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Pineapple Bowle

Pineapple Bowle

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New Year's Eve is not missing from us :)

  • 1 l sweet white wine
  • 1 l semi-sweet white wine
  • 1 l champagne
  • 3 doses of 340 gr. cubes plus the juice from the pineapple compote: D

Servings: 12

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


The diced wine and pineapple are mixed in a larger pot.

Leave it to cool overnight.

The next day before serving, add the champagne.

It is very good and easy to do.

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Diets, diet recipes, medicinal and aromatic plants

As I said, each food corresponds to a certain score / 100gr. The poorer the food in points, the healthier it is and the more it can be eaten. In addition, if you "save" points in a day and add a few minutes of exercise, you can be sure that you will lose the extra pounds in a relatively short time. all daily points. You can set aside a maximum of 4 points per day, otherwise you enter the plateau phase. Unconsumed points can be used on weekends or lost, as you wish. If you consume more points in one day than you should, the situation can be restored the next day. Points are valid only for one week, a new week starts from 0 on bonus or reserves.

It is consumed minimum 17 points , even if maximum score- 4 is less than 17

Here are some of the points of the main food groups:

fruit they generally have few points. Pineapple, strawberries or nectarines can be eaten daily because they have 0 points. Apples, peaches, raspberries have 1 point each. At the opposite pole, in the category of fruits with the most points, there are almonds (4 points / 30 gr) or peanuts (4 points / 30 gr).

Count the points, not the calories.

I eat anything?

Movement and movement again

You lose between 500 g and 1 kg per week

Motivation is done in the team

How much should I eat?

  • 1 glass of fruit juice = 1 p
  • 1/5 baguette or 3 biscuits = 2 p
  • 1 crescent = 4 p
  • 1 glass of semi-skimmed milk = 2 p
  • 1 skim yogurt = 1 p
  • 1 slice of defatted ham = 1 p
  • 1 carnacior = 2.5 p
  • 1 slice of raw ham = 2.5 p
  • 4 tablespoons rice, wheat, boiled white beans = 2 p
  • saturated boiled potatoes = 2 p
  • 30 g goat cheese = 4 p
  • fresh tone = 3 p
  • oil tone = 4 p
  • fresh salmon = 5 p
  • 1 quarter roasted chicken without skin = 5 p
  • 1 turkey escalope = 2 p
  • 1 beef escalope = 2.5 p
  • pasta on saturated = 4 p
  • vegetables = 0 p
  • 1 mineral water = 0 p
  • 1 apple tart = 6 p
  • 1 slice of bread (white bagel) = 1 p
  • 15 cherries, 1 slice of mango, 15 grapes and 100 g plums = 1 p
  • 1 teaspoon butter = 1 p
  • 2 teaspoons sour cream and 4 teaspoons skim cream = 1 p
  • 1 teaspoon oil or margarine = 1 p

Calculation of daily points:

It is recommended to consume all the daily points
You can set aside a maximum of 4 points per day, otherwise you enter the plateau phase
Unconsumed points can be used on weekends or lost, as you wish
If you consume more points in one day than you should, the situation can be restored the next day
Points are valid only for one week, a new week starts from 0 on bonus or reserves

1. Weigh the food

2. 5 servings of vegetables per day, namely 2 servings = 300 g vegetables and 3 servings = 200g fruits
In excess of fruits or vegetables, an extra point is counted for each fruit or vegetable.
3. For calcium - 2-3 servings of dairy
4. Minimum 2 liters of water daily

5. For a cup of coffee, an extra glass of water

6. It is allowed to maximum 12-14 points per week for sweets

a small apple it's the size of a tennis ball
a to average it is the size of a light bulb
a big potato it is the size of a light bulb
a portion of chicken, fish, beef it is the size of the palm, less the fingers
a spoon of something is the top of the thumb to the first wrist.
A small teaspoon is as much as the tip of the index finger to the first wrist
A cup of something is what fits in the palm of your hand.
a big bagel or a big pancake is the size of a CD.

Bread and buns = points

Bread, any kind 1 slice 2
Wand 1 piece 4
Bun, any kind 1 piece 2
Croissant 1 piece 70g 8.5
Glue 1 piece, 50g 2
Large pretzel 70g 3
Wholemeal bread 60g 2
Black bread 1 slice 1.5
Toast bread 1 slice, 20g 1
Buns with graham 1 piece, 55g 2
Dried bread 1 Slice 0.5
Sweet bread with 1 slice of milk, 50g 3.5
Swedish dry bread 1 slice 0.5
Raisin bread 1 slice, 50g 2

Food to put on bread

Chocolate cream ex. Nutella 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Jam / Gem 1 teaspoon, 5g 0
Marmalade / Gem 2 teaspoons, 10g 0.5
Honey 1 teaspoon, 5g 0
Honey 2 teaspoons, 10g 0.5
Nougat cream 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Peanut cream 1 teaspoon, 5g 1
Plum puree 3 teaspoons 0.5
Maple syrup 2 teaspoons, 10g 0.5
5g peanut butter 1

Dessert Sweets

Chocolate 7g 1
Chokotof Poiana 1 candy 1
Anidor, bitter, with 73% cocoa 1 square & # 65533 7g 1
Chocolate with expanded rice 1 piece 1
Sugar candies 1 candy 0.5
Sugar-free candies 3 candies 0.5
Fruit cake 1 slice 9
Amandina 1 piece 8
Apple compote / puree with sugar 2 teaspoon 0.5
Pancake 1 piece, 70g 4
Fruit salad with sugar 2 tablespoons, 40g 0.5
Gray with milk 150g 4
Rice with milk 125g 2
Mokka- / Chocolate cream 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Chocolate pudding 125g 3
Tiramisu 150g 8
Vanilla- / Chocolate Pudding 125g 3
Vanilla cream 1 tbsp, 20 ml 0.5
Apple cake 1 piece, 150g 7
Strudel with apples aus coca tender 1 piece, 150g 8.5
strudel with apples in strudel sheets 1 piece, 150g 5
Donut with icing 1 piece, 60g 4
Cake with sugar cream or chocolate 1 piece, 25g 1.5
Donut 1 piece, 50g 3
Cheesecake 1 piece, 100g 5.5
Gingerbread 1 piece, 40g 3.5
biscuits 3 pieces, 15g 1
Check 1 piece, 70g 7
Poppy cake 1 piece, 100g 7
Fruit cocktail with sugar 1 tbsp, 20g, canned 0.5
Fruit cream with sugar 150g 7
Linzer Cakes 1 piece, 70g 7.5
Chocolate mousse 125g 10.5
Wheels Gr & # 65533 tze with sugar (cherries or mashed cherries) 1 tbsp, 20g 0.5
Wheels Gr & # 65533 tze light (cherries or mashed cherries) 4 tbsp, 80g 0.5
Christstollen German Christmas cake 1 piece, 100g 9

Seasonings & Flavors
Baking powder, vinegar, gelatin, vegetable soup, spices,
dry yeast, mustard, soy sauce, saccharin, tomato paste 0
Sugar 1 tbsp, 15g 1
Fresh yeast 45g 2
Cocoa powder 10g 1
Pudding powder 15g 0.5

Fats Oils
Butter 1 teaspoon, 5g 1
Butter, 50% fat - degreased 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Mayonnaise, 20% fat 2 teaspoons 0.5
Mayonnaise, 50% fat 1 teaspoon 0.5
Mayonnaise, 80% fat 1 teaspoon 1
Margarine 1 tsp, 5g 1
Margarine 60% fat 2 teaspoons, 10g 1.5
Margarine 50% fat - degreased 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Vegetable oil 1 teaspoon, 5g 1
Lard 1 teaspoon, 5g 1.5
1 teaspoon olive oil, 5g 1
Rama margarine 65% fett 1 tsp, 5g 1
Rama margarine cooking cream 1 teaspoon, 5g 1
Rama margarine 38% fett 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Frame (dairy products) - cream 2 tablespoons, 30ml 1.5
Frame (dairy products) - Fr. cook 1 tbsp, 15ml 05

Vegetable products, eggs

Egg 1 piece 2
Egg white 1 piece 0.5
Egg yolk or 1 piece 1.5
Soybeans granules 45g 2

Ice cream with cream & amp Fruit 1 small glass, 170g 8.5
Ice cream 1 cup, 50g 2.5
Coffee ice cream 1 glass, 200ml 5.5
Fruit ice cream- / Ice cream with milk 1 cup, 50g / 1 piece, 100g 1.5
Ice cream cone 1 glass, 200ml 3
Sorbet 1 piece 4
Cornet ice cream with chocolate sauce 1 piece 8
Ice cream powder in a 50g 2.5 pack

Pineapple, Grapefruit & # 65533
Pears, Apples, Apricots, Melon, Peach, Quince 1 fruit / 1 serving 0

All berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries), strawberries,
carambola (star-shaped fruit), limette, lemon,
canned fruits without sugar, watermelon 100g / serving 0

Bananas 1 small, 100g 1
Banana chips 1 serving, 40g 2
Dates 2 pieces, 12g 0.5
Fresh figs 1 piece, 50g 0.5
Cherries 8 pieces, 50g 0.5
Litchi 4 pieces, 50g 0.5
Canned fruit with sugar 1 serving, 150g 2
Mango, 1/2 fruit, 1/2 small fruit, 100g 1
Corcoduse 3 pieces, 60g 0.5
Large plums 1 piece, 50g 0.5
Raisins 2 teaspoons, 14g 0.5
Grapes 1 hand full, 100g 1
Plums 2 pieces, 50g 0.5

Seaweed 1 serving / 100g 0
Artichokes, Eggplant, Salad, Green / Yellow Beans, 1 serving / 100g 0
Chinese cabbage, Vegetable juice, Celery 1 serving / 100g 0
Garlic, Gulie, Greens, Parsley, 1 serving / 100g 0
Pumpkin, Dandelion, Bell Pepper, Mushrooms 1 serving / 100g 0
Red radish, Rhubarb, Brussels sprouts 1 serving / 100g 0
Red Cabbage, Beetroot 1 serving / 100g 0
Spinach, Tomatoes, Onions 1 serving / 100g 0
Pickled cabbage, pickled cucumbers (without sugar) 1 serving / 100g 0
White cabbage 1 piece, 170g 0
Broccoli 1 hole, 50g 0
Endive 1 piece, 50g 0
Cucumber, 1 piece 0
Carrots 1 piece 0
Leek 1 serving, 45 g 0
black radish 1 piece 0
Cauliflower 1 piece, 150g 0
Sparangel 1 piece, 70g 0
Mushrooms (canned) 100g 0.5
Peas 1 hand full 50g 0.5
Boiled peas 25g 0.5
Green olives 5 pieces 1
Black olives 1 piece 0.5
Corn, preserve 2 tablespoons 50g 0.5
Lentils, Dried beans - boiled 1 tbsp 0.5

