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Mojito Recipe

Mojito Recipe

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April 25, 2013


Skinnygirl Cocktails

Nix the muddling and the extra ingredients with this three-step light cocktail.



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  • 5 parts Skinnygirl® Mojito
  • 6 fresh mint leaves
  • Lime wedge, for garnish


Pour Skinnygirl® Mojito over ice in a tall glass.

Stir in mint leaves for a splash of color.

Garnish with fresh mint leaves and a lime wedge.

No muddling required. Enjoy!


We absolutely love the simplicity of a classic mojito cocktail. Thanks to white rum, fresh mint, lime, and a little bit of sugar, mojitos taste fresh and light, making them perfect for warmer weather!

Mojitos are easy to make for one or for a crowd. For the best tasting cocktail, don’t skip the fresh mint and freshly squeezed lime, they’re essential on this one.

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Excellent. I boiled the shrimp shells and drained for the 2 cups of water. I also will add a tsp of salt. I served over Fettuccini and warm crusty french bread. Yum!

Nice and simple, great for summer, but way too sweet. Next time: reduce the sugar by 25%, increase the rum, adjust club soda to taste.

Use FRESH lime juice, and HEAPING teaspoons of sugar to cut the acidity, or else it will be too acidic. Also, use a good quality light rum.

Great Drink, if you don't have superfine sugar just put regular sugar in the food processor and pulse for a minute.

This mojito recipe is fantastic! I have made this on multiple occasions for different crowds, and all have asked me for the recipe, that's not the say the recipe couldn't be improved. I have used unrefined cane sugar, although it takes longer to dissolve and the drink appears more amber-colored, and I've also used regular, granulated sugar when I couldn't get my hands on the superfine. I've also varied the amount of rum used. My conclusion: The drink is a bit sweet as is, so I prefer not to use "heaping" teaspoons, also the 1/4 cup rum is a good starting point to add more to taste if one wishes to do so.

This mojito recipe was good--but not the stellar recipe I was looking for. As other reviewers said, it was a bit too sweet. And this sweetness was the case even though I used regular granulated sugar and not all of it dissolved. I'll still have to search for the perfect mojito recipe.

Made this with coconut rum and extra Club Soda. Delish!

I am a huge fan of mojitos but have never made them at home. I tried this recipe last night but substituted agave nectar for the sugar and doubled the amount of club soda because after tasting it with only 1 oz. decided i like a little more pop and fizz in mine. Definitely a keeper that I will be making again and again.

Try a heavy splash of POM juice. Trust me. it's divine!

Instead of club soda, I used lime Perrier. nice touch!

I can never remember the correct proportions (a result of the mojitos? hee hee!), so this is my go-to recipe. I've started - and the Mr & I prefer - agave nectar to sugar or simple syrup, tho. Slightly less, or to taste. Adds a subtle lil somethin somethin and it mixes instantly into the lime juice & booze.

Nice! I had only regular granulated sugar, which didn't dissolve entirely, but it's plenty sweet (which tells me you could get away using less overall). I also added more club soda (probably another ounce). My first homemade cocktail (as part of a new year's resolution to drink more!). very pleased!

So good. I multiplied the recipe, by a lot :), they came out great. I will definitely make these again..hmm, maybe tonight.

fabulous recipe. be sure to stir the sugar until it is dissolved! This makes a world of difference. We found that we liked about 2 oz. of club soda per glass, instead of just 1. more bubbles!

Great mojito recipe! Instead of club soda I used proseco. amazing. Definitely recommend.

Nice, basic recipe- still prefer simple syrup over sugar, though.

I intend to live on these for the rest of the summer. LMAO Scagsville - and no one is going to ruin my fun either.

A truly excellent recipe. This was my first try at a Mojito and it was flawless. I served them in deep bowled, crystal water goblets. Looked like an underwater seascape! Lovely.

Such a fabulous recipe. I've shared it with family and easy and delicious.

Out of all the Mojito recipes out there, this is the top!

You get plenty of mint flavor by just tearing the mint leaves in half rather than crushing them as other recipes advise. You just get the flavor without drinking the leaves.

Great basic mojito recipe. This will be my new go-to recipe for mojitos (I've tried a few!). I like that I can control the sweetness by using club soda and sugar (as opposed to some recipes that use ginger ale or lemon-lime soda).

Tequila Mojito Cocktail

Published: Feb 18, 2014 · Updated: Oct 19, 2020 · This post may contain affiliate links.

