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Juicy Fruit Salad recipe

Juicy Fruit Salad recipe

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This light and fresh fruit salad is perfect to serve for brunch, at a picnic, or for a healthy afternoon snack!

174 people made this

IngredientsServes: 6

  • 1 (425g) tin pineapple pieces in own with juice
  • 1 apple - peeled, cored and diced
  • 1 orange - peeled, diced and juice reserved
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 150g (5 oz) seedless green grapes, halved

MethodPrep:5min ›Ready in:5min

  1. In a large bowl, toss together the pineapple, apple, orange, banana and grapes. Add the juice from the pineapple and orange and let chill until serving.

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this is a good an healthy snack-01 May 2009

I will try-04 Aug 2015

by Jillian

Very simple fruit salad that's very easy to prepare. I used fresh pineapple instead of canned, red grapes instead of green, and mardarin oranges along with the apple and banana. I toped off the glasses I served the fruit salad in with maraschino cherries.-22 May 2010

Watermelon-Berry Salad With Chile Dressing and Lots of Herbs

Photo by Eva Kosmas Flores

A thrilling way to treat high-summer fruit, this gorgeous jumble of flavors and textures is explosively good. The Thai-inspired, blend-and-go dressing—tart and spicy and salty—plays up the sweetness of watermelon and berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, and hulled and halved strawberries, while keeping the fruit salad firmly in savory territory. A flurry of herbs adds even more freshness and dimension.

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This was a pleasant recipe. I added some chopped pears and used red grapes. Next time I will use Mandarain orange slices. My 3 year old daughter enjoyed helping me make it.

I thought this was ok but nothing special. It's basically just a bunch of fruit in canned pineapple juice.

Very simple to prepare. One of my high school friend's mother used to make this whenever I would come over for dinner. She used a can of mandarin oranges and for a secret ingredient would sprinkle a little instant vanilla pudding on top of it. I went home and told my mother about it and this has become a staple whenever any of us makes a fruit salad.

This didn't taste any better than what you buy in a can.

Tasty and pretty! Took this to a barbeque and it was gone before the meat was ready! Kids especially liked this. I also added some fresh strawberries since they are so good now.

This is a very juicy fruit salad! When I made this a second time, I did not add the banana because it became too mushy as time went on.

Very simple fruit salad that's very easy to prepare. I used fresh pineapple instead of canned, red grapes instead of green, and mardarin oranges along with the apple and banana. I toped off the glasses I served the fruit salad in with maraschino cherries.

Fruit selection

When choosing fruit for this salad, I select ingredients with a rainbow of colors, types, and textures. This variety ensures that you&rsquore getting various nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and healthy antioxidants. I like to include a combination of citrus, apples, berries, melons, and tropical fruit, ideally those in season.

Most of these are available year-round depending on location due to different growing regions and imports. I use green apple, red grapes, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, pineapple, oranges, and kiwi for this fruit salad recipe.

Fresh Fruit Salad

Toss this minty, citrus dressing with pears, apples and oranges, for a delicious fresh fruit winter salad. For a summer version use berries and other seasonal fruits.


6 cups assorted fresh fruit (berries, grapes, sliced mango, strawberries and/or kiwifruit)
Juice from 1 lime
3 tablespoons Tropical Flavor Juicy Juice™ 100% juice
2 teaspoons finely chopped mint leaves

COMBINE fruit in large bowl. Add lime juice, Tropical Flavor Juicy Juice 100% juice and mint toss gently to coat. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Servings Per Recipe 6

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Ingredients of Fruit Salad

  • 2 cup walnuts
  • 2 cup strawberry
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoon vanilla yogurt
  • 4 cup apple
  • 2 cup banana
  • 2 cup kiwi

How to make Fruit Salad

Step 1 Clean and cut the fruits

To make this healthy salad, chop the walnuts. Then peel the apples and bananas and cut the apples, strawberries, kiwis and bananas.

Step 2 Mix all the ingredients and relish!

Take a bowl and add walnuts, vanilla yoghurt, apples, banana, strawberries, kiwis and stir the mixture properly. Now sprinkle cinnamon on the mixture and refrigerate the salad to serve chilled.

Mexican Fruit Salad

While this is the perfect fruit salad to serve on Cinco de Mayo, let’s be real – it’s perfect for any summertime extravaganza! Mexican fruit salad was made to be enjoyed on a hot summer’s day, and it always hits the spot. The juicy fresh fruit along with the chili lime seasoning is almost too good to be true!

Last time I served this fruit salad as an appetizer alongside some beer and Classic Margaritas, it disappeared in almost no time. People truly went wild for it! Spicy and sweet is a flavor combination that when done right, is unforgettably delicious. And trust me – the combo of spicy and sweet in this fruit salad is definitely done just right.

