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The Point Blank cocktail.

Need some summer-to-fall transition cocktail inspiration? Look no further than Saxon + Parole's newest Cocktail Cabinet drink on tap. The Point Blank, made with Chivas Regal 12-year-old scotch whisky, was created by Chivas Regal Global Brand Ambassador Max Warner and Saxon + Parole’s mixologist, Naren Young. Whiskies don't have to be kept only for winter months — the Chivas (with hints of orange and spice) combined with St. Make your own, or head to Saxon + Parole to sign up for the monthly Cocktail Cabinet program.


  • 1 1/2 Ounce Chivas Regal 12 Year
  • 1 Ounce dry vermouth
  • 3/4 Ounces St Germain
  • 3 dashes lemon bitters

Point Blank Body Armor

Point Blank Body Armor (PBBA) is recognized as one of the first companies in the United States to design and manufacture body armor. Since 1973, Point Blank has grown into an internationally diversified company with the most visible brand recognition, considered today to be the premier source of body armor systems in the world.

PBBA has long-standing relationships with the most prestigious and demanding law enforcement agencies, federal agencies and the United States Department of Defense, due to the quality and functionality of its products and its ability to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations. Outstanding customer service is key to Point Blank’s success and central to its business strategy. The Company’s broad product portfolio, high quality solutions, on-time delivery record, experienced sales personnel and ability to accommodate surges in volume demand are key elements of its consistent service record. Point Blank’s average delivery time continually surpasses the industry average and the Company’s track record of quality and product performance is unsurpassed.

The Point Blank - Recipes

Where Community and Creativity Connect

Jan 4, 2021- March 25, 2021
All programs are taking place online

Visual Arts Workshop

3:00pm-6:00pm ( 9- 12th grade)

Even though our PROGRAMMING IS FREE, there is a LOW-cost fee of $20.00 for an ART KIT for the duration of the FALL/WINTER Session.

Digital Photography (ages 14-18)

Wednesdays, 4:00pm -6:00pm
Instructor: Roy Baizan

Or Thursdays, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Anthoula Lelekidis
No class 13 Eid make-up Friday, June14

Youth will learn a variety of circus disciplines including juggling, clowning, and more, all while building valuable life skills!

Tuesdays and Thursdays
4:30pm-6:00pm (9th- 12th grades )

Even though our PROGRAMMING IS FREE, there is a LOW-cost fee of $20.00 for a CIRQUE KIT for the duration of the FALL/WINTER Session.


The youth will learn the choral version of a particular song for a final virtual online performance at the end of the program. They will acquire specific methods, tools, and techniques for learning, analyzing, and performing choral and solo repertoire in a digital environment and develop disciplines and specific work habits to support singers through rehearsal and performance especially under unexpected and atypical circumstances.

4:30pm-6:00pm (8th – 12th grades)
Register HERE.

A.C.T.I.O.N. (Activists Coming to Inform Our Neighborhood)⁠ is a youth leadership program focusing on environmental and social justice issues in the South Bronx. Participants will engage in online classes and activities that build to real world action and impact. ⁠

Mondays and Wednesdays⁠
4:00pm-6:00pm (9th – 12th grades)⁠
Apply at⁠
Deadline for application is October 12th.

Minds Empowered

Want to get paid for being creative?
For working in your community?

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s
4 pm-5 pm
Starting Tuesday, Oct 6th
Ages 16-24
Contact Tiffany Williams at [email protected]

Minds Empowered aims to create a safe space for women-identified, male-identified & gender non-conforming youth. Through a combination of art-making and group, discussion participants are given a platform to express themselves freely and become change-makers in their communities. This Winter THE POINT CDC is offering 12 stipends M.E. Apprenticeship opportunities. These apprentices will work on a special project focusing on issues of Domestic Violence and how to translate this awareness into community organizing and advocacy. We will work to identify various forms of violence and the effect it has on our personal identities as well as our environment and relationships. Through the use of mixed media, photography, poetry, art-journaling, culinary arts, group outings, and on-site visits we will gain insight into the topic. Each M.E. Apprentice will contribute and assist in producing a final project to share experiences and knowledge gained.
*Due to concerns surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, M.E will be held online using Zoom. Students will need access to digital tools in order to participate.

2019-2020 Teen Programming
October - June

Teen Programming at THE POINT CDC promotes active healing. THE POINT programs are mission-driven, transformative, asset-based, leadership bound, safe and caring. Young adults from 13-21 years old can register for one or multiple free workshops throughout the year leading towards college and professional careers in the arts, activism, education and more.

