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Risotto pasta

Risotto pasta

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Recipe Pasta risotto di of 20-05-2010 [Updated on 09-05-2018]

Risotto pasta for me is a new discovery ... I read about this type of preparation in which the pasta is toasted, as for the preparation of risotto, and then cooked together with all the ingredients; I was a bit skeptical about this risotto pasta because I believed that in this way the pasta was springy and like a soup but the curiosity to try a new recipe, and moreover, by dirtying a single pot, had the upper hand. So, I tried a version of risotto pasta with what I had in the fridge, bacon and philadelphia, flavoring the dish with a sachet of saffron.
Recipe passed with flying colors! The risotto pasta turned out to be a quick first course as well as highly appreciated, try it to believe it;)


How to make risottata pasta

In a fairly large wok, sauté the diced bacon with a drizzle of oil.

Now add the pasta, cover with water, add salt and pepper, put a lid on and start cooking.

After a few minutes, as soon as the water starts to boil, remove the lid and turn the pasta, from there continue to check the cooking, turning from time to time adding more water if it dries before cooking the pasta.
Meanwhile, mix half the parmesan, philadelphia and saffron in a bowl, adding a ladle of cooking water.

Mix until it forms a cream.

When the risotto pasta is ready, add the philadelphia cream and saffron

Sauté the philadelphia risotto pasta and pancetta one minute over the heat off

Then serve the risotto pasta on the plates

Risotto pasta with tomato sauce

Risotto pasta, a recipe used since time immemorial by cooks and chefs to make a dish of pasta even tastier and creamier. The preparation is exactly like that of risotto: the pasta is cooked in the same pot as its sauce and the cooking liquid is added as the pasta absorbs it. It seems an oddity, it may seem, indeed, a "Mappazzone" as a famous TV chef would say. On the other hand, if it is prepared following a few simple steps, it will be delicious. For me it was a pleasant discovery! But let's see how it's done: today I propose one simple simple one risotto pasta with tomato sauce.

Risotto Pasta With Vegetables


  • Granular Vegetable Broth: to taste
  • Red Onions: 1
  • Peppers: 2
  • Perini tomatoes: 5
  • Tagliatelle: 300 gr
  • Romanesque courgettes: 3


For how many people: 2

Cost: 3.00 & euro

Difficulty: 3

Minutes: 40 min

When pasta and risotto meet.

In a non-stick pan, brown a finely sliced ​​red onion, then add the courgettes cut into slightly large slices.

Let the courgettes flavor and add the peeled and chopped peppers and tomatoes.

Cook for about twenty minutes with the pan covered, heat the vegetable broth, put the tagliatelle in the pan and start adding ladles of hot broth as it is absorbed.

Gabriella Natale

I am a 54 year old Italian woman passionate about good food and healthy eating. I grew up in a family where the attention to food, its quality, variety, refinement, were never casual and yet they were spontaneous and natural gestures to share together. In the wake of this philosophy I have built my life without ever consciously reflecting on the fact that, through food, many emotions pass, all this until when. One of those days, of the three years I lived in the United States in Bethesda (MD), the art teacher of my daughter, Thai by origin, amazed by the dedication and variety with which every day I prepared a different lunch for my little girl , stopped me along the school corridor to tell me that in Asian culture, cooking is considered an act of great love. From the care that I put on Giulia's menu every day, balancing the supply of nutrients, she deduced that I am a woman capable of great love and that therefore I deeply love my daughter, to the point of dedicating so much of my time to this task. I was surprised and thought about those words for a long time. As an Italian mother, it is obvious to dedicate a lot of time every day to preparing a meal for your children. It seemed obvious to me too, I had never thought about it, I did it. From that day on, thanks to his words, I began to see and experience the gestures and rituals of "cooking" with different eyes. Since then, I have been fully aware that cooking has great emotional value. I want this message, through the dishes I cook, to reach my daughter who will be a mother tomorrow. Today, more than ever, also in the light of the new gastronomic knowledge I have received, the dishes I prepare are the result of curiosity, study, choices and research. My cuisine evolves and matures with me and, more and more, aims to satisfy the taste while taking care of health. I am aware that I cook with great love and passion, just doing it with joy and pleasure feeds my soul. I'm a 51 years old Italian woman passionate about good food and healthy eating. I grew up in a family where the focus on food, its quality, variety, sophistication, were never random but spontaneous and natural gestures to share together every day. In line with this philosophy, I built my life without ever consciously reflecting that many emotions pass through food, all of this until. One of those days, of the three years I've lived in the United States in Bethesda (MD), when my daughter's art teacher, Thai origin, amazed by the dedication and variety I put preparing my little girl's every day meal, stopped me in the corridor of the school to tell me that in Asian culture, cooking is considered a great love act. Looking at the care I used to put on Giulia's menu, balancing the supply of nutrients, she deduced I am a woman capable of great love and then I deeply love my daughter so much to devote this task the most of my time. I was surprised and thought to those words for a while. For an Italian mother, it's usual devoting so much time every day in preparing her childrens meal. It seemed obvious, I've never thought about it. Since that day, thanks to her words, I began to see and live the gestures and rituals of "cooking" with different eyes. Since then, I fully aware that cooking includes deep emotional meaning. Through my dishes, I wish this message is getting to my daughter, who will be a mother in the future. Today, more than ever, even after my new culinary knowledge, the dishes I prepare are the result of curiosity, study, choises and research. My cooking evolves and matures with me and, increasingly, wants to satisfy taste becoming healthier. I am aware to cook with great love and passion. Doing it with joy and pleasure nourishes my soul.


