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An Indulgent Valentine’s Day Menu

An Indulgent Valentine’s Day Menu

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Michael McCarty shares an easy-to-make dinner that is sure to impress your date.

For some, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays you want to avoid going out to dinner on. Forget the overpriced restaurant menus with rigid prix fixe options; do you really want to be eating out surrounded by people on a holiday that celebrates love and romance? We don’t.

So we asked Michael McCarty, the restaurateur behind Michael’s Santa Monica and Michael’s New York, and author of “Welcome to Michael’s,” to share his favorite dishes for a rich and decadent dinner that is easy enough for even the most timid home chef to prepare.

While we can’t lend you a helping hand in the kitchen, we can give you some Valentine’s Day advice. On your way home from work, be sure to pick up some beautiful, fragrant flowers. Whip up this meal, turn down the lights, and put on some soft music. Your Valentine will be delighted.

To Start:

Salade Verte with Michael’s Vinaigrette

A light and refreshing salad that is easy to assemble. If you can't find mâche, you can use all Bibb lettuce, or substitute another tender, baby lettuce instead.

Main Course:

A rich and decadent pasta dish that is surprisingly easy to put together. When purchasing the chardonnay needed for the sauce, buy an extra bottle to serve with the meal.

For Dessert:

Double Fudge Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce

Make this dessert ahead of time, so that the brownies can cool, and to make assembly a breeze. Plus, nothing is more romantic than sharing a fudgy walnut-studded brownie sundae with your significant other.

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