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Teenager Makes One-in-Two-Million Discovery of Blue Lobster

Teenager Makes One-in-Two-Million Discovery of Blue Lobster

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A 14-year-old finds rare blue lobster off the coast of Maine

Maine Teenager Makes One-in-Two-Million Discovery of Blue Lobster

Scientists at the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine say that the blue lobster caught by Meghan LaPlante, a lucky 14-year-old Maine lobsterwoman is a rare find — the unique blue color only occurs in one in two million lobsters, reports The Boston Globe.

The unusual hue is the result of a genetic defect that leads to the excess production of a particular protein, which combines with a red pigment molecule to give the lobster its blue color. Although blue lobsters are indeed rare, they are not the rarest of unusual pigmentation to be found in lobsters.

In fact, albino lobsters are thought to occur once in every 100 million lobsters, while yellow lobsters are estimated to occur once in every 30 million lobsters. Earlier in August, a rare yellow lobster was rescued from a Florida supermarket and is now a permanent resident of the Seacoast Science Center in New Hampshire

LaPlante , whose family runs the aptly-named Miss Meghan’s Lobster Catch, once caught (and threw back) a six-pound lobster, reportedly donated the blue lobster (whom she named Skyler) to the Maine State Aquarium.

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11 Lobster Facts That Will Leave You Shell-Shocked

Earlier this week, a brown-and-orange lobster turned up at Pine Point Fisherman’s Co-Op in Scarborough, Maine. Turns out chances of finding one of these are 1 in 50 million, and the two-toned coloring may be caused by a genetic mutation. These lobsters also tend to be hermaphrodites, but this one appears to be female, Adam Baukus of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute told New England Cable News (NECN).

We thought that tidbit was as good a time as ever to consider the lobster. Herewith, 11 totally essential facts:

1. They keep growing forever.

Or so research suggests. But scientists won’t be able to tell how long lobsters really live because traps aren’t designed to catch the largest lobsters. “When we catch one that is 20-30 pounds, it’s because a claw got caught in the entrance of the trap, not inside,” says Robert C. Bayer, executive director of The Lobster Institute at the University of Maine.

2. They eat each other.

“They&rsquore looking for fresh food and what&rsquos around, and if that happens to be another lobster, then it&rsquos dinner,” says Bayer. “One of the reasons lobster culture is not profitable is because they are cannibalistic, and there are lot of expenses that go along with that.”

3. Females are players&mdashand they make the first move.

Not much courtship precedes lobster love-making. Females that have just shed their shells send out a pheromone to let the males know they’re in the mood. Usually, lobsters that shed their shells are vulnerable and could be eaten by other lobsters, but when a female says she’s ready to get it on, the male lobster will usually opt to have sex with her over killing her.

How do they do it? “I would describe it as the missionary position,” Bayer says. Six to nine months later, eggs appear on her tail, and after another six to 9 months, they hatch. A one-pound-and-a-half female lobster can have between 8,000 to 12,000 eggs, each about the size of a raspberry segment. And they could be from multiple fathers. Females are not monogamous.

4. They taste with their legs.

Chemosensory leg and feet hairs identify food. Small antennae in front of their eyes are used for tracking down food that’s farther away. “If you watch a lobster in a tank in a market, you&rsquoll see they&rsquore flipping, looking for food, dissolved substances in the water,” says Bayer.

5. They chew with their stomachs.

The grinding structure for breaking up food is called the gastric mill, kind of like a set of teeth on their stomachs, which are right behind the eyes and the size of a walnut in a one-pound lobster.

6. The green in cooked lobsters is liver.

Well technically, it’s the tomalley&mdasha digestive gland that’s the intestine, liver, and pancreas. And any red things are eggs.

7. They don’t scream in pain when you cook them.

The noise you hear is “air that has been trapped in the stomach and forced through the mouth after being out of water for short periods of time,” says Bayer. Lobsters don’t have vocal chords, and they can’t process pain.

8. One of their claws can exert pressure of up to 100 pounds per square inch.

So they may not feel pain, but they can cause some serious pain. Researchers discovered that after having the lobster’s larger claw, the crusher claw, clamp down on a load cell, a pressure-measuring device. This claw looks like it has molars because it’s used to break up anything hard like crabs, clams, mussels. The other, called the ripper claw or the quick claw, tears softer food like fish or worms.

9. They can regenerate limbs.

“It&rsquos going to take probably a good five years for a one-pound lobster to regenerate a claw that&rsquos about the same size of one that was lost,” says Bayer. But they can do it.

10. Their shells were once used to make golf balls.

Shells left over after lobster processing are usually tossed into landfills. So in an effort to make them worth something and keep the money in the lobster industry, a University of Maine professor created golf balls with a core made out of lobster shells. They’re also biodegradable, designed for golfing on cruise ships or courses near oceans and lakes.

The problem is they only go about 70 percent of the distance of a regular golf ball, so you won’t see them at the U.S. Open anytime soon.

