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Personalized Presents are Perfect for Everyone

Personalized Presents are Perfect for Everyone

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Get personal with these super-sentimental gift ideas

Give the gift of something personal for any occasion

Whether it is a birthday, an engagement, or an anniversary, we all like to feel special on our “big days.” When you have friends and family who rally together to make an experience sentimental for you, you can practically feel the warm and fuzzies. One way to make someone feel extra special on their big day is to give the gift of a personalized piece. These are all-the- rage now, and can help turn everyday housewares into something extremely special. Give someone special an extra special gift with these perfectly personalizable presents:

Cutting Board
This super-cool cutting board and cheese board set is perfect for any newlywed. Not only will the couple swoon over seeing their new name, they’ll love having something so unique to use as serving ware!

Sweet Spoons
Maybe the chef of your family has a birthday coming up? Help them own their kitchen with these personalized wooden utensils.

Wild Wine Glasses
For your bridal party or just a few of your best girlfriends, these customized wine glasses will make anyone smile and feel super special as their sip their wine!

The 39 Best Gifts You Can Buy for the Baker in Your Life

For people who truly love to bake, a new tool for their kitchen arsenal is a great gift idea. You know the type of person we&rsquore talking about: the friend who makes cakes and pies to relieve stress and finds store-bought baked goods snooze-worthy. If you have a loved one like this in your life, give them a gift that encourages their hobby.

They likely already own a nice baking sheet, a bundt pan, and maybe even some cool baking gadgets that&rsquos why we&rsquove curated this collection of thoughtful baking upgrades, that go well beyond the baking basics. Think: a specialty cake mix, pro-quality vanilla extract, baked-goods themed ice cream, or a high-quality pizza stone so they can finally DIY pie dough. Or maybe they would love the beautiful canisters for all their ingredients, or a personalized rolling pin? You can also go the practical route with a digital food scale, a nonstick Silpat for cookie baking, or a splurge-worthy mixer.

No matter what you settle on, you&rsquoll want to check out these great gift ideas for bakers. There&rsquos something for everyone, from the novice baker to the lifelong baking enthusiast.

Below are 41 sentimental gift ideas:

Build a Box Box Box, available at Bon Bon Bon, from $3.50 per truffle

Skip gifting cheap and cheesy chocolates and go for something a little more elevated with Bon Bon Bon's box builder. Our pick for best truffles and ganaches, we love Bon Bon Bon for its unique packaging as well as unconventional flavors such as Strawberry Balsamic, PB & Jam, and Bourbon. The box builder allows you to create a box by price range, by your giftee's favorite flavors, or even by clicking a random selection function. Each bonbon comes individually wrapped in its own box, and you can even purchase a bonbon passport to mark off your favorite flavors as you explore them all.

The 56 Best Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Food might be the key to her heart. but wine doesn't hurt either.

Why is it that the ones we know and love best are often the hardest to shop for? No need to start stressing&mdashbuying the perfect gift for your girlfriend is much easier than you think. It doesn't matter if you've been dating for three months or three years, you'll be able to find an amazing gift on this list for any foodie. We've picked gifts for wine-lovers and caffeine addicts alike&mdashand all the personalities in between.

You probably already have your special wine bottle chosen for your dinner reservations, but mix it up for the at-home after party with a bottle of Código 1530 Rosa tequila&mdasha pink tequila that gets its color from aging in Napa&rsquos finest French oak cabernet wine barrels.

Preparing the Invitations For Your Recipe Themed Bridal Shower

To ensure that as many guests can attend the bridal shower as possible, try to mail out the invitations or announcements early. Include a recipe card with each invitation. Instruct each guest to fill out her favorite recipe on her card.

Some Ideas for Wording Your Recipe Themed Bridal Shower Invitations

If you are including recipe card inserts with your invitations, you’ll want to provide some instructions on the recipe card itself or on the invitation.

An alternative is not to provide the inserts, but instead to just ask guests to bring their favorite recipe to the shower with them. In this case, you might want to ask for a particular paper size. 8.5″x11″ paper is a good bet so that it fits easily in binders.

Here are some wording ideas for you to consider. You can get creative and make up your own recipe themed bridal shower invitation verse as well.

The perfect ingredients for a successful marriage:
lots of love, a pinch of spice and no shortage of answers to “What’s for dinner?”