Bird Bird products
Fried chicken with skin 1/2, 370g 15
Fried chicken skin skin 1/2, 320g 7.5
Skinless chicken breast, unprepared 120g 2
Skinless chicken breast, prepared 100g 2
Chicken breast, smoked 1 piece, 20g 0.5
Chicken liver 100g unprepared 2.5
Chicken lebervursti 15g 1
Chicken salami 1 slice, 20g 1.5
120g uncooked fresh chicken breast 2
chicken leg with skin, unprepared-with bone 200g 5.5
Chicken leg with skin 100g 4
Skinless chicken leg 100g 2.5
Chicken leg without skin but prepared 100g 2.5
Chicken schnitzel 150g 4.5
Uncooked 120g chicken 2
Chicken soup 1 serving, 150g 6.5
Duck, with 150g skin not 8.5
Duck breast, without skin 150g 13.5
Gisca, with leather 150g 13.5
Gisca, without skin 150g 5
Uncooked 300g goose pulp 11

Lean ham 20g 0.5
Weak salami 1 slice, 20g 1
Salami 1 slice, 20g 2
Crenwursti 1 piece, 100g 8
Cow sausage 1 piece, 150g 11
Lebervurst 1 tbsp, 15g 1.5
Mortadella 1 piece, 20g 1.5
Veal 125g 2.5
Beef, fresh fat / lean 125g 4.5 / 3
Beef sirloin & liver amp 1 tbsp, 15g 1.5
Bacon 1 small piece, 10g 1
Singerete 1 piece, 20g 1.5
Caizer 1 piece, 25g 4.5
Minced meat, mixed 1 tablespoon, 30g negatita 2
Cabanos 40g 3
Chicken sausage 40g 2
Liver 100g negatit 2.5
Liver pate 1 tbsp, 15g 1.5
Crochet 30g 1
Minced veal 1 tablespoon, 30g uncooked 1.5
Uncooked veal roll 160g 4
Beafsteak 140g negatit 4.5
Veal, smoked 50g 1
Roast beef 1 piece, 20g 0.5
125g mile thread negatit 3
80g lamb chop negatit 4
Ham, smoked, fat-free 20g 0.5
Pork meatballs 25g 1
Pork, fresh 150g uncooked 3
Pork, fresh 125g 3
Minced pork 1 tbsp, 30g uncooked 2
Pork fillet 150g negatit 3
Pork chop 1 piece, 150g uneaten 4
Pork chop schnitzel 1 piece, 150g uncooked 7.5
Pork sausage 1 piece, 150g unleavened 12.5
Game meat, fresh uneaten 125g 3
Horse meat, fresh 125 g uncooked 2.5
Fresh pork tenderloin 150g 3
Pork snitel bread 150g 7.5

Peasant potatoes 1 serving, 200g 7
Potato flour 1 tbsp, 10g 0.5
Potato croquettes 1 piece, 30g 1
Potatoes cooked to saturation 2
Mashed potatoes, trade 1 tbsp, 10g 1
Oven / oil fried potatoes 150g 6.5 / 9.5
R & # 65533 sti 1 piece, 60g 2
Potato dumplings (Austrian specialty) 1 piece, 100g 3.5
Sweet potatoes 1 piece, 50g 1

Philadelphia with 2 tablespoons yogurt, 30g 1.5
Philadelphia with 1 tablespoon greenery, 15g 0.5
Philadelphia natur 1 tbsp, 15g 0.5
Philadelphia with onion 1 tbsp, 15g 0.5
Spring green creation 1 tbsp, 15g 0.5
Light with greens 2 tbsp, 30g 0.5
Light natur 1 tbsp, 15g 0.5
Hochland light 30% fett of any kind 1 piece, 30g 2
Hochland triangles H.Edamer 45% fett 1 piece, 30g 2.5
Hochland Emmentaner slices 1 piece, 30g 3
Hochland Clasic H.Gouda 48% fett 1 piece, 30g 2.5
Hochland H.Maasdamer 45% fett 1 piece, 30g 2.5
Hochland Original H.Tilsiter55% fett 1 piece, 30g 3
Hochland Smantana 8/8 50% fett 1 triangle 2
Almette yogurt 16% fett 1 tbsp, 15g 0.5
Almette any other sort. 1 ingura, 15g 1
Mixtett 27% fett any sort. 1 triangle, 25g 1
Mixtett 50fett any sort. 1 triangle, 25g 2
Patros light 30% fett 1 piece, 30g 1
Patros pure 45% fett 1 piece, 30g 2
Patros with peppers and olives 1 piece, 30g 1.5
Patros cubes in oil 45% fett 15g 1
Patros slices for sandwich with sour cream 50% fett 1 slice, 20g 2
Patros slices for sandwich alt sort. 1 slice, 20g 1.5
Skimmed cow 's cheese 75g 1
Cow's cheese per kg 1 tbsp, 20g 1
Fresh cheese 15g 1
Telemea cheese 45% fett 100g 7
Sheep cheese 30g 2
Melted cheese 25g 2
Soft cheese 50% Fat 1 piece, 30g 3
Camembert, Brie & other acs. type, 45% Fat 1 piece, 30g 1.5
Camembert, 60% Fat 1 piece, 30g 3
Cheese with mushrooms 45% Fat 1 piece, 30g 2
Cheese with mushrooms 65% Fat 1 piece, 30g 4
Gorgonzola 1 piece, 30g 3
Cheese, ex. Emmentaler 45% Fat 1 piece, 30g 2.5
Parmesan, 30-32% Fat 1 tbsp, 8g 0.5
Mascarpone 1 tbsp, 20g 2.5
Look for 1/2 mozzarella, 50g 3
Raclette Cheese 60% Fat 1 piece, 30g 3
Roquefort 1 piece, 30g 3
Sheep cheese / Feta 45% Fat 1 tbsp, 15g 1
Melted cheese 30% Fat 2 tbsp, 25g 1.5
Melted cheese 45% Fat 2 tbsp, 25g 2
Melted cheese (in a square pack) 20-25% Fat 1 slice 1
Goat cheese 45% Fat 1 slice, 30g 2

Milk Dairy products
Actimel drinking 0.1 fat 100ml 0.5
Actimel to drink other assortments 100ml 1.5
Actimel yogurt 125g 2
Actimel yogurt 150g 2.5
Danonino 250g 6.5
Danone with fruit (any kind) 125g 2.5
Danone vanilla 125g 2.5
Sracciatella 125g 3
Danone yogurt 0.1 fat 150g 2.5
Danone Natur 125g 2
Danone drinking 0% fat 600ml 3.5
Danino 2 glasses, 84g 2.5
Whipped milk 1 glass, 250ml 1.5
Skim milk 250ml 2
Whipped milk with fruit 250ml 3
Creme Fraiche 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Fruit yogurt, up to 0.4% thickness 1 beaker, 150g 1.5
Fruit yogurt, up to 3.5% thickness 150g 3
Natural yogurt, 0.1% fat 180g / 250g 1.5 / 2
Fruit drinking yogurt 1 glass, 330ml 3
Fresh whipped cream 1 tbsp, 15g 1.5
Cream for coffee, 10% fat 3 teaspoons, 15g 0.5
Cream for coffee, 30% fat 3 teaspoons, 15g 1.5
Kefir, pineapple 1.5% garsime 250ml 2
Kefir, up to 3.5% 250ml 3.5
Condensed milk, 4-7% gars 4 teaspoons, 20ml 0.5
Condensed milk up to 12% thickness 2 teaspoons, 10ml 0.5
Milk powder 3 teaspoons, 15g 1
Milk, 0.3% garnish 250ml 1.5
Milk, 1.8% 250ml gas 2
Milk, 3.5% gas 250ml 3.5
What 1 glass, 250ml 1
Cream, liquid, up to 30% thickness 2 tablespoons, 30ml 2.5
Yogurt with whipped cream, any kind 1 glass, 150g 4
Yogurt with whipped cream, any kind 1 glass, 250g 7
Smintina, 24% Fat 1 tbsp, 15g 1
Cream cheese, natural with greens, 0.1% Fett 3 tablespoons, 75g 1
Cream cheese, natural with greens, 20% Fett 1 tbsp, 25g 1

40g uncooked pasta corresponds to 120g of cooked pasta and counts 2p
4 points until you are full at a table.
Cannelloni, dried 1 piece, 10g 0.5
Rice pasta, boiled 1 cup, 120g 2
Gnocchi (pasta made from flour + potatoes) 1 serving, 125g 4.5
Dried Lasagne Sheets 1 piece, 20g 1
Pasta, any kind, boiled 1 cup, 120g 2
Pizza Margherita, 1/2 pizza approx. 150g 7
Pizza with Vegetables, zb.Spanac, Champignons 1/2 pizza approx. 180g 8.5
Pizza Salam 1/2 pizza, approx. 160g 10
Ravioli, cook 1 cup, 125g 2
Pasta with egg, boiled 1 tbsp, 30g 0.5
Tortellini, boiled 1 cup, 120g 2

Cornflakes 1 cup, 20g 1
Popcorn, Pufarine 40g 2
Cereal seeds 1 cup, 100g 1
Gray, dry 1 tbsp, 20g 0.5
Oats / -Grain flakes 1 tbsp, 10g 0.5
Dry millet 1 tbsp, 20g 1
M & # 65533 sli without sugar 1 tbsp, 10g 0.5
M & # 65533 sli crispy, sweet 1 tbsp, 10g 1
Corn, Dried, Popcorn 20 g 1
Flour, any kind 1 teaspoon, 10g 0.5
corn flour 10g 0.5
Tarite 10g 0.5
Pressed oats 10g 0.5
Dried couscous 20g 1
Baton de m & # 65533 sli 25g 2
Pesmet 1 tbsp, 10g 0.5
Rice, any unprepared kind 1 tablespoon, 20g 1
Rice, any kind boiled 1 tbsp, 20g 0.5
Oats with boiled milk (contains milk and sugar) 1 tbsp, 20g 1
M & # 65533 sli with chocolate 1 tbsp, 10g 1
Uncooked grain 20g 1
Boiled 60g 1