For more info on THE POINT's Teen Programs and how to sign up to be a part of the fun, email Freddy Sanchez at [email protected] or call (718) 542-4139 X.129.

Black & White Photography
A collaborative program with the International Center of Photography, ICP at THE POINT teaches youth students the fundamentals of black-and-white photography. Students have access to THE POINT’s onsite black-and-white darkroom and Vantage Point Gallery. Registration ongoing. 10-week course, four times a year.
Pre-Teen,(ages 9-13) Mondays or Tuesdays 4:00-7:00 pm
Teen,(ages 14-18) Wednesdays or Thursdays 4:00-7:00 pm
Open Lab, Fridays 3:00-6:30 pm (For teen students only enroll in the program)

THE POINT’s Social Circus workshops offer young people 13 years and up an opportunity to learn a variety of circus disciplines including aerial, juggling, acrobatics, tumbling, clowning and more, all while building valuable life skills! As a part of THE POINT’s Cirque du Vie troop.
Tuesdays & Thursdays
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Teens 13+

THE POINT’s Blank Plate program introduces teens to Culinary Arts. Blank Plate is the creative culinary program that’s changing a neighborhood, one plate at a time. Young chefs learn food safety & handling, preparation techniques, plating, new recipes and how to prepare a large community meal and design a Hunts Point event for No Beef Thursdays!
Starting day TBA
4:45 – 7:30 pm.
Teens 13+

With the guidance of our Teaching Artists in Residence, Teens and Young Adults will have an opportunity for mentorship and professional development from a working artist. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to develop new artistic techniques, create and present new work and be ready for High School and College Portfolio review. Participants will learn artistic techniques such as illustration, sculpture, printmaking, painting, composition and more!
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Teens 13+

(Audition required and ongoing) This is an exciting, professional, not-for-profit theater ensemble based company for adults and children serving Hunts Point and The Bronx.
Contact: Luis Cardenas or Sarah Rosenberg at 718-542-4139 X.175 or [email protected]

Voice Workshop

Learn how to sing with confidence and with proper technique while learning to read music from all kinds of genres including pop, musical theater, and classical, in a fun and engaging environment where you will develop a love for singing.
6:30PM-8:40 PM slots
All ages

All-Styles-Performance Class. A choreography based class for the beginner to an experienced teen or young adult dancer designed to prepare for a Latin Performance. The choreography in Salsa, Bachata, Folk, Reggaeton and more!
Wednesdays 630-730PM
Teens 13+
Adults ($10, or bundle of 5 for $48):
Absolute beginner Latin Workshop - A workshop based class that is geared for the absolute beginner of Latin Dance to embrace the most basic movements.

Zumba® fitness, Zumba®Step, aqua-Zumba®, Zumba®kids, Zumba-gold® and -Toning® - Latin based fitness classes that incorporate easy to follow moves with hidden cardio and resistance interval training. So much fun no one feels like its a workout!


A.C.T.I.O.N. Activists Coming to Inform Our Neighborhood
A.C.T.I.O.N. engages 20 stipend youth activists three times per week who work to identify social and environmental justice issues facing the Hunts Point community. Participants create and manage campaigns with the goals of developing ongoing youth-led solutions.
Mon., Wed. & Fri.
4:30- 7:00pm
Contact: Victor Davila at [email protected]

Minds Empowered aims to create a safe space for women-identified, male-identified & gender non-conforming youth. Through a combination of art-making and group, discussion participants are given a platform to express themselves freely and become change-makers in their communities. This Winter THE POINT CDC is offering 12 stipends M.E. Apprenticeship opportunities. These apprentices will work on a special project focusing on issues of Domestic Violence and how to translate this awareness into community organizing and advocacy. We will work to identify various forms of violence and the effect it has on our personal identities as well as our environment and relationships. Through the use of mixed media, photography, poetry, art-journaling, culinary arts, group outings and on-site visits we will gain insight into the topic. Each M.E. Apprentice will contribute and assist in producing a final project to share experiences and knowledge gained.
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Teens 13+

As an important step to preparing job readiness and improving access to higher education, THE POINT provides internship opportunities for teens. Students can intern in all areas of THE POINT's programs including:

Summer Youth Leadership
Teens have the opportunity to learn leadership, teamwork, mentoring and first aid skills and help staff THE POINT’s Summer Youth Programs as junior counselors and activity specialists through this program. Summer Youth Leaders are comprised of teens from the community and the Department of Youth and Community Development's Summer Youth Employment Program.