Please join us for a Bridal Shower in honor of
Ashley Black
on August 12th at 11 am
at the home of Amanda Green
1234 Some Street

Please bring your favorite recipe on 8.5″x11″ paper.

Regrets only to Amanda 555-4567

Ashley’s joy is getting to cook
So please give her a recipe from your book.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner for two
appetizer, dessert, or fondue
When she cooks it she will think of you!

Please join us for a Bridal Shower in honor of
Ashley Black
on August 12th at 11 am
at the home of Amanda Green
1234 Some Street

Please fill out the enclosed recipe card with your favorite recipe
and bring it with you to the shower.
You may also bring, if you like, a
gift to help set up their kitchen.

RSVP by August 6th to Amanda
at 111-222-3333

Additional ideas for collecting recipes

These days, many family recipes are posted online. In addition to having each guest fill out a customized recipe card, you could ask each person to include a URL for the recipe as well if there is a URL available.

The bride-to-be will be able to access her favorite recipes from her computer as well, and she can even bookmark them so that they are always available.

Your guests can email you the links prior to the shower and you can collect them in a list to provide the bride. You could also print the recipes off and add them to the recipe binder you are creating.

Special instructions for large groups

If your bridal shower guest list is exceptionally large, you could divvy up the recipe cards into different categories.

Send requests for main dish recipes to one group of women, and send requests for dessert recipes to another.

You can also break them into categories like side dishes, soups and salads and beverages.

When you put the recipe binder together, you can sort it into different categories.

The bride-to-be will be thrilled by the huge assortment of recipes that she receives, and she’ll appreciate the fact that she can create entire meals from ideas in her binder.

Unique Custom Aprons for Everyone

Adults and kids alike will appreciate having a quality, durable and personalized apron that keeps their clothes clean while they&rsquore cooking or crafting. Available in sizes to fit adults and kids, there&rsquos a perfect custom apron for everyone. Our adult size measures 30.5&rdquo L x 29.5&rdquo W the child size measures 16.5&rdquo L x 18&rdquo W and features a break-away safety clasp at the neck and ties at the waist. Both apron sizes have convenient storage pockets at the waist. For easy clean-up, our 100% cotton aprons are machine washable (wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low for best results).

Do it Yourself Gift Basket Ideas for Any and All Occasions

Gift Baskets are always SO fun to receive – but do you struggle with how to put together the perfect personalized bundle for somebody else? I created an easy and sweet DIY gift basket for a baker or anyone who loves kitchen goodies! (So, basically, for anyone.) Using a batter bowl and some inexpensive colorful kitchen items it was so easy and the presentation is darling! Come see how to do it yourself and recreate it in minutes. While you’re here – check out all of the other ideas I found for Gift Baskets as Thank You, Christmas and Neighbor Gifts, Get Well, Birthday Gift baskets, New Homeowner and Housewarming gifts, Manly gift bundles and more! Any one of these would make MY day:

Do it Yourself Gift Basket Ideas for Any and All Occasions

(This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.)

This idea is PERFECT for anybody and any occasion. Even people who don’t know how to cook or bake seem to LOVE kitchen goodies! Amiright? Pretty sure I am. This would work as a Thank You gift, Housewarming, Birthday, Christmas present or whatever!

Think of the batter bowl as your gift basket. Line it with one or more cute, inexpensive kitchen towels and then fill it with little cooking, baking and miscellaneous fun items. The more colorful the better! Throw in things like baking spoons and spatulas, a cookie dough scoop, cheese graters and zesters, pretty colored and patterned paper straws, a sandwich crust cutter, sky’s the limit! Well, actually what all you can fit in the batter bowl is the limit. Cuz: Physics. If you have a favorite family recipe – print it and include a copy or write it on a recipe card to be extra thoughtful. Wrap a bow around it and you are golden!

Check out all of the other fun ideas I found for you to copy to create the PERFECT gift basket for any occasion! There’s bound to be an idea or two here that would be perfect for that hard to shop for family member or friend on your gift list.

Just click on the source link below the image to take you to the full tutorial for any of these awesome ideas!