11. Once upon a time, they were the go-to prison food.

In the colonial era, only the poor, indentured servants, and prisoners ate lobsters because they were cheap, too plentiful, and considered “tasteless.” After prisoners in one Massachusetts town got sick of eating them all the time, a new rule said they only had to eat them three times a week.



The vast majority of lobsters are born a muddy brown to help them blend in with the murky depths of the ocean.

At one-in-100-million, albino lobsters are the rarest. The crustacean pictured was caught off the coast of Maine in 2017

But every so often a rare genetic defect leads to a more colourful crustacean.

The mutations cause the lobsters to produce too much or too little of a certain protein.

Blue lobsters, which occur at a rate of one-in-2-million, have a defect that triggers the over-production of a certain protein.

Combined with their normal pigmentation, caused by a protein called carotenoid, the protein forms a blue colour.

The one-in-30-million orange lobster gets it colour from a lack of that protein.

They only show the carotenoid pigment, which is bright red, meaning they appear to already be boiled.

At one-in-100-million, albino lobsters are the rarest.

They are born completely white and don't even turn red when you cook them.

The fishermen who caught this particular lobster donated it to the Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority for safekeeping.

A conservation officer for the IFCA said 'he's never seen anything like it'.

'Albino lobsters are incredibly rare – I've never seen one,' he said.

'We were contacted by a fisherman who caught this one off Scarborough who wanted it to go somewhere where it would be enjoyed by people.

'It was good of him to do that because it's well known they can be sold for good money.'

The crustacean, which is male and between seven to eight years old, is now on display at National Trust's Old Coastguard Station in Robin Hood's Bay on the North Yorkshire coast.

The lobster will be returned to the sea some time in 2020, and National Trust officials have called for members of the public to come up with a name for the creature on Facebook before he returns home.

Lobsters are generally brown or grey in colour, which camouflages them against the rocky sea bed, but there have also been reports of orange and bright blue tinted lobsters as well.

Unusual coloured lobsters are sought-after by chefs, and are sometimes sold in Michelin-starred restaurants for hundreds of pounds.

'The odds of finding an albino lobster are one in 100 million lobsters,' according to University of Maine's Lobster Institute. 'Yet, people do find them.'

The unusual appearance is caused by a genetic condition called leucism, the partial loss of pigmentation in an animal.

Leucism is actually slightly different from albinism, which describes the absence of any pigmentation at all – causing distinctive red or pink eyes.

'Although the lobster in the aquarium isn’t fully white they are known to fishermen and everyone in the fishing industry as albino lobsters,' the National Trust told MailOnline.

'For a lobster to have albinism it’s likely it would be pure white and have the characteristic red/pink eyes. It’s a tough one really as no research has been done on them.'

Arnold's Lobster and Clam Bar, in Eastham, Massachusetts – found a blue lobster in its seafood shipments

Lobsters can also be tinted blue and orange last year, a seafood restaurant in Portland was home to a 'cotton candy' coloured lobster, although one of its chefs released it back into the sea.

Another Massachusetts chef was surprised earlier this year when he found a deep blue-coloured lobster in his seafood shipment.


Leucism is an abnormal condition that affects animals including birds, mammals, reptiles and fish.

It is caused by a genetic mutation that inhibits melanin and other pigments – substances that give an animal its colour.

This gives them white or patchily coloured skin, hair, or feathers.

The condition is actually different from albinism, which is a absence of any pigmentation, including in the eyes and feet.

Vertebrates with albinism are not only white in colour but also have very pale eyes, often pink or red – this is the easiest way of distinguishing between leucism and albinism.

While in Ireland in 2017, another albino lobster was found off the coast of Achill Island and donated to a local aquarium.

Not only is leucism rare, but lobsters that are affected with the condition are thought to not survive for long because their colour makes them a prime target for predators – making them even rarer.

'He's managed to go undetected by predators such as octopus, other predatory fish and even seals with no camouflage at all, not like other lobsters that can just vanish due to their darker colours,' the National Trust said.

Leucism can affect not just marine life, but birds, mammals and reptiles as well.

Earlier this month, an amateur photographer from Oxford shared a picture of a rare albino robin.

Only one robin in every 30,000 is an albino or partial albino and only a handful of sightings have been recorded in the UK.

This one is believed to be the first one of its kind spotted in the UK since a bird nicknamed 'Snowy' in Surrey, in 2010.

Meath wholesalers beats the odds with two rare finds including blue lobster

A seafood wholesalers defied odds of up to five million to one when they discovered two different rare species in their deliveries in the last month.

A seafood wholesalers defied odds of up to five million to one when they discovered two different rare species in their deliveries in the last month.

The largest golden haddock ever recorded in the North Atlantic was uncovered when Nick's Fish took delivery of the whopping 3.5kg gutted fish, which experts estimate to be 15 years old.

Just two weeks after finding that rare exhibit, the wholesaler in Ashbourne, Co Meath came across one very rare blue lobster among his order of fresh fish, caught off the south-east of Ireland.