Love cocktails? Grab all my favorite cocktail recipes in this handy free printable. It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

At the first sip of a classic mojito I am instantly transported back to the Caribbean and memories of my husband and I sitting by the pool sipping this refreshing cocktail.

The combination of rum, mint, lime and sugar is an addictive one. And when I first fell in love with mojitos, it was a flavor combination that couldn't be topped.

That is, until I tried a TequilaMojito.

The secret to a good Tequila Mojito is to use a great quality Tequila, preferably an aged Tequila, such as Reposado or Añejo. My favourite is Patron Añejo.

Reposado (rested) Tequilas are aged in oak barrels for a period of at two months, but less than a year, while Añejo (aged or vintage) Tequilas have been aged in oak barrels for a minimum of one year.

This ageing process adds a wonderful oaky flavour to the tequila, and in the case of Añejo it adds a fantastically subtle smokey finish, which works wonderfully with mint and lime.

It's this oakiness and smokiness that adds a depth of flavour to a Tequila mojito. In my opinion, it far surpasses the rum-based classic, making it the best thing to sip on a hot summer evening.

In fact, I love the deep flavors of tequila so much that I've started experimenting with it in other types of recipes.

This Spice Roasted Pineapple Ice Cream is infused with tequila, and this Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, and Ginger Mojito also features this delicious liquor.

For this recipe I used my high speed blender, taking out all of the hard work. It's especially handy if you are making a big batch.

However, you can use a simple cocktail shaker, or even muddle all of the ingredients in the bottom of a glass with a muddling stick, or the end of a wooden spoon.

Which Rum is Best for a Mojito?

An authentic mojito (as you’d find in Cuba) uses white rum. White or light rums have a sweet, subtle flavor and dark rums which have been aged longer have a bolder flavor.

My favorite rum is Bacardi Superior, also known as Bacardi Silver. It’s a white rum that’s high quality and easy to find.

Classic Mojito

Ingredients US Metric

  • 12 mint leaves with stems, preferably spearmint, plus more for garnish
  • 1 ounce fresh lime juice
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar* or granulated sugar, plus more to taste
  • 2 1/2 ounces white rum
  • Ice
  • 2 ounces club soda, or more, if desired
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters (optional)


Using a muddler or the end of a wooden spoon, muddle the mint, lime juice, and sugar in an 8-ounce glass until the mint is gently bruised.

Stir in the rum and add some ice. Top it off with club soda. Add Angostura bitters, if using. Garnish the mojito with a sprig of mint. Originally published September 02, 2015.

Recipe Testers' Reviews

I am currently reading Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast. I thought that drinking some mojitos would be fitting. I love them. And although I've never been able to replicate at home the amazing flavors and experiences that I had while drinking mojitos in Puerto Rico, this recipe came close.

The mojito was the nice mix of flavors that I expect. I appreciated that it wasn't overly sweet. I liked using the club soda for fizz—I’ve tried some recipes with lemon-lime soda and always find the finished product too sweet. The bitters added a nice depth of flavor, although I think I might try making another batch without them for comparison (I was planning on making 2 batches, one with and one without, but I got excited and put the bitters in the entire batch.)

I had wonderful spearmint from my garden to use, and I don't own a muddler, so I used the end of a large wooden spoon to bruise the mint. In the end, a refreshing cocktail to enjoy with my book on a sunny summer afternoon.

This recipe makes the perfect mojito. Really it does. The balance of lime and sugar is perfect. Mojitos are supposed to be sweet, and this one is, but not in excess. It's not shy about the mint, either, which is as it should be. The optional bitters are a nice touch, rounding out the flavor and adding a hint of complexity. Add to all that the fact that you can mix it up right in a highball glass—no need for a shaker, no need to make simple syrup—and you might find yourself with a new favorite after-work libation.

This mojito is refreshing, exotic, and simple. Just what I was looking for on a sweaty, humid Saturday, the kind where the air is so thick that you can barely take a deep breath. The superfine, powdery confectioners' sugar required no effort to dissolve, and there were no coarse sugar granules tearing the mint into bits while muddling (which means no fear of green in your teeth).

The amount of lime juice called for here perfectly balanced the sugar, and I appreciated the inclusion of a measurement so I can mix the perfect drink no matter how juicy my lime is. This made a stiff drink, but it didn't taste too strongly alcoholic. Saving this one for next year!