Grab a cute little plastic laundry basket and fill it with goodies for the perfect Baby Shower Gift Basket! Full Baby Shower Laundry Gift Basket tutorial via The Inspired Hive

Fill a cute basket or pretty crate with handles with a variety of K-Cups, mugs and treats for the Keurig Coffee lover in your life! Make sure you include her darling printable too – grab it when you are checking out the tutorial! | Happy Go Lucky

I just LOVE this for the friend or family member with the green thumb! Create a basket from GARDEN HOSES! Fill it with fun gardening items like gardening gloves, sprayer nozzles, gardening tools and seed packets like this cute herb set. Even throw in a live plant if you want! Photo via Pinterest

Here’s a tutorial I found to make the BASKET from garden hoses:

Looking for the perfect Get Well gift or something to make a friend smile who is going through a hard time? Who wouldn’t be cheered up with this darling Gift Basket full of SUNSHINE!? Includes FREE Printable Gift Tags | Melly Moments Blog

For the Hello Kitty obsessed little (or big) one! Make double/triple sure this darling Hello Kitty Thermos makes it in your bundle! And if it’s for a grown up – you have GOT to get them this Hello Kitty COFFEE MAKER! (I just added that to my Christmas wish list aka Amazon Shopping Cart. Not even kidding.) | Merchant Circle

Create a fun and summery spa gift basket ANY time of year by filling a pretty bucket with flip flops, loofahs, pumice stones and other pampering pretties! | Pleasant Surprises

Use a pretty stainless steel Colander or Strainer as the basket and pack it full of stylish pot holders and pretty food and kitchen items like a nice salt and pepper grinder. Perfect idea for your friends who love to cook! | Great idea via World Market

Tons of FUN ideas for Gifts In a Galvanized Tub – ***You can get the tubs in lots of size choices HERE*** including Free Printable Tags and Labels | The DIY Mommy

Grab some of these snuggly slippers and fill them with goodies for a pampering gift bundle anyone would love to receive! Perfect Pedicure Gift Basket Idea and PRINTABLE gift tag! | Laura’s Crafty Life

Use a pretty Crock Pot as the gift basket and fill it with goodies! Isn’t this Bella Diamonds Collection Slow Cooker gorgeous? Love this Gift Idea for the Foodies on your list! | Tonya Staab

Love this idea to string yarn through the colander holes to make them look like snowflakes! And how much do you love that they make this colander in turquoise? Add some pretty kitchen tea towels, tie on a wooden spoon with a bow and you’ve got a Worry-Free Weeknight Dinner Gift Basket! Idea and photo via BHG

Do it Yourself Gift Basket Ideas for Any and All Occasions

Fun Gingerbread Pancakes and Mimosas Holiday Breakfast Gift Basket Idea | Curly Q. Paper

Learn How to Make the Perfect Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket | The Tom Kat Studio

What a fun idea! Use a soft cooler or lunch tote as the basket and fill it with Marshmallow Roasting Sticks and S’mores Supplies – perfect for anyone and any occasion. Because: S’mores! End of the year Teacher Gift Idea | Driven by Decor

LOVE the balloon! Easy and so thoughtful – Happy Birthday in a Box idea for when you can’t be there in person! Make sure to include an AMAZON GIFT CARD! | Idea via A Bubbly Life

Actually, make sure you include an Amazon gift card with any of these fun gift baskets. You can pretty much buy anything you want with it so you know they’ll love it!

Isn’t it SO FUN to give someone something that makes them feel special? I sure think so. Happy smile making, friends!

Make sure to PIN THIS IMAGE to keep coming back for more GIFT BASKET IDEAS when someone’s Birthday pops up or your friends move into a new house or just to be super nice and make someone’s day!

Want to go back to the beginning and PIN one you passed by the first time? Easy, peasy! CLICK HERE or on the IMAGE ABOVE and it will take you right on back to the start!

Since you’re in the gift giving mood – check out all of these AWESOME handmade gift ideas! There’s something for everyone on your list and to fit any budget! CLICK HERE or on the IMAGE BELOW to gather some clever and fun DIY GIFT ideas:

25 Cheese-Themed Gifts That Aren't Just a Block of the Month Membership

What would a holiday celebration be without a little cheese?

We all have our vices. Maybe yours is a daily dose of dark chocolate, or a so bad it's good reality show. Or, perhaps, you simply can&rsquot get enough cheese. And who can blame you? It&rsquos salty, creamy, and delicious, whether it's served by itself, in or on pasta, on an elaborate charcuterie board, or coated in breadcrumbs and fried. If you know someone who loves cheese as much as you do, consider giving them a cheese-themed Christmas gift this holiday season.