The lobster, which staff have named 'Betty Blue' is very much alive and well and was due to be released back into the waters by the Irish Sea Fisheries Protection Authorities in Salterstown, Co Louth.

Both species are thought to be very rare to be found along Irish coasts.

"The haddock came off the Drogheda registered boat, the Endeavour' and was landed at Dunmore East," said Niall Murray of Nick's Fish.

"It was already gutted but I decided to investigate when I saw this flicker of gold among the fish. I knew it was unusual so I Googled it and it came up straight away. There was a big fuss made of one in Scotland some time ago.

"I think it's a recessive gene mutation in both parents that causes the colour gold.

The golden haddock. Picture: Seamus Farrelly

"I got onto expert marine biologist Declan Quigley of the Irish Sea Fisheries Protection Authorities straight away who confirmed it was an unusual find.

"We were told it's the largest one on record in the North Atlantic. The largest one before now ws 1.7kg (gut in). Ours was 3.92kg and about 15 years old.

"It's amazing how it got to that age as the golden colour would usually attract predators faster. It's now on ice in the National Museum of Ireland Natural History in Dublin and will hopefully be on display to the public down the line."

Staff were still reeling from that find when they took delivery of 60 lobsters which were landed off the coast of Co. Wicklow.

"The driver of the van commented that one was an unusual colour but I thought nothing of it," continued Niall.

"I saw the blue lobster and couldn't believe it. I think the odds of seeing one is one in two million but they increase to one in five for catching one."

It's thought that some lobsters have bright blue colouring as a result of a genetic mutation that causes the lobster to produce an excessive amount of a particular protein.

'Betty Blue' has been staying with Nick's Fish for the last week but is due to go back into the waters on Wednesday

Owner Nicholas Lynch said it was the first time he had ever seen two such rare creatures in over 30 years in the fishing industry.

"There are very few fishermen who can say in their lifetime that they have seen either a blue lobster or a golden haddock, never mind two of them in less than a month," he said.

Niall Murray and the Blue Lobster. Picture: Seamus Farrelly

"It something many will wait a lifetime for. We will now take a tiny nick off Betty's tail before we release her to warn other fishermen not to land her and leave her alone in the sea. There are heavy fines for landing a V-notch lobster."

Marine biologist Declan Quigley described the finds as 'extraordinary.'

"For two rare kinds of fish to turn up at the same shop in a month is extraordinary. We get a lot of information on blue lobster from the US but there really is no-one to record instances of discovery here, only me.

"I'm sure there have been only a few golden haddock found over the years but again, these finds are rarely recorded," he said.

Nick's Fish has a retail shop in Ashbourne but also delivers wholesale to restaurants, hospitals and other hospitality venues across the Leinster area.

Employing a staff of 35 people, he sells 15 tonne of fish a week and is Meath's only regulated fish processor and a Bord Bia Origin Green sustainable producer.

Lobster Gets Reprieve From the Boiler

This week, a Red Lobster employee in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, found a rare blue lobster in a delivery. Instead of just adding "blue lobster" as a special on the menu and cooking it up, the employee fortunately recognized how rare blue lobsters are and notified the restaurant to find it a new home. About one in every two million lobsters is blue, due to a genetic anomaly that makes the shell blue.

Reb Lobster staff named the blue lobster Clawde after the restaurant's mascot. The restaurant then contacted the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which then reached out to the Akron Zoo, where the lobster was given a new home in the Komodo Kingdom building, currently closed to the public due to the pandemic.

"Our animal care staff was able to quickly spring into action and prepare a new home for him," the zoo said on Facebook. "Clawde is acclimating to his new home here at the Akron Zoo, in a special tank that has been dubbed 'Clawde's Man Cave' by his care team."

While this incident was a surprising and rare discovery, finding a colored lobster is not unheard of. In May 2019, a Massachusetts restaurant also found a blue lobster in their shipment and sent it to a local aquarium. Later in 2019, a fisherman in Maine caught a rare cotton-candy colored lobster twice. A month after that, another Maine fisherman caught an extremely rare two-toned red and black lobster.

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If you're looking for a family vacation that's easy, fun for everyone, and offers good value for your money, consider staying at an all-inclusive resort. The advantages are clear: You pay one rate per night, and drinks, meals, and most activities come with the price tag, so you're not mentally adding up every outing your family wants to do and wondering if you're going to completely blow through the trip budget. Plus, all-inclusives usually have lots of dining options (so you're not scrambling while trying to find a restaurant that appeals to everybody), organized activities for kids (so you can get in some adults-only time), and enough entertainment options so that you rarely &mdash if ever &mdash have to leave the resort (which means no fighting over directions in an unfamiliar city).

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At this point, it's a little hard to stand out in the hundred-odd-some 30 for 30s in ESPN's library, One can only win (or lose!) so many times before it all starts blending together. In his portrait of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, Bao Nguyen has done more than made an all-time best 30 for 30. By removing the talking heads, and making the photography just as beautiful as the life Lee lived, he's made one of the definitive tellings of the star's legacy.