Peanuts 1 tbsp, 10g 1.5
Peanuts 4 pieces, 5g 1
Peanut 1 tbsp, 10g 1.5
Coconut, fresh 1 pieces, 50g 5
Pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp, 10g 1.5
Flax seeds 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Almonds 4 pieces, 5g 1
Ground walnuts 1 teaspoon, 5g 1
Pistachio 7 pieces, 7g 1
Sesame seeds 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Sunflower seeds 1 teaspoon, 5g 0.5
Walnuts 1 piece, 5g 1

Chips 5 pieces, 8g 1
Roasted salted hazelnuts 1 tbsp, 5g 1
Grisine 1 piece, 5g 0.5
Party Mix 1 full hand, 10g 0.5
Fried almonds 50g 6.5
Popcorn, sweet 1 hand full, 5g 0.5
Salted pretzels 5 pieces, 10g 0.5
Sticks 10 pieces, 10g 0.5
chio chips with paprika 15 g - 2 p 15g 2
chio chips with salt and vinegar 15g 2
chio chips with sour cream and onion 15g 2
chio cips ready salted 15g 2
chio curry-ketchup chips 15g 2
chio chips hot peppers 15g 2

Eel, fresh 1 serving, 100g fresh 7
Anghila, ger & # 65533 uchert 1 piece 3.5
Oysters 3 pieces, 50g 0.5
mackerel, smoked & # 65533 fish, 110g 6
Fish fillets, fried 1 piece, 150g 7
Trout, smoked 1 fillet, 60g 1.5
Trout, fresh 300g fresh 6
Trout, fillets 1 piece, 200g fresh 4
Shrimp, without carcass 30g 0.5
Herringbone in aspic 1 piece, 150g fresh 6
Herring, fresh & # 65533 fish, 90g fresh 5
Herring fillets in sour cream sauce 1 fillet, 60g 4
Herring fillet in tomato sauce & # 65533 dose, 95g 4
Lobster 1 serving, 125g 2
Cod / Batog, fresh 1 fillet, 150g 2
Sea cat / Steinbei & # 65533 er, Frisch 125g fresh 2
Caviar, original 2 teaspoons, 10g 0.5
Caviar, synthetic 4 teaspoons, 20g 0.5
Crab 1 tsp, 25g 0.5
Salmon, smoked 1 slice, 60g 2
Salmon 125g fresh 3.5
Marcrou in oil, abgetropft 1 tbsp, 30g 2
Mackerel, smoked 1 fillet, 75g 3.5
Mackerel, fresh & # 65533 piece, 90 g fresh 4
Shells 500g 5
Sardine in oil, abgetropft 1 tbsp, 30g 1.5
Rolled herring in sauce 1 st & # 65533 ck, 80g 2.5 P
Sardine in its own juice 5 st & # 65533 ck, 25g 0.5
Sardela 1 st & # 65533 ck, 60 g fresh 2
egrefin, smoked 1 kl. fillet, 75g fresh 1
egrefin, fresh 1 kl. fillet, 150g fresh 2
cambul & # 65533 1 fillet, 70g fresh 1
sprot, smoked 1 piece, 15g 1
Tuna, fresh 100g fresh 5.5
Tuna in its own juice, Conserve 150g 4
125g fresh squid 0.5
Tuna in oil 30 g - 2 p

Sugar-free coffee and a little milk 0
Coffee 3in1 1
Alcohol - free beer 200ml 1
Apple juice mixed with mineral water 200ml 0.5
Bitter Lemon 200ml 1
Cappuccino with milk 1 cup, 150ml 1
Glue 200ml 2
Cola light 200ml 0
Light multivitamin juice 200ml 0.5
Icetea 200ml 1
Energy-Drinks 200ml 1.5
Fruit tea 200ml 0
Fruit juice 200ml 1
Coffee 200ml 0
Herbal tea 200ml 0
Light drinks, Tomato juice, Water, Flat water, Mineral water all 0
Cocoa 1 cup, 200ml 5
Tea / fruit, with sugar 200ml 1
Sugar-free tea and a little milk 200ml 0
Lemonade 200ml 1.5

Apple wine 200ml 1.5
Beer, any kind 330ml 2.5
Bowle, Punsch 200ml 3.5
Campari 100ml 1
Cognac 20ml 1
Sweet wine 50ml 1.5
Boiled wine 200ml 3.5
liqueur, any kind 20ml 1
Beer with malz 200ml 2
Rom 20ml 1
Tuica, any kind 20ml 1
Sparkling wine, Champagne, any kind 100ml 1.5
Sherry 50ml 1
Wine, black & sweet amp 100ml 1.5
Wein, sec 100ml 1
Sprit 200ml 1
Vermouth, sweet 50ml 1.5
Vermus, dry 50ml 1
Whiskey 20ml 1
Martini 50ml 1.5

Meat salad with mayonnaise 1 tbsp, 30g 2.5
Chicken salad with mayonnaise 1 tbsp, 30g 2.5
Herring salad 1 tbsp, 30g 1.5
Potato salad with mayonnaise 1 tbsp, 30g 1.5
Potato salad with oil 1 tablespoon, 30g 1
Pasta salad 1 tbsp, 30g 2
Rice salad with 1 tablespoon tuna, 30g 2
Tomatoes / Cucumber with sour cream 1 tbsp, 30g 0.5
Salad with sausages 1 tbsp, 30g 2.5

Dressings sauces from the trade

Bratensauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Chilisauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 1
Chutney 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Cocktail-Dressing 1 tbsp, 20ml 3.5
Fix f & # 65533 r Salatsauce 10g 0.5
French-Dressing 1 tbsp, 15ml 1
Grillsauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Italian-Dressing 1 tbsp, 15ml 0.5
Yogurt-Dressing 1 tbsp, 15ml 0.5
Cheese sauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Ketchup 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
1 tablespoon sour cream sauce, 20ml 1.5
Salad sauce with 1 tablespoon, 15ml 2
Salad sauce without oil 1 tbsp, 15ml 0
Sauce Sauce 3 tbsp, 60ml 0.5
Hollandaise sauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 2.5
Mustard sauce 1 tbsp, 20ml 0.5
Tomato sauce 2 tbsp, 40ml 0.5
Vinaigrette (vinegar and oil) 1 tbsp, 15ml 1
Caramel sauce pt. desert 20ml 1

HARIBO forever fun 7 pieces, 25g 1.5
HARIBO forever fun plus 7 pieces, 25g 1.5

Kinder bueno 1baton 3
Kinder Country 4
Kinder Happy Hippo Croki 3
Kinder Maxi King 4,5
Kinder Pingui 3.5
Kindergarten Prof. Rino 3
Kinder 2.5 chocolate bar
Kindergarten Chocolate Candies (5 pcs) 4
Kinder Chocolate 1.5
Kinder Surprise (you) 2.5
Kinder Schoko-Bons 1 piece, 6g 1
Kindercountry 1 stick, 24g 3.5
Kinderschockolade 1 stick, 12.5g 1.5
Kinderschokolade 1 stick, 24g 2.5
Milchschnitte 1 pc, 28g 3

March 1 stick, 60g 5.5
Mars Mandel 1 stick, 60g 7

Milky Way
Milky Way Brotaufstrich 1 TL, 5g 0.5
Milkyway 1 stick, 26g 2.5

Snickers 1 stick, 60g 7
Snickers Cruncher 1 stick, 40g 4.5

Lion mini 16g 2
Lion King 69g 8
Lion Peanut 4.5

Drag & # 65533 candy is 1 piece 0.5
Chocolate Candies 10g 1
Classic sweets 10g 0.5
Friends 1 piece, 12.5g 1.5
After Eight 1 piece, 8g 1
Ballista 1 piece, 41g 5
Banjo 1 piece, 60g 8
Bounty 1 piece, 60g 6.5
Ceralisto Yoghurt-Cream 1 piece, 37g 4
Ceralist, Erdnuss or Choco 1 piece, 37g 4.5
Choco Crossies 1 Pck, 35g 4.5
Duplo 1 Riegel, 18g 2.5
Ferrero K & # 65533 sschen 1 bucata 9g 2
Giotto 1 hole, 5g 0.5
Hanuta 1 piece, 23g 3
Happy Hippo Snack 1 piece, 25g 3.5
Knoppers 1 piece 3
Lion 1 stick, 40g 4.5
L & # 65533 ffelbiskuits 3 pieces 1
Mini Bounty 1 piece, 28g 3
Mini Mars 1 piece, 20g 2
Mini Schnickers 1 piece, 18g 2
Mini-Kit Kat 17g 2
MM's Linsen 12 pieces, 10g 1
MM's Peanut 5 pieces, 12g 1
Mon Cherie 1 piece 1
Negerkuss 1 piece 2
Nipon Knusperreis 1 piece 1.5
Nuts 1 stick 5.5
Pingui 1 piece, 30g 3.5
Raffaelo 1 hole, 10g 1.5
Rock 1 piece, 13g 2
Studentfutter 50g 13.5
Twix / Raider 1 piece, 60g 6.5
Yes Torty 1 piece 4
Yogurt 1 stick, 12.5g 1.5

Fast food
Fast Food hot-dog 1 piece 11

Big Breakfast 13
Egg McMuffin 9.5
H-Milk 1 box, 250 ml 4
Ham & Eggs 9.5
California Bagel 9
Philadelphia Bagel 11.5
Sweet Breakfast 11
McCroissant 7
Burger 9.5
Big M & # 65533 c 11.5
Fischm & # 65533 c 8.5
Gem & # 65533 se M & # 65533 c 11
Hamburger 5
Hamburger Royal 11.5
Hamburger Royal TS 13
Cheeseburger 6.5
McRib 10.5
McChicken 10
Chicken McNuggets 6 pcs 5
Chicken McNuggets 9 pcs 7
Chicken McNuggets 20 pcs 16
Chicken Crispies 11 pcs 13.2
House Dressing with Yoghurt 1 cornet, 75 ml 4
Italienisches Dressing 1 cornet, 75 ml 9
Kr & # 65533 uterus Dressin 1 cornet, 75 ml 4
Mexicana-Salat 3
Chefsalat 3.5
Sweet and sour Sauce 1 box 1
Aries-Sauce 1 box 1
Currysauce 1 box 1
McFlurry Cappuccino 1 Beaker 6.5
Chocolate Milchshake 5.5
Milchshake Schoko 6
Vanilla Milchshake 5.5
Cola pro 0,1 1,5
Cola light pro 0,1 0
Fanta pro 0.1 1.4
Sprite pro 0.1 1.45
Bonaqua pro 0.1 0
Orange juice 1.5
Small french fries 7.5
Kirschtasche 5.5
McFlurry Nuts 7
Mc Flurry Milka- strawberries 8.8
McFlurry Smarties 7
Mc Flurry Daim 8.4
Mc Flurry Bounty 9
Sundae Eis la cornet 3
Sundae Eis with strawberries 4
Sundae Eis with caramel 5.5
Sundae Eis with 5.5 chocolate
Chocolate Donuts 7.5
Old donuts 7
Blaubeer-Muffin 8.9
Schoko-Muffin 10.5
Apple pie 5