The following 25 cheese-themed gifts are perfect for the cheese-loving foodie in your life who can't get enough of those sharp, and sometimes sweet, flavors that go on, well, just about anything. With a wide variety of gifts, including subscription boxes, cheese-themed soaps, beautiful board sets, and even cheese-like earrings, any one of these cheesy (pun intended!) Christmas presents will thrill that cheese aficionado in your life.

Wisconsin is known for its cheese, and this gift box allows the receiver to have a taste of eight of the state's different cheeses. There's a honey sriracha gouda, a dill havarti, a smoked mozzarella, and more. No on will blame you for purchasing one for yourself this holiday season, either.

This cheese-making kit helps beginners learn how to make homemade mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, goat, and mascarpone cheese. One five-star review raves, "We made the cheese and used it fresh on homemade pizza, fantastic."

This soap looks so realistic, guests may end up assuming you accidentally left a sandwich in the bathroom. The soap is one full piece so it won't fall apart when its used, and it also smells like green apple (not cheese), which is a fun twist.

Customize this cheese board with a name, wedding date, or other personalized message to make it a truly special gift. It also comes with a hidden drawer to house four cheese utensils (included), cutting down on space while being extra functional.

Who doesn't love a good pun about cheese? Plus, this card will make the recipient feel good about themselves when they remember that aging makes some things even better.

Give this bright accessory to someone who likes to wear their love of cheese on their sleeve &mdash or in this case, on their ears. They're cute and quirky, the perfect combo for a fun pair of earrings.

These gluten-free, non-GMO snacks come in three yummy cheesy flavors: cheddar, white cheddar, and cheddar jalapeño. Add them to a charcuterie board for a little extra crunch.

These cutting boards can be personalized with any recipe, so feel free to emblazon a favorite cheese-themed meal on the wood. Then it will be both functional for cutting and serving cheese and for cooking instructions.

Up their charcuterie board game with these pretty cheese markers. There's six in all to label the different products, and they're made out of sturdy stainless steel and brass.

This dainty piece of jewelry is the perfect, chic way to show off the recipient's love of cheese. It comes in silver or gold, and it's so cute everyone who sees it will want one too.

Cut a whole block of cheese in seconds with this "Wizard Slicer." Its metal slots keep slices uniform, and it comes in three colors to match whatever kitchen decor the receiver already has.

Deck the halls with wedges of cheese, fa la la la la, la la la la. This ornament looks good enough to eat, but really it'll just show off a household's love of dairy products when hung on the tree.

It's a charcuterie board in a box! This package comes with all the fixings for a yummy cheese plate: figs, olives, crackers, peppers, jam, and more. Just grab some of your favorite cheese and enjoy!

The best way to keep cheese is in a cheese vault. It wicks away moisture and allows the block to breathe so it doesn't mold. This vault can fit two different types of cheese with a divider between, or the divider can be taken out to fit a bigger block.

This cheese board can be monogrammed with any letter of the alphabet, and the indent makes the perfect place to keep meats and crackers to go with the cheese. It comes in a high-quality cherry, maple, or walnut wood.

For the ultimate cheese lover, this sticky note charcuterie set is the perfect office decoration. It's also totally functional as a memo pad.

Melted raclette cheese tastes so good, and this contraption brings what is traditionally a restaurant appetizer straight into your home. The heat lamp melts the cheese into a delicious gooey mass to be used in pasta, over meat, or on veggies.

This miniature fondue set can be heated with a tea light candle to melt the cheese, and it comes with two tongs to use for dipping bread, veggies, and more into the yummy sauce. It can even be used to melt chocolate for dessert.

15 Etsy Kitchen Gifts for the Holidays

Whether you&aposre shopping for a personalized, unique, or artisan-made gift, you&aposll find it on Etsy. To spare you from sifting through the online store&aposs huge selection for hours, however, we&aposve curated 15 special Etsy kitchen gifts with the holidays in mind. You&aposll find one-of-a-kind cutting boards, ceramic dishes, pet-inspired presents, and more in our Etsy gift guide.

Available in nine gorgeous finishes, this dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe pitcher can double as kitchen decor. They'll want to leave it out all the time.

Buy it: Handmade Pottery Pitcher, $32

Engraving a cherished handwritten recipe on a cutting board ensures that it will remain a family favorite for years to come. Choose from three styles, three kinds of wood, and three sizes.

