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Floral tuna pizza

Floral tuna pizza

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Prepare the dough by mixing flour, lightly heated water, yeast and salt and knead a little, until it sticks to your hand. Form a ball and leave it to heat, leavened, in a bowl covered with a towel, about 1.5 hours. Take a 30 cm round tray and grease it with oil. Place the dough in it, spreading it a little over the diameter by 2 cm, and turning it over the edges to form a border.

Heat the oven.

Cut the tomatoes into thin slices, chop the green onion larger, drain the tuna box and grind the garlic clove.

Grease the dough in the pan with a little oil in which I added the garlic, place the tomato slices until the whole top is covered, then add the onion, follow the tone, and in the last layer put the rest of the tomatoes (if you want).

Sprinkle with salt, pepper and dried basil.

Bake on medium heat for the first 10 minutes, then another 30 on low heat.

Add a little olive oil when serving.

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