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Fast pie

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Preparation: sift the flour in a bowl then add the yeast dissolved in a little warm milk, eggs, warm milk, salt and oil. Homogenize with a spoon. The dough will be a soft one, which does not require kneading.

Grease the tray (26 * 39 cm) with a little butter and sprinkle 1 lg of semolina, then spread half of the amount of dough.

Sprinkle the remaining spoonful of semolina over the remaining dough, then place the ham slices and grate the cheese and telemea.

The other half of the remaining dough, place it carefully with a spoon over the grated cheese and then even out. Let the pie rise for 30 minutes, then sprinkle poppy seeds on top and bake for about 30-40 minutes. To make sure that the dough is baked, we insert a toothpick in it and if it comes out clean it means that the pie is baked.

Let the pie cool and then we can cut it and serve. It is very good with red onions.

Yogurt and lemon pie. Quick recipe

This pie, as fast as it is, is as tasty. Yogurt and lemon are beneficial products for our body, but be careful with the amount of sugar if you follow a diet.

To quickly prepare this pie with yogurt and lemon you need:

  • 1 packet of pie sheets
  • 1 kg of yogurt
  • 8 eggs
  • 300 g sugar
  • grated peel of half a lemon
  • 1 vanilla essence

How to prepare the pie:

Beat the eggs well with the yogurt until smooth, then add the sugar in the rain, vanilla essence and grated lemon peel.

Put baking paper in the tray and start putting the first layer of pie sheets, over which you add half of the above composition, then add more pie sheets and pour over them the rest of the remaining composition, and finally cover with the last sheets of pie. Optionally, you can grease the pie with a little egg.

Place the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 20-30 minutes. The top sheets should turn golden brown when the pie is ready.

Tip: Sugar can be replaced with Stevie Sugar - Green Sugar - Sweetens like sugar, but has 0 calories and 0 glycemic index, which protects the body from the negative effects of sugar consumption.

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Fasting Cakes # 5: Strudel with berries

Ingredients Strudel with berries

1 pack of puff pastry
300 gr frozen berries
150 gr sugar
50 ml water

How to prepare Strudel with berries

Put the frozen berries in a bowl together with the sugar and leave it on the fire until it gets the consistency of a thick sauce.
Set aside and let cool.
Thaw the dough and cut it into six.
We leave a space in the middle of the dough where we will put the filling and on the sides we make cuts of about 2 cm. From the 50 ml of water and 3 tablespoons of sugar we make a syrup. Grease the surface with a brush.
We put the filling in the miloc (don't put too much because it will flow when baked). We start knitting by bringing the side strips over the filling as tightly as possible. Press the ends with a fork so that the filling does not leak.
We place them in a tray lined with baking paper and grease them with syrup.
We put them in the oven, over high heat, until they turn brown.
Serve cold, possibly sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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Simple and quick grated apple pie

Simple and quick apple pie recipe, extremely tasty and savory. The fragrant cookie type dough together with the delicious apple filling guarantees you a perfect dessert for any day.

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From the category of traditional sweets, this one simple and quick apple pie recipe it comes to the aid of those who want something sweet in a short time, without too much effort and with less work. Moreover, an apple pie will not empty your wallet, being among the cheapest pies in Romanian cuisine.

The dough for this simple and fast grated apple pie is an extremely fragile, cookie type, with a lot of butter. For freshness and taste, add two tablespoons of cream and a pinch of salt. This pie dough can also be filled with other types of filling, quince, pumpkin or sweet cheese, for example.

This recipe for grated apple pie saves a lot of time in preparation because the apples are no longer hardened, only grated, squeezed with juice and mixed with a little sugar and cinnamon. The juice can be collected and enjoyed later, being natural and nourishing.

For diversity, you can add a handful of finely chopped or ground walnuts to the apple filling. You can also add other flavors, depending on your preferences.

Equally good and easy to prepare is this recipe for fasting apple pie, for the days when you do not eat sweets or if for some reason you are not allowed to eat dairy products.

From all the ingredients, knead a crust, then let it rest for 15 minutes. Then the sheets are stretched, as thin as possible, they are pulled by the ends by hand, until they become almost transparent.

Prepare the composition as you like.

Example for a cheese pie:

500 g sweet cottage cheese
250 g telemea
a small jar of yogurt
milk (enough to have a soft composition, not very soft)
grated lemon peel

With this composition fill the sheets, roll at both ends, grease with egg yolk, sprinkle with poppy seeds. Do not forget to oil the sheets before rolling. I put the filling on the sheets and then I take 2 tablespoons of oil and sprinkle the sheet with them. after which I run.
Bake at 180 degrees, about 30-40 min. It depends on the oven. Be careful not to burn yourself!

The recipe for pie sheets filled with cheese was proposed by ELAIDA on the culinary forum.

Pie sheets can be filled with apples, pumpkin, fruit, or salty fillings as desired.

Quick pie with cabbage

Try this cabbage pie recipe! It goes great with a glass of wine.


For the dough:
15 tablespoons oil
15 tablespoons mineral water
1 baking powder
as much flour as it contains

For the filling:
1 finely chopped sauerkraut
2 chopped onions
3 tablespoons broth
2-3 tablespoons oil
1 bay leaf
freshly ground pepper

Method of preparation:

Knead a pie dough until it comes off the bowl. Refrigerate. For the filling, keep the sauerkraut salted, then chop it finely. Heat the oil, fry the onion until it becomes glassy, ​​and add the cabbage. Leave to harden until soft, then pour the broth, add the bay leaf and pepper and continue to harden. When the filling is ready, set it aside.