Serve with a drizzle of oil and the crispy bacon crumbled on top.

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With this type of cooking, even the simplest tomato pasta takes on a unique taste. Never used agretti outside of salads. This spring dressing inspires me. A big kiss, good week

I'll have to try this technique. inspires me !!

I laugh then you'll understand why)! And I used this method too long ago and there is no story: the pasta was fabulous! And I really like these combinations of yours! A big kiss

Do you know that I have not yet experimented with this technique? But I'll have to fix it :-)

Lucy ces pâtes sont très appétissantes, j & # 39adore les pâtes!

Also I have never tried this technique. I have to try, I have so many recipes that have intrigued me but I have not yet put to work! Your recipe is delicious.

tu as utilisé des saveurs qui me font craquer, un pur régal
bonne journée

Thanks for the nice description of this procedure that I have already heard but never tried !! A really great result for this really very tasty pasta !! A kiss and good week!

I'm a little skeptical too. but after seeing your result the curiosity came to me -)

Never tried risotto pasta. Thank you!

I had never heard or tried risotto pasta! but yours seems absolutely excellent! what a pleasure!

even I had never heard of risotatta pasta! you made me curious!

It is not the first time that I have come across this "method" of cooking very attractively. if you present it to me like this -)

yeah, funny, right? done once, it was nice, a different experience!

I really like your recipe! all ingredients adored by my adorable but fussy husband. Ok, one of these evenings I throw myself and try it! kisses and thanks! Francy

wspaniałe danie! rewelacja! i piękne photos!

Lucy, I too have ready a post about a risotto pasta that I will publish soon :) a nice discovery! This must also be excellent with agretti and pancetta!

Wow, I had no idea this way of cooking pasta existed! Really interesting

& quotCut a la onion in mirepoix & quot: I wrapped it here. You say that this is why the rest of the process seemed complex and worthy only of a great chef like you?

no. and 'that in that case it seemed ugly to say in cubes.

How tasty. if you want ideas for recipes take a look at this cookbook, I find it presiozo :) !! Congratulations on your blog and your wonderful recipes !! ah beautiful photos! Greetings, Federica

I am terribly fascinated by the wonderful mix of rustic and elegant that you have served up. congratulations dear, it's a beautiful recipe!

I heard about this method of cooking pasta from the randi chef on TV and it seemed quite complicated, now reading your very clear explanations seems more feasible and then your recipe and your photos are so inviting, I'll try it !
Good day

the risotto pasta is good, I often make it also because then I leave it pretty dry as I like it: P
a hug

The Risotto Pasta

I, like, I realized, a lot of Italy ni we don't particularly love him (a kind form of saying and I can't even stand the smell of it which, for me, is stink). I don't know what the reason for this aversion is, but all the Italians who lived there hated it. It is true, however, that in minimal quantities (pediatric doses hehe), in certain recipes (like this one) it is necessary to give that touch of Caribbean flavor.

Sopa Negra is almost always served with a poached egg cooked in the soup itself. Sometimes someone serves it with a hard-boiled egg or without an egg.