Abe Guevara is caught in a shootout at a residential home that results in the death of District Attorney Joshua Gregory. He is chased on foot and attempts to escape with his brother Mateo, but Abe is hit by a car, and is subsequently sent to a local hospital. A pair of homicide detectives, Regina Lewis and Eric Masterson, are assigned to the case.

Paul Booker, an everyman ER nurse, is assigned to oversee Abe's recovery at the hospital. Mateo, determined to break Abe out in order to pay off a debt with Big D, an influential gangster, kidnaps Paul's pregnant wife Taryn and coerces Paul into working for him. Paul breaks out Abe on his stretcher, and they evade detectives Lewis and Masterson just shortly after they arrive. Abe reveals that he is in possession of a flash drive, that can expose several corrupt police officers while making the deal to distribute the flash drive to Gregory, they were ambushed, and Abe was wrongfully incriminated for his death. Abe arranges to meet Mateo at a bus station, but realizing that it is a sting operation, they incite a shootout and flee, engaging in a car chase. After fighting off more cops at a car wash, they escape on foot.

Seeking a new car, they consult a local gangster, Cheetah. Lewis and Masterson arrive, and hold them all at gunpoint. Masterson realizes that Lewis is one of the corrupt cops on the drive, leading her to kill both Masterson and Cheetah. Paul kills her accomplice Jones while she is distracted with incoming reinforcements. Abe rendezvouses with Mateo, but he is ambushed for the drive as well by one of Lewis' men, who abduct Taryn. Abe and Paul arrive at the rendezvous, only to find Mateo mortally wounded. He succumbs to his injuries, and dies. Lewis threatens the two, revealing that she is holding Taryn hostage.

Having taken into his possession security footage that incriminates Lewis of her corrupt actions, Abe finalizes a deal with Big D and pays off his debt. Big D stages a distraction outside the police precinct, both to accommodate to Paul and Abe, but to also capture footage for a movie he is developing. Disguised as a first responder and a police officer, Paul and Abe incapacitate Lewis, and save Taryn, who goes into labour and gives birth to their baby boy. In the aftermath, Lewis is killed by police reinforcements after Abe exposes her corruption.

One year later, Paul and Taryn celebrate their baby boy's first birthday, who they name Matty in Mateo's honor. Abe smiles upon seeing a picture of Matty's first birthday cake, and drives into the sunset, tailed by a black SUV.

    as Abe Guevara, a criminal who is trying to pay off a debt to a gang leader named Big D. as Paul Booker, an ER nurse who later formed an alliance with Abe. as Lt. Regina Lewis, a corrupt cop. as Taryn, Paul's pregnant wife. as Eric Masterson as Mateo Guevara, Abe's younger brother and partner in crime as Big D, a gang leader who wants to be a movie director.

The project was announced in June 2018, with Joe Lynch directing and Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie set to star in the lead roles. [1] In July 2018, Marcia Gay Harden, Teyonah Parris, Boris McGiver, and Markice Moore joined the cast of the film. [2] In August 2018, Christian Cooke joined the cast. [3]

Principal production began on August 6, 2018 in Cincinnati. [4] Locations include the lobby of the Dixie Terminal building, appearing as a train terminal during a chase scene.

It was released on July 12, 2019. [5]

On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 38% based on 34 reviews, with an average rating of 5.14/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "Point Blank has its reasonably diverting moments, but high energy and fast-paced action can't disguise this remake's frustratingly middling storytelling." [6] Metacritic assigned the film a weighted average score of 37 out of 100, based on 7 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". [7]

The Point Blank - Recipes

- I call a person on their bullsh*t, and their attempts to manipulate or conflate an issue.

- I’ve had a lot of unfair tragedy that I’ve overcome, so I have very little fear, and am happy to help build confidence in others or stick up for those that are being exploited.

- I’m a kind and nice person in general. but don’t f*ck with me or the innocent because you will see a wrath that has no mercy. That side is one I’ve built over time and it isn’t opened easily but Lord help the person it’s unleashed on.

- I don’t hold grudges, and practice forgiveness while refusing to accept mistreatment.

This is a strange one but apparently some racists have no shame.

Can you provide more context? Like are you an out and out, avid, straight-up racist where you hate certain races of people or are you saying you’re more the type of person who doesn’t care about being branded a racist by certain people, because you send your kids to public schools that ensure the best chance of getting them into college, and not arrested for juvenile delinquency, and are tired of the wave of “social justice activists” who criticize that decision because they argue it’s segregation that some schools are better, and are now trying all types of social engineering (AP “for all”, no more entry tests, no more grades etc)to fck up the good public schools in dc and drag all the high performing kids down?