Prepare a tray, wallpaper it and spread two sheets with the rolling pin, put one on its bottom, add the cabbage filling, and place the other sheet of pie on top. Leave this pie to bake quickly until it browns nicely.

Small difficulty
8 servings
Preparation time: 30 '

Quick pie with fish!

Let's prepare together this very simple fish pie, but also very tasty. A handsome and filling result & # 8211 fluffy and fragile dough with lots of filling! Serve the pie hot for lunch.


For the dough:

-200 gr of kefir, yogurt or sour milk

For the filling:

-salt and black pepper to taste.

For decoration:


1.Cut the eggs into small cubes, add drained tuna liquid, mix with a fork, enough to separate the fish fillet, then add the feta cheese cut into small pieces or crushed with your hands.

2. Add sliced ​​olives, green onions and chopped parsley, black pepper and salt to taste, depending on how salty the cheese is, and mix the ingredients well.

3. Line the form (18 * 28 cm) with baking paper and grease it with oil.

4. Beat the eggs with salt and sugar, add kefir, mayonnaise and mix.

5. Sift the flour and baking powder directly into the bowl, then mix a homogeneous dough without lumps.

6. Pour approximately ½ of the dough into the mold, level the layer and spread the filling.

7. Cover the filling with the remaining dough, decorate the surface with olive slices and sesame seeds, then shape into the preheated oven to 180 ° C for 30-35 minutes, depending on the oven and the shape used. Take the toothpick test.

8. Remove the pie from the pan.

The dough is delicate and fluffy, and the filling is incredibly tasty & # 8211 a harmonious combination of ingredients!

Quick cheese pie!

A delicacy that you can prepare for breakfast on the weekend!

-3 tablespoons of refined sunflower oil

Other: an egg yolk. ‌

1.‌ Prepare the dough: pour hot milk into a deep bowl. Add the egg, refined sunflower oil, sugar and dry yeast. Stir until smooth.

2. Add the sifted flour and salt. Initially mix with a whisk and then with a spatula. You need to get a homogeneous, soft, sticky and elastic dough.

3. Cover it with cling film or a lid and leave it to rise for 25-30 minutes in a warm place.

4. Prepare the filling: put the cheese and feta cheese through the large grater.

5.Mix them and divide them into 2 equal parts. Shape a compact ball out of one of them.

6. Shape the pie: mix the leavened dough a little with the spatula, then transfer it to the table sprinkled with flour. Sprinkle with flour and knead a little: first with a spatula, then with your hands. It will soak some flour and become non-sticky: the flour left on the table must be removed.

7. Roll out the dough into a round, thick cake (with your hands, without a rolling pin).

8.Put the cheese ball in the middle of it, then gather it and glue the edges over the ball. Turn it with the "seam" down and flatten it again with your hands. You need to get a round cake with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm.

9. Transfer the pie to the tray lined with baking paper. Grease it with a beaten egg yolk, using the brush.

10. Then spread the rest of the filling on its surface.

11. Bake the pie for 25 minutes in the preheated oven to 180 ° C‌‌.

12. Let it cool a bit, then slice it and serve it with great pleasure!

Quick pie in the pan

Laura Adamache posted a recipe on her blog that caught my eye (like many others, because we all know Laura is a teacher) & # 8211 Sofficini. I tried them immediately, the morning I saw them and I was offered a wonderful breakfast & # 8211 I made them with cheese filling. I thought, however, to try them with a sweet filling (I also told Laura this) and the result was to the liking of my whole family & # 8211 that's why I posted them under this name and I didn't keep them the original one. Here are the pies:

Preparation time: 00:40 hours
Cooking time: 00:25 hours
Total Time: 01:05 hours
Number of servings: 6 servings
Degree of difficulty: environment

  • 300 ml milk
  • 300 grams of flour
  • 30 grams of butter
  • 1 pinch of salt

we still need:

For the filling we used:

  • sliced ​​cheese
  • 1 large diced apple, lemon juice, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 cinnamon powder
  • 200 grams of chopped cherries (they were big, I thought I wouldn't be able to fold the dough nicely over them), 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch + 1 sachet of vanilla sugar or 1 sachet of vanilla pudding

Cut the apples into cubes, mix immediately with the lemon juice (so as not to oxidize) and with 2 tablespoons of sugar:

The cherries are mixed with 4 tablespoons of sugar:

Milk, butter and salt are put on the fire:

When it boils, add all the flour at once and mix vigorously, until it comes off the walls of the bowl:

Turn over on the work surface and allow to cool slightly:

When the dough has cooled so much that it can be touched, knead until it is still gathered in a ball:

The obtained ball is wrapped in food foil and left to cool completely:

Meanwhile, both apples and cherries left syrup:

The starch mixed homogeneously with the vanilla sugar or pudding is divided between the two compositions (in the one with apples I added 3 tablespoons of water, as much as the liquid to cover the fruits very little) and boil on low heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens, then leave to cool:

Once cooled, roll out the dough into a very thin sheet (one mm or less, I recommend greasing the worktop with a little oil). Laura Adamache cut sofficini with a round shape and folded them, obtaining crescents, I hurried and cut the sheet obtained into squares on which I put the filling:

Then I folded them diagonally and pressed the edges well, so that the filling did not come out when fried:

The ones with cheese (I put slices of cheese on each square) I folded lengthwise, obtaining rectangles. in hot oil, until they turn brown and receive a beautiful, golden tint. Here are the final results: With cheese:With apples:With cherries:
It seemed to me very similar, in taste, in texture, to the apple and cherry pies from macdonalds. Very good, by the way! Thanks, Laura!