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Champagne Cream Cake

Champagne Cream Cake

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We prepare the worktop:

1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

2. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt.

3. Add a tablespoon of sugar and beat until the sugar melts and then add the next tablespoon of sugar.

4. Over the obtained foam add one egg yolk and beat well after each,

5. Add oil and cold water.

6. Add flour, sifted baking powder. Incorporate with light movements from bottom to top. Add cocoa, sifted and continue chewing.

7. Grease a tray (24 cm in diameter) with oil and cover with flour. Put the obtained composition and put in the preheated oven at 180 ° for 25-30 minutes.

8. Do the toothpick test quickly: if it comes out clean then the top is baked. Let it cool in the closed oven.

Champagne Cream:

1. Soak the gelatin in 100ml of cold water for 10 minutes.

2. In a saucepan, mix the yolks with the powdered sugar until a whitish mixture is obtained.

3. Add the champagne in a thin thread, mixing well.

4. Put the pan on low heat and cook for about 10-15 minutes.

5. Remove from the heat and add the broken chocolate pieces and mix until it melts.

6. Add gelatin (I put gelatin sheets and squeezed). Mix well until the gelatin melts completely.

7. Leave to cool and then add to the refrigerator.

8. After an hour, beat the whipping cream and add the cold cream.


1. Put water and sugar on a fire in a saucepan and let it boil until the sugar melts.

2. Allow the syrup to cool slightly and add the vanilla essence.

Whipped cream: I beat the cream with the mixer, when it was ready I divided it in two and I added nutella and I continued to beat.


1. I cut the worktop in half.

2. I soaked the bottom counter well, then I put the champagne cream.

3. I put the other half of the countertop, I syruped it and I left it to cool for 2 hours.

3. I decorated it: I spread a thin layer on the edge of the countertop and I glued the chocolate chips. Then with a pos I decorated with whipped cream. In the middle I put raspberries.

How to make cocoa cream with butter for cake, cakes, cookies?

I broke whole eggs in a metal bowl and mixed them with sugar, salt and vanilla. I sifted cocoa on top and mixed everything vigorously with a whisk. Do not bathe if they are lumpy because they will dissolve when the cream thickens, by beating with a whisk.

I chose a suitable pot in which I put 3 fingers of boiling water. Boiling water should NOT reach the bottom of the bowl! It is important that the metal bowl with the cream sits well on the pot with water, so that no steam escapes on the sides.

I placed the bowl of cream over the pot of hot water, reduced the heat so that the water boiled slowly and began to mix with the whisk.

How much steam do we boil on the steamer?

This cream must be beaten non-stop. The story of beating the steamed cream in unknowingly is not valid. Not the one with the visible thickening. That thickening can mean the coagulation of the eggs, their transformation into papara. This happens at temperatures above 75 C. That's why I recommended the scientific method that involves using a thermometer. When it indicates 75 C the cream is ready!

If you still do not have a thermometer, you will have to follow the texture of the cream (to be homogeneous, without fragments of coagulated egg) and to test its temperature with your finger. When you feel hot (not just hot) take the bowl off the steam bath!

In the first heating phase it becomes even more liquid but it starts to thicken slightly after 6-7 minutes. He took it from me fixed 10 minutes from the moment I put it on the steam and took it down. This time refers exactly to the quantities in the recipe, extending if you make a double or triple portion.

This is how it looks immediately after I stopped boiling and in picture 2 you can see it after it has cooled for about 4 hours. Do you see how smooth, consistent and glossy it has become? It thickens on cooling.

OBSERVATION: There are types of cocoa that form lumps no matter how well they mix with the cream. I suffered it too & # 8230 In this case it is recommended to strain the hot cream, before it starts to cool and thicken.

Retake to the Miki

A sweet and sour cake, I really like this combination. It is not very "bibilit" because it is made for a Sunday, without any special event, just out of the desire to do something good, good, good :)
The composition is for a small shape (18 cm) of cake. If you want to make in a normal shape (26.28 cm), you will have to double the amount.

  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • a pinch of salt
  • 100g sugar (3 tablespoons with tip)
  • 200ml water
  • 1 tablespoon rum free
  • 2-3 pieces of orange peel
  • peach jam
  • 3 eggs
  • 400ml champagne
  • 150g sugar
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1/2 packet of butter or margarine
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

We separate the egg whites from the yolks. We mix the egg whites with 2 tablespoons of sugar until they harden, and we mix the yolks together with a spoonful of sugar, vanilla essence, oil, salt and baking powder until we obtain a yellowish white composition, which we pour. over the whites.

With a spoon, gradually incorporate the flour, stirring gently from the bottom up.