Or are you less scared of being called racist for other reasons? I am genuinely curious. I think the barb of racism is bandied about more freely and the scope of what it encompasses has broadened these days. If you don’t breathlessly agree that the police need to be defunded or that gentrification is terrible and white people should stop being such pieces of sht, and “sit down and have a seat” on so many issues, then they’re racist.

You miss the infancy and toddler phase? How old are your kids?

15 and 18. Yes I do miss them being so cuddly. I still get to hug and kiss them, but they are all way taller than me now. I love them as they are now, but those baby days are very precious.

Applying Point Blank Zero to Optics

With enough practice, you will learn your MPBR well. You’ll begin to recognize situations where you can just “hold center” as my PRS-shooting podcast guest put it, or have to dial your scope.

Point blank zero works particularly well for red dot sights or magnified scopes with standard duplex crosshairs. But what about other reticle designs? You can combine point blank zero with different reticle shapes to determine more aiming points as well.

For instance, my Trijicon TR24G has a glowing triangle sitting atop a post. However, the heavy post prevents me from using holdovers beyond the bottom edge of the triangle

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The point blank truth

In the dark times, will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing, about the dark times.

Raven, the directorial debut of theatre person and wannabe filmmaker Adarsh Kumar Aniyal, is a tight slap on the face of naysayers, the ones who never admit that casteism, oppression and racism exist.

It&rsquos these lines of German poet Bertolt Brecht that might immediately hit you when the 4.17 minutes of Raven ends. As the bluish screen fades and end credits roll, moments of silence might follow &mdash of surprise, numbness, goosebumps and realisation. Raven, the directorial debut of theatre person and wannabe filmmaker Adarsh Kumar Aniyal, is a tight slap on the face of naysayers, the ones who never admit that casteism, oppression and racism exist.

&ldquoMalayalis feel that casteism is something that happens in other parts of the country and definitely not in Kerala,&rdquo says Adarsh, who is glad about the reception to his work of protest featuring his father Ambujakshan, a folklore artist.

The figurative music video begins with a grey-haired Ambujakshan, sporting white, repeatedly saying My son is missing, first in anguish and second, staring into the camera, and the audience&rsquos heart would skip a beat. Deeper than the gaze pierce his words that follow &ndash The black, lean guy with long, red-coloured hair. Yes, that&rsquos my son and he is missing.

The narration blends into the music as the old man talks more, in brief, power-packed statements and sharp queries. The man explains how his son grew up facing casteist slurs and body-shaming, how he was told that bright-coloured dress didn&rsquot suit him, how he was ridiculed for choosing to wear black and grow and colour his hair red, how he was taunted for being benefited from reservation system and how he was always accused of cheating or theft if he scored well or wore a good dress. At one point, the man says, I too asked him if this red hair suits us? Then he asked me, Who decided what suits us and what not?

One day, his son goes missing, framed in a crime. The dad knows that the search is futile because It&rsquos my son who is missing and not a cow! He then goes for a makeover, sporting black dress, long hair and making a blunt political statement, &ldquoI am going to wear black, grow my hair long and colour it. Let it annoy them. For me, it&rsquos just @$^%# .&rdquo And he wears a sunglass as blue powder explodes.

For Vypin native Adarsh, who has been active in directing children&rsquos plays, Raven is an attempt to unearth Kerala&rsquos the underlying casteism Malayalis have been denying all along. &ldquoIn Kerala, it&rsquos not very obvious, but casteism runs very deep and strong. People are not aware that their &lsquojokes&rsquo are not actually funny. Many believe that bias in the name of caste, creed and religion is not happening in Kerala, where people live in harmony. But that&rsquos not true. All minorities &ndash Dalits, Dalit Hindus, Muslims, Dalit Christians &mdash face these jokes that refer to their lifestyle, skin colour and lineage,&rdquo he points out.

Raven, refers to both the black crow and the demon king Ravana. &ldquoMy grandfather was a folk artist and for Onakkali, he and artistes from Vypin used to play the part of Ravan, while those from Thrissur played the Rama. Naturally, I took a liking to Ravana,&rdquo he says. The song composed by Bibin Ashok is brought out by Bodhi Silent Scape. Nideesh Veka and Rizal Jainy are the cinematographer and editor respectively.