This mojito method is a useful recipe to have in your summer toolkit—you can pull it together in a matter of minutes if you have fresh limes and mint on hand. Normally I'd use granulated sugar to help muddle the mint over ice, but this recipe has you muddle confectioners' sugar before the ice. The sugar actually dissolved readily with this method, but I was curious whether more mint flavor would be released if I put a bit of crushed ice in the bottom, so I made the cocktail more than once. With the ice, the mint gets more thoroughly smashed, but the sugar might not completely dissolve. That can be remedied with a few stirs of a spoon though.

The other question was whether it really needed this much sugar, and, of course, that will be a matter of personal taste. I found 1 1/2 tablespoons too sweet. I made one for my husband with just a teaspoon, and that wasn’t quite enough, but I tried 2 teaspoons next and settled on that as my sweet spot.

The club soda and lots of ice makes this mojito a perfect long drink for summer. You can use Pellegrino in a pinch, but I think club soda works better if you have that on hand. The bitters really add a nice extra flavor. Using either superfine sugar or confectioners' sugar mean a mojito doesn’t require the extra step of making simple syrup ahead of time.

This mojito recipe makes for a very good version of the famous drink with just a small tweak. I made the recipe first as written using the confectioners’ sugar. The flavor was okay but flat and, probably since powdered sugar has corn starch in it, the drink was a bit murky-looking. Using powdered sugar also made muddling a bit less efficient and resulted in a less pronounced mint flavor.

That being said, the next couple of times, I tried the recipe with regular granulated sugar (1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon), and this worked a lot better. The mint was easier to bruise, the flavor was brighter, and the drink looked great. I liked the idea of adding a few drops of Angostura bitters at the end. It was a nice accent and added a hint of spice to the smell and taste of the drink. I used about 6 drops.

I love that the instructions don't ask us to mash the mint leaves but just to bruise them. Mashing the leaves to a pulp gives cocktails a murky drab color and an over-extracted oxidized flavor. Building the mojito in a glass is fine, but I prefer to muddle and make the drink in a shaker then pour the contents into a glass.


#LeitesCulinaria. We'd love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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I've been using this recipe for a long time now and it makes the best mojitos ever. If you ever want to kick it up a bit, make some raspberry puree and put some in the bottom of the glass before you pour in the mojito. It's heaven.

I can't wait to make these! How many ounces of mint are you using for the three cups? I guess my real question is -- how many 2/3oz packs should I buy since I don't grow my own?

OH my head!! I pulled mint from garden, lightly crushing it to release the flavor adding it to a simple sugar syrup, after it boiled, cooled slightly, then set in the fridge. Then I mixed the rum, with sliced limes, lime juice, mint sugar syrup and Pellegrino in the pitcher. Added more lime juice than recipe called for. Added ice to the chilled glasses and poured the mojito over it . adding a few mint leaves and a squeezed lime slice . oh my, so good.

This recipe makes a fabulous mojito. Even better that you can do the muddling and prep work in advance, especially for parties. This is my new standard mojto recipe.

One of the best mojitos ever. I used turbinado sugar and used another reviewer's idea of the mini-processor to save time. If mudding the mint makes it better, I can't imagine how! It's a good thing I only discovered this recipe now, otherwise I think I would have had a very different summer!

One of the best drinks I've ever had. We followed the recipe exactly and were thrilled with it. Be prepared to spend a lot of time muddling mint leaves, as three cups is a lot, but it's well worth it. Once you've muddled and mixed all the flavor ingredients, you'll have a flavor syrup that you can keep for a few hours, and then just add it to some club soda when you want to prepare a drink. I never liked mojitos before, but this stuff makes you long for summer barbecues.

Dangerously Yummy! Prepared this for a dinner party as a featured drink. Didn't have light rum so I used Coconut Rum (put the lime in the coconut!!), fabulous. Doubled the recipe, strained, chilled and served with 3 oz rum mixture over a large glass of ice, filled with club soda, garnished with lime wedges and mint sprigs. TOO GOOD, be careful these could easily sneak up on you!

Delish! I did add more lime juice and rum. . .

Excellent mojito. I prepare the mint,sugar, rum and lime mixture earlier in the day. I then make each drink individually when needed - 1/3 cup rum mixture, to 1 cup of each ice and club soda. Enjoyed by all who try it.

This recipe is great for gatherings, you can make a pitcher and relaz with your guest.

Every one enjoyed the taste and asked for the recipe.

I made the recipe as is, and it was dangerously good. A perfect balance of refreshing mint, tangy lime and bubbly. It would be way too easy to drink way too many of these!

