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The Pronto Battery Pack That Promises to Charge 12x Faster Than Its Competitors

The Pronto Battery Pack That Promises to Charge 12x Faster Than Its Competitors

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Pronto may not be the fanciest gadget (soon to be) on the market, but it's something everyone is going to want. Promising to charge up 12 times faster than its competitors, Pronto capitalizes off of the very familiar term "time is money," because no one wants to sit around waiting for their phone to charge. With an already successful Kickstarter campaign (as of this article they have made $299,616 with a goal of only $50,000), this little portable battery pack is definitely on our wish list.

Created by Power Practical, Pronto is available in two different models: Pronto 5 and Pronto 12. While most power banks hold 5-10 watts, the Pronto 5 has 25 watts (4,500mAh) and gives you enough power to recharge your iPhone 5 (which is the iPhone model these were tested with) three times. The Pronto 12 battery has 60 watts (13,500mAh), giving you enough for nine recharges—it also has two USB ports and a 12V output for large devices, like a laptop or DSLR camera. Making it easier than ever to get power while on the go, in just five minutes the Pronto 12 is able to suck up enough power to get your phone from 0-100 percent in around 15 minutes.

“We set out two years ago to change the world of portable power and technology, coming up with unique designs to cater to active individuals lifestyles,” says Matt Ford, CEO of Power Practical. “Our company has grown exponentially since that time and we can confidently attribute that success to web platforms, like Kickstarter, that weren’t available to startups many years ago. It’s a resource that we don’t see slowing down, and only continuing to change the business world.”

Both models take about an hour to charge, are made using a hard-anodized aluminum enclosure and feature a striped nylon strap that can be used to secure your device to the battery or to attach the Pronto to a bag. Two LED dials can be seen on the front, one showing the battery capacity and the other showing how fast the Pronto is charging. There's a protective water-resistant silicone cap that protects the USB ports when not in use, which also double as a stand when the ports are being used.

Pronto 5 will retail for $99, but through Kickstarter you can get it for $69 through the Early Bird special. Pronto 12 will retail for $149, but is available right now for $119. If you want one of each, you can buy a combo package for $169. Deliveries are expected May 2015.

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