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Apple strudel

Apple strudel

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First a crust is prepared from the ingredients in the phyllo paste. You can also use frozen puff pastry that is commercially available, but if you want to make it thinner at home and without so much butter and without crumbling on top, choose phyllo. It is very simple to sift the flour, add the oil, water the flavors and knead until it sticks to the hands. Let it rest for 30 minutes and then spread it directly on the baking tray lined with baking paper. Crumble a few biscuits and spread as a first layer.

While the phyllo paste has rested, make the filling: in a bowl, cut the cleaned apples into slices, then add the lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon. We also wash the raisins and put them in rum for 5 minutes and add to the apples, pine nuts, peach jam and as many crushed biscuits we want to make the composition denser.

Spread the filling over the stretched phyllo paste with the crumbled biscuits, place the filling compactly in the middle and long, leaving a few centimeters free to close, but grease with egg and cinnamon. Close well on top with coca and grease with egg, powder with cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Put it in the preheated oven at 190 degrees for almost 40 minutes, with your eyes on the oven from time to time, then we do the test with the toothpick to see how baked it is or if it is quite soft. However, you do not have to make a hard crust, just color it a bit, the filling is done quickly. This time I drilled on top during baking and the filling stretched out to sea, but it still remained compact and very good in taste.

Finally, leave to cool a little and powder with powdered sugar again. When it has cooled well, cut long slices and serve.