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"Egeh zahrah" -Breaded cauliflower-specific to Arab countries

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Cauliflower unfolds into bunches. Boil the cauliflower bunches in water and salt for 10 minutes. Put them in a strainer to drain well and cool.

Chop the onion, garlic, mint leaves and parsley in a vegetable slicer. Put in a bowl with flour, eggs, milk and spices; mix well so as not to remain lumpy with flour.

Heat the oil and fry the cauliflower bunches after I put them in the starch. Leave on medium heat until golden. Remove on absorbent kitchen paper, then arrange on the tray we serve.

Another option can be made.

After the cauliflower has boiled, it separates into even smaller bouquets; they are introduced in the starch and with a spoon they are put in the hot oil, to form the pies. It is eaten hot or cold with Arabic stick, radishes and green onions.

Good appetite!