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English pie with beef and Guinness

English pie with beef and Guinness

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In a saucepan, sauté the onion and rosemary in 2 tablespoons of oil for a few minutes, then add the grated garlic, carrots, sliced ​​mushrooms and celery, then the sliced ​​beef, the Guinness, some more water to be all covered with liquid, a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of flour.

I covered everything with a lid, and let it simmer for an hour and a half.

After an hour and a half, everything was well penetrated and smelled really, really yummy. I put out the fire, added more salt and pepper and put half of the grated cheese inside.

I spread a sheet of half of the French dough package, put it in a pan greased with butter, poured beef on top, put the rest of the cheese on top, and covered with the other sheet of dough. I greased this beauty with beaten egg, and put it in the hot oven for 40 minutes.

I served it with peas (frozen, scalded in hot water for 5 minutes, and then mixed with 2 teaspoons of butter, and a little thyme)

English pie

English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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English pie
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Tomato pie

English pie
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English pie
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Remnant recipe: chicken pie, lemon and mushrooms

English pie
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English pie
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Shepherd's Pie Pie

Shepherd's Pie or Shepherd's Pie in English. A slow-cooked vegetable stew, covered with a mashed potato crust.

It is a comforting food, perfect for the cold season. The origin of this recipe is English, and is generally prepared with lamb, sometimes with beef or turkey.

This type of pie has to do with the low blanket of Great Britain. It appeared during the period when potatoes spread to the United Kingdom, being used as a means to satisfy hunger with little money. The potato was a very convenient food for peasants, people who generally lived in cottages in the country, hence the term cottage pie or "cottage".

If you want the potato layer to be even more crunchy, you can draw some patterns on it with a fork. This will increase the area of ​​its surface, and the thinner areas will bake more easily, resulting in a crispier texture.

As with any old, traditional recipe, this one has many variations starting from the original one. For example, if you add breadcrumbs on top of the mashed potato layer, you will get another type of pie called Cumberland.

The cottage pie (or shepherd's pie) is called chopped Parmentier by French, bearing the name of the man who convinced his country to eat potatoes!

According to the Oxford Companion to Food, Scottish history shows that we can even use puff pastry instead of mashed potatoes. Another much-loved variation involves adding a layer of grated cheese on top. By melting, it will result in an extra layer of flavor and texture.

Vegetarian variant

Vegetarians and vegans have also found multiple meatless versions of this pie. They call them, in a rather funny way, sherpherdless feet (“Pie without a shepherd”). It can be prepared by replacing meat with delicious vegetables, but you can't really use anything.

The best results are obtained using more filling vegetables, such as a mixture of mushrooms and peas, but you can also use soy or other meat substitutes, such as lentils.

I must admit that, as delicious as the original recipe is, it is as close to the original taste as the vegetarian version! If you have the impression that a vegetable-based food cannot be full… you will definitely be wrong! Where else do you say it has a divine taste?

Ingredients Veal stew with puff pastry lid

you need 6 au gratin pots, about 500 ml. every

  • 1.5 kilograms of veal (leg or shoulder), diced
  • 2 large onions
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 250 ml. of red wine
  • 600 ml. of bird or beef soup (if you don't have it, water also works)
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste (I use peeled tomatoes in their juice)
  • 300 grams of small mushrooms, mushroom
  • 300 grams of young, raw carrots
  • 6 peeled potatoes, cut into slices
  • 50 ml. of olive oil
  • 4 tablespoons plain flour
  • 2 bay leaves
  • dried thyme, pepper
  • crust:400 grams of puff pastry (bought or made at home, which you have, I used the classic dough, with butter, homemade), 1 egg

Preparation Veal stew with puff pastry lid:

The veal is peeled and cut into cubes:

(It is very wrong to wash the meat, most of the substances it contains are water soluble and dissolve in contact with water. If the meat needs to be cleaned, it can be wiped with a damp napkin, or in extreme cases (if you have dropped it on the floor and it is full of dust, etc.), rinse quickly under running cold water, then carefully dab with a dry napkin).

Mix the flour with a teaspoon of freshly ground pepper and 1 teaspoon of salt, then roll the pieces of meat through this mixture.

Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a dish suitable for the oven and fry the pieces of meat one by one, until they catch a crust. Remove and keep warm.

In the same fat, cook the onion cut into small pieces until it softens, then add the meat and the juice it left.

Stir a few times, over high heat, add tomato paste, hot soup (or water), red wine boiled separately in a saucepan, chopped garlic, thyme and bay leaf.

Bring the food to a boil then cover with the lid and put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius until the meat is tender (about an hour, depending on how young the calf is, it can be made with mature beef, but it will last much more meat preparation).

Meanwhile, clean the mushrooms with a damp, well-squeezed napkin (do not wash because they lose their taste and do not peel), wash the carrots carefully and break them into suitable pieces (you need small carrots), the potatoes are wash, clean and cut into slices.

Once the meat is tender, add the carrots, mushrooms and potatoes, mix well and if necessary add a little soup or hot water to the bowl. Cover the bowl with the lid and bake again for 30-40 minutes, until the vegetables are done.

Meanwhile, sprinkle the work surface with a little flour and spread the puff pastry into a thin sheet. Cut 6 circles, according to the shape of the au gratin vessels in which the preparation will be mounted.

When the potatoes are well done and the carrots are still slightly crispy, take the food out of the oven and raise its temperature to 200 degrees Celsius. Divide the food into gratin dishes.

Cover each dish with a circle of puff pastry, pressing well the edges, which are quickly greased with a brush, beaten egg.

Bake until the crust swells and browns well.

It is a surprisingly tasty and pleasant food, it makes you feel good and urges you to taste a good glass of red wine. The diners will be intrigued and curious to find out what is in the jugs, and once the mystery is shattered, they will be delighted. :)

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Moroccan pie with yogurt and harissa sauce

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Chicken, bacon and sage pie

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Fasting recipe: Shepherd's pie

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Vegetable pie, recipe for the greedy

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Famous chefs: Jamie Oliver teaches you how to make the best fish pie

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Salmon pie with spinach, a healthy recipe for the whole family

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English pie with beer

meat pie recipe
English beer pie is a very popular food in Great Britain that you can easily prepare and that you will fall in love with immediately! [..] Other information about: pie, meat pie, beer pie, beef pie, english pie


The English have something to be proud of: pies! There are so many recipes, for fillings and doughs, salty and sweet, that it is almost impossible not to like one. British

I start with one of the most popular and appreciated: Cornish Pasty, which has its origins in Cornwall, corner These are individual pies, traditionally containing: diced beef, onions and potatoes. Required. .This is the oldest recipe, later dozens of kinds of fillings appeared, and there are stores specialized only in selling these pastries(plural). The presence of carrots in the pie betrays the inferior quality of the product, say the locals. Just as minced meat is the cheapest option for stuffing and the "ridge") Cornwall residents want to register their product as authentic, agreeing to the following: they contain cubed beef, it has the shape of the letter D and the crease is made on the side, not on top!

Hoping you didn't fall asleep at the introduction, let's get to work!

For dough
225g flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
60g butter / margarine
60ml water (approx)

150g potatoes, cut into cubes
50geapa finely cut
100g fresh, tender, diced beef
1 tablespoon green parsley (optional)

Mix the flour with the baking powder, salt and diced butter until it looks like crumbs.Add a tablespoon of water, gradually, and knead until the dough gets the right consistency.

We wrap in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for about half an hour

We cut the diced potatoes, very fine onions and the meat into small pieces

Throw the potatoes in boiling water and boil them quickly for about 4-5 minutes, pass them through a stream of cold water and let them drain and cool.