts.

We turn them on both sides to fry evenly then we take them out on a paper napkin that will help to absorb the excess oil.

We give the donuts with granulated sugar or powdered sugar and we can serve them. They are a goodness, very fluffy and tasty.

The fluffiest donuts remind me of my childhood and the times I lived with my grandmother.

I highly recommend this recipe gogosi, I guarantee you a result that you will be satisfied with.

The amount of oil can vary depending on how big the frying pan is.

When you start making the dough strings, it is very important that the surface you are modeling does not have flour because it makes modeling difficult, without worries & hellip the dough will not stick. In the worst case, grease with very little oil.

If you want some more fragrant donuts, you can add citrus peel, vanilla extract or rum to the composition.

The dough does not necessarily have to be divided into 12 pieces, you can divide it into fewer pieces to obtain larger donuts. I considered that by dividing them in this way, I get a suitable size, some donuts that are neither too big nor too small.

I leave here another recipe of Gina Bradea of ​​fluffy donuts, you can make them simple or stuffed, they will definitely be delicious & ndash! & # 128539

I wish you more cooking and good appetite!

The recipe and the pictures belong to him Oana Branescu, blog contributor Good appetite, recipes with Gina Bradea.

"Planet Clounella" invites children to the premiere of the show "Donut"!

"Hello and hello, I love you, I adore you, I kiss you!" & # 8211 is the greeting formula that Gogoșica, from Planet Clounella, uses in the premiere show that bears her name.

Planet Clounella invites children to an interactive, dynamic and educational show, the show "GOGOȘICA".

On November 24, at 11:00 in the Cultural Center "Odeon" will take place the last premiere of 2019!

Come and see how the children will have fun during the show and experience the joy of a HAPPY END!

The children's show house "Planet Clounella" is a theater that was born from enthusiasm, love and the inner call to create something UNUSUAL for children! A group of ambitious young people gathered and started writing shows for children! And not only to write, but also to play every Sunday, sometimes on Saturday or Friday! And create something unusual, different, interactive, educational, friendly, dynamic, family, memorable, for the little spectators! Shows staged the Planet Clounella: "The Adventures of the Three Little Pigs" "Little Red Riding Hood" co-organizers at the urging of the "Robots League", premiere "Synopsis", animation show with robots "Colorful Games" (show about recycling through play), "The story of a Stories ”(winter show),“ Rapunzel ”,“ Snow White ”,“ Genesis & # 8211 cosmic patrol ”,“ Goat with Three Goats ”,“ Alissa in Wonderland ”,“ Donut ” , premiere in 2019.

Contact details: Facebook / Planeta Clounella Instagram: @casaclounella

Phone: 069190079

Profiterol with caramel cream, strawberries and peaches & # 8211 melts in the mouth

Although I made this recipe for the first time, I can say that it turned out delicious. Profiterol with cream cheese, strawberries and peaches - a simple recipe, easy to prepare. I recommend you to make a double portion from the beginning, because it will be eaten immediately.

Ingredients (for about 15 pieces):

  • 250 gr flour, 125 ml milk
  • 125 ml water, 100 gr butter
  • 1 teaspoon sugar, 4 eggs
  • A pinch of salt, powdered sugar (decoration)

How is it prepared?

First we sift the flour, then we boil, in a pan, the milk, water, butter, salt and sugar. When it starts to boil, remove from the heat. Add the sifted flour in a saucepan with milk and mix vigorously until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Put the pot on the fire again, for about 3-4 minutes, so that some of the water evaporates. At the end, the composition will look like a thick puree. Then put in a bowl and mix with the mixer on low speed for about 1 minute (or you can use a wooden spoon).

Then add the 4 eggs, one by one and mix well to combine with the rest of the ingredients. At the end we will get a uniform and shiny cream that looks like a thick pudding.

Put the cream in a bowl and pour it into a tray lined with baking paper (we will make small donuts). Also, if we do not have a pos, we can use a spoon.

Put the tray in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for about 20-30 minutes. It is very important not to open the oven during baking. When the down cream is ready, take it out of the oven and leave it to cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the caramel cream. The powder is dissolved in 250 ml of cold milk. Stir gently then add powdered sugar.

We will cut each profiterole donut in half and fill it with caramel cream and pieces of strawberries and peaches. At the end, decorate with powdered sugar. Good appetite!