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Great Spock! Star Trek Klingon Beer to be Released Soon

Great Spock! Star Trek Klingon Beer to be Released Soon

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The Federation of Beer, a craft brewing company that makes Vulcan aleAle, is now releasing a Klingon beer called Warnog

Trekkies can rejoice that they can now watch Captain Picard and slug some official Klingon brew.

Do you think this is what they meant by live long and prosper? The Federation of Beer, in partnership with Star Trek, is known for their Vulcan Ale, and now they are releasing a new product: Warnog, a Klingon beer, is a rye malt featuring notes of “clove, banana, and caramel” with “German wheat yeast, supported by subtle sweet malt character.”

Warnog, in case you’re not up on your Trekkie knowledge is the official Klingon ale, consumed by Klingons in both the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine series’. The Federation’s Vulcan Ale, released last year, was an Irish red intended as a nod to the red Vulcan planet.

Not everyone was happy with this newest Star Trek beer creation.

"A real Klingon would probably be more into blood and steel flavors, something that tastes like more like victory and less like wheat," said Amanda Kooser at CNET.

No word on when they’re going to release a line of bloodwine, though we imagine that would be hard to duplicate.

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