We put the obtained composition in the shape of a cake, in which we previously put baking paper and greased it with oil. Put the mold in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 35-45 minutes, depending on the oven. When it is ready, take it out of the mold and put it on a grill to cool.

Put the sugar in a bowl over low heat and leave it until it turns brown, then add water, taking care not to burn, the orange peels and leave until all the sugar melts. Let it cool, then add the rum essence. .

In a bowl we boil the champagne with the sugar, and in another bowl the flour. on low heat, stirring constantly, so as not to stick. When the composition has taken on consistency, add eggs, mixing very well until smooth, leave for about 1-2 minutes, then turn off the heat and let cool until it reaches temperature the room. Mix the butter at room temperature until it becomes foam, then take a tablespoon of cream and incorporate it into the butter until you finish the cream, and at the end add the vanilla essence.

We cut the countertop in 3 equal parts or as equal as we can, I never come out perfectly equal. :)

Apple cake with burnt sugar cream

The burnt sugar cream is prepared by mixing with the mixer 4 eggs, sugar,
milk, liquid cream and vanilla essence. Pour the composition
over caramelized sugar. Place the dish in an oven tray in which
pour a little water. Bake in a preheated oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees
Celsius degrees.

Separately, peel the apples and cut into thin slices. Put in a pan
butter and brown the apples for about 10 minutes or until soft

To prepare the top, in a bowl beat the egg whites with a powder
of salt using the mixer at high speed. Add the sugar and
keep beating until it hardens and becomes glassy. added
sifted flour and mix with a spatula using wide movements.

When ready, remove the burnt sugar cream from the oven. On top
put the apples in an even layer.

Pour over the countertop composition.

Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Allow to cool for at least 1 hour. Peel off with a knife
edges and turn over on a plate.

Allow to cool and then cut to taste.

Recipe video Apple cake with burnt sugar cream lower:

Beat the egg whites with 100 g of sugar and the vanilla sachet.

Rub the coffee with 2 tablespoons of warm water.

Rub the yolks with 100 g of sugar and ness.

Add over the egg whites and mix gently.

We also add flour + baking powder. We mix.

Pour the composition into a detachable 26 cm form and bake for 30 minutes. Cut into 3 slices horizontally.

First we soak the gelatin.

Beat the 2 types of cheese with the sugar, vanilla and orange juice. Soak the gelatin in a bain marie and pour it into the cream, mix well.

Rub the coffee with a tablespoon of hot water, sugar and champagne

Syrup the tops and place the cream on each one.

For decoration I used: the candies filled with cereals that I chopped, I wrapped it with chopped walnuts on the edge.
Good appetite!

Dessert cake with champagne cream and lemon cream

countertop-mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sugar and lemon juice, mix until it becomes a glossy meringue, add the yolks, mixing well after each one, the oil and water in a thin thread, mix until smooth.

Sift the flour with the baking powder, add the lemon peel and mix with a spatula until smooth with light movements from bottom to top.

Pour the composition into the tray lined with baking paper, put it in the preheated oven until it passes the toothpick test.

Let it cool and then cut into 4 slices.

jelly-in a bowl add the fruit, add the water mixed with the sugar and starch, put it on the fire until it thickens like a sauce, let it cool.

Champagne cream-mix the yolks with the sugar until it becomes a cream, add the starch, champagne and mix until smooth.

Put the pot on the fire, stirring constantly until it thickens like a pudding, add the broken chocolate pieces, mix until it melts, cover with a foil and let it cool.

Mix the whipped cream until it doubles in volume, add the mascarpone, mix well and add over the champagne pudding, 2-4 tablespoons of raspberry sauce, a drop of red dye, mix until smooth.

Lemon cream-mix the cream until it doubles in volume, add the lemon cream and mix until smooth

Assembly-place the first sheet of countertop-syrup-add 1/2 champagne cream, on top of raspberry sauce (I was wrong) -2 sheet of countertop-syrup -lemon cream -3 pond leaf-syrup-champagne cream- 4-leaf raspberry sauce - syrup and refrigerate for a few hours.

Cover the cake with whipped cream and decorate with raspberry sauce or as desired.

Butterfly Cake with Champagne Cream and Berries

For Countertop:
The eggs must be at room temperature, because otherwise, we risk that the countertop will be left in the middle.
Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites with the salt powder, after a few minutes add the sugar and vanilla sugar, mix well until all the sugar melts. Add the yolks one by one, mixing continuously until smooth.
We stop the mixer and in the dough we add the oil, a little vanilla and rum essence (I use these flavors because I don't really like the intense egg taste on the counter, but you can omit this), we mix a little more, and with the help of a sieve we put flour mixed with baking powder, but be careful, gradually put in 2-3 tranches and mix lightly with a silicone or wooden spatula until you incorporate the flour of the other ingredients.
After we finish the dough on the counter, we pour it into a detachable tray of 26cm lined with baking paper only on the bottom, and we grease the edges with oil and sprinkle a little flour, so that it does not stick, then we put the tray in the preheated oven for 35-40 minutes or most likely we do the test with the toothpick or the skewer stick (in my case: d)
When the pond is ready, we close the oven and leave the tray there with the door ajar so as not to cool down suddenly, otherwise we risk leaving it.
When it has cooled completely, we take it out of the tray, we use a knife on the edges, then we cut it in 3 horizontally.