Buy it: Recipe Cutting Board, $45

Heads up: Pet parents will probably get emotional when they receive a cotton tea towel printed with a hand-illustrated portrait of their precious fur babies.

Buy it: Pet Portrait Tea Towel, $75

Sure, no one considers a sieve the most important kitchen tool in their kitchen. But this Personalized Wooden Handled Sieve, engraved with your own message, can change that.

Buy it: Personalized Wooden Handled Sieve, $17

Personalize a sleek decanter and matching glasses with a laser-engraved design, featuring your gift recipient's monogram or name in one of nine styles.

Buy it: Engraved Decanter Set With Glasses, $60

What good is farmhouse design if it's not functional? Get both with this dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe pour-over, designed for #4 coffee filters.

Buy it: Ceramic Coffee Pour-Over, $20

With your choice of eight monogram styles and 49 thread colors, this tailor-made kitchen towel will, no doubt, have a prominent place in their kitchen.

Buy it: Monogrammed Hand Towel / Kitchen Towel, $13.50

For less than the cost of the average bottle of liquor, you can customize a quality leather flask in one of 10 colors and several styles of lettering.

Buy it: Personalized Leather Flask, $20

With an organic feel and four glazes to choose from, one of these ceramic mugs would make a special gift even without their name printed on it.

Buy it: Handmade Mug With Name, $46

You won't find a cuter cookie cutter than one that's custom-made to resemble your pet. Or, in this case, someone else's pet.

Buy it: Custom Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter, starting at $24

Your gift recipient will find themself serving everything from a whole roasted chicken to appetizers on this simple, rustic ceramic serving platter.

Buy it: Large Ceramic Platter, $79

Clean lines and matte, muted colors give these ceramic bowls a fresh feel.

Buy it: Matte Ceramic Bowls, $23

Engrave a name, message, or significant date on this steel, wire brush-finished bottle opener. But it's just as handsome without text if you'd prefer an unembellished version.

Buy it: Personalized Bottle Opener, $29

More than an eco-friendly way to store bread, this textured linen bag keeps your loaf fresh because its small holes allow the bread to breathe.

Buy it: Linen Bread Bag, starting at $15

These sculptural ceramic utensil holders, available in clay or white, will add a modern touch to their kitchen.

Homemade Holiday Gift: Infused Vodka Recipes

Infused vodka is a fun and unique hostess gift for the holidays. Vodka can be infused with a variety of flavors from citrus to candy canes!

If you&rsquore like me, then you love shopping for Christmas gifts. It&rsquos never seemed like a chore to me to choose the perfect give for everyone on my list. Some years, I get my shopping done extremely early, and other years (like this one, for instance) I tend to spread my shopping out over a long period of time and perhaps even wait until *gasp* last minute to find the right gift.

That being said, I don&rsquot appreciate the multiple emails a day in my inbox that are telling me that &ldquotime is running out&rdquo and that &ldquothere is still time to choose those last minute gifts&rdquo. It&rsquos the first week of December! By no means is this last minute, and it irks me that stores try to get me all stressed out that I don&rsquot have my shopping done yet.

Just to prove to you that we all still have plenty of time to choose your holiday gifts, here is an awesome homemade edible gift idea that takes several days to make, but with very little actual hands on time. Yes, infused vodkas are easy, impressive and delicious, but they do take a few days to make. But no worries, right? We all still have plenty of time!

I&rsquove been wanting to try to make my own flavored vodkas for a while now. I love the idea of mixing unique combinations of flavors that lead to some very impressive cocktails. I decided to go with three flavors and played around a little with various winter and
holiday classics.

For the Citrus Rosemary Vodka, I combined clementines with a bit of grapefruit and some aromatic rosemary. It&rsquos like a cocktail version of my Rosemary Citrus Spritzer. The Cranberry Orange Vodka has notes of cinnamon and clove for a warm, holiday feel and the Candy Cane Vodka is full of pepperminty flavor. Simply place vodka and your desired flavor infusers in a mason jar and allow to steep until the the vodka has taken on the flavor of your added ingredients. The process couldn&rsquot be simpler!

These vodkas make perfect hostess gifts for the holidays, especially when decanted into fancy bottles or even sweet little mason jars. Tie a hand stamped gift tag around each bottle for a complete package. Don&rsquot let your email inbox bully you into thinking you&rsquove run out of time. Relax, make some infused vodka and sip on a yummy holiday cocktail. You totally have time!

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