Big Americans California 1 pizza 20.5
Big Americans Hawaii 1 pizza 18
Big American Supreme 1 pizza 20
Big Americans Texas 1 pizza 20.5
Special trousers 1 pizza 18
Culinaria Chin. Style 1 pizza 18
Culinaria Greek o. Mexican Style 1 pizza 18.5
Culinaria Indian o. American Style 1 pizza 19.5
Ofenfrische Champignon 1 pizza 16.5
Flambiata Chili-Pui 1 pizza 13
Flambiata Grill-Vegetables 1 pizza 12
Flambiata Ardei-Salami, Past 1 pizza 19
Flambiata Rauch-Sunca 1 pizza 13.5
Restaurant Mushrooms + Spinach 1 pizza 19.5
Hawaii Restaurant + Tuna 1 pizza 22
Restaurant Mozzarella + Salami 1 pizza 20
Pollo Restaurant, Hawaii 1 pizza 16.5
Restaurant Ham + Tomatoes 1 pizza 16
Restaurant Quattro Formaggi 1 pizza 20.5
Vegetable Restaurant 1 pizza 17

Milka Alpenmilch 100g 12.2
Milka white 100g 12.2
Milk nuts 100g 12.8
Milka grapes-nuts 100g 11
Milk hazelnuts 100g 12.5
Milka Mandel 100g 12.7
Milka Alpen-milk cream 100g 13.6
Milka Crispy Cappuccino 100g 12.9
Milka frisca-Cream 100g 15.1
Milka Zartherb 100g 12.8
Milka yogurt 100g 13.8
Milka Caf & # 65533 -Cream 100g 14.3
Milka Nuss-Nougat 100g 13.1
Milka Nuss-Nougat (A) 100g 13.6
Milka Erdnuss-Krokant 100g 14.1
Milka Schoko & Cookie 100g 13.2
Milka Knusper Zauber 100g 13.1
Milka Noisette Schoko Flakes 100g 11.6
Milka Alpenmilch Schoko Flakes 100g 12.6
Milka Ganze Mandeln 100g 13.2
Milka Pineapple-Yogurt 100g 13.7
Milka strawberries -Buttermilch 100g 13.6
Milka Weisse Cocos 100g 14.1
Milka Waldbeer-Yoghurt 100g 15.1
Milka Schokus Pokus 100g 13.8
Milka Mandel Cookies 100g 13.6
Milk ICE 100g 14.7
Milka Vanille-Kipferl 100g 13.8
Milka Mohn-Marzipan 100g 14.1
Milka Wintermandel 100g 14.5
Milka Aprikose & Quark 40g 100g 13.3
Milka Cocos & Cookies 40g 100g 14.3
Milka Honig & amp iaiurt 40g 100g 13.5
Milka Naps + Block Alpenmilch 100g 11.9
Milka Naps + Block Nuss 100g 12.6
Milka Naps strawberries 100g 13
Milka Naps Sahne-Creme 100g 13.1
Milka Naps Weiss 100g 12.2
Milka Naps Hazelnut 100g 12.9
Milka Triolade 100g 12.5

Ice cream on a stick / glass

Brauner B & # 65533 r 1 piece 2.6
Calippo Cola 1 piece 1.5
Calippo strawberries 1 piece 1.6
Capri 1 piece 0.9
Strawberry croissant 1 hole 4.9
Walnut croissant 1 hole 5.6
Cornetto Royal 1 hole 7.8
Whippy croissant 1 hole 4.9
Cornetto Soft strawberries without cornet 1 piece 4
Cornetto Soft hazelnuts without cornet 1 piece 4
Cornetto Soft cherries without cornet 1 piece 3.5
Cornetto Soft Stracciatella without cornet 1 hole 4.5
Soft Vanilla croissant without cornet 1 piece 3.5
Cremissimo classic Cr & # 65533 me Tr & # 65533 ffel 1 bucata 3,3
Magnum Classic 1 piece 6.6
Magnum Double Chocolate 1 piece 9.4
Magnum Mandel 1 piece 7.5
Magnum Riegel Caramel & Nuts 1 piece 4.9
White magnum 1 piece 6.7
Magnum fresh yogurt 1 piece 5.9

Pasta soup = 2p
Cream soup with vegetables = 2p
Vegetable and pasta soup (200ml) = 1.5p
Chicken soup with pasta = 1.5p
Soup with green pasta and cheese (200ml) = 3p
Potato cream soup = 2p
Vegetable cream soup = 2p
Green onion cream soup = 2.5p
Asparagus soup = 1.5p
Tomato and mozzarella soup with basil and pasta (200ml) = 2p
Cream of tomato soup with pasta = 2p

Active soups (a plate - 250 ml)
Broccoli cream soup = 3.5p
Vegetable soup with pasta = 1p
Vegetable cream soup = 3.5p
Chicken soup (300ml) = 1.5p
Potato cream soup = 3.5p
Asparagus soup = 3.5p
Cream of tomato soup with oregano and basilikum = 2.5p

Calories per 100g / 60 + Lipids at 100g / 9 =
Points for 100 g

List of bonus points for exercise and sports

Aerobics 1.5 3
Aqua Aerobics 1.5 3
Badminton 1.5 3
Ballet 1 2
Basketball 2 4
Climbing Climbing 2.5 5
Billiards 0.5 1
Bowling 1.5 3
Disco Dancing 1,5 3
Skating 1.5 3
Fencing 1 2
Flamenco 1.5 3
Frisbee 1.5 3
Football 2 4
Gardening 1 2
In 1 2
Golf 1 2
Gymnastics 1 2
Handball 1.5 3
Work at home 0.5 1
Hockey 2 4
Jogging 2 4
Judo 2 4
Karate 3 6
Kickboxing 3 6
Cricket 1 2
Cross-country skiing 2.5 5
In Latin American 2 4
Running (approx. 10min / km) 2.5 5
Easy bike 1 2
Intensive cycling 1.5 3
Riding slowly 1 2
Calarit trap 1,5 3
Calarit gallop 2 4
Roller skating 2 4
Rugby 2 4
In Salsa 2 4
Play with the ball 1 2
Swimming 2 4
The rope jump 3 6
Skateboard 1.5 3
Ski 2 4
Snowboard 2 4
Slow walk 0.5 1
Normal walk 1 2
Quick walk 1.5 3
Squash 3 6
Step Aerobics 2 4
In step 1.5 3
Surf 1 2
Diving 3 6
Field tennis 1.5 3
Table tennis 1 2
Climbing stairs 2.5 5
Volleyball 2 4
Walking 2 4
Water skiing 2 4
Windsurfing 1.5 3
Yoga 1 2

Wendy Plan is recommended after 1-2 weeks of PLATEAU, to speed up metabolism. Eat a week after this plan until the body begins to lose weight again. After that, we return to the classic WW method

Wendy Plan :
Gather your points for a week, e.g. 20 P per day would be 7x20 = 140 P. Then eat according to the following plan:

1. Day: 20p - 3p = 17p
Day 2: Normal (20p)
3. Day: 20p - 3p = 17p
4. Day: 20p + 11p = 31p
5. Day: 20p - 4p = 16p
Day 6: Normal (20p)
7. Day: 20p - 1p = 19p

15 of the best Scottish recipes

This Gaelic statement lists so good attitude towards Scottish food: & quot S mairg years tarcuis air biadh & quot; which translates & quot; he who has contempt for food is a madman & quot. Of course, there should be a love and joy of Scottish food, both traditional and modern. The country's affinity for its cuisine can be easily seen in the 15 favorite Scottish recipes.

Haggis, porridge and whiskey are just a few of the foods and drinks that Scots have created over the years, making the best use of the natural offerings handed out by mountains, lakes, lakes and streams, as well as fertile valleys and swamps.

Scottish food is steeped not only in the landscape but also in the history and heritage of the country, which, although part of the UK, still retains the unique identity you will find in the following recipes.

It's all about Haggis

Haggis is not just for Burns Night (a January holiday that commemorates the life of a Scottish poet), but is a true traditional Scottish dish loved and eaten there, as well as in many other parts of the world.

Haggis is made from pieces of sheep (often removed parts, such as the lungs, heart, etc.), which is chopped and mixed with oatmeal, suet and spices and then stuffed into the sheep's stomach, sewn and boiled. The meat and method may sound good, but the combination of ingredients is delicious - you just have to try it. Haggis is one of the most famous Scottish recipes for haggis, tatties and neeps.

A bowl of Scottish porridge

Discover healthy and nutritious Scottish corn food, a long-lasting recipe that was originally cooked in a pan and mixed with a piece of wood. The use of oatmeal in this recipe makes this dish a healthy start to date. Slow-release carbohydrates will support you from breakfast to lunch.

Tattie Scones

Tattie parsley is a traditional part of a Scottish breakfast and is sometimes called a potato discount and can be heard in Ireland. They are quick and easy to make and are a useful way to use mashed potatoes for bread left over. Perfect for a breakfast plate - or any other time of the day!

Cullen Skink

Cullen is a small town in the north-east of Scotland and is home to one of Scotland's most famous dishes, Cullen. It is a hearty soup and traditionally made with Finnan haddock (smoked haddock), potatoes and onions. Cullen cultivation is also known as smoked chickweed smoked in other parts of the UK.You can also use Arbroath fumes, which have been smoked on hardwood in and around the town of Arbroath (hence the name) - a highly smoked Scottish fish.