If you’ve ever travelled to Mexico, or even border towns in places like Texas and California, you’ve likely seen street vendors selling stuff just like this! It’s common in Mexico to combine flavors like chili lime seasoning and ancho chili powder with sweet, summery fruits. Once you try it, you’ll discover the true meaning of the word “mouthwatering!”

How to Make It

This recipe for Mexican fruit salad is SO easy to make, which is why I love whipping it up before a party! It’s never fun to be stressed in the kitchen before guests come over. Luckily, with this fruit salad, I can have a fresh, delicious appetizer ready to go in under 10 minutes with no hassle at all.

Chop. To start, chop all of the fresh fruit into bite sized pieces.

Toss. Toss the pineapple, watermelon, papaya, and mango together in a large bowl to combine.

Whisk. In a small bowl, whisk together the lime juice, honey and chili powder.

Pour. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss to coat.

Sprinkle. Sprinkle the fruit salad with the chili lime seasoning and serve. Enjoy!

Variations to Try:

While I love this salad just the way it is, there are plenty of other tasty ways to dress it up!

  • If you really love spicy stuff, add as much Ancho Chili Powder as your heart desires! Cayenne powder will also do the trick quite nicely.
  • Instead of plain honey, consider using orange blossom honey to add another fruity flavor to the mix!
  • Want to add even more fruit? Honeydew melon pairs deliciously with the other chopped fruits.
  • Add some cilantro in for an even more authentic Mexican flair!

How should I serve Mexican fruit salad?

If you don’t have any spare pineapple to make the bowls like I have pictured, don’t despair! There are plenty of other ways to enjoy Mexican fruit salad.

If you’re serving this at a party, consider placing the salad in a big serving bowl, then offering toothpicks on the side! That way, people can take a bite here or there when they want some.

Serving this salad in individual bowls for a smaller gathering is also a great way to make this fruit dish an appetizer.

How long will it stay fresh?

In an airtight container in the fridge, this fruit salad will stay fresh for about 24 hours. While the fruit itself will stay fresh for up to 3 days, it will start to macerate and lose their firm texture once they’re tossed in the powders and honey.

Summer’s almost here, which means it’s time to whip out all of the best fruity recipes! Here are some of my absolute favorite recipes to enjoy in the hot summer months:

9 Fruit Salads That Will Impress the Hell Out of Every Barbecue Guest

There are tons of reasons to love summer&mdashlonger days, trips to the beach, ice cream trucks on every corner&mdashbut our favorite part just might be the endless number of barbecues. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, it seems like someone&rsquos always hosting a weekend event, and why not? Hanging out with friends, eating, and drinking outdoors&hellip you don&rsquot have to ask us twice.

While no one wants to show up empty-handed, spending a ton of time prepping for a potluck isn&rsquot ideal either. Skip the complicated dessert (and the store-bought chips and dip) and bring one of these healthy fruit salads instead. They&rsquore easy to make, refreshing, and don&rsquot need to be refrigerated plus, they&rsquoll leave you way less bloated than packaged nacho dip&mdashhooray!

1. Lemon Poppyseed Triple Fruit Salad

Simple and tasty are our two favorite words when it comes to recipes. Cut up pineapple, strawberries, and kiwis to make a super-colorful salad, stat. It comes with an easy, light dressing too, made with lemon juice, poppy seeds, and honey.

2. Blueberry, Watermelon, Mint, and Feta Salad

Watermelon, feta, and mint are an amazing flavor combination. Salty, sweet, and fresh, these ingredients are actually the perfect summer trio. And while they&rsquore tasty on their own, blueberries and balsamic vinegar take things one step further for an even sweeter salad.

3. Honey-Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad

This salad is as close as you&rsquoll get to a rainbow in a bowl, no food coloring required. Grab some grapes, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and bananas, and toss in a honey-lime sauce for a fruit spread everyone will love.

4. Tropical Quinoa Salad

Want something a bit more substantial for your BBQ? Add quinoa to fruit salad. It tastes great with juicy berries, sweet mango, tart kiwis, and fresh oranges. Think of it as pasta salad&rsquos sweeter cousin.

5. Berry Watermelon Fruit Salad

This pretty purple salad mixes alllll the berries with cherries and watermelon, plus a squeeze of lime juice. Just don&rsquot wear white when you dig into this one.

6. Mango Fruit Salad With Honey Yogurt Sauce

It may look like it, but this ain&rsquot your momma&rsquos Cool Whip fruit salad. Mix plain yogurt with honey and vanilla extract to make a light, creamy sauce to pour over strawberries, citrus, mango, apple, and bananas. It&rsquos so sweet, it can double as dessert.

