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Fusilli with chicken breast

Fusilli with chicken breast

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We start by preparing the pasta: we boil a liter of water in which we sprinkle salt to taste. When the water starts to form bubbles, add the pasta (for about 8 minutes), stirring from time to time, to avoid sticking. Drain them from the water in which they boiled, pass them through a stream of cold water and let them in a sieve to drain the excess water.

Meanwhile, cut the chicken breast into thin strips and lightly brown it (in 4-5 tablespoons of oil). Add the capsicum and green onions and cook for a maximum of 2 minutes. Remove them from the pan with a spatula to remove excess oil.

Mix the sour cream with the two eggs, add the grated cheese and season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Incorporate the pasta and the chicken breast (browned with capsicum and green onions), mix and put the composition in a heat-resistant dish (no greasing required). Place the tomatoes on top (for extra flavor, I baked them beforehand on the tray). Put the dish in the oven until the pasta is nicely browned. Serve hot. Good appetite!