Cock-a-Leekie soup is essentially a peasant's plate and has many regional variations - some dating back centuries, revealing how important this dish is to Scottish food. There are recipes with chopped ham, others with beef or Jamaican pepper, some even with fried plums in a finished plate thanks to the French gourmet Talleyrand. No matter how easy you make this recipe, you are sure to be a winner.

Stovies from Scotland

Ask for 100 scoops for a traditional recipe and you will receive 100 different answers - each has its own version (and, of course, theirs will be the best).

Stovie means & quot; stoves from the stove & quot; which means, in essence, all the bits left over from a Sunday steak. Not that you have to limit yourself to dishes from Sunday lunch cakes - which is basically a meat and a potato stew - can also be made with the help of a basket of corned beef or some meat. of minced beef or sausages.


You have to love this stupid name, which doesn't explain in any way what it is, but it's still fun. A Rumbleethumps dish is the Scottish way of using mashed potatoes and other vegetables to create an inert dish that supports the casserole (or you can eat it yourself). So easy to do, you will fall in love with it.

Scottish Oatcakes

Oats are in Scotland what a wand is for the French. Flat cakes, made mainly from oats, have been considered Scottish national bread for centuries. They are quick and easy to make and are a delicious snack or cheese accompaniment.

Scottish Shortbread

Although Scottish bread is traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve, this bread recipe is too good to save you for one night! The recipe with all the butter makes for a melted-in-your-mouth cookie. Make sure you handle the dough as little as possible and use cold hands and tools to get the & quotshort & quotation light and crumbly texture.

Laird's suggestions

Laird's tip is essentially the same as the food, the pudding that has been making British meals for centuries. Also a traditional part of Night of Burn, this dessert is not only delicious, but also quite forgotten. The layers of sponge, raspberry, cream and whipped cream are flavored with a little whiskey (instead of British sherry), which can be removed if serving the way for children.

Scotland Cranachan

The traditional Scottish cranachan is a dessert that is often served on holidays. Red raspberry puree, layered with whipped cream flavored with whiskey and honey, creates a festive treatment that breaks with flavor. Melted oats add a nutty taste and a crunchy texture.

Scottish Tablet

The Scottish tablet is for those with a sweet candy - this candy-like candy is especially sweet. The recipe requires four kilograms of sugar! But the good thing is only a small bite should satisfy your desire. Feel free to add flavors like mint.

Countertop shirts

Clootie dumplings are very different from what Americans know as dumplings - either as an Asian appetizer or as a slice of biscuit for a Southern stew. The Scottish dessert is more of a fruit cake, combining oats with currents and spices, as well as animal fat. This heart pudding is very much at the center of Scottish holidays, including both the Hogmanay Dinner and Burn & # 39s Night Dinner.

Dundee cake

Dundee cake can also be called a Scottish Christmas cake (although it is eaten year-round) and is easily identified by decorating almonds around the top. It is essentially a fruit cake that traditionally includes almonds, whiskey and orange peel.

Pineapple Bowle - Recipes

Even if initially the punch was a drink that was served hot, in the meantime it came to designate a hot or cold alcoholic beverage, which is prepared with or without fruit. So, it's only good to cool off in the summer at a garden party.

Punch, as we know it today, is based on a recipe brought to Europe from India by sailors in the 17th century. The name comes from the Hindi word "panch" and means five. These are five ingredients that make up the Indian drink. These were fries, lemon, spices, sugar and tea. Rum can be used instead of bran, and lemon is topped with orange, tea is replaced with fruit juice or red wine. The original punch is based on tea.
Alcohol-free points
It does not have to contain alcohol. The richest in alcohol are fruits that are kept in wine or other alcohol (eg rum). But you can also put the fruit in a non-alcoholic mixture of lemon juice and honey. Finally, when pouring wine or champagne over them, you can replace the champagne with sparkling mineral water.
A completely alcohol-free drink can be prepared by pouring only juice and mineral water over the fruits marinated in syrup or honey.
And a fruit tea can be used as a base for a non-alcoholic beverage. Add 1 cinnamon stick to the hot tea and leave to cool. Before serving, put pieces of apple, orange and pineapple and pour over them an ice-cold juice. It is sweetened with honey or sugar to taste.
Even before it is poured, mineral water and ice cubes are added.
How to season the punch
Ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, anise and nutmeg work best. Another suggestion: grind the large spices and then put all the spices in a paper filter for tea.
What is a bowle?
Unlike punch, bowle is a drink based on white wine, sugar and fruit, which is always served cold. The fruits can then be served as a compote, with yogurt cream, cottage cheese, vanilla pudding or ice cream or they can be decorated with cakes.

I want to show you how to make one gorgeous banana and dragon fruit smoothie bowl. It will be spectacular, you’ll see. What I wanted in this recipe is that awesome, purple color that dragon fruit has. If you don’t have any frozen dragon fruit, you can use any berry mix as well. Dragon fruit is cheaper here in Indonesia and its color is more intensive, so I opted for it.

Throw the frozen fruits into your blender or Vitamix. You can also prepare this in your magic bullet or food processor. The most important thing here is not to add any liquid if possible because what you want is not a smoothie but a smoothie bowl with a rich, thick, creamy texture. This will require a bit more patience and it will be noisy, so get ready.

When you are halfway through and you notice that the mixture is becoming creamy, stop and taste it. This is the moment when you need to add some sweetness and you can add whatever you want & # 8211 coconut sugar, raw honey, maple syrup, coconut nectar, choose whatever works for you. The amount again depends on you and how much sweet you like. I have a sweet tooth and I want to bring some depth of sweetness out of the bananas and dragon fruit. And one more thing & # 8211 I add just a pinch of salt here because salt is one of the building blocks of flavor. Now you just continue blending until it is super creamy and thick and the color is “OMG so pretty”. Transfer this to a bowl and think about taking it to the next level.

What I noticed with smoothies is that decorations really matter. And when I prepare these smoothie bowls, I look around my kitchen to check what I have. Usually, I add fresh fruits and berries, nuts and seeds, oats, fresh mint, some cinnamon… It looks stunning, doesn’t it?

Velvety Nut Butter & Banana Smoothie Bowl

Let’s make another one. This smoothie bowl is a bit different. It already has a sweetness on its own and is milder in flavor. Again, you will need frozen bananas as the base and some nut or even seed butter for additional flavor and texture. Almond butter is definitely my favorite one, but you can feel free to use the one you like & # 8211 cashew, Brazilian nut, peanut butter… Don’t have any nut butter at home? Check it out here how you can make one in a couple of minutes.

Salt is again used to bring out the sweetness and I just LOVE vanilla as it gives a nice aroma to this recipe. Blend all of this, again without any liquid, and you will get a rich, smoothie bowl that will nourish you properly.

You can decorate this one again with whatever you want. I especially like to add chocolate to this one, it perfectly matches the flavors of the bananas and nut butter. Oh, you know you can make chocolate at your home? Check how in my online cooking classes!

Want to know more about this Pink Smoothie with Pineapple and Beets?

You can buy beets already cooked or cook it at home. That depends on how long you have to cook. If you cook it at home, remember to let it cool before using it to make the smoothie.

Sometimes, juices and smoothies do not appear as we want, because the ingredients were not at the best level. Make sure the pineapple is at its peak and that it is sweet.

Green lemon It gives it a fresh note, but you can also try lemon and even orange.

Even if it seems like a lie mint Give a very special note to this smoothie, so feel free to add a good handful of fresh leaves.

This type of smoothie is better get them freshly made. Especially since they are very easy and quick to make and it is not worth preparing them in time.

If you want to give it a go extra point of freshness, keep all ingredients in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. You can also refresh the glass by crushing some ice and removing it before making the smoothie.

Source - Modified and adapted recipe for Thermomix® from the Lala kitchen blog.

The content of the article respects our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error, click here.

Full article: Thermorecetas »Thermomix recipes» Drinks and juices »Pink smoothie with pineapple and beets

It's the pineapple cake from Dr. Buy online Paradis Tropical pineapple cake mix Dr. After a few hours I removed the side cardboard from the cake. OETKER MIX FOR PARADIS TROPICAL PINEAPPLE CAKE 287G. Quantity: Product photos do not create obligations.

Tropical paradise with pineapple is a cake that is baked without baking, kept only in the refrigerator and.

Kale for breakfast? The always fashionable green makes a delicious appearance in these morning heels suitable for company. Combined with antioxidant-rich sweet potatoes and black bean filling, this recipe will keep you full. Do not skip the purple cabbage adds a great pop of color.

These sweet tacos might be a little too forgiving for an everyday breakfast, but they are great to serve as a special morning or as an evening / dessert hybrid. Fresh peaches pair perfectly with probiotic-rich yogurt. I love the touch of cinnamon, but it would skip the added sugar.


  • Rock (2x22cm diameter)
  • 250 g flour
  • 60 g cocoa
  • 300 g sugar
  • a teaspoon of salt
  • 2 eggs husband
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 125 ml oil
  • 250 ml plain yogurt
  • 125 ml hard coffee
  • Chocolate cream with mascarpone and pineapple
  • 400 ml whipped cream
  • 350 g household chocolate (50% cocoa)
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • 250 g canned pineapple (in its own juice)
  • decoration
  • 3 slices of pineapple (drained of juice)
  • a candied cherry

More recipes

More than a cookbook. offer it!

Manifesto for responsible cooking by Chef Simon

A book by Bertrand Simon. To buy the book, it's here

I want this space to remain deliberately, stubbornly, voluntarily free, free, without a subscription and without a visa.

Weekend cocktails

Pierrot cocktail

A simple Pierrot Cocktail recipe from: grand marnier, campers, orange juice and orange. Ingredients: 3 cl Grand Marnier 2 cl Campari 10 cl orange juice a slice of orange Preparation: Pour Campari and Grand Marnier over ice cubes in a glass for long drinks, complete with juice # 8230

Campari Colada

A simple Campari Colada recipe from: campari, pineapple juice and coconut syrup. Ingredients: 2 cl Campari 6 cl pineapple juice a drop of coconut syrup Preparation: Mix well Campari, pineapple juice and coconut syrup with ice, then pour the drink into a cocktail glass.

Blue Bay Cocktail

A simple Blue Bay Cocktail recipe from: blue currant, bitter lemon and lemon. Ingredients: 4 cl Blue Curacao Bitter Lemon a slice of lemon Preparation: Pour the blue Curacao into the glass for long drinks, over cubes of ghata. Top with Bitter Lemon and mix with a tablespoon. Decorating the edge & # 8230

Grand Marinha Cocktail

A simple Grand Marinha Cocktail recipe from: grand marnier, campers and lime. Ingredients: 5 cl Grand Marnier 0.5 cl Campari 1 lime Preparation: Squeeze the lemon in the whiskey glass, then fill the glass with crushed ice. Add the Grand Marnier and the Campari and mix with a bar spoon.