Sopa Negra

Add the beans with their water (add more water if necessary), season and cook for about twenty minutes.

Give the blades a couple of strokes with the hand blender. If you prefer, you can blend it completely or I prefer something in between.

With this recipe I participate in the January MTChallenge

Sopa Negra

Holaaa !! Para una receta que habla español, a saludo en español es lo justo. Feliz año nuevo a todos !! Que es un poco tarde para felicitar? Yes . tal vez, but yo no público desde antes de Navidad, así que espero que acepten mis mejores deseos para este año recién empezado.

No "bloggeo" hace mucho y use muy little el pc, cada vez menos, diría yo. I keep a horario de trabajo que no me deja nada de time para mis intereses (y no hablamos de entretenimiento.). Lamentably es lo que hay or lo acepto or lo acepto.

But the que no me puedo perder es the quotes with el MTC !! Aún que sea perdiendo horas de sueño, but I absolutely hold que participar con mi receta. Entre paréntesis: calculad que, para mi, publicar algo, en comparación con usted, es trabajo doble porque también tengo que traducir.

The last TCM has sido ganado por Vitto (que vuelvo a felicitar !!) que, para el desafío de este mes, has hecho a fantastic elección: the Señora Soup and the Señora Sopa !! Gracias Vitto !! . y she has propuesto, entre otras, i amado Minestrone Genovese..que ricooo.
Me encantan las menestras y me encantan las sopas y cuando tuve que pensar en lo que podía prepare mi pensamiento se había ido directo a dos sopas que muchas veces he cocinado y que me hubiera gustado proponer: el Minestrone Milanese y la Pasta e Fagioli (Sopa de pasta y alubias). lástima que no I keep the raw material. Por desgracia no puedo encontrar aquí la berza (cuanto la echo de menos !!) y las alubias especificas. así que tuve que cambiar de receta.

Finally mi elección recae en this sopa que hoy les I propose. Además de esto, sin embargo, quería preparar otra sopa típica de las Canarias, pero estamos en una isla y los ingredients los encuentras only cuando quieren ser encontrados, pero nunca cuando los necesito (estuvimos tres días sin cebolla. .. desaparecidas. en ninguna parte !! Esto para que os hagáis una idea. grrr).
Por desgracia, el tiempo se acaba y si el type de verduras necesarias no aparece de repente between hoy y mañana no voy a tener tiempo para cocinar, fotografiar, escribir, translucir. joooo.

The Sopa Negra is one of the platos most representative of the cocina de mi querida Costa Rica (para los que no me conocen: he vivido 10 años en este maravilloso país).
Los frijoles negros (alubias negras) se encuentran a diario en las cocinas costarricenses.
Los cocinan de diversas maneras, pero, sobre todo, es el basic ingredient of the tradicional "gallo pinto" (arroz y frijoles negros salteado con cebolla, pimiento y cilantro) that if suele acompañar de huevos fritos or revueltos es el desayuno màs típico .. Sí has ​​leído bien: desayuno !! . no me hagais recordar. que una vez me tocó una invitación para desayunar y, con el fin de no ofender, me los tuve que comer.

Como todos los platos tradicionales de un país holds muchas pequeñas variantes pequeñas según las casas, las zonas, etc. Hay quienes lo hacen como la receta que os dejo a continuación (de hecho, esta versión, me la había enseñado alguien de allá), quien no usa el apio, quien añade the famous salsa Lizano (una especie de salsa de Inglés), quien lo sirve licuado, as a cream with a round of sour cream directly in el plato, y sin duda habrá otras versions que ahora se me escapan.

One important thing: en América Central use a gran cantidad de cilantro fresco (cases, cases it ponen también en el café. Jaja) and en esta sopa (como no !!) es uno de los ingredients.
A mi no me gusta nada el cilantro, y me di cuenta que la mayoría de los Italianos opinan lo mismo. No soportamos (los que piensan igual que mi) ni siquiera el olor que nos parece un malisimo olor, un apeste.
No se cuál es la razón de esta aversión, but all the Italianos that vivían allá lo odiábamos.
Es cierto, sin embargo, que en cantidades mínimas (en dosis pediátrica. Jejeje), en ciertas recetas (como ésta) aconsejo agregarlo para dar ese toque adicional de sabor caribeño.