Though the idea of the video has been in his thoughts, Adarsh admits that he hasn&rsquot faced casteism much as he has been trying to fit into the &lsquogood boy&rsquo trap. &ldquoWhen I realised that I had to be me, I started growing my hair and coloured it red. My father too grew his beard. It was from the responses that I understood that how racist people are.&rdquo However, Ambujakshan, an orator and an active supporter of Dalit politics, wasn&rsquot surprised like his son. &ldquoHe has had several experiences,&rdquo says Adarsh, whose greatest inspiration is director Pa. Ranjith, known for his political films that make hard-hitting anti-caste statements. &ldquoIt&rsquos my wish to show him my work,&rdquo he adds.

Adarsh knows that just one video can&rsquot bring about a change. &ldquoThere&rsquos been Muhsin Parari&rsquos Native Bapa which made a powerful statement. We have to keep saying, keep reminding people about the oppression they are part of shouldn&rsquot let them forget,&rdquo he winds up.

Very Berry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe with 2 Weight Watchers PointsPlus #myberrysmoothie


  • 1 cup fat free milk
  • 1 ice cubes
  • 1 FROZEN medium banana
  • 1/2 cup fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 cup raspberries
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup blackberries


Makes this – a delicious breakfast that will start your day off right!

This Very Berry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe with 2 Weight Watchers PointsPlus is so delicious, and so easy to make. It’s really the perfect breakfast smoothie, whether you are on the Weight Watchers diet or not! Even when I am not dieting, per say, I still like to keep my smoothies really full of wholesome ingredients. After all, what is the point of having a “healthy” smoothie if it is just packed full of sugar and junk?

I recommend making your own smoothie mixes to save money, as the ones you buy in the frozen aisle at the grocery store can be pretty pricey. I buy strawberries whenever they are on sale, cut the tops off and freeze them in ziploc baggies. This is a great way to save money, PLUS you can reduce the amount of ice you use when you’re using frozen berries! I do the same with bananas and other berries, so that we always have fruit ready for a smoothie.

Of course, this berry smoothie doesn’t have to be prepared ONLY for breakfast – smoothies are a great way to get a serving of delicious berries any time of day!

You can even modify this recipe to turn it into a rich, decadent dessert, but make sure that if you’re doing Weight Watchers, you adjust the PointsPlus for whatever modifications you do. I suggest adding a scoop of low fat vanilla frozen yogurt instead of the two ice cubes if you’re going to turn it into a dessert. Then it’s more of a berry milkshake! It will still be full of nutritious goodness, and a bit of extra calcium too. Just make sure that the frozen yogurt – or ice cream if you REALLY want a decadent treat – isn’t full of sugar.

If you liked this Very Berry Breakfast Smoothie, please take a moment to share it on Pinterest for me!

Are you looking for other delicious smoothie recipes featuring fruit? Check these out! I was serious when I said that we like smoothies.

BEST red velvet cake recipe, ever! This red velvet cake is so moist & fluffy. I can never get enough!

I love red velvet cake, but I don’t love everyones red velvet cake recipe! Some people claim to have the best red velvet cake recipe, but I truly think mine is the best ( of course! HAHA) This southern red velvet cake is so unbelievably moist! Like seriously, it’s amazing.

I top my red velvet with super creamy cream cheese frosting, which by the way is homemade. The cake & the frosting are out of this world!

Again – This has got to be one of the most moist and fluffy cakes that I have ever made- Point- Blank- Period. When you make this cake be sure to not over mix the batter. Over mixing causes the gluten in the flour, to form elastic gluten strands. That will result in having a dry, bread like cake… You don’t want that ..So make sure that you mix the cake batter just until everything is well combined… You’ve been warned!

Whenever I make cakes, I make sure that ALL of my ingredients are at room temperature. That means that I take out the eggs, and buttermilk at least one hour prior to mixing the ingredients. Room temperature ingredients are easy to incorporate, which means less mixing.

I use Cream Cheese Frosting for my red velvet cakes. I wanted my red velvet cake to look pretty, so I decorated the cake with rose swirls! I used a 1M Wilton tip to create the rose swirls. I decorated my vanilla rose cake the same way, however for that cake I used buttercream frosting.

Keep in mind that if you don’t want to decorate the cake with rose swirls, you don’t have to.

Now that all of the important stuff is out of the way, it is time to get to baking! Remember this recipe for all of your special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday’s, Valentines, and whenever you are craving a moist homemade Red Velvet Cake! Give this recipe a try, and be sure to send me some pictures of your cake! XOXO

Watch the video: WHAT HAS CHANGED IN 10 YEARS. POINT BLANK REVIEW (October 2022).