Grand Tonic cocktail

A simple Grand Tonic Cocktail recipe from: grand marnier, tonic and lime peel. Ingredients: 4 cl Grand Marnier 12 cl tonic lime peel Preparation: Pour the Grand Marnier over the ice in a glass for long drinks. Fill with tonic and add lime peel.

Coco Cocktail From Martinique

A simple Coco De Martinique Cocktail recipe from: armagnac, benedictine, coconut cream and orange juice. Ingredients: 3 cl Armagnac 3 cl Benedictine 5 cl coconut cream 10 cl orange juice Preparation: Mix the ingredients well in the electric mixer with 3 tablespoons of crushed ice, then mix.

Campari Shakerato Cocktail

A simple Campari Shakerato Cocktail recipe from: campari and lime juice. Ingredients: 5 cl Campari 2 drops of Lime Juice Preparation: Mix the Campari well with ice cubes and Lime Juice in a shaker, then pour the mixture into a glass with a sole. It is preferred by people who love simplicity.

Funky cocktail

A simple Funky Cocktail recipe from: grunts banana bowls, orange juice, vanilla ice cream and marshmellow. Ingredients: 4 cl Bols Grune Bananas 1.2 l orange juice 1 globe of vanilla ice cream Marshmellow (fluffy candy) Preparation: Mix in the electric mixer the cold orange juice with vanilla ice cream, & # 8230

A simple Pale Tequilla Cocktail recipe from: orange brandy, tequilla, champagne, orange and cherries. Ingredients: 2 cl Orange Brandy 2 cl tequilla 6 cl champagne a slice of cherry orange Preparation: Lightly mix the ingredients with ice in a bar glass, then pour the drink into a cocktail glass. Enriched with a & # 8230

Milk shake

A milkshake recipe from: apricots, peaches, vanilla ice cream and milk. Ingredients: 8 apricots 2 peaches 100 g vanilla ice cream 200 ml milk Preparation: Choose fresh and well-ripened fruit. Wash them, peel them and pit them and cut them into quarters. Pass the fruit through a thick sieve and & # 8230

Green Poison Cocktail

A simple Green Poison Cocktail recipe from: tequilla, blue currant, coconut syrup, passion fruit juice, lemon juice, lemon and cherries. Ingredients: 4 cl tequilla 2 cl Curacao blue 2 cl coconut syrup 10 cl passion fruit juice 2 cl lemon juice one slice lemon cherry & # 8230

Kilimanjaro Cocktail

A simple Kilimanjaro Cocktail recipe from: amarula, vodka, triple dry bowls, orange juice, orange and cherries. Ingredients: 4 cl Amarula 2 cl vodka 2 cl Bols Triple Sec 12 cl orange juice a slice of cherry orange Preparation: Mix the ingredients well in the shaker. Pour into a cup

A simple Apple Orange Cream Cocktail recipe from: grand marnier cream, calvados and whipped cream. Ingredients: 4 cl Grand Marnier Cream 4 cl Calvados 2 cl whipped cream Preparation: Mix the ingredients well with ice cubes in the shaker, then pour through a bar strainer into a cocktail glass.

Fruit Romance Cocktail

A simple Fruit Romance Cocktail recipe from: xuxu, passion fruit bowl, passion fruit nectar, pineapple and gooseberry. Ingredients: 6 cl Xuxu 10 4 cl Bols Passion fruit 6 cl passion fruit nectar piece of sour pineapple Preparation: Mix the ingredients well with ice cubes in a shaker. the drink is poured through the strainer & # 8230

Star Clipper Cocktail

A Star Clipper Cocktail recipe from: apricot brandy, banana creams, white rum, pineapple juice, apricots and cherries. Ingredients: 2 cl Apricot Brandy 2 cl Banana Cream (banana liqueur) 2 cl white rum 12 cl pineapple juice apricot cherries Preparation: Mix the ingredients well with cubes & # 8230

Cocktail Quarter Deck

A simple Cocktail Quarter Deck recipe from: sherry creams, cointreau, white rum, orange juice and lime juice. Ingredients: 2 cl Sherry creams 1 cl Cointreau 2 cl white rum 10 cl orange juice 2 drops of lime juice Preparation: Mix the ingredients well with ice in shaker & # 8230.

Wild Ocean Cocktail

A simple Wild Ocean Cocktail recipe from: passion fruit bowls, banana grains, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, whipped cream, pineapple and strawberries. Ingredient: 4 l Bols Passion fruit 2 cl bols Grune Banana 2 cl coconut syrup 10 cl pineapple juice 3 cl liquid cream pineapple pieces caspuni Preparation: & # 8230

Cocktail Corcovado

A simple Corcovado Cocktail recipe from: tequilla, blue currant, drama, lemonade, lemon, orange and cherries. Ingredients: 2 cl tequilla 2 cl Curacao blue 1 cl Drambuie lemonade a slice of lemon a slice of orange cherries Preparation: Put a few ice cubes in a glass for long drinks, add the liqueurs and & # 8230

Raspberry cocktail

A simple raspberry cocktail recipe from: raspberry brandy, raspberry liqueur, lemon juice and tonic. Ingredients: 2 l raspberry brandy 4 cl raspberry liqueur 4 cl lemon juice tonic Preparation: Mix well with ice lemon juice, brandy and raspberry liqueur in shaker, & # 8230

Bitter Dream Cocktail

A simple Bitter Dream Cocktail recipe from: liqueur, grape juice, bitter lemon and lemon. Ingredients: 2 cl herbal liqueur 6 cl light grape juice Bitter Lemon lemon Preparation: Put crushed ice in a cocktail glass, then pour over the liqueur and grape juice and & # 8230

Raspberry soft drink

A simple recipe for raspberry soft drink from: raspberry, sugar, water, wine and rum or brandy. Ingredients: 500 g raspberries 500 g sugar 1.5 l water 500 ml wine 30 ml rum or brandy Preparation: Boil the water with the sugar until it dissolves. Wash the raspberries in a strainer, under the jet & # 8230

Cocktail Juicer

A simple Cocktail Juicer recipe from: orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, brown rum and amaretto. Ingredients: 3 cl fresh orange juice 3 cl fresh grapefruit juice 1 cl fresh lemon juice 3 cl brown rum 2 cl Amaretto Preparation: Ingredients shake well & # 8230

Ginger Grape Cocktail

A simple Ginger Grape Cocktail recipe from: brandy or brandy, red grape juice, ginger ale, lemon juice, sugar and grapes. Ingredients: 2 cl brandy or brandy (Weinbrand) 10 cl Ginger red grape juice Ale lemon juice a bunch of grapes Preparation: Cognac or brandy is & # 8230

Mango Tequila Cocktail

A simple Mango Tequila Cocktail recipe from: tequila, lemon juice, mango and mint. Ingredients: 5 cl tequila 1 cl lemon juice 1/2 mango fresh mint Preparation: Mix the cleaned mango well with a cup of crushed ice, with tequila and lemon juice in an electric mixer, then & # 8230

Cocktails: Blue Moon Cocktail

A simple Blue Moon Cocktail recipe from: blue currant, rum, grapes, tonic, melon and red grapes. Ingredients: 2 cl Curacao blue 2 cl white rum 5 cl light grape juice tonic melon balls red grapes Preparation: Mix well Curacao, rum and grape juice with 2-3 & # 8230

Grape cocktail

A simple grape cocktail recipe from: grape juice, sherri, rhubarb and lemon. Ingredients: 1/4 l light grape juice 1/4 red grape juice 1/8 l Sherry medium 1 strand of lemon rhubarb Preparation: Peel and chop the rhubarb strands, then boil them approximately & # 8230

Papermoon Cocktail

A simple papermoon cocktail recipe from: multivitamin drink, sparkling wine, lemon juice and sugar. Ingredients: 5 cl multivitamin drink 5 cl dry sparkling wine for sugar crust: lemon juice sugar Preparation: Immerse the mouth of a glass of champagne first in lemon juice, then in sugar & # 8230.

Cocktail Marilyn

A simple Marilyn Cocktail recipe from: cointreau, multivitamin drink and lime. Ingredients: 2 cl 10 cl of multivitamin drink included a slice of lime or orange Preparation: Put ice cubes in a glass for long drinks, pour liqueur on top and top with fruit juice. We sit on the edge of the glass & # 8230

Cocktail Pogo Stick

A simple Pogo Stick Cocktail recipe from: lemon juice, grapefruit juice, gin, white currant, grapefruit peel and cherries. Ingredients: 1 cl fresh lemon juice 8 cl fresh grapefruit juice 3 cl gin 2 cl white curacao grapefruit peel cherries Preparation: Mix well with cubes & # 8230

Orange Crust Cocktail

A serious Orange Crust Cocktail recipe from: curacao, orange juice, lemon juice and sugar. Ingredients: 4 cl Curacao orange juice for sugar crust: lemon juice sugar Preparation: Dip the mouth of a glass of cocktail first in lemon juice, then in sugar. Mix the juice well & # 8230

Tropical cocktail

A simple Tropical Cocktail recipe from: red grape juice, orange juice, coconut cream, gin, peach liqueur, peach, kiwi and cherries. Ingredients: 8 cl red grape juice 4 cl orange juice 2 cl coconut cream 2 cl gin 3 cl peach liqueur a slice of peach & # 8230

Cocktail Light Ski

A simple Light Ski Cocktail recipe from: cereal brandy, orange nectar, nectar, strawberries and mint. Ingredients: 2 cl cereal brandy 10 cl sugar-free orange nectar 4 cl sugar-free apricot nectar pieces of fresh mint strawberries Preparation: Mix the crayfish and ice nectar well & # 8230

Orange Special Cocktail

A simple Orange Special Cocktail recipe from: white rum, orange juice, sugar syrup and soda. Ingredients: 4 cl white rum orange juice 1 cl sugar syrup soda Preparation: Mix well the rum, fruit juice and ice syrup in the shaker, then pour the drink into a glass for & # 8230

Summerday cocktail

A simple Summerday Cocktail recipe from: white grape juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice, aperol or capers, melon, cherries and mint. Ingredients: 6 cl white grape juice 2 cl grapefruit juice 4 cl orange juice 4 cl Aperol or Campari melon cherries a sprig of mint & # 8230

Cocktail Grand

A simple Grand Cocktail recipe from: grapefruit juice, orange juice, yolk, sugar, grand marnier, soda, orange and grapefruit. Ingredients: 3 cl fresh grapefruit juice 3 cl fresh orange juice 1 cl Grand Marnier 1 egg yolk 1 cl sugar syrup siphon a slice of orange and grapefruit & # 8230

Golden Dream Cocktail

A simple Golden Dream Cocktail recipe from: orange juice, galliano, cointreau and liquid cream. Ingredients: 1.5 cl fresh orange juice 1.5 cl Galliano 1.5 cl Cointreau 1.5 cl liquid cream Preparation: Stir the ingredients well with ice in a shaker, then pour into the cocktail glass.

