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Mint & raspberry julep

Mint & raspberry julep

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Serves 1

DifficultySuper easy


  • caster sugar
  • 8 fresh mint leaves , plus a few extra to serve
  • 1 small handful of raspberries
  • ice cubes
  • 50 ml bourbon

Recipe From

Jamie Magazine

By Phillippa Spence


  1. Make a simple sugar syrup by heating one part sugar to two parts water in a pan over a medium-low heat. Heat until the sugar dissolves, then place 1 teaspoon of the mixture into a tumbler.
  2. Add the mint and raspberries, and muddle. Set aside to macerate for 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the mint and strain the drink into a clean glass.
  4. Crush some ice and add a small handful to the glass, then pour over the bourbon. Stir, and finish with more crushed ice and fresh mint leaves.

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