American Murder: The Family Next Door is a modern American suburban nightmare. When the documentary starts, Chris Watts seems like any other good-hearted dad in the middle of any good father's nightmare. Perceptions are tricky though. When his wife Shannan and his two daughters suddenly go missing, all eyes turn to Watts. The optimist wants to believe in Watts' innocence, but the common refrain remains true when it comes to domestic troubles, keep an eye on the husband. American Murder offers a chilling portrait of an unassuming man's turn from seemingly loving father to grotesque, horrific killer.

On January 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded, leaving America heartbroken&mdashand wondering what exactly went wrong. Challenger: The Final Flight recaps the tragedy in excruciating detail, letting those closest to the disaster tell its story.

Yeah. We missed out on a lot of sports this year. One bright spot, though? We had no shortage of jump-out-of-your-seat sports documentaries. Rising Phoenix tops that list, documenting the origins of the Paralympic Games, profiling the sport's best and most inspiring athletes along the way.

With Totaly Under Control, filmmaker Alex Gibney impressively managed to speed out a documentary about President Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic before the election. Spoiler: Things were most definitely not under control.

John Lewis, who passed away this past summer, is a political and civil rights legend. Or, more accurately? Just a legend. Period. John Lewis: Good Trouble captures the U.S. Representative's fight to make change in this country, from the front lines of the most important movements of the past 60 years.

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HBO's Class Action Park is definitely not the first way-too-candid look at New Jersey's Class Action Park. If you don't know what that is, consider yourself lucky&mdashthe theme park of the '80s/'90s was quite literally full of rides that weren't so much of rides, as they were accidents waiting to happen. If you can stomach it, HBO's deep-dive into the park's sketchy history is worth the look.

Since the dawn of cinema, the world has been fascinated with child stars. This documentary from Alex Winter, who's best known for his role in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but who's also a former child star himself, examines the lives of young performers through interviews with actors including Evan Rachel Wood, Todd Bridges, Jada Pinkett Smith, Wil Wheaton, and ET star Henry Thomas.

America in 2020 is a nation that Roy Cohn helped build. The infamous lawyer, who secured the executions of the Rosenbergs, persecuted suspected communists as Joseph McCarthy's right-hand man, and represented mobsters, was the friend and mentor to President Donald Trump. This documentary, directed by a granddaughter of the Rosenbergs, examines his life and legacy.

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In 1991, eight volunteer researchers locked themselves inside a greenhouse, and almost never opened the door again for two years. The controversial experiment was an effort to see if it would be possible for humans to build their own self-sustaining ecosystems on other planets, and, spoiler alert, was largely considered a fiasco. Nearly 30 years later, this documentary revisits the failed utopia.

Compared to the ways in which the Me Too movement has shaken up Hollywood, the music industry seems far less changed. Just take the controversy surrounding this documentary, which recounts the sexual assault allegations against rap mogul Russell Simmons. Oprah Winfrey, initially signed on to executive produce, left the project, noting that Simmons had pressured her to abandon the film. (She says that this didn't influence her decision.) Despite the controversy, On the Record was released to rave reviews praising the light it sheds on sexual abuse in the hip-hop world.

As the film's description notes, 80 percent of Americans say they don't know a transgender person&mdashwhich means that pop culture representation marks the only familiarity that the majority of the population has with trans people. Unfortunately, most of that representation has been pretty terrible, made by and for cisgendered people and deeply tainted by transphobia. In this film, trans celebrities, activists, and academics examine this history of popular depictions of trans and gender-non conforming people, and chart a path towards a more inclusive future.

There were few 2019 news stories bigger than the arrest and suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, one-time high-society financier and convicted sexual offender. And while this four-part docuseries includes interviews with Epstein&rsquos former colleagues and associates&mdashand particularly chilling deposition footage of Epstein himself&mdashdirector Lisa Bryant focuses on the stories of the survivors, women who were drawn into Epstein&rsquos circle and are brave enough to share their accounts with the world.

This Norwegian film tells a surprisingly heartwarming true crime story. After an Oslo gallery was the victim of a burglary, one of the culprits admitted in court that he targeted the stolen paintings &ldquobecause they were beautiful.&rdquo That spurred Barbora Kysilkova, the works&rsquo creator, to seek out a meeting with the man who stole them. The meeting blossoms into an unlikely friendship, all followed by filmmaker Benjamin Ree.

You&rsquod be hard-pressed to come up with a sports documentary that&rsquos ever been more hyped than The Last Dance. Netflix and ESPN teamed up for a 10-part series that might end up being the last word on the Jordan-Bulls dynasty, featuring interviews with Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, and Steve Kerr, and never-before-seen footage from Chicago&rsquos defining championship 1997-98 season. Yeah. Sign us up.

In the late 1970s and early '80s, the city of Atlanta was terrorized by the murders and disappearances by at least 30 children and youths. The children were black and often poor, often characterized by the media as "street children" born of a troubled community. In reality, they were the beloved offspring of dozens of families who are still fighting to resolve questions around their children's murder. This series examines the case and features extensive interviews with victims' families and community activists.

