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Pandispan cake

Pandispan cake

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I have the recipe from acute, I doubled the ingredients, thanks for the recipe you were right yes addictive

  • 8 eggs
  • 2 dogs flour
  • 2 sugar dogs
  • 8 tablespoons oil
  • 4 tablespoons cocoa
  • a pinch of salt
  • vanilla essence

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes


Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then add the yolks and mix until it becomes a glossy foam.

Then add the yolks and mix lightly after each one, add the essence, sift the flour and incorporate lightly again at the end of the oil.

Pour half in the pan greased with oil and lined with flour only on the bottom and not on the side, in the other half add cocoa and mix

We take it with a spoon and put it over the white one and we marble it with a fork.

I made the icing from 100 g of chocolate and 6 tablespoons of milk,

Nutella cake and fluffy pandispan

Who doesn't love Nutella? Of course it was good. You can calibrate everything in a smaller quantity, of 6 eggs, provided that it is a small stove tray, about 30 x 22, or 25 x 25 cm instead of 30 x 30 cm as needed for 8 eggs. Pay attention to the indications related to the tray, below!

Tray dimensions: 30 X 30 cm
Be careful when baking the pandispan sheet / sheets, when pouring the raw composition to be at least 2 or 2.5 cm thick or higher, otherwise it will burn in 15 minutes. Adjust the quantities if necessary, correlated with the firepower!
30 x 30 cm = 900 cm square (0.03 sqm). So either calibrate the quantities on the counter (with a simple rule of 3) to the size of your tray, or improvise a cardboard limiter that you wrap in baking paper, in case you don't have a smaller tray in the house. Example: your tray is 40 x 40 cm = 1600 square cm (0.16 sqm), therefore limit the space inside to the size of 40 x 22 cm = 900 square cm as I wrote above. & # 8230 And the examples can go on. Regardless of the shape of the tray, proportionate to the surface of 900 square meters.

Preparation time 1 hour 20 minutes

Cooking time 26 minutes

Portions 36 vowels of 4-5 cm


TABLE - ingredient (pandispan sheet)

CREAM - ingredient

SYRUP - ingredient

  • 2/3 L water (will decrease to 1/2 l)
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 lg sugar
  • 2 lg honey
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar


Wrap the tray in baking paper and leave it waiting.
Preheat the initial oven to the minimum stage & # 8230 130 degrees.
1. Separate the egg whites from the 8 eggs with the yolks and beat them with the mixer together with a pinch of salt until they harden.
2. Add the sugar and beat them for meringue, so they don't fall if you turn the bowl over. It lasts less if the sugar is powder.
3. Mix the yolks (rub by hand with a wooden spoon) for 1 minute to mix, then pour over the egg whites.

and homogenize them with a spatula (or para target) with movements from bottom to top so that the egg white does not lose much air.
4. Incorporate the flour with a spatula / tel into the egg mixture.

5. For as even tops as possible, divide the composition into 2 equal parts from the beginning and bake them in turn at about 170 degrees, depending on how fast your oven is and how thick the composition is. Research through the window how it looks after 10 minutes, and after 15, check every 5 minutes

& # 8230or bake once in a large tray and then cut in 2 along the middle axis (small axis line).
6. Bake in the oven for 15-25 minutes in modern electric ovens, until it browns a little, but provided that it does not show signs of burning (you can see at the corners and on the edges what the sole bakes). It takes longer for classic gas ovens, baking will be done at about 3.5.
7. Leave them to cool, then cut into 2 (not in height. But in width) if you baked the whole top once. The idea is to get two sheets.

1. Boil water with sugar.
2. Add the lemon juice.
3. Boil over medium heat until reduced to 1/2 liter or less if you want the syrupy top.
4. Turn off the heat and add the vanilla sugar or vanilla extract.
5. Sweeten with honey if necessary, only after the partial cooling of the syrup. Be warm.
After it has cooled completely, add the tops.

1. Rub the butter with the mixer.
2. Add all the nutella and continue until smooth.

3. Place spoon by spoon over one of the syrupy tops, level and place the other syrupy top on top.

4. Powder with powdered sugar

or cocoa or blueberry-style decorative fruits, small berries, placed on each portion when served on a plate, over the cocoa layer.

Liv (e) it!

Fluffy pandispan crescent cake with almonds by Simona Callas

This cake is among the first that I remember, made by my mother, among the first that I in turn prepared for my own children, and also among the first that come to mind when I need a sweet simple and fast, with ingredients that I always have in the house.