Mix the yolks well with the sugar, add the starch and champagne and transfer the kettle to the stove, and with a whisk, mix continuously. Separately take 3 tablespoons of champagne and mix them with agar-agar, and when it has dissolved add it to the cream, along with vanilla. When the cream has thickened, set it aside and let it cool completely, stirring occasionally.

After the champagne cream is cold, mix it for a few minutes with whipped cream and put it in the fridge until we fill the cake.

For berry jelly:
Put the thawed berries in a blender and mix them until you get a paste.

Put the fruit mixture in a pot together with the sugar and agar-agar dissolved in 2-3 tablespoons of syrup or water and leave it on the fire for a few minutes until the puree has thickened a little.

When ready, turn off the heat and pass the resulting paste through a sieve to obtain a fine, seedless jelly.
Allow to cool to room temperature.

For the syrup: Put the water with the sugar on the fire, and when the sugar has melted, turn off the stove and add a little rum essence.

For assembly:
In the tray where I baked the top, place the first sheet on the counter, syrup it, then grease it with a jelly and put a layer of champagne cream, then place the second sheet on the top, do the same, and on the last sheet above before to place it in the tray, we syrup it very little and grease it with jelly and carefully put it in the tray with some jelly down.

We wrap the cake nicely with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge overnight.

For decoration:
With the help of a knife we ​​take the cake out of the tray with a detachable ring and now comes the beautiful part.

To remove the tray from the bottom, I turned the cake with a plate, then to turn it upside down again I placed on top of a cardboard on which he put a baking paper and quickly I managed to bring it to the state in which it was when I took it out of the fridge, but without the tray: d

Good . now to give it the shape of a butterfly I used a sheet of A4 paper and with the pen I drew the middle of the butterfly, I cut it with scissors and the sheet with the empty part in the middle I put it exactly in the center of the countertop, and with a knife I lightly cut the center of the butterfly-shaped countertop and also the baking paper with which I helped to turn the wings and transfer them to the tray.

After giving the cake the shape of a butterfly, I covered it with a very thin layer of creamy pomegranate left with half of the whipped cream, I made the contour with a little whipped cream mixed with fruit puree, I decorated the middle with whipped cream mixed with cocoa, and I greased the wings with the remaining fruit puree! I also used some ornaments from star and butterfly candies!
Put the cake in the fridge until the guests come to be devoured!
You're welcome!

Fruit cake and champagne biscuits

Here is a new recipe for our Contest sent by Lala: Fruit cake and champagne biscuits. Participate with your soul recipes HERE! You can win a bread machine or a juicer.


For Cream:
1 box of peach compote (apricot or pineapple, etc.)
800 ml yogurt with fruit, also peach or apricot
300 ml liquid cream
2 sachets of white gelatin

For garnish: pieces of peach compote, 1 sachet Red Jelly Cake, 100 ml red fruit juice to dissolve the jelly powder

Method of preparation

Drain the peaches from the compote, cut into small pieces. Mix the 2 cans of fruit yogurt with white gelatin that has been previously hydrated and melted.

Mix the whipped cream until it hardens, add it over the yogurt with gelatin, add the finely chopped peach pieces and continue mixing lightly.

In a conical glass bowl, for ease of assembly and placement, on the walls of the bowl we first put food foil so that the cake does not stick to the glass and spoil when we turn it on the plate.

Place the champagne biscuits lightly syruped on the walls of the vase, and at the bottom of the bowl put the pieces of peaches arranged in a circle or chopped, when the ready-made cake is returned, it will become the decorated top of the cake.

Pour the cream composition in the middle of the bowl, taking care not to disturb the biscuits from their position. Close on top with another row of syrupy biscuits and fix well to the still soft cream, so it will become the basis of the torture when returned to the plate.

Put it in the fridge for a few hours, usually I leave it in the evening until morning.

When the cream has set, carefully roll the cake on a straight plate and remove the cling film.

Depending on your preference, you can add fruit on top of the cake and cover it with red jelly.
Dissolve the red jelly with red fruit juice and melt it in steam, then pour it carefully over the top of the cake and let it drain on the edges.