7. Mojito Fruit Salad

Your favorite summer drink gets the salad treatment with this boozy fruit dish. Get the party started by adding a little rum to your fruit bowl, along with lime juice, powdered sugar, and mint.

8. Citrus Avocado Salad

Stock up on your favorite citrus to make this killer salad&mdashcara cara oranges, tangerines, blood oranges, whatever floats your boat will taste great on top of fresh greens and mixed in with fresh avocado slices.

9. Blueberry Pineapple Fruit Salsa

While not quite a salad, this fruit salsa looked too good not to include. Blueberries and pineapple are the perfect counterbalance to jalapeño and Sriracha in the spicy-sweet dip. Pro-tip: The flavors taste even better after a few hours, so make it earlier in the day and refrigerate until you&rsquore ready to go.

10 Fruit Salad Recipes That Actually Taste Amazing

These aren't your average looks-like-there-was-a-sale-on-honeydew kind of fruit salads.

THESE AREN&rsquoT your average too-sweet, neighborhood-block-party, looks-like-there-was-a-sale-on-honeydew kind of fruit salads.

These are actually good fruit salads, loaded with surprising, complex flavors that aren&rsquot just SUGAR.

And let&rsquos not sell the nutrition short. The fact that they cover the color spectrum signals their wide variety of disease-fighting antioxidants. Try one for a solid snack, a supper side dish, or even dessert. Bonus points if you try them all.

In order to ace these recipes it's important to know a few things about how to make them. Nothing major&mdashthis is fruit salad we're talking about here.

Step 1: Muscle a muddle.

A little sugar helps concentrate fresh fruit&rsquos flavor and improve its texture by creating a dressing of sorts. Using a rubber spatula or cocktail muddler, firmly mash the &ldquobase&rdquo ingredients (you'll see what we're talking about shortly) inside a large bowl for about 30 seconds. Easy.

Step 2: Marinate.

Mix in the &ldquoadd-ins,&rdquo toss everything together, and (if you have time) let it rest at room temp, stirring now and then, till it all gets juicy, 15 to 30 minutes. Like with any marinade, the flavors will intermingle and enhance when you let everything sit together.

Step 3: Top and eat.

All that's left to do is top the fruit salad with the &ldquokicker.&rdquo Each salad serves 4.

Powerfully refreshing, nutrient packed, and purpose-built for hot summer days&mdashthese fruit salads deliver.

Sweet, Spicy & Salty Fruit Salad

My name is Kevin. My life changed when I realized that healthy living is truly a lifelong journey, mainly won by having a well-balanced diet and enjoying adequate exercise. By experimenting in the kitchen and openly sharing my meals, I learned that healthy eating is hardly boring and that by making a few adjustments, I could design a diet that could help me achieve my personal fitness goals. Our bodies are built in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym.

This sweet, spicy, and salty fruit salad is a wonderful way to hydrate after an intense workout. The sugar and the salt come together for a great snack after a session at the gym, since the electrolytes help your body to absorb the water in the fruits more readily than just plain water alone. Don’t just think it’s a dish for those who sweat it out since you can also serve it as a perfect summer fruit salad at your next barbecue or showcase it as a winter fruit salad during the holiday season. Bring it to a potluck or work it into your weekly meal plan as a wonderful addition to your lunch box.

There are a lot of different fruits you can use, but the addition of some crunchy, juicy vegetables can’t be replaced. The cucumbers, red bell peppers, and jalapenos add a savory undertone to this refreshing fruit salad . We chose fresh pineapple , mango, watermelon, blueberries, and blackberries for a colorful mix, but you can add mandarin oranges , strawberries, raspberries, or apples for a twist. The jalapeno adds a kick of heat, while the mint washes over with a cool and refreshing flavor. The lime juice (although you can sub it out for lemon juice ) will help keep the fruits from browning, and a little bit of honey pulls all the flavors together. If you want to take the salad dressing to the next level, add some poppy seeds for some extra flavor since it goes great with honey and lime .

Serve this delicious fruit salad with something creamy, like vanilla pudding or fresh whipped cream. You can put it on top of some Greek yogurt for a quick and easy breakfast, or treat it like salsa with some herb roasted chicken breast . While you might find the peeling and dicing of some fruits tedious, you can throw any extra fruits and vegetables into the freezer to make smoothies for later.

Did we mention that aside from being delicious, this recipe is also paleo? Instead of using corn starch to thicken the dressing, we used arrowroot which makes it both paleo and gluten-free. Do you like the way this sounds? If so then feel free to check out our recipe video which will guide you step by step in making this fresh fruit salad . If you are a slow cooker – don’t worry, preparation of this recipe won’t take long. When you try this recipe, please drop us a comment to let us know how you liked it! We would love to hear that you enjoyed it.

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