Last year, surviving Beastie Boys Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond staged a live performance event documenting their three decades as a band. The whole thing was directed by Spike Jonze, and the filmed version of their stage show premiered as an Apple TV documentary this April. In the show, the musicians tell their own story and share remembrances of their late friend and bandmate Adam Yauch.

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Taylor Swift is one of the 21st century&rsquos best selling and most talked about artists, a figure who has tightly controlled her public image since she was a teenager. That makes Netflix&rsquos documentary about the star all the more revealing. In the film, Swift opens up about her songwriting process, battling an eating disorder, and her decision to go public with her politics.

McDonalds&rsquo Monopoly game is familiar to anyone who caught sight of TV commercials in the 1990s. But what&rsquos less familiar is the fact that the game was shut down in the wake of the revelation that for years, most of its top prizes had been won fraudulently. Matt Damon is set to star in a movie dramatizing the story, so until that&rsquos released we can learn the tale from the new HBO docuseries.

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We&rsquore heading towards a hugely consequential presidential election, so there&rsquos no better time to reckon with the last one. This spring, Hulu premiered a four-part documentary examining the life and career of the former presidential candidate and First Lady, including the national nightmare that was the 2016 election.

Babies may not be able to do much, but it&rsquos really pretty impressive that they can do anything at all. They&rsquore born wrinkly little potatoes who spend the majority of their time sleeping, and then in around 12 months they&rsquore beginning to walk and talk. If you&rsquove ever wondered how the little guys pull that off, check out this Netflix series, which follows 15 infants while including extensive interviews with researchers who&rsquove shed light on their development.

The murder conviction and subsequent suicide of the New England Patriots&rsquo star tight end Aaron Hernandez was one of the biggest news stories of the 2010s. Early this year, Netflix released a three-part docuseries examining the football player&rsquos life and crimes, from his childhood in a household marred by abuse, alleged involvement in multiple murders, to his postmortem CTE diagnosis.

Netflix kickstarted its 2020 documentary slate with one of the first hits of the year. This series followed the Navarro College Cheer Team, one of the best in the country, as they headed to nationals. Along the way, viewers fell in love with team members like La'Darius Marshall.

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“I want the children to see . . . (and) be interested in marine life and this is one way to get them excited about it,” explained Nickerson. “Maybe one can become the next marine biologist.”

Despite many people urging him to release the lobster back into the ocean, Nickerson claims the Cape Cod waters have a sandy bottom, which makes it difficult for the creature to survive.

“There’s no place for the lobster to hide,” Nickerson said. "They like rocky bottoms, and also there are thousands of lobster traps out there now. We want this lobster to stay alive and stay safe.”


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1 13 April 18, 2009 ( 2009-04-18 ) August 17, 2009 ( 2009-08-17 )
2 18 October 26, 2009 ( 2009-10-26 ) February 22, 2010 ( 2010-02-22 )
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Season 1 (2009) Edit