Orange Fizz Cocktail

A simple Orange Fizz Cocktail recipe from: grapefruit juice, gin, orange curacao, lemon juice and mineral water. Ingredients: 4 cl grapefruit juice 2 cl gin 1 cl Curacao orange 1 cl lemon juice mineral water Preparation: Ingredients (except mineral water) stir well with & # 8230

Bronx Dry Cocktail

A simple Bronx Dry Cocktail recipe from: orange juice, gin and dry vermouth. Ingredients: 2 cl fresh orange juice 2 cl gin 2 cl dry vermouth Preparation: Stir the ingredients quickly with 2-3 ice cubes in the shaker, then pour into a cocktail glass.

Miami Sunset Cocktail

A simple Miami Sunset Cocktail recipe from: Scotch whiskey, mango juice, orange juice, cointreau, grenadine syrup, cherries and orange peel. Ingredient: 4 cl scotch whiskey 4 cl mango juice 4 cl orange juice 1 cl Cointreau 1 cl grenadine syrup 1 cherry orange peel & # 8230

Cocktail Flush

A simple Cocktail Flush recipe from: bourbon, green banana liqueur, mineral water, lemon peel, kiwi and cherries. Ingredients: 4 cl bourbon 3 cl green banana liqueur mineral water lemon peel a slice of kiwi cherries Preparation: Mix the ingredients well with ice in a shaker. It is poured

Super Fox cocktail

A simple Super Fox Cocktail recipe from: whiskey, cherry liqueur, lime juice, red pomegranate nectar, grapefruit juice and ginger ale. Ingredients: 4 cl whiskey 1 cl cherry liqueur 1 teaspoon lime juice red pomegranate nectar grapefruit juice Ginger Ale Preparation: Put & # 8230

Cocktail Rock

A simple Cocktail Rock recipe from: whiskey, lemon juice, pineapple juice, cherry brandy and curacao. Ingredients: 1 cl whiskey 1 cl lemon juice 1 cl pineapple juice 1 cl cherry brandy 1 cl Curacao Preparation: Mix the ingredients well with ice in a shaker, then & # 8230

Cocktail Morning Dew

A simple Morning Dew Cocktail recipe from: Irish whiskey, blue curry, banana cream, grapefruit juice, egg white, orange and cherries. Ingredients: 3 cl Irish whiskey 1 cl Blue Curacao 2 cl Banana Cream (banana liqueur) 4 cl grapefruit juice half an egg white a slice of orange cherries Mod & # 8230

Royal Scot Cocktail

A simple Royal Scotch Cocktail recipe from: drambuie, Scotch whiskey, chartreuse and cherries. Ingredients: 1 cl Drambuie 2 cl Scotch whiskey 1 cl Chartreuse (green) cherries Preparation: Mix the ingredients well with ice in a shaker, then pour the drink into a cocktail glass. Decorate with cherries.

Children's Cocktail

A simple Fanciulli Cocktail recipe from: fernet branca, vermouth red and bourbon. Ingredients: 1 cl Fernet Branca 1.5 cl red vermouth 2.5 cl Bourbon Preparation: Pour the ingredients into the shaker filled with ice in the order shown above and mix well. Pour the drink into a cocktail glass.

Irish Whiskey Fizz Cocktail

A simple Irish Whiskey Fizz Cocktail recipe from: Irish whiskey, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white, cherries, lemon slices and soda. Ingredients: 6 cl Irish whiskey 3 cl lemon juice 2 cl sugar syrup 1 teaspoon egg white cherries lemon slices soda Preparation: Mix & # 8230

Cocktail Peach Ball

A simple Peach Ball Cocktail recipe from: Scotch whiskey, peach liqueur, strawberry syrup, lemon juice, orange juice and a slice of orange. Ingredients: 3 cl scotch whiskey 2 cl peach liqueur 1 cl strawberry syrup 4 cl lemon juice 10 cl orange juice one slice & # 8230

Whi-Kiki cocktail

A simple Whi-Kiki Cocktail recipe from: whiskey, cherry brandy, red vermouth and orange juice. Ingredients: 2 cl whiskey 2 cl Cherry Brandy 2 cl red vermouth 2 cl orange juice Preparation: Mix the ingredients well with ice in shkaer, then pour the drink over ice cubes.

Whiskey Roller Cocktail

A simple recipe for Cocktail Whiskey Roller from: orange liqueur, whiskey, lemon juice and a slice of lemon. Ingredients: 2 cl orange liqueur 2 cl whiskey 1.2 cl lemon juice a slice of lemon Preparation: Pour the ingredients into a mixing bowl, over ice cubes, sea & # 8230

Cocktail Tonic Oho

A simple Oho Tonic Cocktail recipe from: Scotch whiskey, exotic fruit liqueur, oranges, pineapple and tonic. Ingredients: 1.5 cl Scotch whiskey 1 cl exotic fruit liqueur pieces of orange and pineapple tonic Preparation: Mix the whiskey and liqueur in a glass of whiskey. We add the pieces of fruit and finally & # 8230

Hurricane Cocktail

A simple Hurricane Cocktail recipe from: bourbon, mint liqueur, gin and cherries. Ingredients: 1.5 cl Bourbon 1.5 mint liqueur 1.5 cl gin cherries Preparation: Mix the ingredients for about 20 seconds in a mixing glass, then pour the drink into a cocktail glass and decorate with cherries.

Double Apple Cocktail

A simple Double Apple Cocktail recipe from: Scottish whisy, calvados, lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon. Ingredients: 2 cl Scotch whiskey 2 cl Calvados 4 drops of lemon juice 2 teaspoons sugar a little cinnamon Preparation: Mix the ingredients with crushed ice in the mixing glass, then pour & # 8230

Highball cocktail

A simple Highball Cocktail recipe from: bourbon, ginger ale and lemon peel. Ingredients: 6 cl Bourbon Ginger Lemon peel Preparation: Pour Bourbon and ice cubes in a glass for long drinks. Top with ginger Ale and hang a thin lemon peel on the edge of the glass.

Rusty Nail Cocktail

A simple Rusty Nail Cocktail recipe from: Scotch whiskey, drambuie and lemon peel. Ingredients: 3 cl Scotch whiskey 3 cl Drambuie lemon peel Preparation: Mix the whiskey with Drambuie and a lot of ice in a glass of whiskey. Finally add the lemon peel. Mixing proportions can be changed & # 8230

Cocktail After Dinner Drink

A simple Cocktail After Dinner Drink recipe from: Irish whiskey, almond liqueur, whipped cream and ground nutmeg. Ingredients: 3 cl Irish whiskey 3 cl almond liqueur 5 cl ground nutmeg Preparation: Stir the whiskey, liqueur and whipped cream until the edge of the shaker steams. We put the drink in a cocktail glass & # 8230

Cocktail Colonel Collins

A simple Colonel Collins Cocktail recipe from: bourbon, lemon juice, sugar syrup, soda, lemon and cherries. Ingredients: 5 cl bourbon 3 cl lemon juice 2 cl sugar syrup soda a slice of cherry lemon Preparation: Mix well with ice in the shaker Bourbon, lemon juice and & # 8230

Manhattan Sweet Cocktail

A simple Manhattan Sweet Cocktail recipe from: Canadian whiskey, red vermouth, all vermouth, angostura and cherries. Ingredients: 4 cl Canadian whiskey 1.5 cl red vermouth 1.5 white vermouth 1 drop Angostura 1 maraschino cherry Preparation: Mix the ingredients with the ghata in the mixing glass, then pour into a glass & # 8230

Rob Roy Cocktail

A simple Rob Roy Cocktail recipe from: bourbon, dry vermouth, curacao, bitter angostura, cherries and lemon. Ingredients: 2 cl Bourbon 2 cl dry vermouth 1 teaspoon Curacao 3 drops of Bitter Angostura a bunch of lemon cherries Preparation: Mix the ingredients well in the mixing glass. The drink is poured & # 8230

Cocktail Elixir

Glass: highball Decor: mint leaf Ingredients: 45 ml green Chartreuse 15 ml fresh lime juice 7 fresh mint leaves 20 ml sugar syrup Top-up soda Preparation: Lightly crush the mint in the shake glass, add the other ingredients excluding the sparkling water , strong shake, then strain the contents into & # 8230

Milk Cocktail & Honey Martini

Glass: martini Decor: grated nutmeg Ingredients: 60 ml scotch blended whiskey 2 teaspoons honey 15 ml honey liqueur 10 ml double cream 10 ml milk Preparation: Stir all the ingredients in the Boston shaker, strain double foreign into the glass pre-cooled martini. Description: Special flavor & # 8230

Cocktail Vodka Sling

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - vodka Glass - medium tumbler Category - Cherry brandy drinks Decoration - a slice of lemon, a red cherry and straw Serve at any time Ingredients: 4 ci vodka a ci lemon juice a teaspoon powdered sugar soda a few Cherry Brandy Blood Drops & # 8230

Sour Vodka Cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - vodka Glass - small cup of cocktail Category - Vodka drinks Decoration - an alcoholic cherry Ingredients: 6/70 vodka 2/10 fresh lemon juice 2/10 sugar syrup It is a mixture that appeared recently, very appreciated by a lot of male consumers due to its qualities & # 8230.

