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Whataburger Is Testing Limited Delivery Service in Dallas

Whataburger Is Testing Limited Delivery Service in Dallas

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The service is only available in parts of Dallas

Whataburger is testing delivery through DoorDash in select parts of Dallas.

Whataburger is currently testing out delivery service in Dallas in partnership with DoorDash, a food delivery website.

Whataburger and DoorDash do not have an official partnership, as they are just testing out delivery, Guide Live reports. “It's actually just a small experiment to gauge customer interest and demand,” a spokesperson told Guide Live. “It may be gone tomorrow; it may be kept up for a week or so.”

Whataburger’s delivery began on August 24 and there is no word on how long it will be available. Last month, DoorDash also tested out Taco Bell delivery in Dallas. This service is still going on and has even expanded to other areas of Dallas. The company delivers food from restaurants such as California Pizza Kitchen, the Cheesecake Factory, and The Counter.

This is very exciting news for Dallas residents. We can only hope that Whataburger and Taco Bell begin delivering in other cities across the country soon.