Fabulous! Everyone loves these and so do I! Grow your own mint, you can't kill it even if you want too, lol.

Quite good! The mint and sugar, though, should be quickly chopped in a mini-food processor then crushed with a wooden spoon. This creates a better mixture to saturate the sugar and rum, and finally strain. For a ɽirty' mojoto, save some of the chopped crush and put a dash of it in glass before adding club soda. Works great!

Fantastic recipe for mojitos! A huge hit at my last party!

T-reiffic! nuked 8tb sugar in 4 tb water for a quick syrup which made making the drinks even easier. use a pitcher with an ice lip to save the muddled mint and lime, then you can recharge the pitcher with a cup of rum, half a lime and some soda for a second round.

I have made these many times. I usually do not have enough mint in the yard, so I blend the first four ingredients in a blender (using 1 cup mint and reserving some for garnish.) I chill that mixture. When its drink time, I put 1/3 cup blended mix and 2/3 cup club soda per drink over crushed ice and garnish. YUM.

Modified this recipe and served this drink to fourteen guests tonight. It was a hit! Modifications: used a quater cup of brown sugar and six keylimes.

So delicious and refreshing!! I only used 6 tbsp sugar and it was just right. I made it for my neighbors and they LOVED it- I think I'll be making these all summer!

Don't even think about using store-bought mojito mix. It can't even compare to this delicious, quick, easy recipe. And it can be made ahead! What more can you ask for? I substituted bubbly water (San Pellegrino) for the soda water and, as a few reviewers suggested, reduced the sugar a bit.

This is a great recipe, everybody raves about it. My kids love it too (without the alcohol).

I made it for a baby shower and got many requests for the recipe. I doubled it and we still didn't have enough because it was so popular.

My daughter & I had this recently in Laguna Beach, Calif. $12.00 a glass! We just had to have 2 glasses each as they were sooooo good. In north San Diego county, we have a free Jazz in The Parks event every Fri. night during the summer. About 4,000 are there & we can bring food & alcohol. Last week, I brought all the makings for these Mojitos. Thank goodness I brought triple more than I thought I would need because we used it all & shared some pitchers with friends. I was requested to make it again for tonight's performance. This is a keeper summer drink.

Easy Mojito cocktail recipe

Jessica Dady July 30, 2020 8:00 am

Credit: iStock/icetocker

Learn how to make this easy Mojito recipe in just 5 minutes! Mojito cocktail is the traditional Cuban drink that will liven any celebration. The mix of sweetness and citrus flavours in this traditional Cuban cocktail is intended to mask the kick of the rum. It’s refreshing and light and makes a perfect summer drink. Get your friends and family round and make it a mojito evening!

So if you’ve ever wondered, how do you make a mojito from scratch? Our simple step-by-step recipe will show you exactly how easy it is to make this classic Cuban drink at home – and in just 5 minutes too!

Best Mojito Recipe

This mojito recipe is simply the best. Read the comments to see what I mean!! Then try it and let me know what you think.

I tried my first mojito one warm summer evening last summer when a neighbor invited us over and made a mojito with simple syrup and homegrown mint. It was fantastic. How have I lived 28 years without a mojito.

I asked him for his mojito recipe a few weeks ago, but he is a professional chef, so he was all, “It’s nothing! Just throw together simple syrup, lime, and rum.”

Um, hi. Have you met me? I need VERY. EXPLICIT. DIRECTIONS. Like with measurements.

So I took it upon myself to experiment with different mojito recipes until I found one as good as his. It took me three recipes and numerous tries to get it right. See what I endure for the sake of ye ole blog?

Here’s the secret: MINT-INFUSED simple syrup . Shhhhhh… they’ll all be doing it. Sorry, I was channeling my inner Emeril there for a sec.

Simple Syrup

Mix 1 cup water with 1 cup sugar in a saucepan and heat until boiling. This is what it looks like before the sugar dissolved.

Stir until the sugar dissolves (about a minute). Then turn off the heat. Toss in a handfull of mint leaves and let it steep (just sit there off the heat) for an hour or so. Strain out the leaves and store in the fridge till you’re ready to use it.

The Best Mojito Recipe

Here is all you need for the perfect mojitos: mint-infused simple syrup, white rum, fresh mint, limes and I highly recommend a muddler. Club soda is optional sometimes I just use water.

Then when you’re ready for a refreshing summer drink, here’s what you do.