The Sopa Negra se sirve, the mayoría de las veces, with huevo escalfado (or poché) que se cocina en la misma sopa. A veces, algunos la sirven with huevo dura or sin huevos.

Put a saucepan with water on the heat, sufficient to contain the pasta and keep it wide (a pan with high sides is also fine). For this quantity of pasta, the ideal size is that of a 20 cm diameter pot.

When the water boils, add the salt and the pasta, bring it back to the boil while keeping the heat high, then lower and stir from time to time. Continue until the pasta is cooked. The water will have absorbed and left a & # 8220cremina & # 8221 on the pasta as for a classic risotto, if the water is not enough, some boiling will be added little by little. If, on the other hand, the pasta is too liquid and the cooking is complete, you can drain the excess water or simply let it evaporate quickly by turning the preparation quickly.


This pasta shape, and long pasta in general (bucatini, trenette, mafalde, & # 8230), requires a first quick cooking in boiling water.

Therefore, place a pot with water on the heat, bring to a boil and add salt (this pot will also be used for & # 8220risottatura & # 8221)

Pour in the pasta and cook for half the minutes indicated on the package.

After this time, leave the pasta in the pot and slowly drain the water, keeping only the quantity in the pot sufficient to cover the spaghetti (or in any case the chosen format).

Place the pot on the stove, allow it to boil again and continue the preparation following the instructions above until cooking is complete.

Flap's kitchen

put about 2 liters of water to boil in a saucepan, add the celery stalk, the carrots and the heads of the previously peeled prawns. It is important to squeeze the heads before submerging them in water. Add the salt and cook about 15 minutes from the beginning of the boil.
Meanwhile, wash the courgettes and cut them into slices. In a very large pan, sauté the garlic in oil and add the courgettes, add the salt and sauté a few minutes over a high flame so as to brown the vegetables.
Then bring the shrimp fumet to a boil again, drop the pasta directly into the pan with the zucchini, add the white wine, let it evaporate and continue cooking the pasta using the fumet (as if it were a risotto), stirring constantly with a ladle of wood, so that the pasta releases its starch which will remain in the plate. It is important that the flame under the pan is very high so as not to make the balloon boil.
When almost cooked (about 2 minutes before turning off the heat) add the prawn tails without the shell. Finally add the chopped parsley and sprinkle with white pepper.

Notes: when cooking pasta with risotto, it must be taken into account that cooking times increase compared to those indicated on the package

Advice: it is important that the pasta during cooking is not completely covered by the fumet but comes out a little (this is what lengthens the cooking times)

Type of pasta: it is certainly easier to prepare this dish using a short pasta such as caserecce but having a very large pan available you can also make spaghetti or linguine

Risotto pasta

Does the pasta remain detached from the sauce and not very creamy? Then treat it as if it were a risotto! The pasta & # 8220risottata & # 8221 remains homogeneous and creamy like a risotto while using traditional short pasta!

Even the simplest recipe becomes a gourmet specialty!

Prepare a very simple sauté with onion (or leek or shallot), celery and carrot. If you like, you can add some cold cuts (ham or diced bacon for example). Season with salt and pepper to taste and brown in a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and, when the onion has browned, blend with a drizzle of white wine. Add the pasta and enough broth to cover it. As the water dries, add broth little by little until cooking is complete. When the pasta is ready, mix everything with plenty of grated Parmesan cheese.

Of course, you can add any ingredients you like as you like, just follow the procedure you usually use to prepare the risotto.We really like it with some diced potatoes to give it extra creaminess.

Risotto pasta, to make pasta like risotto!

There risotto pasta it is a very simple pasta that is characterized by the somewhat "unusual" type of cooking that is used. Indeed this pasta it is prepared like a risotto, then proceed by first browning the onion with the bacon, then add the pasta that should be toasted like rice, then add the liquid (preferably broth) and continue cooking as is normally done for risotto, until completely absorbed.

Risotto pasta is therefore a different, delicious, simple, fast and very particular type of pasta cooking, with which you can get an excellent plate of pasta in a short time, using only one pot. For this type of pasta preparation it is preferable to use a type of pasta that keeps cooking well, for this reason I have chosen rigatoni, in general the pasta rigata will be fine. Another thing you have to consider is that the pasta thus prepared it will release all the starch that it contains, which will then not be drained with water but absorbed by the pasta itself and this will be precisely thebinding element that characterizes this type of pasta, which somehow resembles a risotto.