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11"A Bride, a Boat and Bamboozled!"April 18, 2009 ( 2009-04-18 )
After an extremely busy order week, Buddy gets a call about a photo spread in Brides Magazine, though last minute changes may challenge Buddy's ability to complete this order on time. In addition, he gets an order to make a boat for someone's birthday, not knowing that the person he's making it for. is himself. However, the bakers end up in a heated crisis when they run out of sugar.
22"A Fire, a Fashionista and Family"May 26, 2009 ( 2009-05-26 )
Buddy and his team build a fire engine cake complete with working lights, a siren, and smoke. Buddy recreates his father's signature cake for a family memorial dinner.
33"Bunny, Birthday and Burnt Food"May 31, 2009 ( 2009-05-31 )
To keep morale high during the Easter season, which is the busiest time for the shop, Frankie begrudgingly dresses as the Easter Bunny. Meanwhile, Buddy makes an Easter cake for a children's charity fundraiser, as well as birthday cakes for his niece, nephew and mother. Later, Grace cooks Easter dinner for the family, never mind that many question her cooking skills from past experience.
44"Weddings, Water and Wacked!"June 9, 2009 ( 2009-06-09 )
The bakery is asked to make a large roulette table cake for a local businessman, but due to the particular nature of this businessman, Buddy fears for his life. Also: orders are increasing as wedding season nears, making the delivery process more susceptible to errors.
55"Bi-Plane, Bridezilla and Busting Buddy"June 16, 2009 ( 2009-06-16 )
Buddy makes a biplane cake pro bono for the children's hospital at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center. A bride-to-be becomes difficult after she is displeased with her cake, which was decided on by her mother. Stretch plots revenge against Buddy, but suffers an unexpected retaliation.
66"Undead, Unclothed and Unhappy Mama"June 21, 2009 ( 2009-06-21 )
Buddy is discomfited by the cake he is asked to make for a group of unusual clients – a couple from Asbury Park who wanted a zombie-themed cake for a zombie festival/ fan gathering. Buddy's mother disapproves of a risque cake he is asked to make for a bachelorette party.
77"Doves, Ducks and Delicacies"June 30, 2009 ( 2009-06-30 )
Buddy is enthused when a request is made for an old-fashioned styled wedding cake like his father used to make, but is forced to go hunting to complete it, as it included an unorthodox ingredient.
88"Museum, Mistakes and Mother Mary"July 7, 2009 ( 2009-07-07 )
The shop goes to the American Museum of Natural History to acquire reference for a prehistoric mammal cake a sweet 16 cake proves to be more work than anyone planned on Frankie makes and decorates a cake all by himself for Mary's daughter's dance recital.
99"Soldiers, Sand and Salads"July 14, 2009 ( 2009-07-14 )
The shop is asked to make an FAO Schwarz-themed cake for birthday party and a beach-themed cake for a local beach club. The men challenge the women to a weight loss contest.
1010"Chinese Culture and Cannolis"July 19, 2009 ( 2009-07-19 )
A dragon boat racing team orders a traditional Chinese dragon cake, which proves to be a unique challenge. The bakery also prepares hundreds of cannoli shells for the annual 25¢ Throw Back Cannoli Day. Buddy and Lisa celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary.
1111"A Blindfold, a Bikini and Breathing Fire"July 28, 2009 ( 2009-07-28 )
A customer orders a tiki cake that emits fire and a cake for his sister-in-law's bridal shower. Also, Mauro challenges him to ice a cake blindfolded. Buddy also has to make a bridal shower cake for his sister-in-law and Mauro challenges him to ice a cake while blindfolded, lest he be forced to come to the bakery dressed in a grass skirt and coconut bra.
1212"Leaning, Lobsters and Lectures"August 11, 2009 ( 2009-08-11 )
Customers order a Leaning Tower of Pisa wedding cake and lobster-bake-themed cake that Buddy frantically rushes to complete after he learns that the customer gave him an incorrect deadline date.
1313"Fireworks, Falling Fondant and Fathers"August 18, 2009 ( 2009-08-18 )
Fireworks by Grucci, a renowned, family-owned fireworks company, asks Buddy for a cake that features their product and honors their patriarch. Buddy plans a surprise for his Buddy Jr.'s class when he attends his school's Bring Your Dad to School Day.