The recipe I propose to you differs a little from the original one I got from my mother. I replaced some of the wheat flour with almond flour, and beat the eggs whole with sugar. My mother rubbed the butter foam with the sugar, then incorporated the yolks and the rest of the ingredients and beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and add them at the end, after the flour. Well, I've found that you don't need that much work. I beat the whole eggs with the sugar, and my cake is extraordinarily fluffy and fine.

The fact that I added almond flour to the composition, of course, contributed to obtaining a special texture and flavor. You can replace almond flour with hazelnut or walnut flour (very finely ground walnuts), you will get the same fine and fluffy top with the specific aromas of walnuts used. I preferred it to be whiter / yellow, to look more like a crescent, but everyone does as they please.

5 eggs
20 tablespoons milk
10 tablespoons oil
11/2 cups of flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 baking powder
lemon peel
juice of 1/2 lemon
300 g cheese
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2-3 tablespoons flour
juice of 1/2 lemon
vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt
2 eggs
1 vanilla sugar

Mix whole eggs with sugar until it doubles in volume, gradually add oil, milk, lemon peel, juice, flour mixed with baking powder and mix. In a bowl, mix the cheese with the slightly beaten eggs, add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
In a tray lined with baking paper, pour the pandispan composition and on top add the cheese with a spoon and level.
On top I added 2 beaten eggs with 1 vanilla sugar and put in the oven until it passed the toothpick test.

Try this video recipe too

Victoria pandispan cake


225g butter, at room temperature
225g old
4 eggs
2 tablespoons vanilla seeds
225g flour
Jam or cherry jam
Sweet cream

Method of preparation:

Preheat the oven to 180 C, then grease a tray with butter and wrap it in wax paper.
In a bowl, carefully mix the butter and sugar until a creamy composition results. Beat eggs and add vanilla. Sprinkle flour over all these ingredients in the rain and drip and milk if you feel like it. You need to get a paste with a fine consistency.

Pour the dough into the pan and leave it in the oven for 20-25 minutes. After it has cooled, cut it in half and pamper it abundantly with cherry jam, strawberry jam, berry peel or whatever you want, plus a generous layer of whipped cream! Pandispan cake Victory will conquer you!

Peel the apples, cut them in half and remove the stalks.
Grease a pan of pandispan, or a pan, with margarine and cover with caster sugar.
Put the apples cut in half and the accordion cut on top. Between the cuts, put a teaspoon of caster sugar and powder with cinnamon. Put the tray in the oven.

During this time, prepare the pandispan: choose the egg whites (4) and beat the foam, add the sugar (4), add the oil (4), add the yolks. Beat well and carefully add flour. Mix lightly so as not to leave, and put the sachet of vanilla sugar and for safety a sachet of baking powder.
Remove the pan from the oven and place the mixture over the apples. Bake again for 20 minutes.
After you have tried it (to be baked), remove it, leave it to cool a bit and carefully turn it over on a plate - the apples must be on top.

If we want a cake, we choose the round tray for the apple pandispan and it can be dressed in whipped cream.

Romanita cake

  • For countertop (3 sheets):
  • 6 eggs
  • 6 tablespoons flour
  • 8 tablespoons sugar
  • 12 tablespoons water
  • 12 tablespoons ground walnuts
  • peel and lemon juice
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • vanilla sugar
  • For caramel:
  • 6 tablespoons sugar (2 for each sheet)
  • For vanilla cream:
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 L milk
  • 8 tablespoons flour
  • salt
  • peel and lemon juice
  • 3 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • 1 packet of butter
  • For decoration:
  • grated chocolate

Mosaic cake with pandispan leaves

It rarely happens that I am excited about a cake because I have tried many recipes and because I don't like any kind of cake. I like those with cream but not to be very sweet, to be fluffy but not to crush when you hold them in your hand, not to be hard to prepare and not to wait many hours until you can eat them. If possible with walnuts but not a lot. Come on, I don't have many pretensions, there are a lot of cakes that meet all these conditions, you can find many of them on my blog as is natural, right? :)

Mozaic cake was completely foreign to me until recently, I don't remember eating it when I was little, on the net I admit that I saw it but it didn't attract my attention because I don't like wafer cakes, and my little ones don't eat any shitty candy. So I had to improvise based on a recipe from my neighbor and I'm not sorry, the countertop is with cranberries and walnuts, a super-mega-successful combination, without cranberries would have been exaggeratedly sweet, and the wafer sheets -I replaced it with a fluffy pandispan. The vanilla cream completes the cake brilliantly, so all you have to do is try it and if you have time, write me what you thought :)

Mosaic cake with pandispan leaves

The recipe is for a tray of size 25 & # 21535 but you can make it in a slightly larger tray, there is no problem if it comes out thinner.

