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Crêpe au ton et harrisa / pancakes with tuna and harrisa

Crêpe au ton et harrisa / pancakes with tuna and harrisa

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Depending on how many pancakes you want to change the amount of milk and flour. You need to get a slightly thicker material than the one for sweet pancakes

Beat the egg with a little salt using a whisk, add the flour and then the milk.

Grease a pan with a little butter and put a polish from the pancake material, after turning it on the other side, turn it on very slowly so that you have time to prepare it and not to burn it.

Grease the pancake with a little harrisa, over it we put the cheese or mozzarella and the oil drained and crushed.

We take one edge of the pancake and pull it over the tone, then we pull the other one (as you can see in the picture), after which we turn the ends.

Leave the pancake on that side until it turns a little red and then turn it on the other side.

Good appetite!

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