Season 2 (2009–10) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
141"Plants, Pranks and A Proposal"October 26, 2009 ( 2009-10-26 )
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden commissions a cake to honour Amy N. Stewart's book Wicked Plants, but Mary tried to frame Buddy for 'poisoning' her after eating a fresh lily flower. A man wants a special cake by which he can propose marriage in Buddy's store, but Grace cleaned the ring without telling Buddy, who finally pays Cousin Anthony back for dropping a finished cake.
152"Candy, Crash and Crisis"October 26, 2009 ( 2009-10-26 )
An über-sweet Candy Land cake for Dylan's Candy Bar is at risk from a juvenile cousin's greedy sweet tooth and a bumpy car ride. Meanwhile, Buddy's sisters pressure him to hire an assistant (ostensibly for his own sake), and Cousin Anthony has a traffic accident while on delivery.
163"Painters, Pool and Pink!"November 2, 2009 ( 2009-11-02 )
Buddy's invited to join in on a celebrity billiards tournament for whom he's making a pool table cake, and painters pay for their awesome paint-themed cake by repainting the bakery, which is an agreeable arrangement till Mary re-determines the color choice.
174"Robots, Rollerskates and Relatives"November 2, 2009 ( 2009-11-02 )
Buddy's latest challenge: build a functional robot cake. Additionally, Buddy's niece Tessy wants a tie-dye cake from her uncle for her 8th birthday but also wants him to deliver it at a skating rink while on rollers skates, and little Cousin Buddy gives Cousin Anthony grief while accompanying him on deliveries.
185"A Battleship, Ballet and Burning!"November 9, 2009 ( 2009-11-09 )
The U.S. Air Force invites Buddy and his bakers to their base to commission a cake. Later at the bakery, as everyone begins work on a dance cake for Dance Now, Air Force veteran Joey's over-baked cakes set off a smoke detector.
196"Children, a Cage, and a Challenge"November 16, 2009 ( 2009-11-16 )
Alfie the Talking Dragon, a very popular exhibit at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, turns 3-years-old, so Buddy decides to construct a talking cake – with himself as the voice of Alfie. Add to this, a bride-to-be orders a groom cake for her cage fighting fan fiancé, which prompts Buddy's 16-year-old nephew Robert, a high school wrestler, to challenge one of the much heavier bakers to a match. And it's game on!
207"Pizza, Poochies and Pop-in-Law"November 23, 2009 ( 2009-11-23 )
Buddy takes on a couple of unusual challenges: (1) a pizza cake for his father-in-law's pizzeria along with a pizza throwdown (2) a dog cake for an animal shelter fund-raiser along with a sugarless, chocolate-free dog food cake for its animals residents. But who should become the unwary sampler of the dog food topping in the kitchen? Cousin Anthony, who else?
218"Golf Greens and Gravity"November 23, 2009 ( 2009-11-23 )
A solar system cake for a planetarium proves to be quite a structural headache for the bakers. In the meantime, outside the bakery Buddy takes his guys golfing for inspiration toward their golf course cake while, inside, Buddy's boast that he can make a cake using any tools at all nets him a challenge to make a cake of Carlo's Bakery quality using an Easy Bake toy oven.
229"Freaks, Fast Food and Frightened Frankie"November 30, 2009 ( 2009-11-30 )
Major League Eating gets an entire buffet table made of cake. The people of Coney Island Side Show get a freaky topsy-turvy cake, but Frankie gets tested on the extent of his fear of clowns. Grace, who wants to try cooking Thanksgiving Day dinner, is allowed a trial run. Despite her success, she was denied to cook for Thanksgiving but allowed to help.
2310"Colorful Characters and Christmas Costumes"December 7, 2009 ( 2009-12-07 )
Miss Richfield 1981 breezes into the shop to order a holiday cake she can pop out of then, a couple of pretty clients turn the heads of the delivery boys (who subsequently beg Buddy to be allowed to deliver their cake), so Buddy makes 'em dress up for their Christmas delivery – as his happy elves.
2411"Motorcycles, Manhattanites and Misbehaving"December 14, 2009 ( 2009-12-14 )
Buddy builds a motorcycle cake for the Hells Angels. At the other extreme, he has to make a serving tray tea party cake for a Manhattan socialite who just wants something fabulous – even if she had to venture out to Buddy's bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey to get it.
2512"Blushing Brides and Busy Bakers"January 4, 2010 ( 2010-01-04 )
With the bakery inundated in orders for fifty wedding cakes over a single weekend (including one for Buddy's sister-in-law, for whom Buddy himself is a member of the wedding party), Buddy's ready to blow a gasket.
2613"Apples, Arguments and Animal Prints"January 11, 2010 ( 2010-01-11 )
Mary gets Buddy burning when he learns she called another baker to make her her birthday cake because Buddy didn't give her his undivided attention earlier. Buddy's creative wheels keep on turning as he rolls out a first-time apple-flavoured cake for the orchard where he annually picks his fresh apples.
2714"Sizing, Sleeping Stretch and Sesame Street"January 18, 2010 ( 2010-01-18 )
Sesame Street wants a cake for its 40th year anniversary so Buddy and staff make them one – eight feet long. Buddy also make a large chocolate chip for Cookie Monster.
2815"Chimps, Cinema and Crumb Cake"January 25, 2010 ( 2010-01-25 )
Buddy makes a cake for the Bronx Zoo, which wants a cake for its 110th birthday. He also makes a cake for Clearview Cinemas, which is opening a new theatre in Hoboken however, they are having difficulty deciding on a cake for its grand opening. Also: a woman drives all the way from Boston to pick up a crumb cake, only for Mary to accidentally sell it to someone else.
2916"Cars, Collapse and Couture"January 31, 2010 ( 2010-01-31 )
In this one-hour special, Buddy and his crew travel to a trade show in Charlotte, North Carolina to make a life-sized NASCAR race car made out of cake for NASCAR car owner and famed football coach Joe Gibbs the cake is bound to take the record for the largest cake in the world – or collapse completely. Meanwhile, back in Hoboken, Mauro assumes the leadership of the bakery, and supervises construction of a cake for a fashion party however, the ladies, especially Grace, have better ideas on how to make that cake.
3017"Aquarium Adventures and An Announcement"February 1, 2010 ( 2010-02-01 )
Buddy adds live fish to an underwater-themed cake ordered by an aquarium to celebrate its birthday. Lisa and Remy make a special announcement to Buddy, who can't wait to tell the rest of the family.
3118"Castles, Cannolis and Cartoon Characters"February 8, 2010 ( 2010-02-08 )
Buddy and Mauro bring their families to Walt Disney World, where they make Carlo's famous cannoli for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. The men make a Disney Princess cake for the birthday of Buddy's daughter, Sofia.

Season 3 (2010) Edit

Buddy makes a life-size replica of his wife for her 30th birthday, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie asks for a cake, arranged by New Jersey Devils owner Jeffrey Vanderbeek. Buddy's mother retires. Buddy announces an Employee of the Month contest – which he wins. (In addition to its regular version, this episode was also broadcast as a special Icing on the Cake episode, featuring special facts about the family, shop and baked goods, done in the same style as Pop-Up Video and Pawn Stars.)

The Valastros embark on a family tour of Italy. Their first stops are Altamura and Lipari, the birthplaces of Mama, and Buddy Sr. While there, Buddy is asked to make a wedding cake and confections for his cousin's baby shower.