  • 7 egg whites
  • 150g old cough
  • 120g white flour 000
  • 1 teaspoon grated baking powder
  • 100g candied cranberries
  • 50g slightly fried walnuts and then crushed
  • 7 yolks
  • 400ml milk
  • 1 vanilla pudding powder
  • 100g old
  • 1 teaspoon of good quality vanilla essence
  • 250g butter with a minimum fat of 80% at room temperature

1. Preheat the oven to 170g C.

Mix the egg whites with a little salt until you get a foam that does not fall off the blades of the mixer then add the sugar and mix until it melts. Gradually add the flour mixed with baking powder and mix over the head so that the composition retains your volume.

Add the cranberries and finely chopped walnuts and mix gently until incorporated into the top.

Pour the dough into the tray in which I put baking paper and bake for 35 minutes. For more safety, test with a toothpick, the countertop should be slightly brown when ready.

Remove the tray from the oven and let the countertop cool then detach it from the baking paper and place it on a wooden plate or bottom.

2. For the pandispan sheets, mix the egg whites from the 4 eggs with a little salt, then gradually add the yolks, mix well and gradually add the flour, stirring over the head until it is completely incorporated. Bake the sheets for 20 minutes. I made a single sheet in the large stove tray because it is exactly twice the size of the cake tray.

If you bake the top in a larger tray then use 6 eggs, 6 tablespoons of sugar and 6 tablespoons of flour for the pandispan sheets.

Remove the tray from the oven, let the sheets cool a bit and then turn them upside down and peel them off the baking paper (in my case a single large sheet that I cut in half as I wrote before). We leave them aside until we prepare the cream.

3. Mix the yolks well with the pudding powder and sugar and gradually add the preheated milk. Put the composition in a pot with a thicker bottom and then put it on low heat, stirring constantly until it thickens like a pudding.

Cover it with a foil so that it does not make a puddle on top and let it cool well.

When it has cooled completely, add a piece of butter, mixing well after each one. When we have incorporated all the butter, add the vanilla essence and mix lightly. We get a fine vanilla cream.

4. To put on top we leave two tablespoons of cream and we start to assemble the cake with pandispan sheet, cream, countertop, cream, pandispan sheet, a little cream and then grated chocolate or coconut flakes.

Let the cake cool for 3 hours and then cut it with a knife previously passed through hot water.

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Tosca cake step by step & # 8211 video recipe

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Coarse cake is a delicious cake consisting of a pandispan top with poppy seeds, a vanilla cream, a layer of biscuits and chocolate icing. You have asked me for this cake so many times that it was impossible not to prepare it. I've known this dessert for a long time. I had seen it everywhere on the internet, but I hadn't had time to do it in the video version. I don't know why I hesitated because it is very tasty and fragrant, especially if it is prepared properly.

For the Tosca cake recipe, I didn't take any of the recipes from the internet. I preferred to design my own recipe. For the countertop, I made a pandispan countertop in which I added poppy seeds. I did not use baking powder because it is not needed. It will grow due to the air we incorporate into the eggs. For the vanilla cream, I preferred not to use commercial pudding powder, but to make the cream myself. It is very easy to make and the taste is much better.

For the biscuit layer I used simple butter biscuits that I soaked in decaffeinated coffee. Of course you can also soak them in water syrup with sugar and vanilla essence or in compote juice. I wanted the icing to be tasty and fine, so I made a dark chocolate ganache. I used dark chocolate with 52% cocoa and whipped cream. You can also use milk chocolate, only for every 100g of chocolate, use only 50ml of sour cream.

After fitting the Tosca cake, it should be refrigerated for at least 6 hours or preferably overnight. In this way the butter from the vanilla cream will harden, as well as the ganache. If you want, you can decorate it with fruit, chocolate flakes or even walnuts or almonds. I preferred to leave the Tosca cake undecorated because it looks spectacular anyway. For another delicious and equally good-looking cake, I recommend you try the cake Danube Waves cake.

Video: Taiwanese Castella Cake Recipe. Emojoie (February 2023).