Vodka Martini Cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - vodka Glass - small cocktail glass Category - Vermouth drinks Decoration - oily essence from a lemon peel and a green olive Serve before meals Ingredients: 8/10 vodka 2/10 vermouth dry It is a variant highly appreciated Dry Martini cocktail and & # 8230

Cocktail Vergin Lea

Quality - no alcohol Alcoholic base - none Glass - large glass Family - Dietary cocktails Category - Non-alcoholic drinks Decoration - a thick slice of passion fruit Serve at any time Ingredients: 5/10 fresh tomato juice 3/10 bell pepper yellow sliced ​​2/10 fruit juice & # 8230

Tom and Jerry Cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Glass - heat-resistant or tumbler Category - Milk drinks Decoration - a grated nutmeg powder on the surface Serve in the afternoon, evening and night Ingredients: an egg yolk an egg white 3 cl white rum 2 cl brandy 4-5 cl milk hot This energizing and invigorating cocktail appears & # 8230

Titian's cocktail

Quality - low alcohol Alcoholic base - none Glass - flutes or cup Asti Family - Sparkling Category - Wine drinks Decoration - without Serving at any time Ingredients: 1/3 red grape juice 2/3 classic or dry sparkling wine Among the cocktails Sparkling , Titian represents autumn by using grapes. If & # 8230

Tintoretto cocktail

Quality - low alcohol Alcoholic base - none Glass - flutes or cup Asti Category - Wine drinks Decoration - without Serving at any time Ingredients: 3/10 pomegranate juice 7/10 classic or dry sparkling wine This Sparkling drink appeared in the region Veneto in the 60's is & # 8230

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - tequila Glass - medium tumbler Category - Tequila drinks Decoration - a slice of pineapple, a red cherry and straw Serve at any time Ingredients: 3/10 tequila 6/10 orange juice 1/10 pomegranate syrup This drink appeared in the '50s, contributing & # 8230

Sweet Martini Cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - gin Glass - small cocktail glass Category - Vermouth drinks Decoration - a red cherry Served before meals Ingredients: 8/10 gin 2/10 red vermouth It has the same origin as Dry Martini, in IBA catalogs it appears as ancestor of the fifty world cocktails in & # 8230

Strawberry Dawn Cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - gin Glass - double cup of cocktail Category - Gin drinks Decoration - a strawberry on the edge and straw cut in half Served in the afternoon Ingredients: 3 cl gin 3 cl coconut cream 3 strawberries cut into pieces Appears in England, in the 1960s. with a & # 8230

Daiquiri Strawberry Cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - white rum Glass - old fashioned Category - Rum drinks Decoration - a strawberry on the edge and straw cut in half Serve at any time Ingredients: 3 whole strawberries 1/10 lemon or lime juice 3/10 strawberry liqueur 6/10 white rum & # 8230

Tonic cocktail with anise

Ingredients: 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon anise seeds 3 cups ice cubes 4 pieces star anise Preparation: Pour the lemon juice into a blender, add the seeds of anise, sugar and mix until the anise seeds are crushed & # 8230

Stinger cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - brandy Glass - small cocktail glass or old fashioned Category - Mint cream drinks Decoration - without Serving evening and night Ingredients: 7/10 brandy 3/10 white mint cream Appeared eighty years ago, in The United Kingdom is one of the ancestors of mixed drinks. During the & # 8230

Skywasser cocktail

Quality - no alcohol Alcoholic base - none Glass - tumbler Category - Non-alcoholic drinks Decoration - seasonal fruit on toothpicks Served at any time Ingredients: 2 cl raspberry syrup the juice of a lemon soda In a well-known village in the Alps , after a full day on the slope of & # 8230

Cocktail Singapore Sling

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - gin Glass - large tumbler Category - Cherry brandy drinks Decoration - a slice of lemon and a sour cherry Served at any time Ingredients: 3/10 gin 1/10 cherry brandy 2/10 lemon juice 4 / 10 Singapore Sling soda appeared in 1915 from the imagination & # 8230

Cocktail El Calvador

Glass: Martini Garnish: Mint leaf Ingredients: 50 ml Busnel Calvados 20 ml Blue Earl Gray tea 25 ml Granny Smith Apple juice 5 ml gomme syrup (sugar syrup) 10. ml fresh lime juice 8 fresh mint leaves Preparation: Stir the six ingredients vigorously into the shaker and & # 8230

Cocktail Margarita on the rocks

Tumbler or small Collins Garnish - A slice of lime and salt in half of the rim of the glass Ingredients: 60 ml Tequila silver 25 ml fresh lime juice 20 ml Cointreau Top-up lager beer Preparation: Strongly mix the first three ingredients in the shaker, Strain over ice cubes into the tumbler glass, & # 8230

Bloody Mary cocktail with fresh flavors

Ingredients: 2 large, beautiful yellow tomatoes 40 ml vodka 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce 2 cherry tomatoes 1 bunch celery leaves Preparation: Peel the yellow tomatoes and remove the seeds, then pass them finely . (You get about 200 ml of juice.) Cool it, then combine it with & # 8230

Homar Bloody Mary Cocktail

Ingredients: 1 tail of lobster 50 ml vodka 100 ml tomato juice 2 tablespoons canned seafood sauce (squid) mashed 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons fresh radish, given on the finest side of the grater 1 teaspoon sauce Worcestershire (anchovies, vinegar, sugar, salt, flavors) 1 & # 8230

Pineapple cocktail

Ingredients: a box of pineapple compote 100 ml cognac 1 - 1/2 l sweet wine sugar to taste Preparation: Pineapple compote is ground in a bowl (with fruit), then pour the wine and brandy. Sweeten with sugar to taste. The drink is served cold.

Cocktail Campari with cherry and lemon juice

Ingredients: 3-4 cl Campari cherry juice 4 cherries, compote 2 - 3 lemon slices ice cubes Preparation: Put the lemon slices in a cocktail glass, then add the ice cubes, Campari, cherry juice and mix well. Serve 2 immediately with cherry compote.

Asian Bloody Mary cocktail

Ingredients: Asian mixture for Bloody Mary: 1 liter tomato juice 4 tablespoons wasabi powder 4 tablespoons ground ginger 4 tablespoons soy sauce 4 tablespoons lime juice Other Ingredients: 1 part Asian mixture for Bloody Mary 1.5 parts vodka flavored lemon 1 part sake (drink made from rice & # 8230

Imperial Bloody Mary Cocktail

Ingredients: 900 ml tomato juice 100 ml lemon juice 50 ml balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon radish grated 1 tablespoon salt 20 drops Tabasco sauce 50 ml vodka 1 bunch celery leaves Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a btender, more a little vodka and celery leaves. Pour & # 8230

Sidecar cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - brandy Glass - small cup of cocktail Category - Triple dry drinks Decoration - without Served evening and night Ingredients: 6/10 brandy 3/10 Cointreau 1/10 lemon juice From some sources, this cocktail would be appeared in the 1920s at Chaton Bar in & # 8230

Shirley Temple Cocktail

Quality - no alcohol Alcoholic base - none Glass - medium tumbler Category - Non-alcoholic drinks Decoration - two red cherries, a few straws Served at any time Ingredients: 9/10 GingerAle 1/10 pomegranate syrup Dedicated to the unforgettable baby wonder of cinema American, Shirley Temple is an excellent drink for & # 8230

Cocktial Sunrise

Put in a glass 4 cl of pomegranate syrup, 3 ice cubes and a slice of lemon. Then pour 100 ml of orange and pineapple juice.

Sherry Cobbler cocktail

Quality - low alcohol Alcoholic base - none Glass - large glass Category - Wine drinks Decoration - various fruits and a few straws Served at any time Ingredients: 5-6 cl Sherry Oloroso a few drops of pomegranate syrup a few drops of Orange Bitter a tablespoon sugar powder soda & # 8230

Selva Line Cocktail

Quality - low alcohol Alcoholic base - dark rum Glass - medium tumbler Category - Brandy drinks Decoration - a slice of pineapple, red cherries and straw Serve at any time Ingredients: 3 cl amber rum a glass of yogurt with pineapple flavor a cl de suc & # 8230

Caribbean night cocktail

Mix 2 cl of pomegranate syrup and vodka, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 100 ml pineapple juice and ice cubes. Pour mineral water.

Cocktail Screwdriver

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - vodka Glass - medium tumbler Category - Vodka drinks Decoration - a slice of orange on the edge and straw Served at any time Ingredients: 3/10 vodka 7/10 orange juice Probably appeared in the ' 60, due to the imagination of an American mechanic, who would & # 8230

Open-Bowle Cocktail

Cut 2 slices of apricot slices and leave them in a bowl with 4 cl of apricot liqueur and a few basil leaves. Pour champagne.

Frosty Mango Cocktail

Pass 50 g of mango and freeze it with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Put them in the glass together with the frozen raspberries, then pour the Prosecco.

Scotch Holiday Cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - scotch whiskey Glass - old fashioned Category - Cherry brandy drinks Decoration - a slice of lemon and straw Served at any time Ingredients: 3 cl scotch whiskey a cl Blood Morlacco Luxardo a cl red vermouth a cl fresh juice lemon & # 8230

Rusty Nail Cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - scotch whiskey Glass - old fashioned Category - Scotch whiskey drinks Decoration - squeezed essence of lemon peel Served after dinner Ingredients: 6/70 cl scotch whiskey 4/10 cl Drambuie Appeared in the United States, in 60s, Rusty Nail cocktail. in literal translation & # 8230

Cocktail Rum Fix

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - white rum Glass - medium tumbler Category - Rum drinks Decoration - a slice of lemon and a straw Serve at any time Ingredients: 5-6 cl white rum green lemon juice half a teaspoon of powdered sugar natural water a few drops & # 8230

Cocktail Rock & Rye

A simple Rock Rye Cocktail recipe from: vodka, rock & amp rye and lime juice. Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - vodka Glass - medium tumbler Family - Cooler Category - Vodka drinks Decoration - a slice of orange on the edge and a stir It is served at any time & # 8230

Rose cocktail

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - Kirsch Glass - small cocktail glass Category - Vermouth drinks Decoration - red cherry Served in the afternoon Ingredients: 6/10 dry vermouth 2/10 kirsch 2/10 cherry brandy It is the classic Short drink of the '30s especially appreciated by female consumers. Preparation: Put the ingredients & # 8230

Cocktail Rob Roy

Quality - alcoholic Alcoholic base - scotch whiskey Glass - small cocktail glass Category - Vermouth drinks Decoration - a red cherry Served before meals, evening and night Ingredients: 6/10 scotch whiskey 4/10 red vermouth a drop of Angostura Bitter Appeared in the 1930s, in England, a & # 8230

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