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Pumpkin flowers stuffed with fish in sauce

Pumpkin flowers stuffed with fish in sauce

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Simple and good, with few ingredients. So I cleaned the flowers of the smallest threads and washed them one by one, taking care not to break them, and left them to drain on a tray with absorbent kitchen paper. I also washed the three green pumpkins, cut them into thin slices and put them in a pan with olive oil and salt to fry, but with a little water so that it is not really fried. In about 25 minutes they were ready to stir from time to time. I added a few tablespoons of soy cream and my filling is ready.

I also prepared the fish sauce by putting in a saucepan the yellow pumpkin cut into pieces with a little salt and two bay leaves, a little olive oil and I put the lid on and left it for 20 minutes, then I passed it through the juicer. It became like a cream, I added soy cream, a few good tablespoons and a little more salt, I left it on the fire to dry a little but a little and the sauce is ready.

I also prepared a large frying pan with oil for frying and I filled my flowers with the filling of green pumpkin, I broke 3 eggs in a plastic plate with salt as much as I liked the nutmeg (or curry), I put flour in -another plastic plate, so I watered the flowers first in the eggs and then in the flour, I fried and put the oil on the paper, I prepared the plate and I placed them.

I also prepared the fish, I soaked it in egg and flour, I fried it for two minutes on each side and I placed it on the plate, I seasoned it with yellow pumpkin sauce and soy cream.

Very good!

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