Season 4 (2011–12) Edit

Buddy makes a special cake for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Rachael Ray pays a visit to the bakery for her show, in which Grace was an irrepressible fan Buddy and staff make a special cake for Lisa to celebrate her fourth pregnancy, but the staff doesn't know who the cake is for. (This episode is dedicated to longtime Carlo's Bakery employee Sal Picinich, who died the day before broadcast.) [1]

Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for Carlo's Bakery, but as Lisa's due date nears, can the bakery cope without Buddy? Buddy makes a special cake for the baby shower – a replica of the baby's nursery, but there's a dispute between him and Lisa on whether or not to include animals on the mural in the actual nursery. Buddy also decides who the baby's godparents are, but there's one problem – they're all "overqualified". The guys at the bakery also make a special cake for Buddy, as a salute to a fourth round of fatherhood after the child's birth. Among all the celebrations, Buddy takes a moment to reflect on the life of his most-valuable employee, Sal, who died two weeks earlier. Lisa goes into labor on Valentine's Day, and gives birth to a boy, that she and Buddy name Carlo Salvatore, in honor of the bakery and Sal.

Buddy takes his mother on her first visit to the new factory to show her around, where he discusses the fact that the new factory represents his personal dream, just as the original bakery was his father's dream – this inspired Buddy to make a special birthday cake for her, in the same style and fashion as how his father had done in the past, which literally says what he and the employees say about her. Later, Buddy makes a special cake for the Kennedy Space Center in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle program however, in its request, they would like to see the cake "lift off" – literally. Then, Buddy also requests each of its bakers to make a cake that would be included in the bakery's new online catalog – the only trouble is deciding which one would make the cut. Also, Sunshine, the bakery's best cake artist, announced that she will soon resign from the bakery to pursue a nursing career. All this work at the bakery, and the stresses of fatherhood after the birth of Carlo, has started to become a little too much for Buddy.

Buddy makes a cake to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Disney Cruise Line's ship, the Disney Dream the ship also serves as a venue for Buddy and Lisa's cruise to the Bahamas, where they will renew their vows, but when rain threatens to put a damper on the beachside ceremony, Buddy comes up with a plan to save the ceremony. Naturally, Buddy makes his own cake for the ceremony however, he ended up suffering from mental block when he could not create an appropriate design for the cake.

Season 5 (2012–13) Edit

Buddy makes one of their most-unusual bar mitzvah cakes ever, not only in style but also in venue – a cake with a working slot machine for a high-roller bar mitzvah at The Venetian resort in Las Vegas. Then the crew makes a king cake for a Mardi Gras party at a local restaurant. But Buddy has a little surprise for Anthony, in retaliation for constantly interrupting him while he was with a client. Carmen Carrera also guests. [2]

Buddy and the crew make a cake for the staff of Blue Sky Studios, in celebration for the completion of their latest film, Ice Age: Continental Drift. However, the successful arrival of the cake rests on Cousin Jay, who was still reeling from the fuel incident earlier in the season. Also, a lucky viewer and her family makes a cake with Buddy as part of their prize for TLC's "Watch and Win" contest.

Season 6 (2013–14) Edit

Buddy wants to make a special cake for Momma's 65th birthday. He plans to make a cream puff cake, which is her favorite, but with multiple tiers, which he has never done before. Also, Buddy and the crew make a cake for Rebuilding New Jersey, and take part in a Habitat for Humanity project in Atlantic City. And, Buddy's uncle hears of a new experimental treatment for Momma's ALS. It requires a bone marrow donor. All of his mothers siblings agree to be tested to see if they are a match.

Buddy is asked to create a cake for a Hot Air Balloon festival. The cake should be delivered in a balloon. Also, a French restaurant wants Buddy to create a tall Napoleon cake. And, Momma goes to Israel for another round of treatment. The results will not be known for a month. Additionally, Ashley leaves to start her own bakery, Anthony gets frustrated with Buddy and suddenly resigns, and Buddy throws a thank you party for the staff at his house.

New Discoveries About Her Story

Wikimedia Commons American author Scott O’Dell drew heavily from Juana Maria’s story for his 1960 fictional novel Island of the Blue Dolphins.

News of Juana Maria’s arrival in Santa Barbara caused a sensation around the world. Stories about her solo island existence and subsequent “discovery” were published as far as Germany and India.

Author Scott O’Dell was inspired by Juana Maria’s story and wrote the 1960 novel Island of the Blue Dolphins about a 12-year-old Nicoleño named Karana who survives on her own on the remote island.

The book became a cult favorite and spawned public interest in the real-life figure of Juana Maria. Archaeologist Steven Schwartz has been working with other experts under the National Parks Department to assemble an exhaustive archive about Juana Maria’s life story.

Wikimedia Commons A bird’s eye view of San Nicolas island which, of all the Channel Islands, was the most difficult to access by boat during the 19th century.

“The more information we have, the more information we look into, the more sources that are available, it just compounds and increases,” said Schwartz, who located what may have been Juana Maria’s cave dwelling on the island. “It’s like an explosion that keeps growing bigger and bigger.”

As historians learn more about Juana Maria’s haunting story, it’s clear we have yet to uncover the full picture of her unbelievable life.

Watch the video: Rare blue lobster turns up in 1-in-2-million find (December 2022).